the Expedition - a Pokémon Mafia game. (GAME OVER. SYLANDRA WINS. TOWN WINS.)



  • VivetVivet , of Cows and Crystals
    Now now, Thul. No need to try to wrest my title of biggest asshole away. I do have to admit, though, that was a true Ratatoskr move. Right out of the play book. Good show.

    Also holy crap, I had no idea that @Luce was involved in my resurrection at all. That explains a lot of little things, like the disagree tagged on my analysis of his death and seemingly no other post (okay, seriously bro, I know you know stuff I don't, but don't expect me to know, eh?). That also... leaves a lot of room for interesting story interpretations.

    I'm going to be typing up my post to explain all the meta nonsense that went on with me now. Will be a while.

    Also, where is @Krackenor? I reeeeally want to see his side of his night visit with me. I feel like I must have looked suspicious as all hell, hahaha.

  • Vivet said:
    Also holy crap, I had no idea that @Luce was involved in my resurrection at all. That explains a lot of little things, like the disagree tagged on my analysis of his death and seemingly no other post (okay, seriously bro, I know you know stuff I don't, but don't expect me to know, eh?). That also... leaves a lot of room for interesting story interpretations.

    He wasn't thought? Was he? Did I miss a post?
  • LuceLuce Fox Populi
    I was explicitly killed to power up the resurrection power, per Trem's confirmation dealy.
  • TremulaTremula Banished Quasiroyal
    Read Luce's post a little closer.
                          * * * WRACK AND ROLL AND DEATH AND PAIN * * *
                                         * * * LET'S FEEL THE FEAR OF DEATH AGAIN * * *
              * * * WE'LL KILL AND SLAUGHTER, EAT THE SLAIN * * *

    Ixion tells you, "// I don't think anyone else had a clue, amazing form."
  • @Thul No worries, the game definitely got tense and frustrating towards the middle and, rereading some of my posts, I was terser than I intended to be in more than a few of them.

    You knock on Vivet's door and invite yourself in as she opens it. She hardly seems surprised and you offer little in the way of small talk as you sit on the couch with your legs folded and watch her move about the cabin making a small meal for herself. After she is done, she sits in a chair across from you, curled up with a book. You notice that her mirror has been pried from the wall and placed nearby, and catch her stealing glances at herself and touching a suture or pulling at her skin every so often, but other than her surprising lack of need for sleep, she does nothing you can protest to or physically prevent her from doing without seeming a terrible person. As dawn approaches you return to your cabin and flop onto the bed next to Ssaliss, sure you smell like death and even surer that you don't care. She hasn't really managed to stop smelling like that.
    It wasn't so much anything suspicious during the visit as it was the lack of seeing anything dramatic happen the following morning. Although the mirror was a nice touch given what I know about your side of things now.
  • VivetVivet , of Cows and Crystals
    So, I imagine some of you are very much unsatisfied with my role PMs as an explanation for my actions. Let's start from the beginning.

    As soon as I saw I was a mafia boss, I didn't have particularly high hopes for this game. I've been shifty enough in other games of late, I figured I'd be a prime target for investigation/etc. And what do you know, I did get investigated night 1! But Allyrianne really did feed me a lot of information, so instead of just going out quietly or attempting to hilariously explain around that malicious moon aura, I just hammed it up and used some of it to create confusion (would anyone really believe Lehki had daykill power? I knew he'd be liable to be protected at night, so he'd at least stall the game for a while).

    So then I died while being very obvious scum and having a bit of fun before it ended. All well and good. No fuss no muss.

    I was only casually following along up until the resurrection. When Tremula poked me and asked if I was interested in coming back as vanilla town, or if he had to spin the wheel again, I had to blink and do a double take. It really didn't make any sense to me. Surely I was replacing someone? But hey, why not? Let's see what this is all about.

    So then I get my resurrection PM, and the day starts right away and I need to come up with... something. This was not really what I had been expecting. At all. Total surprise. If I'm coming back and the intention is that I'm still mafia in the end, why do I even have an option to decline recruitment? What's going on with this? One thing was for sure, I did not expect to last long. I figured even if I died before recruitment was an option, that wouldn't be so bad. Instant -1 town. So instead of coming up with some compelling explanation for why I'm back, I just tell mostly-the-truth-but-not-quite, very similar to what I did in Gods and Monsters.

    The whole point was to be suspect and fishy. I had no idea what sort of powers or such I might get from rejoining the mafia, but I decided that going that route would be far, far too predictable and anyone expecting that should definitely get punished. So I was determined to remain in my weird... town-but-not-town state. I'd have no issues just dying again, especially seeing that my afterlife looked pretty damn chill.

    And while fishing through everything, and reading over all the stuff I had merely skimmed over, I came to realise there was also an interesting little tidbit in my now defunct mafia chat. The Chosen might just be Cen... but there's zero confirmation there.

    So, what exactly are my options? I talked about it with Trem, trying to piece this together. Is actually staying town a viable route for me? But if I did that seriously, I'd probably have to act on -everything- I knew, and if that was all true, it might really kill the game and make it terribly unfun. Especially if I revealed as town on death.

    We danced around this a while, not really confirming whether or not I knew anything substantial, and pretty much agreed that if I thought what I knew was really substantial, I should be as sportsman-like about it.

    So this is the part where I say, "Hey, how about I can do anything I want except directly implicate Cen as a member of the cult?" To which Trem basically says "Lol you can try, but I really wouldn't recommend it".

    And how can I refuse that? It's like some taunt or challenge to me, to see this town win condition dangled in front of me with the general implication that it's a no-go and I can't make it work in any way. So I purposely handicap myself, and add a few more along the way as I feel appropriate, while playing up working with the cult while not being a part of it.

    And that recruitment message! Oooh, that only made it worse. Making me want to be as threatening of a vanilla as I can be. And the whole mirror business really inspired me, so I ended up feeling rather proud of my bluff response.

    But at the same time, it did feel really weird to be totally against the cult as it was. I told just enough of the truth not to be suspicious, danced around with Lehki and tried to give him a benefit of the doubt in public while seriously eyeballing him, avoided mentioning anything about Allyrianne... hey, she was my spy, right? Got to protect the spy above all else, if nothing else.

    I'd flounder back and forth on exactly what I wanted to do, but totally embraced the freedom whenever it came up. And since even if I failed at this, and if the cult still won, I'd still kind of win, I didn't fret over it, even though I was totally in the zone and watching every little thing that happened along the way.

    Hey, people are harassing Dylara. She's the coroner, she's cut me up and seen all my innards! I should defend her because that'd be funny to me. What other reason do I need? Does it really matter if I'm defending town or a cultist? Naaah, this is fun! Just staying active and doing whatever I felt like was pretty refreshing.

