Quick Draw Mafia Sign-Up

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It's that time again! This isn't meant to be a long game, but this is just one of the variants I'd like to run. Hope you guys are ready!

1. Coraline
2. Lavinya
3. Devora
4. Sylandra
5. Lehki

Will disclose a few things here so that people know what they're signing up for. This is a 7 player setup where both town and mafia have role abilities, where your wits and arguing skills are more important than a power role! Here's a quick intro to the roles that are available, I will post them in the actual game thread for reference as well!

1. Townsfolk
2. Cop
3. Gunsmith
4. Mafia, vanilla
5. Mafia, roleblock

The game will start at Night 1 and will last 72 hours, or until all actions are submitted, to compensate for this, it will then continue to follow the usual schedule of Days being 72 hours and Nights being 24. Good luck and I hope you enjoy it, meanwhile I'm going to be piecing a custom setup to follow this game.
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  • CoralineCoraline Member Posts: 510 Virtuoso
    Interesting... Count me in!
    The Venerable Masasachi Dith, Tranquil Sophist tells you, "You will never reach enlightenment if you are in such a hurry."
  • LavinyaLavinya Queen of Snark AustraliaMember Posts: 3,478 Transcendent
    Me please!

  • KistanKistan Member Posts: 412 Expert
    Not sure I can cope with the pain of @Arix voting for me on Day 1 again. I'll sit a few out!
  • DevoraDevora Member Posts: 194 Capable
    I'm ready for witting and arguing!
    Arix said:
    Tzaraziko died for your spins
  • SylandraSylandra #VoteSylandra The Last Mafia GameMember Posts: 4,631 Transcendent
    I’m in. 
    Xenthos said:
    Rule #1: SYLANDRA!!!
  • LehkiLehki Member Posts: 1,304 Mythical
    Yeah sure
  • ArixArix Member Posts: 1,373 Mythical
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    Sitting this one out most likely after doing two back to back games
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  • DevoraDevora Member Posts: 194 Capable
    Arix said:
    I didn't vote anyone on day one of either game
    Well, nobody did, he meant the first day of voting for someone. No need to take issue with his playful comment.
    Arix said:
    Tzaraziko died for your spins
  • LycidasLycidas Member Posts: 555 Master
    Bumping. Only need 2 more players.
  • DevoraDevora Member Posts: 194 Capable
    Maybe 1 or 2 people could play more than one character? Long shot, but better than no game. I really like the balance ideas for this one.
    Arix said:
    Tzaraziko died for your spins
  • LycidasLycidas Member Posts: 555 Master
    Still looking for players.
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