Final Tally: What did everyone get from Ironbeard/Gnomes for Solstice 2012?

SeptimSeptim Member Posts: 21 Apprentice
For me, I got a Ruby Generator doll from Ironbeard (Which I adore)
Got some Wackodoru from a Gnome.
Got some Vitae from another Gnome.
Then some Wackodoru from Ironbeard.
Then a Great Rune of Glassworking which was the first non-standard present I ever did get.

Needless to say the 40 credits I had been fretting about for a month or two were well taken care of now and Ironbeard earned my sincere gratitude rather than my grumbled thanks.

Now then, what did you all get, and how many of you did he pop in on at the most inopportune or uncannily appropriate moments?


  • SsalissSsaliss Member Posts: 3,575 Transcendent
    No Gnomes at all for me. Ironbeard got me a Glumki doll, a Great Rune of Empowerment, prayer beads of the Gods and a bit of gold and venoms.
  • LavinyaLavinya Former Queen of Snark AustraliaMember Posts: 3,354 Transcendent
    No gnomes (weep), though Ironbeard visited me on his last day of rounds and gave me a skull beep beep.

  • SakrSakr Member Posts: 151 Capable
    hmm... everything combined for Solstice results

    + 12 lessons, 119 credits, 450 bound credits, 121 dingbats, kiss of fates, 3,307 hours of crit bonus, 129 days of true favor

    206 yellowtint 188 goldtint 51 purpletint 68 redtint 1000 colewort 1300 juniper 491 mindoru 234 vegfeed 545 ambermalt 131 auronidion 134 poultry 723 darkmalt, 940 healing potions, 485 aleutian, 137 botulinum, 465 dendroxin, 421 tetrodin, 167 saxitin, 198 mellitin, 600 galvanism, 203 liquid salt? 800 sanguine, 900 phlegmatic, 400 liniment, 500 sparkleberry, 800 coltsfoot, a plush doll of the White Hart, a plush doll of Gorgulu, a plush doll of Selene (two of them). Around 30 ikons, a total of 1.8 million gold. And I was able to complete a Glass Butterfly, an Aquamarine Shark, and Arcanis gave me a Snow Phoenix, and Xazlael an iron membership.

    Total presents about 36. Counter reset at 33, with an ultimate present of the rockeater maw which became the bound credits listed above. Varen was amazing in helping out finding a present almost every time they dropped, thank you man.
  • DysDys Member Posts: 520 Expert
    I got ten, I think. Two from Ironbeard and eight from catching gnomes. My last was last night when Ironbeard crashed my guild rite in the Chamber of Psychedelia to give me a dracnari dreamer doll. :D
  • MoiMoi Member Posts: 1,164 Transcendent
    53 dingbats, an Albion doll and a Marilynth doll.
  • EritheylEritheyl ** Trigger Warning ** Member Posts: 1,670 Transcendent
    480+ credits (post trade-in and Wheel play, hi shield rune), 90+ dingbats and some reishi.
  • CyndarinCyndarin used Flamethrower! It was super effective. Member Posts: 4,508 Transcendent
    Glumki doll, Star deva doll, teapot, firemead, 10 curio pieces, random riftables.
  • ShaddusShaddus , the Leper Messiah Outside your window.Member Posts: 7,761 Transcendent
    I got a rock.
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  • NeosNeos The Subtle Griefer Member Posts: 1,538 Transcendent
    Shaddus said:
    I got a rock.
    I got a jaguar.
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  • ShaddusShaddus , the Leper Messiah Outside your window.Member Posts: 7,761 Transcendent
    Bob Junior says, "I had a party hook onnce. Lost it iNsiDee of soMe buxsm dracnari maiden, I thiik."
  • SilvanusSilvanus The Sparrowhawk Member Posts: 1,659 Transcendent
    2 gnomes (both found right outside Mag's council chambers) gave me a Miakoda doll and a Maurder's Mask.

    Ironbeard gave me three dolls: a plush doll of the Most Venerable Shimotabi Xiim, Keeper of the Illuminati, a plush doll of Scuchidira Tliwx, a plush doll of Roxie Wingnut
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  • RagniliffRagniliff Member Posts: 87 Adept
    I got coal.

    The gnomes decided I had too much stuff already.
  • LothringenLothringen Member Posts: 266 Fabled
    I ended up with 200 something dingbats, as well as 200 something credits (after tradeins!)

    Not a bad haul.
  • KialkarkeaKialkarkea Member Posts: 205 Capable
    10 Ikons, 5 curios, poisons, palettes, and a Commandant's Medal.
  • SvoraiSvorai Member Posts: 321 Fabled
    An Albion doll, a Lhiannan doll, two kikikoru regeants, tea and wormwood, and two coins which turned into a 48-hour truefavour.
  • HiriakoHiriako Member Posts: 374 Gifted
    I got 30 ikons and 5 curio pieces, which turned into 4 coins, which turned into a little experience and 2 days of crit bonus.
  • MajanishiMajanishi Member Posts: 152 Apprentice
    I'm glad I wasn't the only one with hardly anything :/ Never got an ultimate gift *cries*.

    I got the Diamond Collector doll (woo!), 10 damage resistance curios, and 3 kikikoru reagents that turned into about 48 bound credits.

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  • EritheylEritheyl ** Trigger Warning ** Member Posts: 1,670 Transcendent
    I didn't get an ultimate gift either, I'm sure many didn't.
  • EventruEventru Member, Gods Posts: 719 Divine
    As far as I know is the present count doesn't reset, so it'll carry over to the next time you get presents!
  • XenthosXenthos Shadow Lord Member Posts: 5,971 Transcendent
    It does not reset until you finally do get an ultimate.

    Next year!

    Or if you spin the wheel.
  • FaniaFania Member Posts: 34 Apprentice
    I believe my first present from Ironbeard was poison. I rarely get presents from Ironbeard no matter how long I'm around or what I'm doing. (About four presents in 5 years of game play is quite low I feel). Jinx felt bad for me and gave me a present which was also poison (very sweet and much appreciated nonetheless). Ironbeard really hates Fania for some reason.
  • EritheylEritheyl ** Trigger Warning ** Member Posts: 1,670 Transcendent
    Really confused/bitter at those people that got 15+ presents, despite the fact that I was around more than they were and actually doing things. JEALOUSY :'(

    But, all in all, I made out pretty well. For once the Wheel didn't spit on me and laugh.
  • TandrinTandrin Member Posts: 60 Apprentice

    I got 3 presents from Ironbeard and 2 from gnomes.

    Ironbeard 1 - Luna doll

    Gnome1 - Mactans

    Gnome2 - 7000 gold

    Ironbeard 2 - 7000 gold

    Ironbeard 3 - Sparkatron


    I wasn't feeling too excited at first, but with the sparkatron I guess it was ok although I was around a bunch.

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