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    Maeve is *connected* to all the forest fae though, and can sometimes hive mind together with them
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    Key word sometimes. She couldn't connect to the fae part of a fleshfae. Said it was too long separated from her.
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    Can denizens ascend to demigod?
  • EnyaEnya Member Posts: 505 Expert
    Passing through the portal and getting a second soul, that is. 
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    So, bards here in Lusternia play the mandolin, lute, lyre, viola, or violin (did I miss any?) that I've seen. And the songs have spread the usage of those instruments throughout the basin.

    But instruments can have very complicated histories! Look at the Wikipedia page for the mandolin, for example, and of course the violin.

    Is there lore for each instrument's history in Lusternia? Does the viola, say, trace back to pre-Taint Magnagora, or was the lute originally derived from the fae? Just curious if there's anything here in this vein.

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    Okay. So, according to the histories, Estarra and humans only came to Lusternia after the Taint Wars. However, it states in the dwarf file HELP DWARF that the race was initially called the clangoru; it was the humans who popularized the term dwarf.

    With that in mind, why do the Taint Wars histories refer to them as dwarves, particularly with the designation of the Dwarven Mountain Kingdom?
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    The histories we know are based on post-Taint Wars translations.
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  • UzrielUzriel Member Posts: 245 Fabled
    I may have to go back through here for all the lore info.

    Meanwhile something I have always wondered, how many years was it between Project Cosmic Hope and the coming of Estarra?
  • SaranSaran Member Posts: 2,440 Transcendent
    @Uzriel at one point you could calculate it based off Cririck and Scuchidira's ages but they're frozen from the look of it.

    Looks like it would be somewhere between 340-390 years (later is if their ages were static on release of the cities, the former is from another mathing it out a few years back.)
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