Pokemon, the Reckoning Mafia

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Welcome to Pokemon: the Reckoning! It's taken a little while to get started but I finally have stable power and internet. Just as a basic note: The town wants to eliminate all scum players. The scum players want to eliminate other players until they have half of the votes. Phases alternate between day and night. Players can vote one player out of the game each day, or vote not to eliminate anyone. Players use powers are night, and those powers include the scum being able to eliminate somebody!

The Rules:
1. Votes MUST be in bold to count and are only counted if you CHOOSE them. (ex. I CHOOSE YOU Mysrai!)
2. Once a majority has been reached, the day ends. Anything that happens after a final vote will not happen, including unvotes to bring the target below the minimum threshold, unless a power explicitly allows this.
3. You are not allowed to post in the thread during the night phases.
4. You are not allowed to communicate with each other outside the thread unless your role specifically allows you to do this.
5. Once you are eliminated, you are not allowed to post in the thread during the day phase unless your role explicitly allows this.
6. You are not allowed to quote your role PM.
7. Do not discuss game details outside of the game.
8. If you go inactive, please let me know so I can find a replacement player. (Those interested in being a replacement player, please message me for a waitlist!)
9. You're not allowed to edit your posts. Doublepost instead if you want to clarify something.
10. You must be sportsmanlike. If you are rude or inflammatory to the point that the game ceases to be enjoyable for the rest of the players, I reserve the right to modvig you out of the game. Mafia may be a game about emotional manipulation and deceit, but it's still a game! Have fun with it. But most importantly, be respectful.
11. The game will end when either the town or the mafia have reached their victory condition.
12. Day phases will last no longer than 72 hours. If three days go by without a lynch, the Night phase will immediately begin.
13. Night phases will last no longer than 24 hours. If night actions are not delivered at the end of the night phase, it will be read as no action.
14. Resist the urge to tag people who are dead.


Jessie: Prepare for trouble!
James: Make it double!
Jessie: To protect the world from devastation!
James: To unite all peoples within our nation!
Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love!
James: To extend our reach to the stars above!
Jessie: Jessie!
James: James!
Jessie: Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!
James: Surrender now or prepare to fight!
Jessie: Uhhh...Meowth? Did you forget your line?
James: Where's Meowth?


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    The Player List:

  • It is DAY ONE. The first day will be a little longer for everyone to get settled in!
    The day ends at 6PM CST on Tuesday, February 23rd.

  • LuceLuce Fox Populi
    Traditional day 1 check in, where we don't have enough information to make a valid lynch and the choices don't matter!

    With 6 players I'm guessing we're after Meowth, that sneaky cat. Otherwise we need to guess right day 1 or lose.
  • Checking in!
  • checking in

  • still a few people we haven't heard from
  • I'm checking in as well! I likely won't have a lot of free time until this evening, but looking around at the size of game I think it's worth theorising we have a single person mafia and maybe a one-shot neutral/town-aligned kill. 
    Art is by the wonderful Gurashi!
  • Hello! checking in!
  • looks like @Ayrisa left to check in

  • Behind but checking in!
  • at this point...should we just vote none so we can speed this up?
  • Just a reminder that Day 1 will end at the start of the new weave (so in less than half a day).

  • I would support voting none
  • I will acquiesce to vote none, since this looks like a quieter start. I've already got my little suspicions flared, so it will be interesting to see what happens. 
    Art is by the wonderful Gurashi!
  • Do you want to share suspicions before day closes?
  • I think we have to do CHOOSE NONE
  • Before the day ends I want to say it feel extremely weird that Mysrai already apparently has suspicions about someone despite it being day one with...no apparent powers activated?
  • Note: CHOOSE is the word that you should use with your vote!


    James: Oh dearest me, it looks like no one can come to a conclusion!
    Jessie: Meowth, are you still upset at me for accidentally selling your favorite toy that one time? Please come back~
    James: That was only because we ran out of money buying Jessie's--
    Jessie: James! Can we not talk about that again? That was ONE time and it was because you spent all of our money on that Pikachu net that didn't work anyway!


    It is now NIGHT ONE. The night will end on Wednesday, February 24th, at 6PM CST. Send me your night actions!

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    Jessie: Oh what a beautiful morning.
    James: Yeah it's almost a bit too quiet.
    Jessie: Almost like A CERTAIN CAT isn't here!
    James: I could definitely get used to--OW!

    James rubs his shin, still smarting from the well-placed kick. The two wander down the path towards the beach, but suddenly, James stops and tugs on Jessie's arm.

    James: Look! There is a pokeball in a Meowth-shaped handbag! I wonder if this could be him...

    He reaches down and releases the pokeball. A Bulbasaur pops out.

    Jessie: Oh it's one of that annoying brat's pokemon! Let's catch it!

    She throws a net out that easily entangles the plant pokemon. As she steps closer to the trapped pokemon though, a flurry of blue bursts out from the nearby bush. A Squirtle wearing sunglasses tackles Jessie and starts to drive her away with a focused jet of water. However, the Squirtle was too focused on Jessie and completely forgot about James! He was able to take advantage of the water pokemon's lack of attention and throw his own net.

    James: Oh hooo. Losing Meowth will not please the boss but maybe he will be a little less angry if we show him these pokemon!


    Arix was...Bulbasaur!

    Look at you, so cute. And you're the most mature of Ash's pokemon! You definitely get into heaps of trouble with Squirtle though. You win with the town!
    You and Squirtle are the bestest of best friends. If either of you gets chosen, the other one will choose to go as well! (Lovers)


    Luce was...Squirtle!

    You used to be such a cool thing, and then Ash turned you into a sentimental little water turtle. You win with the town!
    You and Bulbasaur are the bestest of best friends. If either of you gets chosen, the other one will choose to go as well! (Lovers)


    It is now DAY TWO. The day ends at 6PM CST on Saturday, February 27th, or after a vote goes through!
    With 4 pokemon remaining, it takes 3 votes to eliminate someone!

    Pokemon remaining:
    1. Mysrai
    2. Lillirallia
    3. Isser
    4. Ayrisa

  • well then

  • That's unfortunate. Do we have anyone with active night powers? We need to wrap this up pretty quickly
  • That escalated quickly. Hopefully someone saw something?
  • Before we move talks to night, I wanted to point out to @Lillirallia that I've been watching and playing Mafia on the forums for a goodly bit, so it's more a feeling based on general patterns than anything actually presented in the game yet. Think of it as a gut instinct ;)

    As to last night, I would be incredibly interested to hear what Isser has to say before I continue.
    Art is by the wonderful Gurashi!
  • Oh. sorry. Hmmhmm..... We have no idea what is going on, but we notice a creature by our feet. We throw a pokeball and CHOOSE MYSRAI by sheer random chance.
  • It is now DAY TWO. The day ends at 6PM CST on Saturday, February 27th, or after a vote goes through!

    Mysrai - 1
    (Note: Please bold your choices in the future to make it easier for me to spot!)
  • um no, we're not just going to be "random"
  • Shooting at random when we just lost two people is incredibly suspicious. I'll drop the obligatory OMGUS vote and

    Choose: Isser

    But once you back off then so will I. Does anyone have anything useful to add?
    Art is by the wonderful Gurashi!
  • It is now DAY TWO. The day ends at 6PM CST on Saturday, February 27th, or after a vote goes through!

    With 4 pokemon remaining, it takes 3 votes to eliminate someone!

    Mysrai - 1
    Isser - 1

  • While I am suspicious of Mysrai because (reasons).. I have nothing factual to add which seems like it means we will end up watching another loss
  • I'm also leaning on Mysrai but I don't want to fire blind
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