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    Given Name: Alaksanteri

    Family Name: n'Kylbar / Elithysius


    Race: Viscanti / Changeling

    Gender: Female

    Guild: Nihilists

    City/Commune: Magnagora

    Order: Morgfyre




    Hair: long, auburn

    Eyes: wide, azure with speckles of grey

    Height: 5'3"

    Build: Slender

    Defining Features: While very Magnagoran in her attire, she wears and enjoys very colourful items

    Piercings: -

    Scars: A large one to her chest due to a datura-induced ritual where she offered her living heart to Morgfyre and replaced it with live snakes.




    Strengths: She enjoys social interactions and events. Designing is her favourite activity. She likes to rethink things and often starts her own projects with the hope to better what currently exists.

    Weaknesses: It is hard to actually make her follow through with all she has in mind as she is unstable and her span of attention is limited, but she does have a lot of ideas.

    Attitude: Rather friendly and a bit all over the place when she gets interested in things. She easily forgets people around in order to concentrate herself on projects.

    Morals: She is polite and will work with everyone but she actually has respect for very few people, who have earned it through their efforts and achievements. Titles don't matter much.

    Pet Peeves: While being part of Magnagoran aristocracy, she did not reject her heritage but she somehow rejected the idea that being part of a renowned family makes anyone superior. She despises any display of nepotism or favouritism based on belonging to a family/whatever rather than on personal achievements.

    Best way to piss me off: Nepotism, bossy character,sheep behaviour or poor judgement are the best ways to lose Alaksanteri's interest and respect.

    Best way to get on my good side: Be someone intelligent, self-reliant and able to bring interesting ideas.




    Color: Blue and green

    Tertiary: Astrology

    Tertiary Skill: Astroglide or Meteorstorm

    Primary Skill: Demonweb

    Location: Libraries, Morgfyre's realm

    God/Goddess: Morgfyre

    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Nariah

    Artifact (don't have to own): Cameo of the Changeling

    Commodity: Silk

    Animal: Her hydra, Eka

    Item owned:  Her aethership, Nerium Oleander

    Village/forest/region: i'Xiia asylum, Presidio of the Damned

    NPC: Lady Nadira

    Memory: When Morgfyre appointed her as His High Priestess of Whispers :)

    Song: She sometimes hums something that resembles a song I guess...

    Drink: teas, wine and whiskey




    Goals: Produce more scholarly things, arts and designs. Always more.

    Amibitions: Become a walking encyclopedia. Know as much as possible, make all the possible connections and become a greater artist.

    Nemesis: Alaksanteri's short attention span and disinterest for such makes it hard to even recognize a nemesis...

    Rival: None. For the same reason stated above.

    Best Friend: Revan, her great grandfather, used to be a close friend as well. These months she simply talks to a lot of people without recognizing one best friend.

    Idol: Morgfyre

    Best personal achievement: Working very hard during her youth then serving as Heresiarch and as Librarian.

    Worst personal achievement: Started around twelve books that were never actually finished. Then having more ideas about new books... *sigh*

    Proudest moment: Becoming the High Priestess of Whispers for Lord Morgfyre.

    Most shameful moment: Being dormant for a few decades.

    If I could make one wish: Finish all her books. Earn more essence. Serve as Avatar for Morgfyre. That last one would be the greatest wish of all.




    Why you should hate her: She does not care about your feelings concerning her. She will keep doing whatever she was going to do anyways if you don't provide better logical arguments.

    Why you should love her: If you have her interested in your work or that you demonstrate your skills in areas of knowledge, she will assist you and will do what is in her power to give you a fair chance to succeed. She tries to be as objective as possible and will value your input above personal feelings.

    Why you should fear her: She can be quite persuasive.

    Why she is harmless: She prefers words, arts and theories to combat.

    If she ruled the world, you'd best expect: Better culture, education and arts. Everyone would have the obligation to either read or write a lot and to never stop learning.

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    Character Name: Bandeon

    Race: Orclach
    Gender: Male
    Guild: Paladins
    City/Commune: Celest
    Order: Formerly Isune, none now


    Hair: White
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: Seven feet, but a little stooped with age
    Build: Still fit, but not as build as ye used to be
    Defining Features: Usually looks amused at things, missing an eye
    Piercings: None
    Scars: Lots and lots.


