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The principal aim of aethergoop was to be a special award for in-game systems, such as questing, crafting, etc. Part of that was the aethergoop crafting items which are meant to be consumable items that were cool. We'd like to expand this to more trade skills, but first we'd like to make sure that the items are cool and desirable. So if you have any ideas to tweak any of the items, we'd be more than interested in considering them!




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    I've got no actual issue with goop items (I've never used scarves, sorry), but I think the gold cost for forming them could be lowered quite a bit. I'd say a goldentonic is the most commonly used or formed item, but 5k gold per makes it a bit restrictive, especially since we older players often hand them out to novices we take bashing.
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    That beast one I could see actually using, I could collect some beasts and save them in storage.  Right now I have zero reason to collect the things.
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    Deichtine said:
    One use transport gems.

    Takes you to one of the bubbles. Can make a gem for each bubble.

    Gems to store beasts in so that they freeze in time, dont need food and dont have to pay stable feed. (Its a pokeball alright.) Breaking the gem/(pokeball) brings the beast back, one use only.

    Second that whole quote. Gems for jewellers! Perhaps the travel gems can be temporary wood/stone contrivances made by artisans?

    I very much like the idea of everything else listed in the original post, too.

    Edit: For Forging, perhaps some temporary weapons infused with single damage types (like temporary whips that last ~2 hours)?
    For Poisons, if it wouldn't be too combat-balance-changing, limited-use envenomed dirks that inflict a single affliction?

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    Deichtine said:
    Gems to store beasts in so that they freeze in time, dont need food and dont have to pay stable feed. (Its a pokeball alright.) Breaking the gem/(pokeball) brings the beast back, one use only.
    This please! Please, please, please. I understand stabling fees are a goldsink, and that's a good thing, but that only works for the people with a lot of gold. I struggle to stay ahead. I got lucky on a wheel spin recently and I now have six digit gold. I think it's the second time for me. The first was a culture win.

    I'm a casual, ok? I'll admit it. And, as such, the game is not built for me. Gold generation is tweaked for those that play a LOT more than I do or have systems that generate revenue that I will never, as a casual player, acquire. And so the gold sinks are considerably above my ability to keep up with. I just spent a fifth of my bank account getting dressed. I had put off replacing my clothes that poofed because I couldn't pay. Thanks to that lucky spin, I'm no longer naked and freezing (as much as a Tae can be either).

    I'm not saying that's bad, but little things like this that could help me stay even with some extra work would be really, really nice. It's depressing and drives me away from the game when I lose stuff because I couldn't keep up with the payments. I know it's all ones and zeros, still doesn't mean I don't get attached.

    That said, I don't do timed buffs. I've got a stack of cookies from my urtrap that I never use. I dread crit bonuses and divine favours from the wheel. I do not buy goop items. As a casual, if I burn a 60 min buff then play for 15, I'm not exactly getting my money's worth. Or I pop in to spin the wheel and get a divine truefavor, then log out and don't log in for 3 days. It's a waste for me.

    So making all the goop crafts these limited use, time-limited items is always going to be a no-go for me. Again, that doesn't mean they're bad, it just means that there's a segment of the gaming population that won't really ever have an interest in them. I'd much prefer limited use, but with no time hook. Like a bookbinding item that I can make with goop that has limited charges, but no time attached to it. Say it's a fancy inkpot, some buff or other, only so much ink in there, but it doesn't disappear on me if I don't use it all in the next hour. I'd even go for goop armor/shield/robes that take a beating but break after so much damage absorbed. You'll have to ask the weavers/forgers/etc. if that would hurt them, I don't know.

    Long story short, make them limited use, but limited by use, not by an arbitrary movement of the hands around the clock.
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    These are great ideas (keep them coming), thank you!
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    Echoing others - any sort of ~1 hour buffs are pointless in my eyes. I don't know about others, but I can't justify spending aethergoop(which are basically credits in a way) on temporary things.

    Perhaps instead, have the aethergoop items be permanent artifacts that provide the buff (either the current or a weaken version). That people could spend their aethergoop on upgrading the artifact to make the buff stronger up to some point. (so say the buff starts at 1/3 and can move up to a 3/10 or whatever).  As such then, genies/maps/urtraps would give out only goop instead of goop or an item.

