Thanks for the RP (Version 1.0 Alpha)



  • RhalkyrRhalkyr Member Posts: 25 Apprentice
    Hugely appreciative of @Elexia for giving me such a fantastic first proper interaction since I started - The letters are the highlight of my playtime so far, and I had a blast with the conversation via tells! 
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  • TylwythTylwyth Member Posts: 1,746 Mythical
    Thanks to Ilistala, and secretly @xenthos,. she's the best!
    FOR pposters who aren't steingrim:

  • IllyriaIllyria Member Posts: 12 Novice
    Thank you to @Rhalkyr and @Elexia for the delightful RP interactions! Looking forward to many more!
  • GurashiGurashi Member Posts: 967 Transcendent
    Esei said:
    @Rhalkyr is an absolute madman, @Cheliyi is excellent as always, @Gurashi is Gurashi, @Elexia I WILL be bullying you again soon and I hope you love my cat, and I can't wait for my next Nocht interaction, whenever that will be.
    I have no idea how to interpret Gurashi is Gurashi 
    Many greetings! I do commissions!

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  • ElexiaElexia Member Posts: 46 Capable
    I've had so much great RP lately! I enjoyed a phenomenal talk with @Illyria, a wonderful time with @Velcora, @Cheliyi, and @Millien, as well as some great letters from @Rhalkyr!
  • AfolliaAfollia Member Posts: 98 Capable
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    A little kindness goes a long way.

    Thank you @Zagreus & @Lysandus for the lovely morning.

    A special note to @Kethaera for taking the first step in mending things.

    A little extra thanks for @Kalaneya during our past conversation and your efforts with @Kistan
    I never say it often enough, thank you for being around.
  • EseiEsei somewhere, most likelyMember Posts: 181 Virtuoso
    Much love to @Elexia who is now bullying me as much as I bully her!
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