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  • RancouraRancoura the Last Nightwreathed Queen CanadaMember Posts: 1,504 Transcendent
    Because of things tomorrow evening as well as Friday-Monday (something about traveling and spending time in a big city), I probably won't be around too much after tonight until Tuesday evening. I'll make an effort to check IG messages and whatnot, but otherwise send a forum message if you need me!

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  • AnitaAnita Member Posts: 891 Transcendent
    I'll be gone all of Sunday and most of Monday (until the evening time) because my mumma is coming to visit :D
  • IsuneIsune Gods Posts: 460 Divine
    Not absent so much as scarce!

    Until the end of May I have family in town, probably will be delayed getting fun Lusternia type things done. I'll still receive email notifications of messages and will reply when I can if something comes up :)

  • IanirIanir Administrator, Moderator Posts: 589 Creator
    Seconding the scarceness, though mine may be an absence as well.  Be back as soon as I can!
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  • KalaneyaKalaneya Member Posts: 314 Expert
    Visiting my parents Thursday-Sunday. Will log in to check messages but will just be on mobile and at best, Nexus. Forums is the easiest place to reach me if something is needed.
  • EritheylEritheyl ** Trigger Warning ** Member Posts: 1,824 Transcendent
    One thing after another after another after another. Going to be mostly not-here for a few more days, PM if you need something.
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  • SylandraSylandra Join Queue for Mafia Games The Last Mafia GameMember Posts: 4,731 Transcendent
    This isn't news to anyone but my activity IG is not especially reliable these days. Feel free to forum message me if you need me to log in, though, because I can pop in as needed.
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  • ElironEliron Member Posts: 211 Virtuoso
    Will be highly scarce through the memorial day weekend
  • FoehnFoehn Member Posts: 96 Adept
    Taking some time off for a good long while.
  • BreandrynBreandryn Member Posts: 1,521 Transcendent
    edited June 2017
    Please refrain from editing my posts to make me seem Psycho levels of insane. It was cute, but kinda shitty....and a bit dumb, considering you neglected to ban me, so I can edit my posts right back! Also, a big thanks for reaffirming a break from here was the right choice! :):):)
  • XeiiXeii Member Posts: 246 Mythical
    MIA for around 2 weeks b/c finals. If you see me I'll just be around for design stuff.
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  • CynaCyna Member Posts: 70 Adept
    My time logged in may be a bit spotty for a few days. I have an infection in my finger and can barely type. But I'll still be in regularly to check messages and to hang out a bit, and I can be reached for OOC guild issues at KalasCyna (at) gmail (dot) com.
  • OrdassaOrdassa Member Posts: 337 Master
    going MIA
  • RilunaRiluna Member Posts: 1,118 Mythical
    Lavinya said:
    For all intents and purposes I'm retired, just not techcnically because a) I have no interest to transfer credits etc to another character and b) it's too final and I may come back one day, who knows (doubtful but never say never). Lusternia has occupied a way too large portion of my life for 8 years and it's time I grew up so I won't be playing anymore. It's been real. The only person who actually has in an interest in still communicating with me already has my details so this is more a courtesy goodbye to anyone who may one day go 'oh hey I remember her, whatever happened to her?' or in case Morgfyre ever shows up again because it feels the polite thing to do.

    The story has been amazing and I will miss it. Someone publish Lusternia the series of novels plz so I can catch up someday. Bye.
    You'll be missed. :)

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  • CynaCyna Member Posts: 70 Adept
    LARPing this weekend. Login times will be minimal, but I'll be checking in briefly, mostly late at night.

    Finger is doing much better. Should be back in full on Monday. 
  • KagatoKagato Auckland, New ZealandMember Posts: 1,306 Mythical
    edited June 2017
    I will be largely absent for the next week or so.  I am going to be conducting a short-term move from California all the way to Tennessee on Thursday, so am busy with preparations and then will be in transit from Thursday until Saturday night, as I am travelling via coach bus (Gives me a chance to see the sights and take plenty of photos.)
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  • DrocillaDrocilla Member, Gods Posts: 500 Divine
    On holidays till Sunday. If you see me on, I most definitely shouldn't be there but won't be able to help myself.
  • LaysusLaysus Member Posts: 154 Master
    I essentially can't play much at the moment because while I have an internet connection at home, we've got a persistent problem on the line which means our download speeds are maxing at about 0.5Mb/s and if both me and my partner are using our laptops then I have immense lag because of this. Hopefully it will be fixed soon and I'll be back on properly.
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  • TarkentonTarkenton Traitor Bear Member Posts: 2,555 Transcendent
    Anyone who cares to contact me can do so on discord. tarkenton#9574.

    It's been real.
  • LuceLuce Fox Populi Member Posts: 2,624 Transcendent
    I'm sure you guys have noticed, but I haven't been around lately. This is mostly real life putting soul-crushing levels of pressure on me, but it's going to continue for the forseeable future. If I log in at all it's only going to be to upkeep stables, assuming my mounts ain't dead.
  • DanquikDanquik Member Posts: 146 Master
    Not gone, but work is crazy right now. We are so backed up on work, that my supervisor offered an extra 18.00 an hour to anyone willing to work this weekend to catch up. So yeah, not turning that down!
  • LaysusLaysus Member Posts: 154 Master
    Going away tomorrow until Monday to help make one of the larger UK larp events happen, then I'll be back for a few days, then on holiday for another ten. So next few weeks I'll be a bit absent!
    Please note: I deliberately play a very flawed character. Just because he says or does something, does not mean I agree with it. He's a bit of a <censored> really
  • HoaracleHoaracle Member, Gods Posts: 207 Divine
    Impending move now overtaking all life. :|
  • MrakMrak Member Posts: 232 Master
    I'm not actually absent, but I'll have lower activity until I have reasonable internet again. I'm still reachable by message.
  • YaseiYasei Member Posts: 60 Capable
    I'm restricted to only my phone so I don't have the possibility of combat, which means I also don't have the will to log in much now
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