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I stole this from the Aetolia forums because I thought it was fun. SHAAAARE.

Character Name: Celina Nightshade

Race: Mugwump
Gender: Female
Guild: Shadowdancers
City/Commune: Glomdoring
Order: Shikari


Hair: Long, perfectly straight, and alabaster white.
Eyes: large and scarlet 
Height: Average to slightly tall for her race
Build: Lithe and athletic. Dancer-esque.
Defining Features: Rather plain appearance. She always dresses in simple black attire and keeps her person rather non descript but composed.
Piercings: None
Scars: None


Strengths: Absolute personal confidence, emotionally detached and in control of her feelings, nautral affinity for leadership, absolute loyalty to a few individuals, deeply devoted to her faith.
Weaknesses: Very short fuse, often arrogant, ruled by her pride, sometimes blindly zealous about what she believes, very standoffish towards those she does not know, extremely posessive, intense dislike of the politics required of leadership, prone to challenge authority.
Attitude: Distant and arrogant, very cold and distant most of the time. Extremely passioniate and fiery when incited.  
Morals: Absolutely none. Morality conflicts with her devotion to Glomdoring and Mother Night. For those two things, she will do absolutely anything.
Pet Peeves: Insecure leadership, people who are afraid of conflict, politics.
Best way to piss me off: Challenge her authority.
Best way to get on my good side: Fight with her.


Color: Black
Tertiary: healing
Tertiary Skill: radiate auric/radiate phlegmatic (aeon immunity)
Primary Skill: Nightgaze
Location: Her throne in her manse
God/Goddess: Nocht, for his awakening of Mother Night. She has never really forgiven Shikari.
Guild Master/House Head (all time): Astraea as Queen.
Artifact (don't have to own): Magic damage rune
Commodity: Silk
Animal: Black widow. They eat their husbands.
Item owned: Her medallion 
Village/forest/region: Waste Facility with all the zombies
NPC: Rowena Nightshade
Memory: Fighting alongside Rowena against the dominators 
Song: She does not sing. The one wiccans sing when they summon their fae?
Drink: She does not drink


Goals: Eventually convert to Nocht.
Amibitions: The ever elusive avatar
Nemesis: Tacita
Rival: Doesn't really have one
Best Friend: Astraea is the only person she confides in
Idol: Rowena
Best personal achievement: Ascendancy. 
Worst personal achievement: Abandoning the sinking Mag ship for Glomdoring in a remarkably treacherous way.
Proudest moment: Ascendancy.
Most shameful moment: Rage quitting Glomdoring and storming off to Gaudi because of an obnoxious OH.
If I could make one wish: Night names me her fourth avatar :>

Why you should hate her: If you are not a member of Glomdoring, she will kill you for any reason. Or for no reason at all. Or your friends. Or your loved ones. She's also bluntly unapologetic about it.
Why you should love her: She makes a pretty convincing Queen bitch, if you're into that sort of thing. If you are one of the few she lets get close, she will move mountains for you.
Why you should fear her: She has a keen understanding of her worth and abilities, and will push and manipulate every boundary as far as it can possibly be stretched to get her way.
Why he is harmless: She is getting very lazy in her old age.
If he ruled the world, you'd best expect: Epic griefing.


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    These kinds of things usually make me feel like my character is super boring. I'll give it a shot and see what turns up.   :D
    I used to make cakes.

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    Character: Parua


    Race: Furrikin
    Gender: Female
    Guild: Illuminati
    City/Commune: Gaudiguch
    Order: None


    Fur/Hair: Spotted skunk, has long black and white hair, black on top with a white underlayer
    Eyes: Small and black
    Height: 18 inches when she stretches to her full height - shrunk down with demihood
    Build: robes conceal her form, though what's visible is rather asexual and almost childlike, due to size and proportions
    Defining Features: Spotted skunk markings, paw-hands and true paws for feet, long bushy tail, 18 inches tall
    Piercings: None
    Scars: small thin line on her right paw
    Tattoos: vines on her arms and legs, and fae on her chest - though that will probably go soon


    Strengths: Dedicated, hard working, strives to be helpful, optimistic
    Weaknesses: Memory issues, low self-esteem, worrier, takes things personally, tends to zealotry, very stubborn!
    Attitude: Generally upbeat and happy, friendly, loving
    Morals: Believes in the right of every individual to own their existance - from the lowliest mosquito to the highest Divine- so long as their continued existance does not infringe upon the life of another
    Pet Peeves: being picked up (without her permission) folks who threaten (or joke about) eating her
    Best way to piss her off: belittle her efforts
    Best way to get on her good side: Possess intelligence, a sense of humor, and manners 