    Then when Lehki died, I thought it was really strange that he revealed as the Overlord of Solgaleo's cult. Since, you know, I was quite sure he was actually in Lunaala's cult now. I had to start wondering what this would imply for my own death reveal.

    And then poor Allyrianne got herself into trouble. I figured I'd have to try to rescue her to keep up with appearances, depending on what she claimed to be. Oh, and what's this? Ah, looks like she is telling the truth, this will be difficult to handle... what, what? Did you really betray us for Solgaleo? Ooh, that is it! That will simply not do! I don't care if you're back now, you're going down or I'm going down trying to make it happen. Nevermind that I'm being a massive hypocrite myself.

    And I really was expecting us to butt heads for a bit, but she got lynched so quickly! And then she flipped as "traitor for the cult". At this point, I figured I was done for. That can kind of read as "betrayed the expedition for the cult", but I figured some people might decide she'd actually betrayed the cult. I was also expecting the cult to be kind of sick of my nowhere nonsense at this point and not like how I handled this situation. I was really expecting someone to kill me, or a forced conversion, or any number of things to happen. And instead... I get social time with Krackenor, and I get fed even more information. Hey, apparently being a jerk pays off!

    I really had no idea if I could trust the information I was fed to be accurate or if I was being positioned/tested otherwise. I just figured that I might have to make a move soon if I wanted to make one at all, or just fade away into likely being lynched as the Overlord of Lunaala's following, since that looked like the course I'd take after Ally and Lehki went down.

    Day 8's start had me suspicious of Phoebus right away. She came peeling after me, but made zero reference to Allyrianne's reveal, which I figure she'd at least question if she was town. Why was she avoiding touching on the subject of Allyrianne? She must be mafia, and must not think I'm trustworthy, eh?

    Then I'm looking at the list of people to try to off. Othero's on there. If Othero is still town, but Phoebus is not... maybe she needs to get rid of me so they have time to pick up Othero too? Hey, I have no idea what's going on, or how close the cult is to winning! It actually made a lot of sense from my perspective at the time. Maybe I don't want to get in the way of that, hmm...

    I was also paying close attention to those nightmares. I figured only town would be having nightmares, but didn't want to say that. This seemed like one of those subtle kind of hints that the mafia could easily ruin if they picked up on it and started lying about having nightmares before anyone could guess (will also point out a lot of the people I suspected never claimed to experience nightmares). Also why I pried at Phoebus to see if the nightmares were recurring, since they'd stop with a conversion, I'd expect? Hmm hmm.

    And then Othero goes and gets that Zoroark, and makes that colossal mess with Thul and Ssaliss. And I know things are looking pretty bad for town now. Cen's just been going almost entirely untouched! If things keep going their current course, town is doomed for sure. Maybe I should try to shake things up a bit.

    And I consider that a little more. You know, at this point I'm actually convinced I will flip as the Overlord of Lunaala's following, and not as some form of town. What if I do the completely unexpected, and just reveal everything (as nearly as I can tell) and see what happens? Wouldn't it be totally and completely hilarious if I outted the Chosen myself, got lynched, and it all just got swept away until the cult manages to finish the game?

    No matter how I looked at it, I'd kind of win. If by some stroke of luck, town believed me, it would be a hilarious and ridiculous win considering all my prior behaviour, nonsense, and lies. And if town dismissed everything I said as rubbish and went on to lose the game... that'd be hilarious and ridiculous too. Now I'm really warming up to the idea!

    And then it happened. Phoebus proposed lynching me by Lunatone beatdown.

    I just lost it. Completely lost it. I loved this idea SO much. Now I really wanted to do it all, and die in the process!

    And of course, I absolutely adhered to my completely imaginary restrictions. Because why not? They just made me look at the nuttier, and made trying to get my point across 100x more entertaining and fun for me. And I got to troll everyone in the process! Absolutely everyone! I was getting everything I ever thought I'd want from this game and more, and just reveling in the chaos while everyone seemed to stare, dumbfounded, unable to act.

    And the absolute best part of that day was openly taunting the mafia, only to have everyone descend on me at once... with Cen at the lead just after my post. Aaah, it was like magic!

    And Day 9/Day 10 was amazing to watch as well. I was rooting for everyone! I was so worried about Othero, being the first to run along with my crazy when he'd been super suspicious the last day himself, and especially considering how often I've been a thorn in his side in other games. And Krackenor too! But I also thought Cyndarin was doing really well, bringing everyone back around, reigning in the issue... right up until he traded for that empty pokéball. And then I just laughed my ass right off. And you know, if Thul had been more active throughout the day as well, I think he could have built a good case against me too. I guess everyone was just too tired and worn out relative to my totally insane and unending energy.

    I was a really hagalicious bitchface in this game, and I'll freely admit it. Special apologies to Kalaneya, Cen, and Allyrianne, since I think I burned you all the worst.

    The ending also surprised me too. I totally thought Melali was in on it in some way! It's insane to think his actions ended up framing him to make it look like my assessment was accurate, and even more that he got frozen over it.

    But the most ridiculous part of this all? I'm in this ending and... I'm apparently still on speaking terms with Lunaala? You know, I figured that song when she came to sweep me up away from Phoebus was just to help with the cover, and I'd be in some real deep shit once we were out of view. Did even She get totally exhausted by my endless bollocks? Or did I just... make her cry? How'd that be for hopelessly awkward and uncomfortable?

    And just feeling like an utterly immense, endlessly manipulative, terrible thing. Like, seriously. There's just no way to explain some of this. It just happened along the way.

    As a closer, not all of you have seen this yet:

    My trainer card. I'm showing it for one reason only, and that's my trainer-avatar. Just look at her. Doesn't she look like the shiftiest, most conniving little turd on this entire expedition? I pointed this out to Tremula, because I thought it had ended up being overwhelmingly appropriate. And now that it's all over, I hope all of you can laugh at me and with me, and not be mad over my crap. And if you're not, well... you can just come get me in the next game. Woohoo!

  • VivetVivet , of Cows and Crystals
    @Sylandra That's just the way it should be.
  • @vivet read the whole thing, did not regret. you didn't ruin the mafia thing for me.

    also if we're doing trainer cards, I need to show off my Sailor Venus uniform.

    soldier of love and beauty in the house, y'all.
  • Oh Poit, my poor baby!! Please take good care of him!

    Yes I totally started with a magikarp whose only power was splash, which did nothing. But before you cringe in sympathy, know that I happen to adore magikarp and have always kept one in my party from Pokemon Blue to Pokemon Omega Ruby. I was thrilled to get one in this game.

