Farsyk's Vision Quest for Jaguar's Hunter

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Can't give enough credits to @Everiine

He has helped me on so many levels in developing Farsyk's character with his outstanding roleplaying ability.

This here is the vision quest done by Farsyk with the help of Everiine.

Since my RP isn't strong, Everiine is here helping me by narrating a few things through TELLS. I didn't do very much editing. Only cut the unwanted dialog and made everything third person.

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Grasses beside Moon River.
It is uncomfortably hot. This small area of grass leads from the Alabaster Road down to the banks of the Moon River. The road to the south is a line of white stone, threading beneath the tall trees that crowd around it. Moon River to the northwest, however, is a wide expanse of water, a massive river that cuts a path through the trees and forces them apart. Gravel lines the banks as they slope down to meet the river's edge. Sprays of chervil cover the forest floor.
Two concentric circles of stones are set out in the grasses here.

Everiine takes some wood and lights it with his tinderbox, causing it to erupt into a soothing fire.

13:48:30 Everiine says, "I can help you prepare--but on your quest, you will be alone and have no guide. You will enter the realm of the Warrior Spirit on your own to prove your worth. I cannot predict what you will face, other than Brother Jaguar will not yet reveal Himself to you."

13:58:45 High Chief Everiine Silvermoon the Wise, Centaur Brother asks you, "Have you made the appropriate preparations for this quest, brother?"

13:59:32 Farsyk says to Everiine, "Yes, I believe I have. I have traveled far and have learned and fortified what Brother Jaguar has taught me."

14:01:08 High Chief Everiine Silvermoon the Wise, Centaur Brother asks Farsyk, "And have you hunted a worthy creature, and fashioned a bowl made of its skull?"

14:03:37 Farsyk says to Everiine, "I have hunted many creatures and enemies of the commune worthy of note. Out of these, I have fashioned a bowl from the skull of an icedigger."

14:03:46 A fierce timberwolf tilts back his head in a low, resonant howl.

14:03:59 Holding out his hand, High Chief Everiine Silvermoon the Wise, Centaur Brother says, "Let me see it."

14:04:28 Farsyk reaches into his bag and pulls out a pale skull of an icedigger, displaying it to Everiine.

14:05:05 With a small nod, Farsyk hands the skull to Everiine.

14:05:20 Looking pleased, High Chief Everiine Silvermoon the Wise, Centaur Brother says, "Ah, excellent work. That will do nicely."

14:06:37 High Chief Everiine Silvermoon the Wise, Centaur Brother says to Farsyk, "You will need to enter the spirit realm with the same belongings you entered previously--none."

14:06:50 High Chief Everiine Silvermoon the Wise, Centaur Brother says to you, "Oh, which I see is already done..."

14:06:51 Everiine coughs softly.

14:06:56 Farsyk makes a quick spin, displaying his nakedness to Everiine, grinning mischievously.

14:07:43 Chuckling, Farsyk says to Everiine, "That is alright, Brother Everiine. Many mistake furrikins to be naturally naked. Our fur makes it seem fitting."

14:08:55 Farsyk sits himself down.

14:09:53 Everiine Silvermoon sits near the edge of the circles, giving you all the room you needs.

14:10:27 Farsyk wreathes his hands together in nervous jitters.

14:10:35 Settling down into a meditative position, High Chief Everiine Silvermoon the Wise, Centaur Brother says to you, "You may brew the tea when you are ready. Once you sip it, you will enter the spirit realm, and you will do so alone."

14:10:38 Farsyk closes his eyes and inhale deeply, absorbing the scent of his surroundings. Letting loose a long breath from his lungs, he exhaling slowly.

14:11:41 Raising an eyebrow, Farsyk extends his hands out in askance for his skull bowl.

14:11:58 Everiine Silvermoon coughs and hands the bowl back to Farsyk.

14:12:05 Farsyk winks conspiratorially at Everiine.

14:14:40 Farsyk sets the pale skull bowl of an icedigger on the ground and kneels in front of it, mixing several mixtures of herbs into the bowl. Grabbing a rock nearby, he grinds the mixture into fine grain powder. Standing up, Farsyk walks to the river and cups a handful of water, pouring it into the bowl.

