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    Turnus said:
    So. I don't feel like reading through all the posts. Is this still a thing? One idea I'm going to throw out is that guilds are maintained as an NPC only organization. The guild tutors become the GMs, the halls are made open to the public and picking the class of an associated guild gives you access to a channel for that class shared among the org (this is to help with skill specific questions and the like not as a guild replacement). The guilds would not have any ranks/political power or be a thing as far as players are concerned. It's just an NPC-only org and everybody of that class in a given org shares channel automatically. This frees factions to be political/ideological entities separate from guilds, although they can claim influence or inspiration from the guilds. It also means that for instance the guards are still members of whatever guild they're hired from, they are just hired by any of the factions.
    This...would have to come up with a good story as to why a change like this is occurring, but this is pretty much the only solution if done right would keep people from jumping ship to a new city/org or doing what I was considering with reading the original post and just being as close as you can possibly be and survive as a rogue in Lusternia...member of he city/org, avoid new said factions
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    When the new factions come out (sometime next year?), I encourage you to give them a try. As someone who was fiercely opposed to new factions replacing guilds (Serenguard4Eva), being part of the Serenwilde faction planning team allowed me to see a lot of thought and discussion going into the new factions. I'm super excited for one of Serenwilde's new factions, very excited for another, and excited for the third. They've got great flavor and lore, and possibilities for much more.

    The adjustment might be hard, but we've got plenty of time. I already starting planning long ago how Ev was going to get from his current guild to a new faction (maybe too much, because now I'm really waiting for it). Read up on the faction planning boards for your org, see what might fit. When the new factions come out, read up on them, just like when you were first choosing a guild. Hopefully, if everything is done well, you'll find a good fit.
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