I wonder, wonder, who wrote the book of ... WONDER ITEMS!



  • XenthosXenthos Shadow Lord
    Ixion said:
    After some testing (Thanks @Xenthos ), deepcover with or without glamours is really not a huge concern. You can't do anything hostile, you can still be scented and scried as yourself. Beyond exploring or just poking around places without being hassled by guards/people, I can't see any major uses so far.

    Pratfall on the other hand.. yeah that's pretty nice...
    Additional note: You can't combine deepcover with the glamour any more, switching off of rainbow face will now drop all glamours you have cast (this has been added into the HELP WONDERMASK file, along with an ability to dispel your own glamours).
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    I just learned that pratfall is in a current envoy report. It's going to get nerfed looks like so buyer beware.

    Report #1526

  • Deepcover can allow you to bypass guards. You can't do anything hostile or it'll drop, yes, but bypassing guards is by no means something to shrug off. That alone is plenty of reason to require restrictions on how often it can be used.

  • ShaddusShaddus , the Leper Messiah Outside your window.
    Especially if it allows you to...say, be a teleport target in an area.
    Everiine said: The reason population is low isn't because there are too many orgs. It's because so many facets of the game are outright broken and protected by those who benefit from it being that way. An overabundance of gimmicks (including game-breaking ones), artifacts that destroy any concept of balance, blatant pay-to-win features, and an obsession with convenience that makes few things actually worthwhile all contribute to the game's sad decline.
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