    What a blast. Trem is a gem, and I enjoyed all of it. Huge props to all my cultist homies, we had some good times and lots of laughs.

    I found this role really challenging to play. I don't consider myself to be a particularly wily or cunning person, and am far, far more comfortable playing as a townie. Initially, my plan was to convince the cults I was on their side, but try to win with the town by never accepting the invites. But as the days wore on and the cults were whittled down and their messages became more earnest, I felt like the continued fun of the game hinged on my decision to play ball.

    So! I gave it my best shot. And while I really didn't live up to the mastermind standards that past villains have pulled off, I think I did a passable job of being the baddy. My only regret is not surviving the night for a lynching the following day so I could have the opportunity to continue the Lunalan tradition of hammy exit posts.

    @Vivet, you made me super anxious a few times, trying to figure out just wtf you were doing and whether you were actually pro-mafia or not. After you were revived, it seemed like every night I planned to force-convert you, something that needed addressing immediately cropped up and became the priority.

    Also: please don't be sorry! It's all in good fun. To be perfectly honest, I couldn't make heads or tails of your final 'tell all' posts, and legitimately had no idea if you were trying to help us or mess us up. That you were accusing Melali of being scum kept making me second-guess my gut reaction and think you were trying to do us a solid.

    Post with admin PMs to follow.
  • July 5 - D1


    Huh? Oh, right, forgot you were there. I was just thinking how I wish I could go with you. There's going to be so many new Pokemon in this region, it's never been touched by humans before! Imagine, a place where Pokemon live without human influence, free to do whatever they want, free of outside influence...

    Listen, C. I mean...listen, Cen. I want you to be careful. You and I have the special power to talk with our Pokemon, and all other Pokemon. We know what they want, we're one of them, and because of that, there are people out there...bad people who want to take advantage of us. They'll promise you lots of nice things, like toys and clothes and money, and it'll be hard to say no, but I want you to know I believe in you. And...if you end up being least the Pokemon will be taken care of.

    You are the Chosen. You will receive a message each night from the Mafia with an invitation to join them. If you choose to do so, you will become the new Godfather and assume direct control of the Mafia. If you choose to decline, you may instead choose one trainer's Pokemon to help evolve, unless of course they require a special stone to require. You win with the Champion, or when you usurp the Champion (if you go Mafia).

    Here. You know like I do that looks aren't everything. I want you to keep taking care of this little guy, because he'll cry if you leave without him.

    Your Pokemon is Magikarp. Each night you splash about innefectively. Sorry about that. Your pokemon may EVOLVE.

    Oh, and here. The Champion helped me make this special for you. Don't lose it, it's your pass onto the train.

    July 6 - N1
    (Funny you should ask):

    A shaft of moonlight filters through the window, and your Magikarp stops his fervored splashing to turn his baleful gaze on you. When he speaks, it is not his normal, goofy voice excitedly rambling on about food, but a female voice resplendent with power and grace. "Greetings, blessed trainer. I am pleased to inform you that glorious Lunala, the Beast that Calls the Moon, has found great interest in your service. Your rise to prominence is all but assured within the following, for should you elect to join us, you would even replace I, who serve as their voice. Know that there is another who may seek you - to what end, I cannot say with certainty. We that adhere great Lunala shall act as we can to assist your ends in kind. Know, however, that though these words reach you, I do not yet know your full identity. You may contemplate as you need, and I may speak to you again in due time."

    A silver glow envelops Poit as he stares at you unblinkingly, as though awaiting a response. [I declined]

    July 8 - N1
    As you open up your pokegear, you easily find Ileein's signal and begin making your way towards him. Before you can get there, however, a strange feeling in your gut deters you from heading in that direction. Without your command, your body begins moving stiffly in the complete opposite direction, stopping you in front of a car, empty but for Kalaneya and her Combee, each smelling extremely sweet. You look confusedly at her, and she at you, but then you're distracted by her Combee's plea for someone to play with.

    Enraptured, you enter the car and sit with Kalaneya for the rest of the trip until the sun comes up, playing with her Combee as she watches and eventually joins in, laughing. As you hear Champion Alec's voice over the PA, you stand and turn to make your way to the car, but a tremour shakes the car and you fall forward, smacking your head hard on the door. Kalaneya rushes to your side and helps you up and off the train once it stops, and it is not long before the Champion has an ice pack on your head. There's a throbbing there, and you know you won't be able to concentrate long enough to make any day action.

    July 14 - N2
    As you ponder your decisions for the night, an aurelian glow appears around Poit that bathes the entire car in its warm, if harsh, light. A robust, powerful voice that pierces to your very core escapes his mouth, saying, "Chosen of the Pokemon, heed these words. The Dawn of your great destiny is at hand. The foolish Champion Alec and his Shaymin are weak and can not be trusted. See how he wavers and begins to crumble from only the first disaster to impede his ill-conceived mission, and how his craft only travels by the Grace and Power of the Sun itself! Trust not also the words and servants of My Sister, Lunaala. She too is weak, and hides in the shadows of the night, cowering from True Light. Believe only in the Power and Glory of Solgaleo, the Beast that Devours the Sun! If you speak the words "How long do we have until the solar panels fully charge?" to reveal yourself to my Children, they will offer what protection they can, until your Chosen time comes."

    The glow slowly begins to diminish as he looks at you expectantly. [I declined.]

    July 15 - N2
    You make your way to Kaimanahi, and she graciously allows you into her car. Her Piplup is roaming, and just as with Combee you dive down and begin playing with him. And just as before, your infectious love of all Pokemon draws Kaimanahi to the floor to begin playing as well. You spend all night with Kaimanahi, until the sun rises.

    July 19 - N3
    Again, Poit glows silver, and a powerful, female Voice overcomes his natural.

    Now that the factions have been exposed, Lunala has taken the loss of one, Solgaleo as well. Two more Solgaleo's are exposed, while the rest of Lunala have been hidden. Either the Jailer or the Doctor will die tonight by a Lunala's hand, depending on what the spy within Solgaleo informs me of their intentions. One of them will definitely die.

    If you had made a choice in the beginning, there would've been 4 more unexposed members of our group, and our factions would be working together. But now that Lehki, the Solgaleo leader, provided the town with the information about our factions, our situation is not as desirable as before we started butting heads.

    If you join us, you'll be surprised about how much we will get away with still based on our powers. Joining Solgaleo will expose the rest of us. Choose wisely. [I declined.]

