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    Synkarin said:
    Oh please, now it's the 'way' it was done? The certain way they griefed was bad, but the way I grief is ok? What a statement

    What? If we're talking about the same thing (the sea battle problems): Yes, now it is the way it was done. Then, it was the way it was done. That was always (my) input on the situation - that no one can really blame Mag for using the mechanics, but it's really really dumb that the mechanics are the way that they are, and the honorable thing to do would be to not abuse bad quest mechanics. Actually, I'll just quote myself:

    Enyalida said:

    I think everyone generally agrees that the specifics of the Sea Battle are really dumb, and that Thalkros can do the side of the quest inimical to the org he leads to gain an edge is amazingly broken. I don't blame him for taking advantage of the mechanics as they stand. In fact, he's doing a very good thing by serving as an example of a situation in which there is no reasonable and direct way to address a 'conflict mechanic'. 

    And uh, yes: I'm comfortable with saying that some forms of 'griefing' are better/more acceptable/less contemptible than others. How outrageous.
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    Everyone has had their say, we even managed to split the issue on fairly predictable partisan lines. We're even to the point of endlessly repeating ourselves, so the thread is now closed.

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