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    You do if you look at a god the wrong way and they decide to power trip all over you.
    I used to make cakes.

    Estarra the Eternal says, "Give Shevat the floor please."
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    Erinya said:

    Please tell me that's not something I have to worry about happening to me in game D:
    Glomdoring strongly advises its members to be respectful of the Divine.  As long as you are, you don't have much to worry about.  I don't think I've ever actually been maggoted.  Zapped for IC reasons three times (once by Shikari for offering a Vira-homunculus to him, once by Estarra's shoe for breaking time, and once by shouting "Glory be to Glomdoring" in response to  Viravain doing NMBG to Lisaera, and Lisaera did not like it).

    That's three zaps in... a lot of years.  No other curses that I can remember.  As long as your character remembers that Gods are beings with a great deal more power than you, you will do all right.
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    Erinya said:

    Please tell me that's not something I have to worry about happening to me in game D:
    Only if you really piss of a God or Goddess! :D
    "You are so much bigger than you think you are," She says, fervently. "You are a beacon of hope that shines through the world with every step you take. You are My beacon, Gabriella, and you shine even into the darkest of nightmares."
    The air sparkles with silver motes of light as a silken voice says, "You will see growth and strength where others will see weakness. You will walk with Us as a paragon of Serenwilde's power, for you have already walked this path before."
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    I will be respectful! o.o
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    Getting into descriptions:

    The devil viscanti immortal demigoddess and the elimination of the same cold, white hair, seems a good apartment. Smile, and let the disgusting mouth of red wine, two wolves, in accord with trying, I think a little on the thick sole. While we're almost there, only weak characters, red cheeks and eyes, if it's White gold. Porcelain doll-like skin that covers the body, but it, but it seems to use the secret, changing the air pollution clouds, clouds,delicate, than in the past. It seems the coat is short-changing all the time, and the fog lifted, and installation, and wind evershifting, for example, confusing complexity. The only visible at any time of the day through loud malestrom almond-shaped eyes right, you will see a long full purple, purple, deep blue, deep blue good students to make Lily a part of a colour change in the next six round, a total of seven, look at the road. The building will tell you when you need to get that woman of difficulty hourglass curve.

    And I ride around on:

    Original text: "A sandstone wyvern with armoured wings of iron spikes"

    ...10 translations later, Yandex gives us: "Sand, shell, wings of metal bolts."
                          * * * WRACK AND ROLL AND DEATH AND PAIN * * *
                                         * * * LET'S FEEL THE FEAR OF DEATH AGAIN * * *
              * * * WE'LL KILL AND SLAUGHTER, EAT THE SLAIN * * *

    Ixion tells you, "// I don't think anyone else had a clue, amazing form."
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    Sylandra said:
    Found old maggoting text and gave it a go. 

    ...22 translations later, Yandex gives us:

    "... to feel pain, a lot of shit, disease, worm damage to the skin, but it seems that the world will always be more...."

    LOL this part. Literally how I feel when maggoting happens, a lot of Shit. Literal shit. :(
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    Original text:

    "Eritheyl stands nearby, surrounded by a miasma of wailing souls."

    ...33 translations later, Yandex gives us:

    "Rithely hotel is located not far away the weather, not the heart."

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    edited August 2015

    Original text:

    "He is a nimble faeling ascendant changeling and is a provocative one at that, his muscled frame glistening with oils that release the cloying scent of spices paired with his own panty-moistening musk."

    ...33 translations later, Yandex gives us:

    "Strange, faeling development, modification, testing the muscles in the Constitution. Lamp, paraffin products, sweet, spicy, strong. Muscle"

    This is the first few lines of a desc @Persayis wrote for me a long time ago. 

    Everiine said:
    "'Cause the fighting don't stop till I walk in."
    -Synkarin's Lament.
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    Because I'm on a "Hobbit" kick.

    Original text:

    "Far over the misty mountains cold To dungeons deep and caverns old We must away ere break of day To seek the pale enchanted gold. "

    ...22 translations later, Yandex gives us:

    "Far away from misty mountains cold Deep in the cave, Caves, old Let's go to paris. I don't know, I'm also obsessed with gold. "

    ...Seems legit.

    "You are so much bigger than you think you are," She says, fervently. "You are a beacon of hope that shines through the world with every step you take. You are My beacon, Gabriella, and you shine even into the darkest of nightmares."
    The air sparkles with silver motes of light as a silken voice says, "You will see growth and strength where others will see weakness. You will walk with Us as a paragon of Serenwilde's power, for you have already walked this path before."
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    A WILD WONDIR APPEARS *revives dead thread*

    My description became a poem/diary entry about multiple people...?