    Strengths: Good at inspiring people, very loyal
    Weaknesses: Not the brightest, nowhere near as good a fighter as he should be
    Attitude: People are more important than ideas
    Morals: Duty, honor, value of people over politics
    Pet Peeves: Zealotry, rudeness, being the only orclach in Celest.
    Best way to piss me off: Treating people like things
    Best way to get on my good side: Have a sense of humor


    Color: Gray
    Tertiary: Athletics
    Tertiary Skill: Surge
    Primary Skill: Pureblade
    Location: Island in the Inner Sea
    God/Goddess: Currently Darvellan.
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Jerah
    Artifact (don't have to own): Fesix Bandolier
    Commodity: Iron
    Animal: Ulster, his hound
    Item owned: Wedding ring
    Village/forest/region: Rockholm/Serenwilde/Bondero Bay
    NPC: Dame Eluzmith
    Memory: Council that founded the Paladins
    Song: None really
    Drink: Water


    Goals: Finish the Paladin rework
    Amibitions: Leave a good legacy in the Paladins
    Nemesis: Viravain
    Rival: Marcella
    Best Friend: Kurama
    Idol: Jerah
    Best personal achievement: Being elected guildmaster twice
    Worst personal achievement: Failing spectacularly at his job as champion
    Proudest moment: .Being chosen to help lead the Paladins three times.
    Most shameful moment: Failing to stop the birth of the Ebonglom 
    If I could make one wish: A settlement of orclach somewhere in the Basin


    Why you should hate her: He has a very specific sense of right and wrong, and falling on the wrong side is difficult but generally not reversible
    Why you should love her:What you see is what you get. He's not very sneaky or dishonest, and he's a terrible liar.
    Why you should fear her: There's a lot of rage under that amiable facade
    Why she is harmless: No depth perception, he's missing an eye!

    necro thread
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    Race: loboshigaru
    Gender: Female
    Guild: None. Formerly of the Shofangi
    City/Commune: Serenwilde, then hallifax
    Order: -


    Anthromorphic cross between a fox and a wolf.

    Fur: Russet Red with hints of grey (brindle), Cream and black
    markings: English Red Fox. White half mask, fading down to cream down the front of her torso. Tail tipped with cream, black ears and, black socks
    Eyes: Umber.
    Height:Short for a loboshigaru but tall for a furrikin. Four feet two inches.
    Build: Proportions of a wolf, head and tail of a fox. Stocky with a martial gr ace. Well proportioned
    Defining Features: A  loboshigaru who resembles a fairfox furrikin.
    Piercings: Left ear.
    Scars: hunting scars all over her back and belly. Now fading with age.


    Strengths: Loyal to a fault.
    Weaknesses: many. short tempered, impatient and autocratic.
    Attitude:  Friendly but currently very lazy. An educator.
    Morals: 'Respect, Honor, Community'. Thinks that the taint and the wyrd are evil things and should be avoided at all costs. The purity of the forest is sacred because without nature we would all be dead.
    Pet Peeves: dying.
    Best way to piss me off: Pk
    Best way to get on my good side: Feed me


    Color: Forest green
    Skills: Shofangi,  Harmony and tattoos
    Location: up in the trees.
    God/Goddess: Serenwilde pantheon
    Guild Master/House Head (all time):
    Artifact -:
    Commodity: -
    Animal: Horse. Her pet horse Shuran whom she raised from a colt.
    Item owned: -
    Village/forest/region: Serenwilde. Any patch of wild forest.
    NPC: -
    Memory: being nominated as guild administrator
    Song: idea. an instrumental lighthearted orchestra piece.
    Drink: Whiskey, ale, wine, champagne, beer and tea.


    Goals: at present - demigod and building a large aethercraft ship.
    Amibitions: shape the shofangi into something vibrant and more than a 'combat guild', start the fairfox historical house and learn combat. build a thriving family clan.
    Best personal achievement: Shofangi
    Worst personal achievement: Shofangi
    Proudest moment: .Shofangi
    Most shameful moment: Shofangi.

    She's comfortable with where she's at now and has no ambitions to do more, even if she feels that she should.