    Color: Yellow
    Tertiary: Astrology
    Tertiary Skill: Lion or Dolphin sphere
    Primary Skill:  Window
    Location: dock of yearning or dock of forgetfulness in Mysrai's realm
    God/Goddess: She is very intrigued by Mysrai
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): None yet
    Artifact (don't have to own): Rainbow vials
    Commodity: cloth
    Animal: in general: skunks, specifically: her massive snow phoenix
    Item owned: 
    Village/forest/region: Estelbar and Tolborolla
    Memory: >_>
    Song: n/a
    Drink: jasmine tea


    Goals: To regain her memories and find her family.
    Amibitions: To rise in her guild 
    Nemesis: n/a
    Rival: n/a
    Best Friend: @Kethaera
    Idol: @Xypher
    Best personal achievement: Becoming a Demigoddess at  22, becoming GA of Moondancers at 24/25 (not that she remembers either of these things)
    Worst personal achievement: Successfully running out two guild members (see above)
    Proudest moment: Riluna trusting her to stock the shop (-sniffle-)
    Most shameful moment: Sending a poisoned apple dish to Lillie in Magnagora (memories D:)
    If she could make one wish: Regain all her lost memories and find her family

    Why you should hate her: Her past choices and mistakes, and the fact that she doesn't remember them.
    Why you should love her: She is earnest, kind, affectionate, and hard working.
    Why you should fear her: You shouldn't, she's really harmless
    Why she is harmless: No combat abilities, overly trusting, did I mention 18" tall?
    If she ruled the world, you'd best expect: Her to quickly find somebody more suited to the job.
    A whisper from the trees and a frosty presence tells you, secretly, "But you are strong, little 
    flower, and wise." The voice shifts and expands, becoming more real. "And everything you just said 
    in the ritual made me feel safer. You should, too."
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    @Talan it's a double-edged sword. What he went through afterwards, being enemied to all that and still trying to defend Ethereal Serenwilde while the Ladies attacked him, his execution, and what it took to regain his honour were all awesome things. But it's listed as his worst personal achievement because of all the innocent death and destruction it caused.
    Everiine is a man, and is very manly. This MAN before you is so manly you might as well just gender bend right now, cause he's the manliest man that you ever did see. His manly shape has spurned many women and girlyer men to boughs of fainting. He stands before you in a manly manerific typical man-like outfit which is covered in his manly motto: "I am a man!"

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    Animal: Her shadowfiend hyena. @Ried Description plz?
    I used to make cakes.

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    Daraius said:
    Animal: Her shadowfiend hyena. @Ried Description plz?
    Tenebrous whorls and eddies shift across this hyena's bowed form, ceaseless and mesmerising in their 
    movements. They drip and bleed into the ground and split from the coarse fur in smoky wisps, as if 
    the beast was wrought from the shadows themselves. He measures nine hands at the shoulder and cuts 
    an unwieldy frame, his back hunched and sloping to accommodate the mismatched height of his legs. 
    His features are repulsive, with saliva dribbling from between yellowed fangs, a blunt muzzle 
    flecked with dried blood, and eyes of a sickly hue alight with wicked mirth. He is called 'Kivuli.'
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    Tacita is in Gaudiguch?
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    -polite gasp-

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    Yes. Also, no.
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    Character Name: Sakaki

    Race: Aslaran
    Gender: Male
    Guild: Ninjakari
    City/Commune: Magnagora
    Order: Drocilla


    Hair: Short, wild, unkempt black hair
    Eyes: Icy blue
    Height: A little over 5ft.
    Build: Athletic, lightly muscled
    Defining Features: None yet.
    Piercings: None
    Scars: None


    Strengths: Deceptive, Manipulative
    Weaknesses: Can be very arrogant at times, though around a select few people, he will show a kinder side, a rare break in the facade.
    Attitude: Extremely ambitious.  He has plans for the Ninjakari and to better the Engine, but his plans remain secret.
    Morals: Supportive of fellow members of the Engine, particularly those who have a use in furthering his ambitions.  Merciless towards enemies.
    Pet Peeves: He hates it when people get nervous around him for no reason.
    Best way to piss me off: Pick holes out in his plans
    Best way to get on my good side: Show ambition or help him with his goals.


