Lusternian Valentines

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So, it is the day before that commercial holiday some of us dislike. But I can't help but want to see some forum valentines and/or valentine memes for the community of Lusternia! You guys can do things like this:

Example 1:

Arien opens up a delicate origami crane nervously, her quill shaking as she pens a few words in a neat slanted script:

Rosehips are red, the heavens are many hues of blue
But the stars in my sky will always shine for You

Will you be my valentine, @Darvellan?

Re-folding the small origami, Arien sends it off in the claw of her dirigible, waiting excitedly for a reply or some sign that it was received.

Example 2:



XOXO, @Drocilla

Example 3:



Go crazy! I want to see your best/worst/most hilarious ones!

Her storm-coloured eyes a muted blue, Lisaera, the Silver Goddess says, "Only sorrow can come from a rotting thought, My child, just like roots that have been drowned. You are a paragon of the wisdom I would see spread throughout the Serenwilde, but even the strongest minds must find release."
A shimmering liquid appears in your inventory smelling sweetly of something carbonated. It vanishes in a puff of silver smoke seconds later.
I write things
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