    Why you should hate her: she doesn't participate in the life of the community?
    Why you should love her: she's harmless.
    Why you should fear her:
    Why she is harmless: Her ambitions outmatch her abilities.
    If she ruled the world: Cities and their pollution would be tightly controlled. Wild nature would dominate with nary a hint of urbanization.  
    is dead like the dodo
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    Given Name: Salome
    Family Name: Nightshade (by House) & Nightshade (by Blood)

    Race: Changeling Faeling Demigoddess
    Gender: Female
    Guild: Shadowdancers
    City/Commune: Glomdoring
    Order: Viravain


    Hair: Black viper medusa hair
    Eyes: Colourless, pupilless eyes
    Height: Tinkerbell from Hook, can shrink and grow in size
    Build: Buxom, thin and demure.
    Defining Features: Her beautiful manicures.
    Piercings: Ears, Right Nostril, Chest.
    Scars: Ritual Scarring on Forearms.


    Strengths: A serial sociopath's guise, deception through social situations, murderous, cunning, sly, her beauty, kindness and overall connections to others. All of which means very little to her in terms of the Wyrd.
    Weaknesses: No Comment. We of False Memory have no weaknesses.
    Attitude: Adaptable
    Morals: The Wyrd is Perfection. What pleases Boss Lady, pleases her.
    Pet Peeves: Touching things that belong to her (aka @Tarkenton, @Tremula sort of), immediate disrespect of improving the Wyrd, people who ruin her plots.
    Best way to get on my good side: Bring her offerings of body parts, poetry, art, theatre, something that she needs to expand the Wyrd. Someone who is appreciated by Tarkenton. If @Tremula likes them, then Salome likes them as well, @Tremula is her best friend.


    Color: Blood in the Moonlight
    Tertiary: Healing
    Tertiary Skill: Auric Aura
    Primary Skill: Shadow Twisting
    Location: No Comment.
    God/Goddess: @Viravain, with @Drocilla a close second.
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): @Rancoura.
    Artifact: Gem of Cloaking
    Commodity: Amethyst, Spidersilk
    Animal: Squonk
    Item owned: A bracelet of thornbeast tendrils.
    NPC: The Fae, Queen Maeve.
    Memory: Courting with @Tarkenton and the Marriage, having Viravain touch her face, seeing @Emar for the last time.
    Song: The Horror of our Love, by Ludo or Hurt, by Johnny Cash
    Drink: Tea, Blood


    Goals: Avatar of Viravain, Ascendant of Glomdoring, famous leader, author and, playwright.
    Amibitions: To be beloved by Viravain, to raise a proper child or few to continue the Nightshade line.
    Nemesis: @Celina.
    Rival: @Lerad @Tarkenton - Who are the current VA's.
    Best Friend: @Tremula, @Stratas.
    Idol: @Astraea.
    Best personal achievement: Her marriage to @Tarkenton, the love of her life and her only refuge who understands her.  Plucking out @Niico 's eye, via Beatrix Kiddo style.
    Proudest moment: Being elected CL in Glomdoring in a difficult (still difficult) time of transition and being appointed into the Inner Circle of Viravain. When Maeve and the fae REMEMBERED HER NAME.
    Most shameful moment: Her Mother's abandoning Glomdoring to wallow in the (weed) smoke of Gaudiguch, and being cast out of Viravain's Order.


    Why you should hate her: She can play people, but her personality is so split that it will have an effect on her if she betrays you. She still cares, but then again...Not quite. She follows commands literally until they are either cast aside of executed.
    Why you should love her: She has a genuine love of taking care of others, she wishes to enrich their lives through knowledge. Tough love, being the opportune word, concealed in a Steel Magnolia gown.
    Why you should fear her: She controls Glomdoring and all of its constituents through a Court, which when finished growing could destroy you if she choose to do so.
    Why she is harmless: She's not harmless in the least, she will eat you.
    If she ruled the world, you'd best expect: The dark forest to rise all over the Basin, in a structure that promotes both strength, peace and expansion to planes beyond. A benevolent ruler, merciless and proactive.
    The apple is cold, crisp, and sour as the juices fill your mouth. As you consume the fruit, you glimpse, for a moment, a massive, shadowy figure, Her snow-white hair framing a perfect, icy-eyed visage. Beneath you, a vast, perfect web of silken strands lies - and, for a moment, you realize that you too are part of it, weaver and strand both - and home.
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    Character Name: Eritheyl


    Race: Changeling (predominantly loboshigaru)
    Gender: Male
    Guild: Cacophony
    City/Commune: Magnagora
    Order: Drocilla


    Hair: White, faint grey striping
    Eyes: Gold
    Height: Six to seven feet, ranges with posture (or more typically lack thereof)
    Build: Slim, lightly toned
    Defining Features: Gold painted ear tips, fabulous glitter-tail
    Piercings: Many, usually only tongue filled
    Scars: None of note


