Training dummies for testing in the arena

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It would be great to have a testing mode in the arena where we could try sequences against a dummy/zombie/hologram/flesh creature that could be afflicted like a player but just stood there and autocured. Maybe with a way to report its stats and affs.

Masochism goes a long way in testing but doesn't cover quite enough and I always feel guilty about boring other players when I'm testing as they have to stand there as I flail to fix my horrible code.

That's probably already really complicated but possible extensions could make the dummy somewhat configurable. Like:
- different health, regen and resists ( two levels - basic and max arti'd demi would be enough)
- dummy tries to web you every balance
- dummy tries to move one room to escape instakills, or tries to flee.
- config dummy's autocured priorities like you can configure your own
- two players Vs one dummy to test coordinating skills.


  • SnaldSnald Member Posts: 102 Capable
    I never mind being your dummy!!
  • KistanKistan Member Posts: 417 Expert
    I also never mind being your dummy
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    You can always borrow Ena. But this would be cool. Especially if we could set the dummy to different classes so we can see what abilities work best *against which defences. 
  • SteingrimSteingrim Member Posts: 1,144 Mythical
    there are training dummies you can buy for an org. However, being mobiles (though stationary) you cannot use a lot of abilities for them.

    The code base probably does not easily support what you want. If the admin is looking for a hack, perhaps they could a) create a pc b) create a script to keep that character logged in c) make it autorezz
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