    July 22 - N3
    As you make your way towards Allyrianne's car, the same pit in your gut forces you to stop, and you shudder as your limbs jerk and begin moving of their own accord, forcing you to march until you stand before Lehki's door and knock. He opens, looking slightly befuddled, and allows you in. His Togepi, Egbert, you remember her name, is on the floor and it's no surprise that she holds all of your attention until the morning. Before the sun rises, however, the door is flung open and white smoke fills the room. You fly into a coughing fit and hack and wheeze until the smoke billows out of a vent above the door and vanishes into the morning sky.

    July 29 - N4
    As you enter into your cabin, Poit is nearly deafening in your ear as he shouts, "MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM! LOOKIT! MOM!" You turn around with a bemused smile and feel it slide away as you gasp, a silver glow spread all across Poit. He's EVOLVING! You could stop him, but... [Psht yeah right. I cheered him on.]

    July 29 As you watch with intense pride, Poit begins to grow absolutely massive. He stretches and coils through the car, making sure to provide you plenty of room as he EVOLVES into Gyarados, a Water/Flying type. He is immune to GROUND. He knows the move Hyper Beam, a three-use ability. You can absolutely decimate a target at the drop of a dime, but it will take a turn to cool down, and Poit is not the brightest magikarp in the stream. It only has a 40% accuracy rating, meaning you could accidentally blow up someone else!

    As soon as he is finished, he looks at you, and quips how nice his new body. Well, really how 'not bad' it is, but you get the point. A golden glow infuses his eyes, though, and he begins to speak in an even deeper baritone than his new voice would suggest.

    "No more need for ham and showiness this time, Chosen. Our plans hit a bit of snag with Vivet calling things out like that, and Othero catching Salome, but Solgaleo's not done yet. I think you've probably established yourself enough, and that it's time to make your choice, and for Lunaala's servants to recognize. Vivet was right that we shouldn't keep offing each other, and we've lost 3 cultists between the two of us. Time to work together. If, however, you do decide not to join us this night I want to pass along one valuable piece of information, to do with what you will. Salome had a very powerful pokemon, and it would be to our benefit to get it back from the Champion and under our control."

    He looks at you patiently, waiting your reply. [I declined.]

    [New trainer card:]

    July 31 - N4
    You make your way towards Cyndarin's car, humming lightly to yourself with a bounce in your step as you remember the adorable Poit's reaction to evolving. 'NOW I CAN EAT SO MANY POFFINS!' You suddenly see Allyrianne standing in front of you, looking confused. "What...uh...what are you doing?" You pose the question with a small smile on your face, and she blinks hard at you before stepping towards you.

    "I...don't know." She pauses in her next step towards you, though, and takes a step back. "I'm...I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me." You smile at her and assure her it's nothing to worry about, though you are happy to see her on her way.

    You come to Cyndarin's car and knock, happy to see her answer and allow you in to her room. You jump at the chance to begin playing with her Quilava, and soon she is down on the floor with you, eyes wide with fascination as you expertly scratch the Pokemon nearest to his flames without being singed. You spend the night with them until morning comes.

    August 2 - N5
    Poit looks at you as he is encompassed by a silvery sheen, and speaks.

    Hi, it's Kalaneya. There are three mafia left plus you. 2 Lunala and 1 Solgaleo. Lehki might die tonight and I will probably be blocked because of what went down with Silvanus flipping mafia and Ssaliss basically being confirmed as a reliable cop. If Lehki dies and I am blocked, this means no kills for us tonight. Again.

    No matter if Lehki dies tonight or not, I will probably be lynched in the daytime. And if Lehki dies tonight, then you'll have one member left to command tomorrow night and we 100% will lose because at best, you'll be 2 vs 16 on the next night if we manage to get a kill tonight and assuming Lehki and I will be dead. You need to choose something, seriously any motherfucking side (but let's be honest, creepy bat lady is way better than that haughty lion jerk), tonight and try and salvage this. I don't know what your win conditions are or what your powers are, but we cannot salvage this without you because 2/3 of us are dead-to-rights already.

    Also I think you might be Cen. If so, hi Cen! Sorry that I might have fucked us all by misplaying the redirection of suspicion! [I accepted.]

    As you embrace Poit again, the silvery glow encompassing him strengthens until you step back with tears in your eyes. He nuzzles you affectionately one last time and says, "I love you, mom."

    He explodes into a dazzling array of incandescent, silver ribbons that stream towards the Moon out of your open window. You sniffle lightly as he vanishes, but the Voice of Lunala echoes in your head.

    "Do not fret, My Queen, for he is safe with Me now. I will hold him until you have carried out our mission, and return him safely to you by My sacred vow."

    You are now the Overlord of the Chosen Cult of Lunala. You decide who the mafia kills, and have the final say in all mafia matters. You win when your Divine Mission is complete.

    August 4 - N5
    You walk through the halls as quietly as a ghost, the world through Your new Sight allowing You to see everything that the moon touches. You stop outside of Luce's car, and You see him stand to move and answer You as You knock on the door. He opens the door and squeals with delight, welcoming You into his car and digging into his bag to pull out his pokeball, all the while blathering on about how excited he was for You to come and play with his Pokemon like You had done with anyone else.

    It is slightly disconcerting to see the pokeball drop from his hand through Your eyes and through Your sight, but it is a pleasant disassociation as You also see the colour bleed out from his eyes, replaced entirely by the same argent silver of Your aura. The colour returns a moment later, as his body slackens and drops to the floor, the last dregs of his aura draining into Yours. As quietly as You arrived, You leave, closing the door behind You and retiring to Your car to meditate and gather Your power. You no longer need to sleep, drawing power from Your moon instead.

    August 6 - N6
    As the silver mist gathers in your mirror again, words appear as if traced on another mirror. They read:

    "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who enjoys suffering most of all? I've technically died twice now, you might recall - just the first time, was nary a delay from the fall. By the will of Lunaala, I am as I am. And in this position, I can yet brew plans. If I died as a town, would my words not ring true? Despite what deceit I may with them infuse? You must know I am sowing, waiting to till. While rejoining so soon would sure be a thrill, I can play dangerously now and be a real shrill.

    Granted, I know not what numbers the cult yet survives by. If it is urgent, hoist me away. Else I elect to linger, and respect my place as a pawn with high risk."

    August 13 - N7
    As you glance into the nearby floor-length mirror, you breathe outwards gently and a fine mist of silver settles over it. Taking your finger, you write quickly and neatly your message to Thul, and wait to see if he will reply.

    August 15 - N7
    The words fade away and You see a reflection of Thul angrily shaking his head at the mirror. You feel a surge of anger, and reach out to touch the minds of Your Cultists, knowing what you wish to be done.

    You absorb the power as soon as it is offered by Your willing servant, and send Your reflection to stand before Thul.

