Should Psychodrama give OrgCredit points?



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    Xenthos said:
    Coraline said:
    Wait, commons are the potent ones?
    Ikons have three stats: Effect, Initiative, Cooldown.  The power cost & rarity are derived from these.  The stronger the ikon, the higher the rarity.  However, this ends up making high rarity ikons rather difficult to actually use in psychodrama (because they tend to have high cooldowns, high power costs, be very slow, or all of the above).
    My two auction ikons are either commons or uncommons, forget which, despite being unique for that reason.

    I tried psychodrama for the first time yesterday, challenging Jolanthe. I had no idea what I was doing so I made a gestalt with all the rare ikons I had because I thought they would be better because they're rare. I had no power to do most of the things in the battle and she beat me with the village of Southgard and 2 chickens. So yeah ..

    It was fun though! Not complaining haha. It was just funny how the chickens peck pou to death.
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    @ Coraline When I have some free time with you, I will go through it step by step

    We can double up on org credits by recording it on the stage!
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    Steingrim said:
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    Steingrim said:
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    Several people have shot me messages or idea'd that Psychodrama is too easy to game for OrgCredit points. Enough that I thought I would bring it here to see what the prevailing opinion of it was. 

    Should Pyschodrama (The biennial Ikon Tournament) be a part of the org credit scores?
    It is only easy to game when the admin don't enforce the rules, no?
    What rules? There is nothing that says you can't lose on purpose. and when the reward was just ikons, it didn't really matter. Counting towards orgcredits, it encourages, and is most beneficial to have, an org to have one member be the 'winner' and get as many points as possible to raise to the top of the rankings.

    Before I answer that, have you been rigging it?
    Could you possibly define "rigging it"when used in this context?
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    Due to just gaming it heavily, I think the orgpoints should go away as an auto system. If we want something like that in the future, we should make it a more structured system where it has a monthly tournament you have to show up during a certain period for. Think small scale world event. That way we see actual competition, instead of triggers to just automate random or no plays or such. Is silly we encourage nonserious play with benefits on this. 
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    I agree I would like to see a real tournament rather than something akin to combat rankings system. We'd have the same problem with that if orgpoints were awarded for combat rankings as well. It is a system so underutilized that people forget it's a thing! But if we made it rewarded with orgpoints, you'd see it flooded with odd matchups just to try and get a good scoreline for the org, rather than the competition.
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    Thanks for all the answers here, it was good to read.

    I'm glad that it has sparked more use of the system and people being more involved within it. That was one of the big intentions of including it, to spark motivation to participate. 

    The current status of the poll sits at ~ 66/34 against it counting for points. At this juncture, any kind of rework, whether it's starting an actual tournament requiring in-person participation or adjusting how the cards and the game actually work to fix up the meta, is not really in the cards. 

    I'll look at adjusting it for more participation, I'm not sure where the line between rewarding use vs letting it be easily gamed is though. I don't think we'll change anything at this exact moment, but we'll probably do something within the next week or so.
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