Ministry of Research Part II

So, I do not normally use the forums and it is my first time to start a discussion so please bear with me (and to quote Adele, Go easy on me...)

Anyhow, I am here to pitch my idea, very much like the same as what proposed before (please see but still different to some extent.

I understand that in the course of time, there have been several developments to the research system, primarily addressing the upkeep of research levels as mentioned on the changelogs and reports that led to easier management of the research projects.

However, there are a few points that are, I think, worth reviewing;

1, I personally believe that all the research types have their own pros and cons and since there are four types and only three guilds, ultimately, there will be one to be left behind. The problem here is, the burden lies on the guild or the org as to which research type should be chosen. So there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the research type, like what is needed by the org, what is "appropriate" to the guild in terms of lore, concept, etc. or whatever reason there might be. Given how tedious it is to build (which is completely understandable) and change research types (as stated here,, it could possibly be difficult to properly choose what research type works for the guild and;

2,  In connection to the above and considering the changes made to the upkeep of research, I think it is time that we can have some sort of a fail-safe and another system in place to complement the existing system.

Having said and collated all these information, I believe that a new ministry, Ministry of Research, is a good addition to the game with the following structure and caveat:
  • The Ministry of Research can support the guilds in managing the research projects (only as necessary) as well as start a new but "temporary" research type that will help the guilds (or the org) to strategically choose and change the research type, considering that the research effects affect the org entirely.
For example, Guild A has research type(RT) 1 and wants to try RT 2. Guild A would have to spend 502 anomalies, 26,000 commodities, 2.5M gold. Then, Guild A cannot easily go back to the previous research type if needed by the org, otherwise, it will be another spending (equivalent to double costs).
  • Starting a temporary research comes with a hefty power cost to the org (perhaps 500k power?) but will have half of the cost (anomaly, commodities and gold)
  • The Ministry can decide to keep up the temporary research (on a need basis) and can do so with the current upkeep cost but with additional 100k power cost.
  • The Ministry may only end the temporary research project. The temporary research automatically ends after 5 years regardless of whatever level.
  • The Ministry can only interfere with the keeping up or advancing of a guild research, provided that the guildleader is no longer active (as indicated by being unranked) or the guildleader position is vacant or being contested/in voting stage.
  • The aides can check the status any research but upkeep the temporary research only. Only the Minister or the Org leader can advance the temporary research and upkeep the guild research projects.
Note: The Ministry of Research is proposed to be designed to support the guilds on the side. The main responsibility of checking, keeping up, advancing the guild research is still with the corresponding guilds and their leaders.



Just like the guild's version, but shows the status of all the research projects for the org unless appended with the specific type. Can only be done in the council room.

CITY/COMMUNE ALLOCATE <amount> <anomaly/gold/commodity> TO <type>

This would allow the Ministry to directly deposit anomalies, gold sovereigns, and commodities to the research project as if they were standing there to do it themselves given they have the proper privs. Can only be done in the council room.

CITY/COMMUNE COMM <amount> <commodity> TO RESEARCH

Allows the Trade ministry to grant commodities from the stash to the newly formed Ministry of Research.


Same as guild's version, but allows the Minister to start, advance, or end the research from the council room.

I hope that this proposal be looked into and considered (or adjusted accordingly), despite knowing that there are a lot on the plate of the admin because I see it something to be helpful to the guilds who are considering to change the research types. For everyone, feel free to share your thoughts if there are issues that I may have overlooked or just about anything related to this idea.

Credit to Makai for the sample syntax and the overall idea


  • Nicely written proposal, explains the problem and proposes a solution.

    The problem, in summary, appears to be threefold:

    1) Absent GMs endanger Research Projects.
    2) Trying out a different Research Path is very costly.
    3) Inability of checking status of Guild Research by anyone but the Guild.

    I'll go through each of those one by one.

    1) The Research privilege can be invested into Guild ranks, meaning more people than just the Guildmaster can manage Research Projects. This has been added so that the whole responsibility does not rest just on the GM, especially should there be absences. 

    2) Switching research is costly, that is true. That is by design because of the powers it bestows in return. Introducing a whole new way to circumvent the cost is, essentially, agreeing that the cost is too high. However, we believe the cost is fair for the powers. While we are not opposed to the idea of temporary research, perhaps just for a single power, we do not believe it is needed right this moment. The costs are steep, but it is a research project and an opportunity for a Guild to rally, save up, and make a proper project out of it.

    3) This could certainly be improved, someone should likely be able to have an overview of research taking place on the whole. Just this alone is insufficient to justify a Research Ministry right now, but such a power could be given to the CL. No names for the projects, as some are very secretive, but a general overview could be done.

    We'll keep this in mind as we work!
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