    "You will serve Us and you will be honoured." You grin eerily at him and reach for him, but a Gardevoir moves to stand before him. You stare it down and it crumples to the floor in a faint, leaving You free to press Your incorporeal palm to his head. You see him stare in awe up at Your physical manifestation, and You know that he is one of Yours now.

    August 18 - N8 [@Lehki, this is the one you were interested in seeing!]
    As you turn your thoughts towards Thul, your power manifests in a blazing silver aura just around your person, invisible to any who may spy on you. You reach out towards the mirror and spread your fingers, thinking of the powers you could bestow upon him as hoarfrost spreads outwards from your hand in a spiderweb pattern.

    Deception - Have a single person receive a fake message of your choice from the administrator of the game. Only performable once per night, and only on one target (ever). EX: Cannot target Portius, then Portius, would have to target Portius, then Phoebus.

    Remembrance - Recall a spirit of a soul who was lost and allow them to speak during the next day. They will attest to your innocence if prodded.

    Tranquility - Place a blanket of peace upon a target of your choice. For the next night and day, they will be Silenced (unable to perform any day/night actions or order Pokemon).

    Reclamation - The Champion holds Pokemon he does not own within his car. One can be made to go missing without notice, you think, and be brought into the hands of the Following.

    Now, you wonder, which will you offer to Thul? [I chose Deception.]

    August 25 - N9 [I was JAILED by Melali.]
    As you listen to Your Cult's message, you slowly begin writing the message to Cyndarin on the underside of the table you sit on, knowing it will be delivered as all the others have.

    A new swelling of power courses through Your body as You bring another into Your Fold. Soon, you muse, soon it will all be Mine.

    September 8 - N10
    You pull on strings of energy dancing around the hallway outside of the Champion's room, tying them together and separating them based on colour to allow...there. Now when Twilight comes, the portal will open and...

    You blink and you are back in your cabin, standing before your mirror. You breathe outwards heavily through your nostrils for an impossibly long time, mist coiling from your nose to coat the surface of the mirror. Placing your hand against it you call Cyndarin's face to mind and pour the power of Reclamation into her. 

    Now, should she will it, the Twilight portal will pull whichever pokeball she should choose from the Champion's room, and have none be the wiser. The empty pokeball on the opposite end of the portal, which is currently your bedside table, will see to that. 

    :Thul. Ileein will be dealt with, or you will assume her place.: There is no need for the threat, but you have seen how previous cults were run under Vivet and Lehki's rule, and have no desire to have even an inkling of failure present itself as possible.

    Satisfied, you crawl into bed and assume a sleeping position before allowing your spirit to dress in your aura, tethered to your physical forme by a single strand. You drift outwards and upwards until you break through the storm to bask in the glow of the moon, drinking in the power that is so rightfully yours. 

    September 12 - N11
    As Night falls, an uncomfortable sensation fills Your gut, as though a thin veil has been placed between You and Your power in the sky. No matter how You press power against it from either direction, You cannot breach it, and You realise that YOU CAN PERFORM NO NIGHT ACTION THIS NIGHT.

    You may still participate in discussions in your Cult's chat, but you will be unable to have the final say in the matter.

  • So basically I went from cutesy magikarp-cuddler to stone cold badass with a pocket hyper beam.
  • VivetVivet , of Cows and Crystals
    Yeah, that actually makes a lot of sense. I got so wrapped up in thinking there had to be some compelling reason to deny both cults for a time, that you must have cooked up some sort of interesting advantage/edge before doing so. Never would have guessed you were actually town and just stalling away (which is a perfectly sound strategy).

    Love getting to read all the PMs finally, too.

  • Huh. That Tranquility option would have been badass. I'd have gone with that over the others, if only because it's the most consistent.

    Deception had the potential to be the most swingy. Remembrance... I'm not even sure how I would have used that.

    Was definitely jealous of Cyndarin getting two Pokemon, though. Uh. Sorry that Honedge wasn't in the pool as expected. >_>
  • UshaaraUshaara Schrödinger's Traitor
    Haha, if Cen had joined Night 1, would we have gone immediately into cult mode with 9 initial members? Town attention would have been on finding Kilee/Iosion as the killers and the cult could have likely had an easy win.

    Though hmm, being able to refuse cult membership is a twist, mebbe not!
  • VivetVivet , of Cows and Crystals
    At the very least, would have assured we all behaved and played nicely with each other from the start, ha.
  • Thul said:
    Huh. That Tranquility option would have been badass. I'd have gone with that over the others, if only because it's the most consistent.
    I was interested in that one too, but Trem clarified that you could only use it once the entire game. I decided it would be nice to have up our sleeve but not as useful as the others.

    I envisioned Deception being used to falsify investigation/watcher/coroner/whatever results, but your play went straight for the jugular and paid off.
  • You steal quietly aboard the train when the Ticket Master isn't looking, then turn to the conductor and get your Trainer Card approved anyway. He looks confused, but you've got a skip in your step as you head down the carts, lazily looking into each one before moving on under the pretense of finding one for yourself. No, you're here because you see things. You see things other people don't, since you were trained in the ancient art of Ninjutsu in Fuschia City (under your sensei Koga), and that makes you invaluable to a Champion like Alec. 

    After you're sure that your train is clear of any suspicious characters, you settle into the penultimate car, letting your Pokemon out of his ball to enjoy the ride as well. After all, once you get to the Expedition, it's not going to be nearly as easy a ride as this. You don't know why, but your gut tells you that trouble is afoot, and your gut is never wrong.

    You are the Watcher. You may pick a target trainer or Pokemon and see who they visit and who they are visited by each night. You win with the Champion.

    Your Pokemon is Croagunk, a Poison/Fighting type. It knows 'Poison Sting'. You may target a Pokemon during either the day or night phase, and launch a volley of poisonous shots. The venom will kill them after three days if they do not seek medical treatment. Your Pokemon can EVOLVE.




    You crouch atop Sylandra's door, waiting to see if someone dares to come along or if she dares to leave, when you notice Krackenor come and plop himself down on the opposite side of the hall, watching the door and occasionally drifting off to sleep, the amateur. Still, there's no movement in or out, and you let him be. When morning comes, he leaves, and you wait for him to get out of eyesight before using more ledges to creep your way back to your car and crawl in, looking as though you had never left.

    A sudden wave of tiredness washes over you, and you immediately suspect foul play. You've never fallen asleep on the...on the watch.... You rub your eyes and fall onto the nearby couch, where you will be forced to sleep for 28 posts after the day has started, sound asleep.