    Strengths: Adaptable, well-learned and eager to teach
    Weaknesses: Impatient, self-absorbed, argumentative
    Attitude: 'If you don't fit nicely into my plans, you don't exist'
    Morals: No pretense of morality
    Pet Peeves: When people have no idea what they're talking about
    Best way to piss me off: Spread false information, or blather for no reason
    Best way to get on my good side: Engage in friendly debates


    Color: Gold
    Tertiary: Illusions (despite being a Tarotist)
    Tertiary Skill: Changeself
    Primary Skill: Tritone
    Location: Anywhere in the Icewynd Mountains
    God/Goddess: @Mysrai (don't tell)
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): @Xypher as Keyll Arrane, close second @Persayis as Grand Monger
    Artifact (don't have to own): Changeling cameo
    Commodity: Cloth
    Animal: Ruslan, the fennec fox still imagined to be hiding in Somnius Manor
    Item owned: Tongue stud
    Village/forest/region: None/None/Icewynd
    NPC: The Voice of Jagrerox
    Memory: The years-long struggle spent begging Xaldrin to remarry him, becoming and re-becoming an Avatar
    Song: Jagrerox's prism song
    Drink: White wine


    Goals: Produce at least one competent child
    Amibitions: Push Somnius to Great House
    Nemesis: None
    Rival: None
    Best Friend: Xaldrin
    Idol: None
    Best personal achievement: None
    Worst personal achievement: Probably leaving a guild or two in shambles after trying to help them not suck
    Proudest moment: Receiving his first Cult
    Most shameful moment: Dissolving said Cult
    If I could make one wish: Mysrai would come to Magnagora and lead it into a golden renaissance


    Why you should hate him: He's rude, and will lead you into arguments with only the intent to make you feel stupid and stop talking
    Why you should love him: Not one of his concerns
    Why you should fear him: You shouldn't
    Why he is harmless: Extremely weak in body, zero combative skill to speak of
    If he ruled the world, you'd best expect: Mandatory haute couture
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    Character Name: Guennie Ashtalon


    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Guild: Templars
    City/Commune: Gaudiguch
    Order: Kalikai


    Hair: Long and shaggy, dyed magenta. Braid over one shoulder.
    Eyes: Steel grey.
    Height: On the short side, somewhere between 5' and 5'2".
    Build: Lean and muscular.
    Defining Features: Stained black fingers.
    Piercings: Ears.
    Scars: None.


    Strengths: Determined, sharp-witted, genuine.
    Weaknesses: Irritable, impulsive. Too much tsun, not enough dere.
    Attitude: Laidback until something inevitably gets on her nerves.
    Morals: Don't falter in the face of adversity. Don't cause problems where they don't need to be. Be honest. 
    Pet Peeves: Being ignored. Loud people.
    Best way to piss me off: Be a jerk or an idiot.
    Best way to get on my good side: Pizza.


    Color: Pink or black.
    Tertiary: Tracking.
    Tertiary Skill: Retriever.
    Primary Skill: Raze.
    Location: The forge, any forge. It's a love/hate relationship.
    God/Goddess: Kalikai.
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): No opinion.
    Artifact: Spurs of the Traveler.
    Commodity: Iron.
    Animal: Fennec fox.
    Item owned: Treasure map.
    Village/forest/region: Mt. Zoaka.
    NPC: The Editor in Grief of the Gaudiguch Gossip
    Memory: Meeting her first husband for the first time and deciding to move cities to be able to hang out with him more.
    Song: That cow song, probably.
    Drink: Whiskey.


    Goals: Get demigod. Finish the Hand thing. Learn to fight.
    Ambitions: Get better at everything.
    Nemesis: @Chirbo
    Rival: @Luce - declared him a rival during the Great Hunt. Not much to be rivals over since that ended, honestly. But you'll take our rivalry seriously one day, mark my words! 
    Best Friend: Probably @Talan
    Idol: None.
    Best personal achievement: Became GA of Templars.
    Worst personal achievement: Spent over an hour on a quest only to accidentally get enemied to the area near the end. Killed the rest of the denizens there out of frustration. Has still never bothered to fix the status.
    Proudest moment: Being thanked for the first time for something she did as GA. 
    Most shameful moment: Married @Alic. Poor impulse control is a hell of a drug.
    If I could make one wish: A wellspring of motivation that never runs out would be fab. 