    I know these aren't consumables like you probably wanted, but outside of a select group of people using select item(s), I don't think any sort of consumable is going to be well used in the long run.
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    What if they were consumables that lasted 24 hours and only ticked down while you're online?  I don't know that I would use them much even so, but at that point it's at least a little more tempting (for a little at least, a lot of these effects just have no use to me).  I don't know... the whole consumable thing has just never ever worked for me.  I can't really justify spending artifact currency on stuff that is going to expire, but especially not if it dies in 1 hour (or even 1 minute as some of them do).

    Or, as Ayisdra has, some artifacts that you use goop to upgrade.  They can decay over time, so you'd recharge them back to full if you want the full power.  I don't know how much I'd use something like that either, it would depend on the effects, but it's less of a consumable in that you have a permanent artifact and you're just empowering it with resources.

    And please please please please please take goop candies off of the reward list.  Just give the goop that would have been used to make those candies.  We can make the candies if we want to at that point.  Or not.
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    The aim since when?


    Aethergoop is normally gained as part of monthly sales promotions (which are announced via the Announce newsboard), but may also occasionally be obtained in- game as rewards for certain quests. Aethergoop is considered an OOC currency and may be transferred freely between your own characters.

    It is fine if you want to change things. But stop telling us this was always the plan, that we should have known this was how these rewards/currencies were going to be utilised. This is the problem I have with all of this. You are trying to gaslight us into believing this currency was ALWAYS meant to be this way and we should have KNOWN. Transparency and honesty my foot!
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    I like the idea of the pokeball gems. :D  Would be nice too if it came with a syntax to list all the beasts in pokeball gems.
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    Rivius said:
    I like the idea of the pokeball gems. :D  Would be nice too if it came with a syntax to list all the beasts in pokeball gems.
    I know I said how I like this already, but if this became a thing, I literally would try to catch them all. Even the nasty garosaurs.... well, maybe not.
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    Clover crits single use thingamabob.
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    Fruitpizzazz 1/6 health buff                   60 min  fruit 10        20   500

    You're in a bit of no win here. People will bitch that everything is goop, but the alternative of trying to sprinkle in random stuff only means people are getting things they won't have any use for and worse will cheapen any ability to sell as eventually the mass addition of goop candy will surpass any market for the items.

    My opinion is all the drinks are fine. Argleblaster might be overpriced.

    Type         Effect                            Time    Commodities   Goop  Gold

    Not sure I agree with the other opinions voiced here. 60 minutes for a boost seems fine to me. Most of these are only 20 goop (and 500-5k gold) which means they're roughly the cost of a credit.  Let's face it if they're kept in drops they'll be a huge glut of them even at these times.

    I don't really have much a feel for the scarves. They've always been a bit unwieldy to use for me.

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    lol, since when has 5k gold been the cost of a credit? Few years at least
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    Credits currently available for purchase:
           2 credits at 41234 gold per credit.
         276 credits at 42000 gold per credit.
         200 credits at 50000 gold per credit.
    Total credits for sale: 478 shown (478 total)  (Average sale price: 38659)
    Use CREDITS BUY <number> AT <max gold per credit> to purchase.
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    Did you both miss the "20 goop and 500-5k" gold?  The admin ratio is 20:1, so he is excluding the gold from his calculation entirely.

    But yes, a glut of the things being handed out like candy is not going to do anything good for their value as a trade item either.
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    Just poking in to say that Bug 25016 still exists for the aetherspheres being unable to be broken down. Syntax doesn't seem to work, despite having all items required (sphere to break and 5 salt) to give an error message.

    Edit: Swiftly taken care of, thank you!

    9800h, 11300m, 9300e, 10p ex<>-aethergoop break sphere 2
    You hold group of 2 aetherspheres in the palm of your hand and sprinkle salt all
    over it. Each sphere starts to vibrate and shake in your hand, until it
    separates into aethergoop, gold and some gunk. You discard the gunk and are left
    with 500 aethergoop and 2000 gold.

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