    You track down Krackenor, planted in front of someone's door again, and remember how Ssaliss studied him excruciatingly as you all were headed back to your cars from finding out about Kilee. Cyndarin comes and goes, babbling on about something or other and scanning Krackenor's Pokemon. You even notice when the Sylveon blasts Krackenor in the face, knocking him on his arse but otherwise leaving him unharmed, and are quite satisfied with what you learned when a bright pain blossoms in your chest. You fall to the ground as you realise you were stabbed in the back, and feel a shortness of breath as your vision fails you. It is dark for a long time, but you wake up with a start on a bed in the medical car, patched up and bandaged so tightly that even your ninja skills won't be able to disrupt your stitching. You're a little sore, but alive, and that's all that matters...right?


    You step across door frames, keeping to shadows above Salome as you trail her from her car while she sneaks along. She approaches Melali's cabin and peaks in, pulling a small knife from her belt before cursing to herself and stowing it once more. You trail her back to her car and see that she does not leave again until morning comes. You divert from your course and sneak towards Lehki's car. After a moment to release Croagunk from his pokeball, you throw open the door and toss in two smoke pellets, the puffy white clouds springing up immediately and beginning to funnel out of a vent near the top of the window. There is more than enough time for Croagunk to inhale and launch a volley of poison darts at the Togepi on the floor. Content the deed is done, you retreat to your car, satisfied.


    s you nod approvingly, Croagunk's limbs stretch and lengthen as his body becomes more bulky, and soon enough, your Toxicroak is smiling eerily at you. Your Croagunk has evolved into TOXICROAK! It knows the move Poison Jab. Your poisonous effects can now target trainers as well, putting them on a 3-turn timer until they die where they must receive treatment or be killed.




    On your way to Cen's car, ready to start your vigil, you open Lehki's door and allow your Toxicroak to rush in and punch his purple, glowing fist into Lehki's sleeping body (RIGHT IN HIS BUM), surprised when he doesn't wake up. You hear someone approaching and quickly recall your Toxicroak, jumping up and misjudging your landing, twisting your ankle a bit too far as someone else opens Lehki's door. You miss who it is as you blink away the painful stars and bite your tongue to keep quiet, finally recovering enough to track down Cen slowly. She is walking away from Allyrianne when you find her, and you track her to Cyndarin's car, where she enters and stays. After a few hours, you are certain she will stay all night, and return to your car carefully.

    You open the door, wincing as you keep as much pressure off of your foot as possible, and are surprised to see Phoebus there, medical kit by her side. She tuts and helps you in, bandaging up your foot after inspecting it and announcing, "It's probably just a sprain, here, we'll set it and you'll be fine shortly."

    She smiles softly at you and rises, gathering her supplies and turning to leave when you reach out and grab her hand. "Th-thanks, Phoebus. You've already saved my life and now you're...I don't know how to say this, I just..." You want so desperately to thank her, and tell her how nice she smells, and how...

    "You're welcome," she says softly, cupping your cheek in her hand and smiling sweetly at you. In that moment, it is as if she is the only thing in the world, and you surge forward to press your lips against hers. She seems surprised for a moment, but she quickly presses back into you, returning the kiss passionately until you break for air. She sets down her bag and sits next to you, and you feel your cheeks burning for the majority of the night, even when she snaps a picture of the two of you on her Pokegear. She stays with you until morning and helps you off of the train, both of you painfully aware of the eyes on you.


    You kiss Phoebus good night as you make your way out and she waves you off, closing the door to her cabin as you make your way out. Hers being the bigger of the two, it had only made sense to settle down with her, and so far it was quite pleasant. You snap out of your thoughts as you realise you stand in front of Lehki's door, and you open it to see him snoring softly in a pool of moonlight, spread-eagle on the floor. Toxicroak dashes in and slams him in the shoulder, but the layabout doesn't even budge. You shrug and return your Pokemon to his ball, jumping up and slinking along the rafters of the train until you find Kalaneya walking towards its rear. 

    You follow her to the end of the train, and she lingers in the last car for several minutes before leaving and returning to her room. You watch the door for a few more hours, but it becomes clear she will not leave, so you return and drop down to enter your and Phoebus' room again. She starts at the door closing and bum rushes you to give you a quick check-up, but you are in perfect healths and she is content to join you as you return to the bed. She props herself up reading one of your old Valdemar books, and you curl up next to her before launching into an old breathing routine. Ten second later, you're sound asleep, and you remain that way until morning.


    If looks were tangible, Phoebus would have giant holes in her back from your unwavering stare. You don't want her heading out, she'd be safer in the cabin, but she pointed out that she was just at risk there as she was anywhere else when you brought it up and continued packing her bag. She finally finishes and closes the clasp, standing and turning around with a bright smile, just a bit too bright. "Well, I'm going to go and do a round, Oth, hopefully I come back and haven't actually had to do antyhing."

    "Phoeb...are...are we..." You're terrified everything you felt for her, and her for you, was just some magic of Luce's, and that it will be gone when the morning comes, but can't seem to find the words. She sets her bag down again and wraps her arms around your waist, and you put yours around her shoulders, sure she's about to break your heart.

    "We'll figure it out when we get there, okay? Let's just...get there." Your heart rises a few feet from its place in yours, and you kiss the top of her head in what you hope is a reassuring manner. You open the door to the cabin as she picks up her bag, and you both exit before turning and walking in opposite directions. 

    You track down Lehki's car and wait, precariously balanced on the small ledge just above his door where you stick out like a sore thumb. You hate to say it, but you kind of miss the murder train. Nearly half the night goes before you finally hop down and peek through the porthole to see him resting comfortably on his bed, and curse yourself for not doing so sooner. Certain he won't do anything else tonight, you head back to your room and a palpable dread enters when you open it to see the bed and seats empty, Phoebus nowhere in sight. 

    Another quarter of the night is gone before she finally opens the door, and you stand quickly, your heart in your throat as you say, "I was just about to come looking for you," I was so worried you'd be gone forever. She smiles at you gently and sets her bag down before crawling into bed, facing the wall away from you.

    "I'm not going to go anywhere, Othero. We have too much to settle when we get there." She visibly stiffens, as if expecting your anger, but you just pull a blanket over her and pat her shoulder. Even if what you felt wasn't real, she's too good of a person for you to not let get there.


    After giving Phoebus your farewell, you stealthily wait above Dylara's door until she leaves. You count to three before following above her, watching and trailing her to the medical car. You sit there for some time, one foot dangling since you can hear no one moving on the deck above you or around you. You start when you feel a tap on your foot and swing down, surprised to find Phoebus standing there. You realise that you were so used to hearing her walk around the cabin that you tuned it out as normal and inwardly wonder if this is a mistake. 

