Looking for Children!

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Hive Ankhemet's Queen Azus is looking for potential new children to adopt officially or unofficially.

Access to Hive Ankhemet's 80something room manse/fully functioning aethership
     - 10 comm gems, tattoo bench, tailoring bench, bookbindery, (empty) library, and customised accomodation.
Access to any of Hive Ankhemet's cartels (we have one for each designerly trade)
Subsidised equipment
     - Hive Ankhemet is usually willing to purchase and deliver, or at least pay for in gold or commodities, most pieces of basic equipment.
Hive Ankhemet is friendly with Hallifax, Serenwilde and New Celest, and to some extent, Gaudiguch (after a Certain Nobody mailed Azus dead kephera, things became more tense).
Access to the not-often-explored world of kepheran RP.
Customised furniture for your complementary accomodation.
Racism (but nobody liked illithoids anyway, right?)

It's possible to become lost in the Hive Ankhemet (but we have a map!)
You -must- revile illithoid, and their protectors, Magnagora and Glomdoring, particularly the illithoid-based monk guilds, Ninjakari and Nekotai.
Especially that last one.
The Hive can feel a little empty, as Azus and Zalifa are the only regularly active Hive kephera.
Azus currently has no idea how to pilot an aethership, so unless you know how, its unlikely to be used for aetherhunting.
Racism (but nobody likes Magnagora anyway, right?)

Internal system of government provides a hierachy of social authority that doesn't really apply unless you're roleplaying.
Fair treatment of all Hive members is important, and any misuse of imaginary social authority should be reported to Azus so butt-kickings can be administered as she sees fit.
All children must be kepheran.


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    Plans are for Fania to get married once again, yay! This leads needing children to adopt (none of Fania's kids are active :( ) engaged to Eltorinus and I believe things will go well. 

    I WANT TO GET TO KNOW MY KIDS BEFORE THEY ARE FAMILY! This is why I'm bringing this up now before the marriage happens.

    What you get:

    - Large Dawneye Family to coo over you.

    - Smaller Active Dekoven family to dote on you.

    - Several large (and small) Family manses to play in. (will list all the trade benches later)

    - Your own room in at least one of these manses. (maybe more you sly thing)

    - Rogue Mother who is owner of 2 Tailoring Cartels and 1 Artisan cartel. (... and somewhat likely to allow you into them)

    - Father who is Champion of the Minstrels is and all kinds of fun at parties.

    - Possibility of lots of siblings. (I want at least one kid that stays active and if I have to get the numbers to do so...)

    - Support and love when you need it.


    - Not be Tainted or Souless (Yes, you still suck if you are in these) and possibly no Hallifaxians.

    - Understand that your Mother still has Celest ideals even outside of Celest.

    - Be able to be adopted by an 80 year old man. (old people suck as kids anyway)

    - Have some idea about how to roleplay. (or be willing to learn)

    - Not be an alt created for the soul purpose of joining this family.

    - Not have a problem with current active close family members because this will likely 
    cause a problem in the future.  (Pectus, Knorrith, Aiyana, Meliana, Svana ect...) Not all family
    has to like each other and I'm not even asking for that. Just respect for the people your 
    parents care about. 

    - Be respectful and actually care about the people around you. If you can't do this then find 
    another family, cause we are all about the caring.


    Not so many rules really with the family. You don't have to be a certain type of person to join (other than the restrictions mentioned) and will likely be loved and encouraged in whatever you do. Idiocy is discouraged.

    Building on the Dekoven name (yes, still). At one time you couldn't throw a stone in Celest without hitting a Dekoven. I'm not sure if there are any active Dekovens in Celest now. Only a few people actually still in the family, and I don't want the name to die!

    How to join: Just hang out with me in game and we'll figure it out from there! 

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    We are officially married now. Have one kid we are considering. Should be enough time to get to know another and maybe even adopt them after Cserska is official. 
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    I'm going to go ahead and post this for me and @Eritheyl, even though the wedding is still an IG year off.

    Seeking children for an org-neutral family we are starting up, and can be from any org really! 

    Eritheyl is Lord Canticle in the Cantors, so a citizen of Celest.

    Morshoth is Warlord of Gaudiguch, and currently an Illuminati.

    You will have great, caring parents who will chat your ear off.  We are also both somewhat creative, so if you aren't, we could provide that for you.  Once the family is formed, my cartels will likely be open to that, as currently I am the only member of each of them (I have six: tailoring, bookbinding, cooking, artisan, tattoos, and jewelry).  We also both have manses, Eritheyl has one that he seems to be setting up as a home, but if it isn't going to be the family home, i have two non-ship manses we can develop as the family grows.  I also have three ships (one large, two drones) that would be open to use for exploring or hunts (just be sure to ask before you take my large one out, it is also my shop) and the shop could sell some wares for you as well.

