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Where I live, a couple of stray cats wander the neighborhood. One of them unfortunately gave birth to three kittens a few weeks ago, and in an attempt to prevent overpopulation, my roommate and I captured them and their mother this morning. Unfortunately, we can't keep them, as we have satisfied our apartment's pet limitations. We've called over a dozen shelters and rescues within the state and they can't take on more cats. Animal control has offered to pick them up but will euthanize all four of them.

We've posted to Facebook and Twitter in the hopes that someone local will be able to adopt the cats, but so far, we haven't had any confirmations - just some maybes. I know there's a sizable Maryland and Washington D.C. population among the players here, and if anyone can take any number of the cats into their homes, we - and they - would really appreciate it. We believe the kittens are too young to be separated from their mother unless you're certain you can feed and raise them adequately.

Here are some pictures of the mother:



We don't have a picture of the kittens, but they all look like she does, except as tiny balls of fluff.

We're located in Columbia, MD and would like to resolve this situation today if possible. The mother will need to be spayed, though the kittens are too young for the procedure. They will all need vet examinations and deworming, too.

Thank you all for your consideration.


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    awww, she is cute I wish I could help you out. I have 3 cats of my own already =\ In the future if you notice feral cats, especially a female, there is probably a catch spay/neuter, release program in your area. They are are generally cheap and they give a rabies shot to boot. We have had a feral cat around her I was thinking of doing this for but he up and disopeared on me :( I really hope someone can help you out here, espically for the kittens, it is not too late for them find good homes.
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