MD/DC/VA Random Act of Awesomeness- Or, Help Me out with Wheels. Includes Food!

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So, I know we have a fabulous bunch of lusternians in the DC area. I need a wee bit of help. This friday night, I need someone to help me get to and from Alexandria to pick up a kitty cat from a nearby animal shelter. Normally, I'd go the uber route, but they don't allow animals :/. And I can't take the metro because of the same reason. I can drive, but don't because of Reasons. So, those friends that I have contacted, are a) allergic to cats b) out of town c)both.  If anyone would be up for it I am willing to pay gas money AND cook/bake for you any meal or baked good you'd desire for a future time.


Let me know via pm!

I'm a consent-based roleplayer! Kindly ask first, and I will return the favour. Open to developing tinyplots.
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    I am a bit too far out of the area to offer  =\ if it were only an hour drive I would say sure. I love cats ^^ pictures!
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    I don't like cats, but I like Lusternians!
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    Yaay! I'm glad you found someone :D

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    Aww, she's a cute kitty ^^ Random fact: Calicos are nearly always female. Male calicos exist but are usually born sterile.
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    Rialorm said:
    Aww, she's a cute kitty ^^ Random fact: Calicos are nearly always female. Male calicos exist but are usually born sterile.
    True, but those that are nae sterile are worth exceptional amounts of money to show cat breeders. Tends to make the calico patterns breed more 'true' than is normally possible for our beloved short-haired mutt-cats -chuckle-

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