14:16:03 Everiine Silvermoon closes his eyes and begins to chant softly under his breath. In the chants, he prays to Brother Jaguar, asking for your safe journey; he also chants your name, helping to strengthen you in your vision.

14:16:25 Sitting back down, Farsyk stares at the skull bowl intently, licking his lips. Nervously, he glances up to Everiine. With a quick sigh, he reaches for the bowl and drinks deeply, fearing what is known to come.

14:17:35 Blinking quickly, Farsyk says to Everiine, "Uh.. I don't feel an--."

14:18:11 Farsyk quickly jerks his head back as shivers crawl down the back of his spine, vision clouding.

14:18:35 The tea acts quickly, fogging your vision and drowning out the sounds of the river. Soon, Everiine Silvermoon and his voice disappear into the background, leaving Farsyk utterly alone.

14:20:38 Struggling to open his eyes, Farsyk sits up slowly and looks around. Muttering, "It's the same place as before."

14:22:00 Everiine tells you, "And yet, something is not quite right--the place is the same, but the circles are gone. The river runs, but it runs much more slowly. The sun is bright, unusually bright. Everything has the feel of familiarity, and yet, is oddly foreign."

14:25:00 Farsyk touches a large pine tree shadowing over him, "Those hunters wouldn't still be here would they?" Quickly standing up, he brushes off a few mulched leaves, scanning the surrounding area quickly. Spotting a large branch, he quickly grabs it and gives it a few swings. Smiling gently, "This time, I won't be unarmed." Blinking quickly, Farsyk scans the surrounding area once more, but with more concentration. Farsyk suddently feels the unusual atmosphere that was unlike his previous visions.

14:27:39 Everiine tells you, "The quiet is unsettling--there doesn't seem to be a single creature in the vicinity. No birds sing in the trees. No chipmunks scurry across the forest floor. No bugs buzz through the air. If there is anything at all, it'll be up to you to find it."

14:33:12 You have emoted: Still observing his surroundings, Farsyk begins to sweat nervously. Licking his finger, he raises his hand up trying to feel the wind. Slowly, he becomes aware of the lifelessness of the area. No wind, no singing chatters of small animals, or even the sound of crawling insects. The only sound awake is the slow stream of a river heard in the distance. "If there is water, life will always surround it surely." Closing his eyes, Farsyk locates the direction of the current by sound and begins to prowl slowly in that direction, eyeing everything suspiciously.

14:38:32 Everiine tells you, "The rivers twisting course takes it through the forest in long, winding bends. No matter how far you walk, you seem to be the only living thing in the entire wood. And the more you walk, the deeper the woods become--the trees are taller and closer together. The sunlight doesn't penetrate the canopy as brightly. Everything feels... older, more ancient. Then, suddenly, you hear it--through the defeaning silence all around, somewhere up ahead, there are voices."

14:46:18 Reaching the river through the distilled land, Farsyk sits down near the edge of the river. Closing his eyes and opening his ears, he crosses his legs and slams his two fists together. Waiting for what seems to be hours, voices pollute the air. Twitching his ears, Farsyk quickly stands up, raising his two-handed tree branch ready to defend himself. Crouching low in his defensive stance, he edges closer to the voices, silencing his steps.

14:51:52 Everiine tells you, "As you approach, snippets of the conversation become clearer: "... must be around som..." "... eyes open..." Little more than whispers, it's difficult to figure out exactly where they're coming from. But, they aren't quite as silent as you--off to the right, the barest noise of a twig snapping races across the forest floor."

14:54:12 An image becomes visible through the weaves of the thickening forest. Stopping his steps, Farsyk crouches low to the ground and observes the outline of the figure. As the view becomes clearer, an impeding deadly imposing creature looms into view. Leaves mangle into the creatures fur chaotically, as it stands tall in all fours, while it gnaws on a body. The body is torn apart, soaking the soil in blood, as intestines spraw savagely around the creature of evil. Yet the voices did not come from the creature. Searching, Farsyk spots two hunters, hunters he recognize, hugging each other soiling each other.

