Items should warn you when they're about to poof

See title. A simple message like "You sense <item> will soon decay." or something 5 minutes before the item vanishes would be a godsend for questers.


  • @Moi AUDIT will tell you about regular items and not quest items.
    Her storm-coloured eyes a muted blue, Lisaera, the Silver Goddess says, "Only sorrow can come from a rotting thought, My child, just like roots that have been drowned. You are a paragon of the wisdom I would see spread throughout the Serenwilde, but even the strongest minds must find release."
    A shimmering liquid appears in your inventory smelling sweetly of something carbonated. It vanishes in a puff of silver smoke seconds later.
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  • Right, but not on a "you have 5 minutes" timescale.
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