    Our one rule, and I think I speak for us both, is don't be an idiot.  @Eritheyl may have more rules, but that is one i think we share.

    Oh, and we will be starting up a brand new family, so you'd get to be part of that!  Poke us if you want to know the name.

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    Anita and Turnus are seeking little people for the Tarsuhl family.  We'd like to get to know our kids a little before we begin the consideration process but other than that:

    - What you get -

    o Loving mother who is a cook and will give you cake. All the cake. And other food when you get hungry. But mostly cake.

    o Ani is the High Wisdom of the Moondancers (GA). She's pretty work focused, but generally finds time for everyone else too, despite having lots to do. She has 4 cartels (cooking, jewellery, artisan and tailoring - probably more to come) and owns three of her own shops, also running both guild shops. She's a Living Symbol in Lord Hoaracle's Order. Likes to design, so she can give you help there / design for you / submit your designs etc. Also can help in the shop-keeping area, too.

    o Turnus is an elder of the Serenguard. He's quite grumpy, but he really isn't (sshhh, I didn't say that) but he's good with people who are going to be potential kids. He's quiet most of the time and is the stern part of the relationship! If I remember rightly, he does do some combat and could help you out a little there (if I'm wrong, I'm sorry!)

    o We have one manse with plenty of rooms - and you'll eventually get your own room if you're really serious about sticking around and being part of the family. And we have a separate aethership - no idea how to use it yet, but Ani is learning! 

    o You get the best grandpa ever - Rivius. And the rest of the Zayah bunch. Also Myeras family are pretty close to Anita, so you can have those lot, too. 

    - What we'd like -

    o Races: Ideally, we'd like to adopt Loboshigaru, since really Tarsuhl is a pack, though Elfen, Human, Faeling, Furrikin and Aslaran are all acceptable as Anita had a fun time when she was younger trying to find the right body to live in. 

    o  Commune / City: We both live in Serenwilde, so naturally we'd like kids from there, too. Although we would consider those from Hallifax and Celest(maybe?).

    o RP is good. We like RP. 

    o  Please don't be an idiot.

    o We'd like you to be fairly active and do something with your time. Not sit there doing nothing at places like the nexus or the Aetherplex day in, day out.  We want to be proud parents!

    If you're interested, do try to find a way to RP at Anita/Turnus, though a quick message / contact through here can work, too. :)

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    This post is no longer relevant.
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    Same with this one!
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    Eritheyl said:
    In addition to the above, we're also accepting offers for respectable people to bloodbond in (as Morshoth's sibling). We're very picky (as you can tell by the still-empty family tree!), but feel free to ask if you have any interest whatsoever. We're not mean people!

    I'm totally mean -nod-
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    Fania said:

    - Not be an alt created for the soul purpose of joining this family.


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    I thought you created alts solely for the purpose of being Lusternia's entire playerbase. In that case you can quite easily join the family.
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    By that logic, he already is in the family.
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    A few more cannot hurt!
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    Ad Removed.
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    It is only a little pressure on the understood boundaries of yourself."

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    Leaving behind one's skills and artifacts for an alt is incredibly difficult, especially long-term. Also, I am addicted to Omniscience.
  • XenthosXenthos Shadow Lord Member Posts: 6,425 Transcendent
    Also, having to collect a second set of curios? Eugh!
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    My Halli person doesn't like leaving her muddy boots behind.

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    Hey, I'm out here looking for kids. You can't blame me, it's rough in the (c) Real World.
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    Xenthos said: Also, I am addicted to Omniscience.

    Me too.
  • ElanorwenElanorwen The White Falconess Member Posts: 2,927 Transcendent
    Isune said:
    Xenthos said: Also, I am addicted to Omniscience.

    Me too.
    Share! I'd like some Omni myself. *snuffle*

    Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.
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    Isune said:
    Xenthos said: Also, I am addicted to Omniscience.

    Me too.
    You have no idea how much this scares me.

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    Shaddus said:
    Isune said:
    Xenthos said: Also, I am addicted to Omniscience.

    Me too.
    You have no idea how much this scares me.

    It should.
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    I figured I might put up a reverse ad for Ahzek, even if he doesn't have the required time. I would prefer a Gaudiguch family, preferably human/dracnari mostly. I'm not too picky though. As long as it isn't Hallifaxian.

    Ahzek is a dracnari minstrel, but looks fairly human. Addicted to piercings. Easy-going. Occasionally wishes to burn down everything. Loves influencing, shuns hunting. Transed three skills, thanks to awesome wet presents. Will most likely make you lots of jewelry.

