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    edited September 7
  • NelrasNelras Member Posts: 189 Expert
    Work is entering a particularly busy part of the year and I might be somewhat scarce for a week or two. Send me messages or letters if it is urgent, or even if it isn't.
  • XiranXiran Member Posts: 143 Master
    Dealing with some house stuff for a couple weeks.
    Xiran's still reachable by letter and the five items to summon her with for emergencies are [---] or press one and leave a message.
  • AruinAruin Member Posts: 93 Master
    I (And Mendacium) will gone for 2ish weeks starting Sunday. Tis a camping trip and we may or may not have service. We may also miss our precious cats too much and come back early...
  • AlexandriaAlexandria Member Posts: 393 Fabled
    Parhelion said:
    I'm going to take some time off of playing Lusternia. 

    I'm super depressed irl, and ingame things are starting to bleed over into it. Every time something bad happens in game, I'm seized by this terrible urge to snap at people, and it's not worth burning up my friendships like that. I'll probably still log in, spin the Wheel, and then leave. 

    Will respond to messages and letters when I get back. Sorry.
    Honestly, one of the main reasons I still log in daily and try to do even the minimum is because I feel guilty for not being around. So I try. But I also afk a lot while I doomscroll on Twitter and do Other Special Things.

    You do you, love, we'll still be here. <3 

    Czixi, the Welkin murmurs, "Fight on, My Effervescent Sylph. I will be with you as you do."

    Aian Lerit'r, Lead Schematicist exclaims to you, "A *paperwork* emergency, Chairman!

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    I'll be mostly gone for the next couple days for school reasons.
    "Chairwoman," Princess Setisoki states, holding up a hand in a gesture for her to stop and returning the cup. "That would be quite inappropriate. One of the males will serve me."
  • AlexandriaAlexandria Member Posts: 393 Fabled
    We had two cooks apparently quit this weekend - leaving me as the only full-time night cook, again, and one who works only three or four days. I'm back to six days a week, again, indefinitely. I exist, but I'm still adjusting to waking up early for my son's remote schooling, and my work schedule keeps shifting earlier because we're extremely understaffed for day shift too! 

    In short, I'm still here, my job sucks, and my times are messed up. Message me in game or catch me on discord if you need.

    Czixi, the Welkin murmurs, "Fight on, My Effervescent Sylph. I will be with you as you do."

    Aian Lerit'r, Lead Schematicist exclaims to you, "A *paperwork* emergency, Chairman!

  • XiranXiran Member Posts: 143 Master
    I have been loving all the RP Xiran has been included in, even in unexpected places. I need to dial back my hours though, so gonna be sporadic as I refine my schedule this week.

    @Aeldra, I still owe you and @Alaula tea!
    @Lleuke <3
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    Hey, I just wanted to say that Lusternia has become too exhausting to really maintain for me. Many of you have probably already seen me flag by now. It's only been a demoralizing bucket of water in an already crappy year, and no longer brings me the joy and excitement it used to, between OOC (school and work) difficulties and IC conflicts. I love most of y'all, but I'm just gonna have to take a proper break for now. I'll be on and off occasionally to tend to a few things, but don't expect me to be back seriously for a while.

    If you do need Esei, message me in-game, or send me a letter, and I'll get back to you.
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