    Original Script:

    She is an ordinary human and stands at a diminutive 5' 3". Her face is heavily tanned, a strong contrast to it's slate grey eyes but pulled together in all of the smiling corners. Her hair falls in loose silvery curls reminiscent of unfurled ribbons, framing her face and falling past the small of her back. She is neither willowy nor stout, although her shoulders are a bit broad and her arms lean more towards a wiry build. Her voice is low and gravelly, but takes on resonant, high-soprano notes when applied to song.

    10 translations later, Yandex gives us:

    She was a normal person, and the small, standing 5'3". Facial tanning in comparison with the slate gray eyes,but pulled together and laugh. Your hair comes in bulk, Silver flower, open, ribbon, framing his face a little for him. She is not thin or the other, but the shoulders are a bit wide, and the arms and continued with more of the building. His voice was low and a trip, but call soprano notes when the layer is applied.
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    edited January 2017
    The Bad Translator rears its ugly head again! And boy, is it ugly these days.

    This site sure has changed since I first linked it. You need an account now, you have less control over the translation process, the character limit is even more abysmal, and there's ads and memes all over the place, ew. Nothing beautiful can last, can it. But I want to badly translate things again, so I will begrudgingly sign up. 

    EDIT: Nah, screw it. 80 characters is way too small for anything fun. I've found a different site that accomplishes the same thing. The output box is a little awkward but it's better than the travesty the original bad translator has turned into.
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    As a test run of the replacement translator, I fed it my wakabi beepbeep doll, as it was the first item listed in my inventory.


    This small toy is in the shape of a wakabi, covered in bright blue plumage and accurate in detail from its black glass eyes to its gangly, three-toed feet. A wide yellow beak stands out in stark contrast to its feathers, coming to a sharp point and stretching uncommonly wide across the bird's face, almost seeming to curl up in a goofy grin at the edges. Thin, sticklike legs allow the toy to stand up on its own, colored the same yellow of its beak and seeming entirely too precarious to fully support the wakabi.


    This is a game in Waco, a bunch of blue feathers, only the details of black glass eyes uncomfortable, three support. The yellow beak seems a sharp contradiction with feathers, bright point, stretching from time to time, barking the whole bird in the face, obviously almost twisted into a silly grin on his ribs. Thin, pen like legs allow you to play the game itself stops, and the color yellow beak, it seems that it was too dangerous to fully support Vaca.
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    Phoebus said:
    barking the whole bird in the face
    I'm not sure what I was expecting, but this caught me off guard and I started choking on my drink
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    One of Xeii's changeself'd descs. 16 translations later...

    It's a Thriller, Thriller birds, and are proud to be at seven feet, this bright, solemnly folded the wings on his back. Thick eyelashes frame, steel, blue, and gray eyes that he sits majestically arched eyebrows. His tail is snow-white with a purple tint, flickering and bright gemwort flower shines from its mouth. The contrast with the paleness affects the head and frame, her skin warmed by the sun and see what emit a warm light. She is dressed in a dark blue satin Dance shoes, transparent, silver case, blue only.

    the original:
    She is a feathered warbling trill and stands at a proud seven feet, her glistening wings folded solemnly behind her back. Thick lashes frame steely blueish-grey eyes, above which sit imperiously arched eyebrows. Her plumage is a snowy white tinged with a shimmering lilac, and a pearlescent gemwort flower gleams from her well-preened mane. Contrasting with the paleness framing her head and frame, her skin is sunkissed and seems to emit a warm glow. She is wearing midnight-blue satin dancing slippers and a gauzy gown of sheer icy blue.
    "May this be the first of many new experiences for you, Heart of the Crescendo," Czixi says, smile quirking. "The future is an exciting place.", visit if interested.
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    She is a bouncing furrikin timeless demigoddess and near instantaneously her Vulpine heritage would be evidenced, closer to the fennec variety than anything else. Barely standing four feet in height, large rounded-triangular ears sprouting from either side of her head add at least another six or seven inches to that. Energetic at times, the small fox still carries herself with a distinctly aware demeanor, fluffy ears ever twitching to take in even the faintest of sounds around her. Layering her small stature all the way from her large ears and down to her soft-padded feet, is a short and soft coating of tawny-coloured fur, various shades of reds and orange spattered throughout the pelt. Observing her surroundings with a calm awareness are two large beady eyes, devoid of any colour aside from a murky black. Sticking out no more than an inch or two from the middle of her face is a shorter furred muzzle, capped with a spongy black nose and lined with rows of short, pointed teeth, a spattering of long whiskers sprouting from the sides of the muzzle. Calmly twitching and swinging behind her is a long and bushy tail, coloured the same as the rest of her fur.
    32 translations later...