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    Dude, I can post again, so I'll put this up

    D'cente` is looking for some people to shove them towards Great House but we're picky in the process. 

    D'cente` itself is a rowdy bunch with an Egotistic Leader who hates practically everyone. The family itself is rich and has many resources which allow the procurement of credits and money provided the work towards them is done. 

    D'cente` currently is the largest Esteem selling family in the Basin as well, and is working on projects of massive proportions using their gold resources. 

    We also know all the great bashing spots, will help you out in any endeavors required.

    What do I need from you? Goals. Everyone in D'cente` has a strong will to accomplish whatever they desire. Be it a superior fighter, a rich merchant, or a high standing politician. Never give up! (Never Surrender)
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    I am an I-thiest

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  • SylvaniSylvani Member Posts: 1 Inept
    Name: Sylvani
    Race: Aslaran
    Guild: BlackTalon
    Commune: Glomdoring
    Likes: Rp, Having luxuries and goals to set and meet, being able to strive what is unobtainable.
    Goals: To become a high rank in commune, to become rich, to have the largest manse and successful aethershop.
    Dislikes: Drama, non-serious players

    He would like some family, He is already 41 and circle 57. Striving to be more ambitious, but never had anyone to look up to or talk to like most have family. He doesnt know what its like to have a family or siblings to play with.
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    Finally dug this thread up!

    @Munsia posted a few up so now my turn, it has been a while. D'Cente is still looking for more good quality children! (Oh yes, did we mention our family name got change just slightly? can see the difference from the last time Munsia posted.)

    - Own no less than 1 aethershop
    - Own 1 city shop in Magnagora proper
    - 2 smaller fully upgraded aetherships
    - 1 huge also fully upgraded ship
    - More commodity mines than any one person rightly should have
    - Own at least one cartel for every trade
    - We are almost always willing to go hunting! - yes, we will help you to level up no matter what level you are!
    - We dabble in a little of just about everything. If we don't know about it, we will learn with you.

    - Well, Munsia. If you do not have thick skin you may not do well in this family.

    What we are looking for:
    We are looking for children, or people to marry our children! You must have some kind of goal in your characters life and be prepared to work for it. We will help you, but will not take you by the hand and baby you to it. The weak will be eaten alive. So, goals, backbone, thick skin, drive - this about sums it up.

    You may poke @Yuniko + @Deino, or @Yoseph + @Jerica (if you can catch them), or @Munsia + @Arimisia in game. Or you can just message me here and can work something out!
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    I'd like to make a reverse-ad for Thayan, who is looking for parents (or siblings). 

    She is 65, elfen, and a citizen of Gaudiguch (I'd prefer a Gaudi family, though would consider others). She's an enthusiastic designer with several cartels and a shop, and also likes to write books and plays. She's shy, quiet and hopeless at combat. 

    Please PM me or contact in game.
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    Nephelai will soon have enough time (since I'll be logging on more) to join a family! A Serenwilde family would be preference, with similar waking times to her!

    She's a faeling who lives in Serenwilde, and is in the Hartstone. She's very passionate about elder moonharts, and making sure the trees and forest in general are well cared for. She also likes pixies.

    She hasn't left Serenwilde very often, only to find pilgrims and bards/scholars once in a while, but that's as far as her exploring has gone, but she plans to do more when she is more confident to do so. She would also like to get into defending (combat) eventually, as then she really will be a caretaker of the forest!

    Nephelai has no goals at the moment, she is still young - just that she wants to help the pixies, and look after trees.

    Contact me in a PM or RP at me IG :) (RP is good)

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    Hive Ankhemet is still very much active, and always looking for new kephera to welcome into the wonderful world of racial roleplay, now with new and improved understanding of languages, philosphies and UV culture, including the Hyfae of the Tryko!

    A big 90~* room manse, complete with a fully constructed aethership, full complement of private cartels (which means custom furniture), 20 commodity gems (which means free stuff), and personal quarters.
    Access to a (small) racial roleplay community and as much relevant lore as we can get you.

    Conditions; Ankhemet kephera are expected to follow several simple rules, most of which are commonsense things regarding RP fidelity.
    - You must tolerate kephera from competing cities while in the Hive.
    - You must not fraternise with Magnagorans, Glomdorians or illithoid (all those guys are evil)
         - This means you may not marry the above.
    - You must not harm kephera nor aid the illithoid.

    Contact me in-game, via IC or OOC tells, messages, or just walk on over. Chances are that if you're kephera, you'll be seeing me at some point.
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    When you say 'languages'...what do you mean? How is a language a part of kephera racial RP?
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