You Are Not Alone - PLEASE READ



  • I am truly glad that you all have, over the years, come together in this thread. Shared what you have, and cared for each other. It is important to remember, that in the end, we are here for one another, not ourselves. Without you, this game is but a bunch of scrolling text. We are a community, one that is most likely closer than any other kind that I have come across, in terms of games.

    I got a little teary-eyed reading some of these responses. Not necessarily in sadness, but in the light that you were here to share the stories, views, and poems. I'm glad that I was able to create (surely not the only one, so thanks to others who have also done threads like this) a safe place.

    My views are the same, even though I no longer use skype.

    Discord: Spider-Moth-Man#2809

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