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    Highlight reel from the mafia chat btw, which was running the entire game:

    On who to makeover N1 & foreshadowing:
    • ZittoZitto January 9
      As for targets, I'm trying to decide which target would have the best social effect. I feel comfortable leaving Arix, Kistan, and Aruin alive, on account of their not being very vocal. Taking down Shaddus or Lehki might stagnate the day chat, which would make it easier for you to steer, especially if you get cleared by a tracker after the first night. I don't really know anything about Dys, but I think they might be a good lynch target tomorrow, on account of how they present a lot of text without really saying much of substance.

    • SylandraSylandra January 10
      I think it could be smart to take Shaddus out since he's a veteran that knows what he's doing and traditionally is quite vocal, though I do have some niggling concern that Dys is going to give us trouble in the future. She's paying close attention to what goes on, I think, while Shaddus and Lehki have just popped in so far. Aruin is still a complete wild card to me, as is Kistan.
    On D2 bluffing and shenanigans:
    • SylandraSylandra January 9
      Portius to confirm, I won’t know how many actions I bounce at night?

      Was going to suggest that I pretend I was targeted for a kill N1, but that doesn’t work if I don’t have numbers.
    • PortiusPortius January 9
      Per above, you will not.
    • SylandraSylandra January 9
      ..but it actually does work if my power DOESNT activate night one after all. open_mouth 

      So in the event that no one targets me night 1, I should 100% pretend my power tells me I was murder attempted.

      Though the odds of me not being targeted for something night 1 are low, heh.
    • ZittoZitto January 9
      Pretending you were the mafia target was definitely what I was thinking too. It is something we should play by ear on the next day, I think. Are you still planning to use Nexus N1, or not so you are potentially seen as not acting? "Mafia tried to N1 Kill Sylandra" is an extremely plausible claim with your reputation.
    <We agree I should use the blubber bounce>
    <No one targets me at night!>

    • SylandraSylandra January 11
      Ohh my goddd ahaha if no one else claims anything happened to them last night it's going to look like the attack bounced off me.

      I really hope this happens, omg omg.
    <Miraculously, it happens>
    <Ridiculous first-claim bluffing ensues!>

    The indecision of who will get the N2 makeover & "are there even vanilla in this game??" & "wait what is even happening":

    • ZittoZitto January 12
      As for targets, my preference is very slightly towards Lehki, since he's actively helping the town's discussion while Dys is just participating in existing discussions.
    • SylandraSylandra January 12
      Yeah I prefer Lehki too. He's asking the right questions and clearly keeping track of what's going on.
    • SylandraSylandra January 13
      Oh dang Kistan is a watcher? Strike everything, he needs to die ASAP. That’s the scariest power out there for mafia! (Glad he outed himself though.)

      But now I’m wondering. Does that make Lehki and Dys vanilla? Or is Aruin’s power a red herring? Because other than a jailer ability I’m not seeing a doctor role yet to make your strongman necessary.
    • ZittoZitto January 13
      I agree on Kistan as tonight's target.
    • SylandraSylandra January 13
      Okay I think I figured this out.

      I don’t think anyone is vanilla in this game. You just become vanilla after using a limited ability.

      Enter Arix’s role, which then refreshes someone to have their ability again.

      Aruin can then catch town who have used up their ability so far, or mafia who don’t “lose” abilities. Instead of determining who doesn’t have abilities at all.

      So if Aruin targets me and sees I’m not vanilla that doesn’t matter right now because I don’t think she’s solved this yet. But late game it’s possible this will come to light, and then it becomes suspicious if someone who used an ability isn’t vanilla.

      This is all conjecture but it makes sense to me vs “Lehki and Dys are vanilla and there isn’t a doctor.” It also makes Aruin more powerful, if so.
    • ZittoZitto January 13
      That sounds pretty plausible as a way to balance 8 players without leaving people out on special abilities. 

      I think I may have overplayed my hand on Arix, and I'm going to have to offer up the logic that made me think he was a vig, so I won't be able to claim that role if I do.
    • SylandraSylandra January 13
      At this point I still think it’s worthwhile to target Kistan because it wastes Arix’s ability. But I’m a little more nervous about Aruin now and wouldn’t mind swapping to her.

      Odds that we have a tracker and a doctor are higher now too I think.
    <Dramatic tracker reveal from Dys!>
    • ZittoZitto January 13
      Son of a gun, I think Dys has me dead to rights. I can't lie as vig, or bodyguard, or watcher, or tracker, or doctor. Lemme know if you have any bright ideas.
    • SylandraSylandra January 13
      Oh shoot buddy lol. I’m sorry I think you’re done for. 

      You could claim bomb for the lulz and the chaos. But you’d probably still be dead.
    • ZittoZitto January 13
      You should probably just hop on the Zitto lynch train for townie cred.
    • SylandraSylandra January 13
      Done and done. Rip dude.
    • SylandraSylandra January 13
      I’m screwed I think haha, too many claims now. If there were two of us I’d be feeling confident but I think the massclaim is going to hit me hard.

      I might actually succeed at getting everyone to target Aruin based on “wait no one in this game is vanilla? CURIOUS.”

    • SylandraSylandra January 13
      AHH I’m honestly so torn here.

      Lehki is probably the doctor so he’s a good choice but he’s also currently an unknown. And that helps me.

      Dys is 100% confirmed tracker so she is a good choice. Out of power though. And tracker isn’t the scariest ability here.

      Kistan is also out of power but watcher is scary. And if Arix recharges him that will suck.

      Aruin is the investigator so she’s likely protected but she’s going to cause trouble for me later.

      The lack of Strongman is kicking my butt. I’m going to think a little bit more on this.

    • SylandraSylandra January 13
      What the heck. Let’s go for the only 100% confirmed townie. MAKEOVER DYS.


    • PortiusPortius January 15
      I wish I could see your face when you look at the thread.
    • SylandraSylandra January 15

    This has been mafia chats and you! Thanks for the wild roller coaster, everyone. :D
    Fyler said:
    Sylandra has a very signature (and somewhat twisted) sense of humor
  • ArixArix Member Posts: 1,327 Mythical
    Yeah this was not one of my better games
  • LehkiLehki Member Posts: 1,304 Mythical
    I spooked my brother when I shouted "I knew it" after seeing the final reveals, I was onto your tricks @Sylandra even though I guess you weren't lieing about Bounce. Was sad to get steam rolled so quick d2 but that's just how it be sometimes. 
  • SylandraSylandra Pro-Agree, Anti-LOL ScumsvilleMember Posts: 4,453 Transcendent
    Lehki said:
    I spooked my brother when I shouted "I knew it" after seeing the final reveals, I was onto your tricks @Sylandra even though I guess you weren't lieing about Bounce. Was sad to get steam rolled so quick d2 but that's just how it be sometimes. 
    I truly and sincerely think I would have lost if you hadn't been steamrolled, haha. I got super duper lucky there.
    Fyler said:
    Sylandra has a very signature (and somewhat twisted) sense of humor
  • AruinAruin Member Posts: 86 Adept
    That was a really fun game, I was sure we had it with Lehki and should have payed more attention to his post.  Though I'm always happy when the mafia win :P
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