    Why you should hate her: She's overly critical and frankly a bit of an asshole.
    Why you should love her: Secretly full of marshmallows and sunshine. She wants to be friends, she just doesn't know how.
    Why you should fear her: You might get sassed into oblivion if you get on her bad side. Seriously. It's happened.
    Why she is harmless: Sass isn't usually capable of deadly force. Hopeless in actual combat, never learned how fight.
    If she ruled the world, you'd best expect: Not really interested in ruling the world. Would probably only use the status to get free pizza.
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    Because you're not a real doctor.  Duh.
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    Because I knew you'd react like that. :D
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    Best Friend: Sylandra is probably the closest person to being a friend

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    Rule #1: SYLANDRA!!!
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    Given Name: Thul
    Family Name: d'Illici

    Race: Tae'dae
    Gender: Male
    Guild: Ninjakari
    City/Commune: Magnagora
    Order: None

    Hair: Grey/white fur, tapering into fog at the tips
    Eyes: Unnatural, stormy grey
    Height: Around 8'0"
    Build: As close to athletic as a tae'dae gets.
    Defining Features: Fog body, swirling with black tattoos all over.
    Piercings: -
    Scars: -

    Strengths: Creative, inquisitive, and smarter than the average bear. Better empathy than anyone born and raised in Glomdoring should have. Noted writer. Ridiculous durability.
    Weaknesses: Allergic to commitment, unsure of himself, shies from interpersonal conflict.
    Attitude: Polite in general, curious when something strikes his fancy, and occasionally outright childish.
    Morals: People over philosophies. At the end of the day, everybody's just trying to carve out their own place in the Basin, and it's up to you to protect your own, whether they be bright and shiny or dark and decaying.
    Pet Peeves:  Loud people, people too full of themselves, and hindrances to travel.
    Best way to piss me off: Hates having information withheld from him. Hates. There's a fine line between being mysterious and communicating badly. On the "communicating badly" side of the line, there're Gaudiguchian mystics. Past that a good distance are the spirits, and way past even that are the Verses of Magnora, his personal hate project.
    Also, nothing actually exists on the other side of the line. Learn conveyance, people.
    Best way to get on my good side: Feed me some interesting lore tidbits. Alternatively, honey-flavored anything. The racial stereotype is indeed justified.

    Color: Copper and verdigris
    Tertiary: Psychometabolism
    Tertiary Skill: Bloodboil
    Primary Skill: Ninukhi
    Location: Tolborolla for the company, Waste Facility for the cash.
    God/Goddess: Tae. Duh.
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Adracunin, from his Ebonguard days
    Artifact (don't have to own): Great Rune of Absorption
    Commodity: Goldtint
    Animal: Nuwa, the stealth rhino.
    Item owned:  Wedding claws, gifted by Kio
    Village/forest/region: Rikenfriez
    NPC: Kioul, Culinary Warrior
    Memory: Various classified events involving Stealth Masquerade and Infiltrate
    Song: -
    Drink: When no one's looking, honey. Hush.

    Goals: [REDACTED]
    Ambitions: Retire to the Ackleberry, raise a generation of kung fu bears.
    Nemesis: ...that's, uh. Not a healthy mindset.
    Rival: Used to be Sadie, back in his Nekotai days. 
    Best Friend: Lyora
    Idol: Viynain
    Best personal achievement: Completed Vernal Curio set.
    Worst personal achievement: Attempting to remain relevant as a rogue. Emphasis: attempting. 
    Proudest moment: First Bardic win.
    Most shameful moment: Getting caught puking drunk at the Master Ravenwood by an Ephemeral.
    If I could make one wish: Ackleberry. Come home.

    Why you should hate him: He's in your channels, in your base, and he's complaining about how boring it is.
    Why you should love him: He occasionally writes amusing literature. If he's on your side, he worries about you. Also, he's probably binge-feeding your God.
    Why you should fear him: He's loaded down with enough artifacts that realistically, he should be utterly terrifying.
    Why he is harmless: He still hasn't worked out how to become truly deadly. And honestly, he's not really interested in working it out.
    If he ruled the world, you'd best expect: That you're dealing with an alternate reality version, because there's no way he's going to put up with that much trouble.
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    Since it's been a while, I think it would be fun to see what holds and what doesn't.

