Christmas Wishes

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I'll keep this short and sweet.

I've no idea if this is the best place for this (if it's not, perhaps a kindly forum elf could relocate it).

Anyway. I'd basically like to wish all of the Lusternia community a very happy Christmas and New Years. I hope everyone has a great holiday season, and all of that.


-EDIT: I'd toyed with the idea of posting a little poem, but I decided it'd be against the spirit of the season to subject anyone to one of my monstrous attempts at poetry.
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  • SelenitySelenity My first MC to stay in Serenwilde Member Posts: 1,450 Transcendent
    Yes, a merry Yule to all.

  • TremulaTremula Banished Quasiroyal Member Posts: 2,645 Transcendent
    (Ew, have to keep the sap train out!)

    Happy nondenominational winter holiday, everyone!

                          * * * WRACK AND ROLL AND DEATH AND PAIN * * *
                                         * * * LET'S FEEL THE FEAR OF DEATH AGAIN * * *
              * * * WE'LL KILL AND SLAUGHTER, EAT THE SLAIN * * *

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    I wish to everyone that their family won't drive them as crazy as mine does with me 
    And peaceful and quiet holidays, I think that is something most people could use
  • RialormRialorm Member Posts: 1,055 Transcendent
    Happy holidays to you and yours, everyone. Wishing everyone the very best.
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  • IslunaIsluna Member Posts: 225 Adept
    Marry Christmas!

    And thank you @Arien, it has been a pleasure to rp with you, though I can't say we see the best sides of our characters. But you have made things lovely!

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  • LavinyaLavinya Queen of Snark AustraliaMember Posts: 3,479 Transcendent
    I need a proper excuse to RP with you, @Arien, but I'm also very happy I got to meet you! Maybe I will send you more painting love <3
  • ArienArien Member Posts: 235 Expert
    Lavinya said:
    I need a proper excuse to RP with you, @Arien, but I'm also very happy I got to meet you! Maybe I will send you more painting love <3
    Maybe Arien was your and Avurekhos love child after all? I might go over and seed Magnagora just to get poked by you. <3
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