describe a movie plot as terribly as you can



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    A man is desperate for a digibox to save his relationship. - Lapland Odyssey.
    A cowboy kills his friends for metal scraps. - The good, the bad and the ugly.
    A man talks to himself in a park. - Forrest gump.
    Two lovers commit a ritual suicide - Romeo & Juliet.
    A group of idiots take a field trip - Saw
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    A couple kids play a board game. Years later they finish the board game.
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    A civic leader defies a god in order to execute his traditionally rooted duties, only to be stopped by a group of charismatic outlaws being assisted by his sworn enemies and a band of immoral mercenaries.
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    Song of the Sea

    Strange fairy genetics leads to a girl almost drowning and leaving her family forever.
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    Reyqae said:

    Government agent has serious issues adjusting to modern times, but somehow gets the job done despite being constantly sidetracked by his libido.
    austin powers?
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