14:58:10 Making certain his steps will be silent, Farsyk approaches the two hunters and claps their mouth shut with the palm of his hands, muffling their voices. Whispering, "Do not make a noise or I will be forced to break both your necks here and now. What is that creature devouring one of your comrades? Speak quickly!"

14:59:08 Everiine tells you, "The creature feasts on the carcass at its feet. Taking its time, it pulls on the limbs of the dead body, ripping them off with a grunt of satisfaction, more pleased with the act than anything else. Digging back into the carcass, it eats the organs, then rolls over into the remains, covering itself in blood. This is not a creature that hunts for food--it hunts for sport, and for pleasure."

15:00:12 Everiine tells you, "Looking absolutely terrified, one of the hunters whispers, "W-we don't know! It just... it just came out of nowhere!" Suddenly, the creature lifts its head, sniffs the air, and howls, sweeping its gaze across the woods."

15:01:23 The other hunter gives Farsyk a frightened look and shouts, "It would be better if you killed us! I will not become that--AAAAH! IT'S COMING!!"

15:02:12 Farsyk palms his face and quickly climbs the nearest tree, swinging from branch to branch, moving out of view. Muttering to himself, "That idiot.."

15:03:10 Everiine tells you, "While you don't stay long enough to see it, the shouts come to sudden, guttoral stop, accompanied by a vicious roar and the sound of bones breaking and muscles being torn apart."

15:05:15 Looking down to the carnage as the creature plays with his new found sport, Farsyk observes the oversized feline-like creature as it uses it's strong arms to tear flesh. Staring intently at his founded tree branch, he shakes his head and sets the branch in a nook in the tree, making sure it doesn't fumble down.

15:07:11 As silently as he could, Farsyk swings from tree to tree away from the creature. Dropping down to the dirt ground, he searches the area for branches and any vines available.

15:07:37 Everiine tells you, "Arms bathed in blood, the creature doesn't even feast on the body. Instead, ripping it to shreds, he leaves the remains where they are without a second care. It's attention is elsewhere. It sniffs at the air, and bellows maddeningly--the hunt is on!"

15:10:51 Gathering a houseful of branches, Farsyk he snaps them in half, making points at the end of each branch. A roar echoes in the distance. Grumbling, "That creature must have caught my scent! Foolish! How could I have made such a mistake! From the sound of it, I've got about an hour before that thing reaches me."
Grunting, Farsyk closes his eyes and bonds to the groundhog spirit.

15:13:20 Everiine tells you, "The fearsome creature is on the prowl, attempting to track and find you."

15:16:13 You have emoted: Bonded to the groundhog spirit, Farsyk begins to stab his hands into the dirt, swinging dirt into the air. Sweating, Farsyk makes a pit large enough to fit a giant centipede. Quickly, he tosses the branches he broke into the pit and drops in with them. Piking the branches into every inch of the pit, he looks up at the sun. "Maybe half an hour left... I really hope it's half an hour!"

15:20:18 Everiine tells you, "The ground shakes as the creature bounds through the woods, making its way as best it can toward you. The stench of blood and death precedes it, sickening the air all around it."

15:20:44 Farsyk gathers large leaves and weak branches from the surrounding area as quickly as he can and begins to cover his trap. Kicking dirt and mulch to the cover pit, he climbs up into a tree and ties a long vine above the center of his pit and lets it fall. Breaking off an elongated branch with a kick, he descends his vine rope, locking his arm and leg just above his pit. Creating the illusion that he's standing in an aggressive stance, waiting for the creature. Screaming at the top of his lungs, "I'M HERE YOU BEAST! COME! LET ME GIVE THE END YOU DESERVE!"

15:21:48 Everiine tells you, "In a rage, the creature leaps toward you, its hideous maw open wide, belching death and decay at you like a storm cloud rips through the valleys."