    Color: Dark blue
    Tertiary: Stealth
    Tertiary Skill: *To be updated*
    Primary Skill: *To be updated*
    Location: He is too busy to linger in one place for long.
    God/Goddess: Definitely @Drocilla
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): @Lavinya (and not just because she is his mother :p )
    Artifact (don't have to own): Wounding rune
    Commodity: Iron
    Animal: None. He considers animals lesser beings.
    Item owned: No favourite. 
    Village/forest/region: The mountains, they give a good view of the basin.
    NPC: No favourite.
    Memory: *To be updated* 
    Song: He does not sing.
    Drink: Fruit Juice


    Goals: Short term: Become a Guild Head. (Achieved!)  New goal: Achieve status in Drocilla's order.  Long term: *That's a secret!*
    Amibitions: Like he's going to tell!
    Nemesis: None yet.
    Rival: None yet.
    Best Friend: @Tremula
    Idol: Drocilla.  She has always looked on him kindly and has provided him with a lot of useful advice in the past.
    Best personal achievement: Becoming both Guild Administrator and Minister of Cultural Affairs.
    Worst personal achievement: *to be updated*
    Proudest moment: *to be updated*
    Most shameful moment: *to be updated*
    If I could make one wish: Show that becoming a TA is quite possible with sufficient support, for someone not a Demigod or Vernal Ascendant.

    Why you should hate him: If you are not a member of Magnagora, he plans to make his home the reason the basin fears the shadows once more.  His arrogance can also be extremely irritating if he looks upon you as being beneath him.
    Why you should love him: If you are someone that he takes a benevolent look on and are able to get close enough to him to convince him to let down his facade, he is a good friend and will go out of his way to help you.
    Why you should fear him: He is extremely manipulative, so it can be hard to know if he truly considers you a friend or just a means to an end.  Best to just enjoy the ride though.
    Why he is harmless: Who said he was harmless?  Seriously though, his ambitions are currently centered around his home city and guild, he has little time to be bothered by stray individuals.
    If he ruled the world, you'd best expect: Fun games with very nasty twists to them. Deception and Chaos is his forte.
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    Character Name: Silvanus d'Murani

    Race: Viscanti (reality Faeling, wishes Viscanti was capable)
    Gender: Male
    Guild: Cacophony
    City: Magnagora
    DisOrder: Morgfyre

    Hair: Unidentifiable
    Eyes: black
    Height: Average height for male, around six feet
    Build: Scrawny
    Defining Features: Rotten flesh
    Scars: Entire body is a walking scar

    Strengths: Determined, helpful, will go to great lengths to accomplish his goals
    Weaknesses: Stubborn, arrogant, will go to great lengths to accomplish his goals, often ignoring problems that might arise
    Attitude: Calm and polite, but when angered, extremely volatile and dangerous
    Morals: Surprise Surprise! Very Magnagoran-centric, if it benefits Magnagora, it aligns with Silv's morals
    Best way to piss me off: Don't do your duty.
    Best way to get on my good side: Do your duty.

    Color: Black
    Tertiary: Hexes
    Tertiary Skill: Vapors!
    Primary Skill: Sacrifice! 
    Location: My Throne
    God/Goddess: Morgfyre
    Guild Master: 
    Artifact: My Mandolin
    Commodity: Gems
    Animal: my hydra
    Item owned: A specially engraved ring from a special someone!
    Region: Nil
    NPC: Luciphage
    Memory: Finally being honored by the Nihilists
    Song: S - I - L - V - A - N - U - S "What's that spell?"
    Drink: Green Tea

    Goals: The Magnagoran Empire rules like Old Celest
    Amibitions: Avatar of Legion
    Nemesis: Anyone that's against me
    Rival: Anyone that's against me
    Best Friend: @Lavinya! Though @Leolamins and @Thoros are right there
    Idol: Morgfyre!
    Best personal achievement: Being honored by the Nihilists and Geos
    Worst personal achievement: Being kicked from Magnagora a couple of times, or losing Warlord
    Proudest moment: Being the third longest standing Warlord
    Most shameful moment: Barely losing Warlord without even defending it.
    If I could make one wish: To have grandchildren to spoil and shape in my evil image. (I stole that from Lavi!)
    Why you should hate him: He's killed you.
    Why you should love him: He killed you. Then gave you advice on how not to die.
    Why you should fear him: After listening to that advice, you still died.
    Why he is harmless: I love kittens!
    If he ruled the world, you'd best expect: Well, let's be honest, if Silvanus ruled the world, you wouldn't be here.
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