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There's been a few instances lately of forum interactions degrading to vicious sniping at each other, which devolves the conversation and takes it so off topic that moderators are inclined to close the entire thread. This happened recently with Tweets, a thread which I rather like. So I'd like to take this opportunity to remind everyone for all threads and posts that this is a moderated forum and we do expect a degree of civility. This doesn't mean you can't criticize the game or say anything negative about anyone. We aren't going to be Big Brother and try to enforce that all views on Lusternia must make us look like doe-eyed fae running through a field of daisies. However, when we see mean-spirited, aggressive and trollish behavior on the forums, we're going to ask you to curb that behavior. If you fail to do so, you may find yourself eventually forum banned.

It seems to me a no-brainer that we should try to be at least minimally civil, that we refrain from calling people names just to get a rise out of them or to drive a point home, that we not post anything we wouldn't say directly to someone's face IRL. In other words, we recognize that we are part of a community and our actions could affect that community. Of course, we are all human and sometimes cross the line. I know I do! However, when someone points out that a line has been crossed, simply acknowledge it and and move on.

In any event, I will open Tweets with the reminder to keep it civil. Also, I suggest that if there's a topic of some concern (like unraveling pathways), that you start a new thread. If a topic goes on longer than a page, it probably deserves its own thread rather than hijacking an innocent little thread like Tweets.


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