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    Maeve is *connected* to all the forest fae though, and can sometimes hive mind together with them
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    Key word sometimes. She couldn't connect to the fae part of a fleshfae. Said it was too long separated from her.
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    Can denizens ascend to demigod?
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    Going on some major brainstorming, all souls regardless of whether they are denizens or not have the capacity to 'flare their divine spark' (ascend to demigod).

    However, the world is dangerous and all. Passing through the Portal of Fate (becoming player characters) enables souls to overcome these dangers, "do greater things", and thus allows them to ascend to demigodhood.

    So while it may be possible for denizens to become demigods, in practice, it's highly improbable without passing through the Portal.
  • EnyaEnya Member Posts: 162 Adept
    Passing through the portal and getting a second soul, that is. 
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    So, bards here in Lusternia play the mandolin, lute, lyre, viola, or violin (did I miss any?) that I've seen. And the songs have spread the usage of those instruments throughout the basin.

    But instruments can have very complicated histories! Look at the Wikipedia page for the mandolin, for example, and of course the violin.

    Is there lore for each instrument's history in Lusternia? Does the viola, say, trace back to pre-Taint Magnagora, or was the lute originally derived from the fae? Just curious if there's anything here in this vein.

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    No, but it's honestly the sort of thing you could write a scholarly book about and get canonized, assuming that it was consistent with the rest of the game's history. For example, various Elder Gods (Lyreth, Rhapsody, etc.) had instruments, as did various historical figures mentioned in lore books.

    E: I've been informed by various people that you should definitely NOT use scholarly books to get bits of lore you like canonized, so stick to inferences based on already-existing lore. Stuff like "Well, record X attests to the Merry Minstrel playing song Y on instrument Z, so that gives us a clear minimum date for the invention of the Z. Cultures existing around that time include A, B and C, of which B seems to be the most plausible creator, given..." and so forth is great, but "The ancient Viscanti city of Organothrace raised the majority of the Vernal Gods involved in the defeat of the lesser soulless known as Ultrathon the Tremendous." would get you yelled at by the divine scholars for making things up.
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    The key to making things up is to do it little by little, start small, and don't go altering what's already there (too much).
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