New Pinky dingbat artifacts

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I had a few questions on the new artifacts:

the Skin of the Zombie - if you are undead, does this mean you can influence the undead?

Hand of the Demigod - can other people use your hand or is it owner only use? Is there more loss if you are over the soft cap for essence (~80million)?


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    When it says "For all intents and purposes," it should definitely allow influencing of undead.  If it doesn't, I'd bug it 'cause that's one of the perks of being undead.
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    Does the mindfield artifact double the eq cost on scries like mindfield does?
  • EstarraEstarra Administrator, Moderator Posts: 1,076 Creator
    Skin of zombie allows influencing undead but gives no bonuses for influencing undead (i.e., unlike the Book of the Dead). It also confers all bonuses and penalties of being undead (i.e., damage defense/weakness, quests will recognize you as undead, etc.).

    Hand of the Demigod can only be used by owner. Not sure what you mean about "more loss". It's a flat 25% loss when you transfer.

    The mindfield artifact will double eq cost just like the mindfield skill. If you have the mindfield skill active AND the mindfield artifact up, you will triple the eq cost (as well as double damage).
  • AyisdraAyisdra Member Posts: 1,225 Mythical
    Estarra said:

    Hand of the Demigod can only be used by owner. Not sure what you mean about "more loss". It's a flat 25% loss when you transfer.

    Thanks, @Estarra. I was unsure if the essence coming in also gets reduced more because of the soft cap for essence, as once you are over 80 million essence (or so), things start giving you less essence. As such, I thought this transfer counted as incoming essence that got reduced more if you were over the soft cap.
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    The gilded cage works identically to the auction artifact right? It makes no mention of the double duration in the announce post.

    In the auction--> "Gives you access to damageshift if you do not have it. If
         you do have it, increases the duration by 100% and increases the
         damage caused from damageshift by 10%."

    In the announce--> "If you have the damageshift ability, increases the energy reserved to
    fortify your next attack."
  • IeptixIeptix Member, Moderator, Gods Posts: 819 Divine
    The gilded cage is the same artifact, yes.
  • MayleaMaylea Member, Gods Posts: 205 Divine
    I have made this clearer in HELP DINGBATS PINKY.
  • IxionIxion Member Posts: 798 Transcendent
    Thank you both <3
  • ShaddusShaddus , the Leper Messiah Outside your window.Member Posts: 8,146 Transcendent
    These artifacts are all pretty amazing, but I'm somewhat disliking how the Hand only works for the owner. Was there a reasoning behind this?
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    Hand would be okay if it wasn't so laughably expensive. I'd be happier if the zombie skin was just the Book of the Dead too, but oh well. Maybe if no one buys it we can just swap in the Book for it and the skin can be an auction item later...
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    The perma deathsight, third eye and see enemies entering/exiting the room goggles, how do they work exactly? They see entering through yesod/sneak/shroud etc? What sort of message do they put out? Do they cause the people in the room gmcp field whose syntax I can't recall to update without you having to toss out a look/ql?
  • GeroGero Member Posts: 72 Adept
    Deathsight and thirdeye are always up and act just the same.

    For the enemies enter and exiting.

    X has entered the area
    X has left the area.
  • TarkentonTarkenton Traitor Bear Member Posts: 2,555 Transcendent
    Oh, so just clarivoyance specs then?
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