15:27:56 Farsyk gags as he feels weakened, almost losing the grip he has on his vine, and swings his body to the side as he watches the creature fall into the pit. As the false floor crumbles below the creatures feet, it yelps a horrifying cry. Quickly climbing back up the vine rope, Farsyk waits and watches the creature reach for the end of the pit, slashing away at the pikes that did not find a place in it's stomach or legs. As the creature reaches the end of the pit, it stumbles slightly as it left a trail of blood--pooling the ground. With a quick grin, Farsyk yells down at the creature waving his arms wildly, "COME! I'M UP HERE!"

15:29:26 Everiine tells you, "Overcome by rage, and as at home in the trees as on the ground, the creature leaps up the branches, bounding effortlessly even in its wounded state."

15:33:58 Giving a horrified gasp, Farsyk yelps, "Oh, holy mother of Yuhde!" Unconsciously reaching the power for puissance, Farsyk punches the end branch the creature is standing on and breaks it cleanly.

15:35:31 Everiine tells you, "The creature flails, but digs its claws into the trunk of the tree, preventing it from falling to the ground. Its own blood oozes from multiple wounds, but only thing one is reflected in its monstrous eyes--the urge to kill."

15:39:17 Raising his mighty tree branch, Farsyk shouts, "Feidhmigh Ar Son An Serenguard!" and leaps into the air and furrows his branch between the eyes of the creature. Too his shock, the branch snaps in half into the monsters eye. In desperate attempt, he swings the remaining branch, piercing the creatures neck, praying for it to end.

15:42:10 Everiine tells you, "The creature howls in agony, goop and blood gushing from its eye socket. The final blow, through its neck, silences the hideous beast--with one final, guttoral sigh, the creature goes limp and falls from the tree, crashing into the ground in a broken, bloody heap."

15:47:10 Falling down with the creature, Farsyk rolls with the broken creature bathing himself in the creatures blood. Frowning at the mess, he begins to push the creature into the made pit and begins to kick dirt into the hole. Marking the grave by encircling it with stones, Farsyk claps his hands together and bows in prayer and thanks.

15:48:33 Farsyk prays, "Mighty hunter, today you have become the hunted and by this let your soul rest and find peace."

15:51:45 Everiine tells you, "From somewhere far away, a reline roar echoes through the woods, sending the leaves of the trees fluttering by the mere sound of it. All at once, birds chirp, woodland creatures skitter about, and the silence is filled with the sounds of a forest. Looking down in the pit, where once the creature lay, nothing remains but charred earth. As soon as the sounds return, the ground breaks below you, and you tumble through the darkness, until landing in a heap in the circles of stone."

15:52:35 Farsyk heaves an almighty groan.
15:52:56 Farsyk says to Everiine, "I... what...?"

15:53:53 Noticing the sudden change, he leaps to his feet and crosses over to Farsyk. Kneeling down, High Chief Everiine Silvermoon the Wise, Centaur Brother asks Farsyk, "What happened?"

15:55:54 Shivering violently, Farsyk says to Everiine, "I... found myself in the same place as before. But the land was different. It was stifling. You could smell the fear from every direction. A-and this m-monster! So large it was, destroying everything in it's path. Oh! Those hunters that were in the vision you aided me in once were being mauled by this creature! Oh..."

15:56:24 Everiine quickly checks you over for any wounds, breaks, or gashes. "What happened to it?"

15:58:36 Farsyk says to Everiine, "I foolishly made it take notice of my scent and it began to chase me before I could finish all my preparations in trapping this creature. Short in time, I made a shifty trap and heavily wounded it. Oh, I wish that was the end of it. The way it jumped out of my pit after being impaled by so many pikes... I was very lucky the branch it jumped onto was weak."

16:01:12 Farsyk brings his hand to his head expecting it to be bleeding, mumbling, "It had to be real..."

16:01:55 The blood on Farsyk's hand assures him that it was, indeed, quite real. Wincing at the sight of the wound, High Chief Everiine Silvermoon the Wise, Centaur Brother says to Farsyk, "You did not escape unscathed, I see."

16:03:52 Shaking his head, Farsyk says to Everiine, "A mistake... By trying to gather intelligence from the hunters, I revealed myself to the monster. If I had not done so, the hunt would have been far smoother."

16:04:39 Ripping a makeshift bandage from a bundle of cloth in his pack and wrapping Farsyk's head, High Chief Everiine Silvermoon the Wise, Centaur Brother asks him, "What happened after that?"

