Livestream Q&A Session

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As I previously asked and there seems to be a decent amount of interest, we're going to go ahead with the Livestream Q&A session. 

It will occur on 6/9/19 at 10 am CST, 3 pm UTC.  As long as I can figure out how to set up the streaming and everything, we'll be doing that, otherwise, it'll just be a town hall Q&A session. 

A few forewarnings
    - I can't pronounce things for the life of me, so I'm likely to butcher a ton of names, etc. 
    - I tend to swear a lot, so don't tune in if that bothers you
    - I can't promise I'll be able to answer every question, but I'll answer anything I can


  • MakaiMakai Member Posts: 413 Adept
    If you didn't swear, I wouldn't believe you were human, or a coder. If you need help with streaming services or setup, please feel free to reach out, I do quite a lot of it personally.
  • NelrasNelras Member Posts: 185 Expert
    Please could you confirm that this is happening on the 9th of June rather than in September?
  • RancouraRancoura the Last Nightwreathed Queen CanadaMember Posts: 1,504 Transcendent
    Is this going to be streamed on Twitch again, or another platform?

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  • CzixiCzixi Member, Gods Posts: 147 Divine
    Rancoura said:
    Is this going to be streamed on Twitch again, or another platform?
    Yes - we'll throw the link up here, in game, and on Twitter shortly.
  • CzixiCzixi Member, Gods Posts: 147 Divine
    Now live at:
  • ZagreusZagreus Member Posts: 840 Transcendent
    Did the past broadcast get saved for others to view later? Don't see it currently.
  • KeeganKeegan Member Posts: 82 Capable
    I was only able to catch the first half but I really appreciated the insight you all provided. Thank you for running this event.
  • DevoraDevora Member Posts: 194 Capable
    Too bad I missed this. Thank you so much for doing this! Means a lot and I will tune in next time.
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