    Still, she's only interested in your health and checks up on you before heading back to the room. You turn to the door where Dylara has yet to emerge and peek through the window, watching her write in a notebook before turning back to look at something at waist-height, just out of sight. No matter how you peer or crane, you cannot see exactly what she is doing without entering the room, so you jump back up to the ceiling and wait for a few hours before she emerges. You trail her to her room, and after a minute the light turns off, letting you know that she will be doing nothing further tonight. 

    When you return to your cabin the soothing sound of a thunderstorm greets you, letting you know that Phoebus is already asleep. You stare hard at her on the bed, the word 'cult' dancing around in your mind and forcing you to wonder if she might not be the same person as before. Eventually you climb into bed and fall into an uneasy sleep, the recurring image of Phoebus pushing people off the side of the boat fresh in your mind when you awake.


    You spend the majority of the night above Thul's door, waiting as still as a gargoyle perched on a great citadel, but much as they cannot take flight you have no chance to either as the man stays in his cabin all night. You finally return to your room and fall into an uneasy sleep in your bed, plagued by nightmares of twenty-foot waves and the hull of the boat tearing apart. When one stirs you in the wee hours of morning, you wake in a cold sweat, heart racing as you glance around the room for intruders from instinct. Phoebus, rather than laying next to you, has fallen asleep on the couch reading something on her pokegear. You wipe crud from your eyes and grab the extra blanket from the bed and move to cover her and plug in the charger for her device, patting the top of her head before quietly beginning your normal training regime with push-ups, crunches, and every other exercise you can think of that won't wake her, aided in your thirty-second long workout spans by silent timers you set on your pokegear. Brief, intense, changing workouts, just what you're taught in ninja academy. Finally morning comes and you move to make coffee, hearing Phoebus stir behind you and pouring a second cup before handing it to her just the way she likes it; black and bitter. She smiles gratefully at you as she sips it, and a small flutter goes through your heart as you remember her face superimposed over one of the floating corpses in your dream. 


    Your new Pokemon is Zoroark, a Dark type Event Pokemon! It knows the move 'Night Daze'. This move can be activated once per turn (Day/Night cycle) to deal TWO points of dark damage to a Pokemon OR knock a trainer cold, preventing them from posting for 35 posts OR redirect a person into acting on another at night OR killing one target (strongman).

    Each power after the first can only be activated once. 

    (Essentially, the damage is always there, with three additional powers)


    You decide to hide in the kitchen of the galley, well in plain sight of where Cyndarin sits in the isolated room. You even make yourself a sandwich that you slowly eat through the night, watching as first Portius enters the galley and glares into the room before stomping away and then Krackenor follows suit. Eventually the Cyndarin and Melali emerge, and you wait for a count of ten before tailing Cyndarin back to her room. You are confident there will be no more trouble, so you return to your and Phoebus' room, where she is in the middle of a fitful sleep on the bed.

    As you move to calm her down and join her in the bed, your jaw twinges and you remember just how strong she is. You watch her closely for about ten minutes, ensuring that she will not fall off the bed, before you grab a blanket from the bed and fall into an uneasy slumber on the sofa, dreaming of bloated, waterlogged corpses.


  • Thul said:
    Huh. That Tranquility option would have been badass. I'd have gone with that over the others, if only because it's the most consistent.

    Deception had the potential to be the most swingy. Remembrance... I'm not even sure how I would have used that.

    Was definitely jealous of Cyndarin getting two Pokemon, though. Uh. Sorry that Honedge wasn't in the pool as expected. >_>
    I think it would've been game changing had it come earlier. I just got it too late!
  • LuceLuce Fox Populi
    I'm still not sure how likely I would have been to trigger my win condition, but apparently there was a hidden 'or win with town' in there. So, I guess I was 2.5rd party?
  • Luce said:
    I'm still not sure how likely I would have been to trigger my win condition, but apparently there was a hidden 'or win with town' in there. So, I guess I was 2.5rd party?
    Your condition, along with Cyndarin's original, were just damn near impossible. Melali alone screwed you over just by virtue of existing, to say nothing of Gardevoir's hijinks.

    If you'd have lived longer, I'd have wanted to recruit you as someone who wouldn't refuse, and could realistically be protected with the idea of being too underpowered for the cult to pick.
  • Cen said:
    :Thul. Ileein will be dealt with, or you will assume her place.: There is no need for the threat, but you have seen how previous cults were run under Vivet and Lehki's rule, and have no desire to have even an inkling of failure present itself as possible.

    Oh man. Looks like the Spikes did save me after all, unless I'm misunderstanding here!
    Jadice, the Frost Queen says to you, "Constant vigilance."
  • no they totally tried to kill you that night. Everybody forgot about Corsola
  • edited September 2016
    Lehki said:
    no they totally tried to kill you that night. Everybody forgot about Corsola
    To be fair, I was trying to play under the radar as hard as possible for most of the game, and I'd been deliberately understating Corsola's defensive abilities. And as I'd not gotten any feedback about the Spikes working previously, I'd almost forgotten about them myself! As it turns out she might have saved the Town, though. Good girl.
    Jadice, the Frost Queen says to you, "Constant vigilance."
  • VivetVivet , of Cows and Crystals
    Luce said:
    I'm still not sure how likely I would have been to trigger my win condition, but apparently there was a hidden 'or win with town' in there. So, I guess I was 2.5rd party?
    Well, your aura got stripped and wound up in some town-like-thing that was still town when it died, and let you come back to life when it was over, so... I guess you kind of won in that regard? Proxies.

    I will agree, that 3rd party condition was pretty much impossible.

    • Science has always had its place, even in the world of Pokemon. 

      No, especially in the world of Pokemon. It's thank to you and your fellow scientists that the secrets of Eggs, Poffins, Mega Evolution, deep sea transportation, and countless other everyday works that are taken for granted exist! Thankfully, Champion Alec understands the value of science, and you were given a personal invitation from him to join this expedition. You'll be in charge of documenting the psychological effect of humans on Pokemon who have never seen one before and vice-versa, as well as monitoring the mental stability of the humans entering into this new environment. All in all, it's safe to say you're quite important.

      You are the Pathologist. Once a night, you may visit a target and receive a report detailing all the system (admin) messages they received that night. These CANNOT be quoted directly. You win with the Champion.

      Of course, a scientist venturing into a Pokemon habitat without a partner of their own would be foolhardy. As she nudges your hand, you smile fondly at her, and pick her up, showing your Trainer Card to the ticket master and stepping onto the train.

      Your Pokemon is Corsola, a Water/Rock type! It knows the move 'Spikes'. Once every two nights, you may target a trainer and spread defencive spikes around them and their Pokemon. If any Pokemon would act offencively against them, they are deterred by the spikes and damaged.