16:05:28 Frowning deeply, Farsyk says to Everiine, "I... I sacrificed the hunters for my own escape... While the creature was busy mauling the remaining hunters, I made the trap and everything was as I said."

16:06:49 High Chief Everiine Silvermoon the Wise, Centaur Brother asks him, "And after you killed the creature?"

16:09:18 Farsyk says to Everiine, "I buried it in the pit I digged up and made a grave for it. As the hunter became the hunted, it has taught me to hunt the hunter. And so, I gave a prayer of thanks and the world found equilibrium once again. The air filled in peace as creatures of small and large began to appear from their hiding."

16:12:22 High Chief Everiine Silvermoon the Wise, Centaur Brother asks Farsyk, "Anything else?"

16:16:18 Farsyk says to Everiine, "Strangely... The creature disappeared, leaving only a scorched earth that indicated that it ever existed. However, I feel I have acted foolishly in my time in the realm of the Spirit Warriors. If I had not acted so carelessly, the living hunters would not have died, despite how they are, and I would have prepared for the hunt. I have become the hunted before I became the hunter."

16:16:39 High Chief Everiine Silvermoon the Wise, Centaur Brother says to Farsyk, "But, you did become the hunter."
16:17:23 Giving a pained sigh, Farsyk says to Everiine, "Yes, I have... didn't I? Yet why do I feel... dissatisfied? I guess everything will not always happen the way you wish it."

16:17:42 High Chief Everiine Silvermoon the Wise, Centaur Brother asks Farsyk, "Do you think the Jaguar was satisfied?"

16:19:08 Farsyk says to Everiine, "I believe Brother Jaguar would tell me that I have still much to learn and practice. But as a student of Brother Jaguar, I do not believe I have dishonored his teachings."

16:19:52 High Chief Everiine Silvermoon the Wise, Centaur Brother says to Farsyk, "I was not present for your vision... I cannot myself name you Jaguar Hunter. Only you can discern whether you succeeded in your vision quest."

16:23:29 Farsyk says to Everiine, "I have prepared myself with what was available in the forest and learned how to adapt with the given situations. When the creature fell into my trap, I believed I had triumphed, but that was not so. Because of that, I relaxed a bit and was put off guard. From this, I know now to never let my guard down. I believe I have succeeded in applying Brother Jaguars teachings, though not perfect."

16:25:01 Everiine Silvermoon puts a hand on Farsyk's chest. "Either way, you will have to answer to Brother Jaguar. I name you Farsyk, Jaguar's Hunter. You have learned the ways of the Jaguar. You have succeeded in applying them," he says. "You have earned the right to bear this title, and to Guide others down the Path of the Jaguar."

16:26:04 Shifting your attention to Everiine, Farsyk powerfully slam a fist against your own chest in a tribal display of respect.
16:26:51 Shifting his attention to Farsyk, Everiine powerfully slams a fist against his own chest in a tribal display of respect.

16:27:29 Farsyk says to Everiine, "I, Farsyk, Jaguar's Hunter and Serenguard, will bear this title in pride and reminder of the teachings of Brother Jaguar."


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    What a beautiful log. Well done @Everiine and @Farsyk!
    Her storm-coloured eyes a muted blue, Lisaera, the Silver Goddess says, "Only sorrow can come from a rotting thought, My child, just like roots that have been drowned. You are a paragon of the wisdom I would see spread throughout the Serenwilde, but even the strongest minds must find release."
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    I can't take credit! I helped set the scene, but by the end, Farsyk was building quite a story, and I just provided a few prompts to keep it going. The TELLS are not actually supposed to be from Ev, but were the best way we could think of to provide setting and reactions (Ev isn't in or a part of the vision itself).

    So, well done @Farsyk!
    Everiine is a man, and is very manly. This MAN before you is so manly you might as well just gender bend right now, cause he's the manliest man that you ever did see. His manly shape has spurned many women and girlyer men to boughs of fainting. He stands before you in a manly manerific typical man-like outfit which is covered in his manly motto: "I am a man!"

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