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  • I really wish I wasn’t living through a few chapters in a future history book. Also the pile up in Dallas has people in it I know yet here I am at work.
  • Yeah, that pileup was bad. My work just didn't open today, and let everyone that got there leave early. It was super icy!
  • EveriineEveriine Wise Old Swordsbird / Brontaur Indianapolis, IN, USA
    HVAC guy has been here nearly every day for over a week because of the furnace, replacing components as problems revealed themselves. Today, he installed a new furnace, which worked beautifully. Until tonight, when the old wiring in the house started to give, and now, unless a junction is jiggled in the right way, the power to the furnace cuts.

    I was just want this to be done. At least it's a landlord problem and we're not paying, but we'd like to have the heat.
    Everiine is a man, and is very manly. This MAN before you is so manly you might as well just gender bend right now, cause he's the manliest man that you ever did see. His manly shape has spurned many women and girlyer men to boughs of fainting. He stands before you in a manly manerific typical man-like outfit which is covered in his manly motto: "I am a man!"

    Daraius said: You gotta risk it for the biscuit.

    Pony power all the way, yo. The more Brontaurs the better.
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