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  • RaughlinRaughlin Member Posts: 8 Novice
    Ani said:
    Remove the limit of lessons learnt at one time (currently only 100 lessons can be learnt in a skill at one time).

    So, say I want to max Arts, we can go LEARN 910 ARTS FROM MIAKODA > it'll still give us the learning walkthrough text, but just the once and we'll have the whole skillset, rather than having to sit here for a long time and have the same text over and over!
    Yes please. Starmourn did that and it only means we can enjoy the game sooner.
  • JolantheJolanthe Member Posts: 255 Gifted
    Adjust Serenwilde power quest to work like this:

    1. Greet Miakoda once
    2. Miakoda asks you in a tell how many leaves you'd like.
    3. You tell back with a specific number and receive if applicable, else up to whatever cap might be allowed.

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