Lusternia Activity Levels: Followup Discussion



  • Kistan said:
    Anita said:


    The things that need to be looked at eventually / some ideas (please note I said eventually, I know some of these things will take a lot and other projects are a-happenin'!)


    Family System : There are a few places across the forums where ideas have been given for a reviewing of the family system such as: I know it's one of those "it's very far down the list of things" but I think that this is also one of the issues that Lusternia faces in terms of engagement and retention. With a limited playerbase number now, trying to grow your family is extremely hard, finding a spouse is harder when you're related to everyone and their mothers and sometimes even to yourself! I think being able to have one spouse initiate an adoption, and if there is no response from the other spouse in 7 RL days / 12 RL days (IG year), then the adoption goes ahead - that way families can still grow even if someone's spouse has gone inactive. Alternatively, for those people who can't find a spouse or had divorced their spouse because of above issue of being inactive, single-parent adoption into families would also be a good idea.  I would like to say I'm glad my report passed and we reduced the number needed for Greathouse, we've seen a few houses step up now so yay!

    I think it is sad that things like this are so far down the list. To me, one of the strengths of this type game is the building of relationships between people and groups

    For me the things that would grow the game (or at least slow those leaving) are not mechanical, single player grinding stuff but rather things that build on inter personal relationships between the players. (Although I think single player adoptions are bad and lets limping great houses limp on and inhibits new family growth - put them out of their misery!)

    But addressing the things that build communities would help player retention. Most people come to the game to see other people. By making this relationship building easier, I think it would encourage people to stay.

    But at the same time, i think it should be easier to get rid of great houses as well - how many have 2 active members and 49 who have never been seen in 3+ RL years - great houses should have to work at staying active and relevant!

    The other thing that I always thought should be made easier is joining an order. I think that having one (in some cases inactive) player gatekeeper to a divine order also stops relationship building. These should be opened up more. So what that XXXX'x chosen does not like the new guy in the order ---- oh look some conflict!

    with great houses a city leader can just boot them for no reason sooo
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    Arix said:
    with great houses a city leader can just boot them for no reason sooo
    Which is fine, if you have a decent house in a city you should have the political capital to prevent this from happening. If you don't have that capital your house shouldn't be rocking the boat.
  • what I mean is there isn't actually any oversight, it's already super easy to get rid of a great house
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