    Night One:
    Jailed by Melali, no actions
    As you step out into the hallway to stretch your legs, you are quickly grabbed and dragged away, a hand clamped over your mouth to muffle any protest you could or would make. You don't even have time to throw your Pokeball and summon your Pokemon before it is snatched from you. You resign yourself to whatever fate awaits you.

    Night Two:
    Visited Rolsand
    You open up your Pokegear index and log into Rolsand's for the night, sitting back in your car and watching the live feed. You see:

    An open to-do list, reading:

    Put doll in Cyndarin's room [X]
    ???? [_]
    Sleep [_]

    A recording viewable on the screen plays, and you stifle a gasp as you see Rolsand get knocked to the ground by a blurry figure, and inject something into his neck. Rolsand does not move again after this.

    A flashing warning indicator shows that his Sandshrew is unconscious.

    Night Three:
    Watched Lehki, scattered Spikes on myself
    You tune into Lehki's pokegear and watch the feed throughout the night after you instruct your Corsola to spread spikes that would go unseen to any but someone who saw them put down. You see:

    A message to an untitled contact, showing explicit instructions to attempt and kill Melali.

    A fluctuation on the radio signal, indicating the possibility of ghost activity near the Pokegear.

    A warning that Togepi is both paralysed and poisoned.

    A video of Cen arriving and playing with a Togepi on the floor, which continues for much of the night until the door is flung open and a dark figure is visible for a moment before everything floods with thick, white smoke.

    Night Four:
    Watched Thul, used Spikes on Melali
    You tune into Thul's Pokegear, but it is a rather boring night as nothing at all seems to go on. Oh well, at least Corsola was successful in placing her spikes out.

    Night Five:
    Watched Lehki
    You tune in to Lehki's Pokegear, and you frown as you spend yet another boring night watching him play games before going radio silent for hours. You set it to wake you if anything happens and lay down, but when the sun wakes you up in the morning, you suppose that that was all to be had.

    Night Six:
    Watched Krackenor, used spikes on Vivet
    • As you tune in to Krackenor's pokegear, you enjoy your fill of juicy gossip fodder, an argument between the two recorded before his GPS begins moving in the direction of Kaimanahi's car. It lingers there, and after some while of waiting pictures of Kaimanahi's bruised neck and unblinking eyes fill the screen. 

      You stare in mute, fascinated horror, carefully taking in each scene before putting your Pokegear aside and crawling into bed where Corsola curled long ago after finishing her journey, and you sleep...thankfully dreamless.
    Night Seven:
    Watched Phoebus
    • You type your way into Phoebus' Pokegear early in the night and watch as she sets a timer for 500 seconds and pulls up funny videos of Natu and Xatu, getting a small giggle out of them yourself as you watch only half a second after her. After the timer runs out you watch the GPS location of her Pokegear change, and you curse that you cannot tell what floor she moves to as she goes back and forth across the ship's decks. Eventually she stops for a few minutes before returning to her original position in her cabin, where the Pokegear calls up Rainy Mood and goes into idle function, where it stays throughout the night.

    Night Eight:
    Watched Othero
    • You tune into Othero's pokegear early in the evening and notice him out of his cabin. You roll your eyes, knowing how this song and dance goes, before setting your pokegear to alert you if he should do anything and pulling out a handheld gaming device to play a game about Pokemon and some boy trying to become the Champion of the Kanto region. A faint smile crosses your face as you note the creators only allowed Pokemon to learn four moves at a time and limited them by PP. You are halfway through fighting the second gym when you are finally alerted to him moving through the ship. You divert your attention long enough to see him go back to his room and have his pokegear enter rest and charging mode. 

      Shrugging, you continue your game, and are just beating the third gym leader when you get another notification. He's set several silent timers on his Pokegear reading 'Push-ups, Sit-ups, Crunches, etc.' to go off in thirty second intervals. You finally log out of his system and head to bed, where you sleep dreamlessly until morning.

    Night Nine:
    • You tune into Dylara's Pokegear and feel your eyes glaze over as you see her sift through medical journals and previous autopsies, blanching lightly when pictures of Vivet's mangled corpse are zoomed in on and studied in fastidious detail. The GPS signal remains steady for some time, so you set it to alert you if she should move and return to your game, eyes glazing over again as you resume your level grinding to beat Cinnabar gym, trying your best to not roll your eyes as Lavender town is referenced again.

      Your Pokegear finally beeps as you begin to talk to the leader, and you sigh as you turn to look at the screen again. After pausing momentarily outside of the medical cabin, Dylara seems to move back and forth along the decks, and you realise that she is slowly ascending them. She detours by the Champion's cabin before returning to her own, and the charging indicator on her pokegear lets you know that she is done for the night. You glance longingly at your game before turning it off, glad you saved before facing the leader. You drift off graciously to sleep, but it is cut through by horrifying images of Alec and Sylandra floating amid debris of the CCS: Expedition.

      When you wake in the morning, you go towards the bathroom before stopping and staring down at the floor. The spikes scattered around the entrance to your door that you instinctively avoided every day are now gone, and you realise that an attempt on your life was made last night.

    Night Ten:
    lol there wasn't a night ten, thanks Solrock!
    Jadice, the Frost Queen says to you, "Constant vigilance."
  • dang, I was so sure Othero started doing those workouts because he spent the night spying on the muscle mayor.  I'm just going to assume it was subconcious.
  • SylandraSylandra Join Queue for Mafia Games The Last Mafia Game
    Thul said:
    Huh. That Tranquility option would have been badass. I'd have gone with that over the others, if only because it's the most consistent.

    Deception had the potential to be the most swingy. Remembrance... I'm not even sure how I would have used that.

    Was definitely jealous of Cyndarin getting two Pokemon, though. Uh. Sorry that Honedge wasn't in the pool as expected. >_>
    The rules say winners keep their Pokemon!
    Daraius said:
    "Oh yeah, you're a naughty mayor, aren't you? Misfile that Form MA631-D. Comptroller Shevat's got a nice gemstone disc for you, but yer gonna have to beg for it."
  • Sylandra said:
    Thul said:
    Huh. That Tranquility option would have been badass. I'd have gone with that over the others, if only because it's the most consistent.

    Deception had the potential to be the most swingy. Remembrance... I'm not even sure how I would have used that.

    Was definitely jealous of Cyndarin getting two Pokemon, though. Uh. Sorry that Honedge wasn't in the pool as expected. >_>
    The rules say winners keep their Pokemon!
    Does that mean I don't get to chuck Othero's Zoroark into an active volcano?
  • LuceLuce Fox Populi
    And I just realized I didn't have sutures because I never got autopsied. Woo! Wonder if I get to keep Bae...
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