    Endless jump demigoddess furrik and in addition to her Fox heritage, like other Fennec is defined as the next U-Bahn Station. The ears are triangular, in the Form of four meters, but a very large, round head, growing in my head, six or seven inches. With the power, in some cases, the Fox, the keep, be aware of this Problem, maybe, sometimes, soft ears, touching twitched sounds. Moderate growth in the stratification, in each case, large ears, soft on the feet and red, short and soft layers of the skin, brown, red and orange in different shades of the skin and jumped. Consciousness, two big bright eyes, the world around you, color, Black, muddy, without. The action, the short hair from the face, so that half or two inches, not more, this does not apply, sponge, black nose, short, sharp teeth, an array, coating, control, long beards grow. Not to wince quietly, and, like other long hair, bushy tail, the same color as the shakes.

    I don't even know what to say. Reylari is defined as the next U-Bahn Station, I guess. With four meter long ears.
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    Full of special powers, it is a wonderful abundance to work with the charming domain of curved and sinuous form. Sophisticated sheath Shine with the opposite flows of energy, interwoven with its mother of pearl surface, sparks of gold, Lock and unlock, and here and there. Inside the abundance of suspiciously empty, but delicious emalatxanadan with the divine promise, celebration, and soul. It weighs only 1 pound and 4 ounce (s). It's a bad sign Taxidermist Alaksanteri Elithysius, a Dirge of madness. These nicknames: abundance.

    Originally was this :
    Full of capricious powers, this wondrous cornucopia has been crafted with bewitching mastery into a 
    curved and twisting shape. The shell of the artifact glimmers with the echo of the threads of power 
    woven into its nacreous surface, glimmers of gold twinkling here and there. The inside of the 
    cornucopia is suspiciously empty but a mouth-watering scent wafts, promising a divine feast of the 
    body and soul.
    It weighs about 1 pounds and 4 ounce(s).
    It bears the distinctive mark of Bad Taxidermist Alaksanteri Elithysius, Dirge of Insanity.
    It has the following aliases: cornucopia.
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    Had to give this a try...

    First one in:
    Let them fear, and despair
    Let's fear and despair

    From an old event scroll (The Enchantress Unmasked)
    An enthralling lament coils through the air, note upon note building upon one another into a Song that rises, warm and painful from the centre of your chest. It is as alive as you, every breath you take fueling the melancholy aria that not only moves those who hear, but pulls at your own heart strings as well.
    Funny cry air cylinders, memo, note, which was based on another song which is rising up, hot and painful from the center of the chest. To live like you, every breath is the power of melancholy Aria, who not only made it to those who heard him, but he pulls the strings of the soul.

    Last one, from when you enter @Morgfyre's fulcrux:
    You step into a globe of swirling, chaotic energy, and it leaps around your vision and consumes you whole, enveloping you into an abyssal realm of twilight stars and bizarre foreign skies. The vistas of limitless alien horizons in unknown worlds spring into your mind, and are gone just as soon as they enter. After what seems an eternity, but you somehow know is only moments, you emerge from the globe once more, exiting somewhere completely different.
    Immerse yourself in a world of swirling, chaotic energy, and it jumps around, touches and overwhelms you, enveloping you in abyssal zone of a star of twilight and the strange, weird, fresh air. The prospect of unlimited strange horizons, unknown worlds spring out of your mind, but as soon as you enter. After what seems an eternity, but you know, just moments, you will enter the world again and again to go somewhere.

    Kiss of the Enchantress hisses eerily, "Let them fear, and despair."
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    The last one is refreshingly natural.
    "May this be the first of many new experiences for you, Heart of the Crescendo," Czixi says, smile quirking. "The future is an exciting place.", visit if interested.
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    My description 
    It is negative Terrible orclach and a large viewfinder, than the other races, of about two and a half feet in height. The scars of mars close to the color of black skin, white spots, which rise on different areas of the skin, for purposes would. Much more appealing if we consider that man, the human race is still, without doubt, orclach the teeth not to bite, up and call. Eyes cold black of space, without any sign of life, in a state of witness is transformed. Drew attention that the black head of hair, while the top of the head, around the eyes, otherwise, no beard and take the skull.
    The playa you love to hate
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    This plus Donald Trump quotes equals madness
  • AeldraAeldra , using cake powered flight Member Posts: 1,166 Transcendent
    This is always something hilarious. First try after a while was tossing in aeldra's title. The result was:

    Aeldra Ladyn, The Highest Wisdom Months

    Also, the description of a hedgehog:

    Protective cover centimeter long spikes pushes towards the rear of this size, the fists together, each pencil on lace, brown and cream that hedgehog has a mottled appearance. Unlike the tip, the tip will be in the belly covered with soft fur, disappear, bare, pink skin around her legs and muzzle to buy. Black eyes to see the world from the top of the dark muzzle, nose and small, sharp teeth, can scarcely have noticed the pod on one side of the mouth

