Glomdoring and sacrifices



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    Cyndarin said:

    edit: wtf plant baby?


    When a daddy loves a mummy he plants a baby in her.
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    Actually I'm just gonna bow out at this point. Here's hoping that some mutually-agreeable resolution is realised! <3
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    I remember doing the sacrifice on my one character who earned the orgbix. It was definitely a visceral punch to the gut every time she killed it, but I wasn't opposed to that visceral feeling. I liked that the game made me feel so much over just punching in a few keystrokes.

    I wonder if I would feel differently about enjoying it if I had a kid or not myself. Either way, I agree that the problem is likely that it's a human baby, and if a plant baby is an option, that seems like it should work. I couldn't say for sure unless I make a character and put them in that situation again, but in theory, it seems good.
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    I remember having a twisty gut feeling every time I did the quest because I had tried it so many times and failed through some problem and was anxious. :p I think combined I've done the forest quests basically all the way through something like 30 times.
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