    Avatar / Picture done by Xeii. Wheeeeee 
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    Bright light city wanted my soul wanted, my soul burns,
    I got a lot of money that's ready to burn, so the limits
     there are thousands of beautiful women waiting and that only the devil may care and
    I'm just the devil with love to spare so
    Viva Las Vegas, Viva Las Vegas
    how I love that another twenty-four hours a day,
    even when there are more than forty I do not dream a minute,
    blackjack, and poker and the roulette
    won and lost on EV ry order to
    try all you need is a strong heart and nerves of steel
    Viva Las Vegas, Viva Las Vegas
    Viva Las Vegas with its neon and pay into the hands of bandits fighting with all the hope that the wind
    Viva Las Vegas turning day into night turns into day and night,
    If you believe that after you will never be the same
    I'll keep on the go I'd have me fun if it costs me my last penny, and if the wind broke up well
    I'll always remember, I swingin ' I'll let ev everyone,
    I have luck please let the dice stay hot
    let me shoot a seven EV'ry shot
    Viva Las Vegas, Viva Las Vegas,
    Viva Las Vegas, Viva, Viva Las Vegas

    After 10 rounds it's still recognizable
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    (Wondir's Study)

    Original text:

    A great deal of clutter greets the eye upon entry into this room. A short hallway that is decorated, or perhaps entirely composed of, metal shavings, a glittering array of colourful, crystalline chips, and shining scraps of wire leads the way into a main study room. A sense of openness comes with the stark difference between the room and the tunnel, high-vaulted ceilings and large bookshelves a noticeable change from the cramped walkway. Two of the four walls are hidden from sight behind bookshelves that stretch from floor to ceiling, full of a plethora of books and volumes all easily accessible due to thick wooden beams and sliding ladders providing paths upwards. Closer inspection of the shelves reveal that most of the volumes are empty, however, and tucked between a few of the tightly packed spines are slips of parchment on which titles not yet in existence are scrawled. A simulated dawn illuminates the room as it filters through the window at the opposite end of the space, occupying the majority of the wall. The unending state of sunrise facilitates a pre-waking stillness that permeates the solitary nature of the study. Just to the left side of the tunnel's entrance is a gilded cage, stuffed to the brim with a collection of shining, esoterically beautiful baubles and trinkets. To the right of the entrance is an alcove littered with writing and reference materials. Infusing the room is the smell of strong-brewed tea and cool breezes barely strong enough to ruffle the pages of a book, almost masking the scent of cats.

    After 64 translations:

    The most stupid things in the day, and his eyes*, he went to the gym. For short trips, jewels, or can be made from sawdust of wood, the brightness, the color, the crystal, the Chip, and a nice balance, the body, the head of the Cabinet of Ministers.** In order to open with the help of something heavy, the difference, of bathroom and tunnels, and high-vaulted ceilings and large forces of police** significant changes," he said one day. Two of the four walls were hidden by shelves from floor to ceiling, and more easily, can be achieved with large wooden beams and iron, the image, the technology, the distribution of the weight.*** Look on the shelves, it turned out that most of the potential in the vacuum, but between them have disappeared, and the fingers of rolling, and which has been written. Imitate easily, as the flicker of light in the window on the other side of the coin, almost all the walls. There is not the end to understand it****, to wake up quietly teach that in a studio. To the left of the tunnel entrance, the grid, Or the recruitment and the United Kingdom, luminous, mysterious, and beautiful jewelry and decoration. To the right of the entry, in April, has been fully restored and reference documents. Translation-a strong infusion, perfume, tea, beer, and, in fact, the wind, the waves, on the pages of a book, almost entirely mask the smell of a cat.*****


    *Passive aggressive much yo.
    ** Political goings on + Scandal #HalliProblems
    ***Architectural nerd alert
    ****Lol understatement
    *****Picked up drinking beer regularly enough that the smell now surpasses feline stank. Don't tell mom. 
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    "May this be the first of many new experiences for you, Heart of the Crescendo," Czixi says, smile quirking. "The future is an exciting place.", visit if interested.
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    "A rousing beat sends shivers down your spine, its notes like the clacking of bones."

    Became: Rhythm, we will send spine chills, bone notes, such as clicky.

    "Large, oily-black birds circle around the gothic Silent Cathedral, towering down from its high hill, its bells forever hushed."

    Became: A huge, oily black birds circling around a need for speed, silence, temple, which is situated below high mountain ringtone, always concentration.

    Flames erupt from the caldera below as a distorted voice echoes, "Their spirit must be broken if they wish to be reborn as true warriors."
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