    Tremula said:
    Character Name: Tremula Nitraedes 

    Race: Viscanti
    Gender: Changes at a whim.
    Guild: Sentinels
    City/Commune: Hallifax
    Order: None (Though still favours Drocilla)


    Hair: (F): Long full and white, drawn into a braid. (M): Cloud from Final Fantasy 7
    Eyes: Violet, one with seven pupils. (Six surrounding the middle one)
    Height: 8'6" or so.
    Build: Petite
    Defining Features: Cloud of Taint that constantly surrounds them.
    Piercings: L/R ear.
    Scars: None visible.


    Strengths: Quick to see through attempts at hiding things, knowledgeable about Soulless and Elder gods, and a great designer of (for lack of a better word) decadent creations, from cute bracelets to frighteningly complex jakari chains for their husband.
    Weaknesses: Temper problem, and they comes off as a giant bitch. Lack of patience and willingness to see the good in people.
    Attitude: Calm and collected until their temper flairs, a bit of a defeatist and fond of reminiscing.
    Morals: Gone, but for self-preservation.
    Pet Peeves: Repeating themselves.
    Best way to piss me off: Judge me based on my name, instead of interacting with me. Snubbing to get the last word and cutting off RP.
    Best way to get on my good side: RP'ing. Anything from combat to tea, someone willing to put the role-playing back in the RPG and not just focus on the last letter.


    Color: Orange.
    Tertiary: Psionics - Telepathy
    Tertiary Skill: Mindlink
    Primary Skill: Farguard - Cavalier
    Location: a fragrant garden before the Theatre of Bloody Threnodies
    God/Goddess: Drocilla, Viravain, Mysrai
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Lavinya
    Artifact (don't have to own): Font of the Gods
    Commodity: Silk
    Animal: Spiders/Nightingale
    Item owned: a thick steel ring bearing a lapis lazuli (a wedding ring with a hidden compartment for poison)
    Village/forest/region:  Kryden Valik 
    NPC: Jinlu Ilithya and Sebitti Silkenhand.
    Memory: Raising a war shrine on Nil with Drocilla taking the illusions she was going to do and turning them into full-fledged godmotes.
    Song: A lullaby that she can't quite remember fully.
    Drink: Red wine.


    Goals: Recover full use of her Voice.
    Amibitions: Avatar of Drocilla
    Nemesis: None, currently.
    Rival: @Portius
    Best Friend: @Portius.
    Idol: @Lavinya
    Best personal achievement: Got two order-favours from Fain for a ritual that she wrote as she was performing it. 
    Worst personal achievement: Joining Celest.
    Proudest moment: Getting demigod from Drocilla's truefavour, then having the sky painted for her as her silhouette was put up in the sky in stars.
    Most shameful moment: Getting her Voice stolen and being reduced to a husk without free will, forced to follow orders. She led people to shrines at their command and watched them get defiled, and ended up being used as a tool by a certain one-eyed Divine to get his revenge on Drocilla, finally making Tremula an Oathbreaker.
    If I could make one wish: Back in the order.

    Why you should hate her: She's a giant bitch with no morals.
    Why you should love her: If you get lucky, Spider Mama takes you under her wing and gives you anything you need.
    Why you should fear her: She has no qualms about dragging your name through the mud around the highest or the lowest, and she's been known to make artwork depicting your downfall if you get on her bad side.
    Why she is harmless: She's too melancholic to do anything properly vengeful.

                          * * * WRACK AND ROLL AND DEATH AND PAIN * * *
                                         * * * LET'S FEEL THE FEAR OF DEATH AGAIN * * *
              * * * WE'LL KILL AND SLAUGHTER, EAT THE SLAIN * * *

    Ixion tells you, "// I don't think anyone else had a clue, amazing form."
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    Character Name: Sylvanas n'Lochli

    Race: Faeling
    Gender: Female
    Guild: Cacophony
    City: Magnagora
    Order: @Drocilla

    Hair: shoulder-length, silvery blonde
    Eyes: red
    Height: 4 feet
    Build: slender, delicate, willowy
    Defining Features: plum and black butterfly wings
    Scars: None, but veins are visible

    Strengths: Teacher/mentor; overall good understanding of politics; combatant
    Weaknesses: tendency to be impulsive when speaking; over-complicates things
    Attitude: generally pretty open and friendly but keeps to herself a lot
    Morals: tries to do what she perceives as morally right, keeps herself to a strict code of honor
    Best way to piss me off: talk about combat and try to make decisions on it when you're not a combatant
    Best way to get on my good side: be respectful

    Color: Purple
    Tertiary: Tarot
    Tertiary Skill: Catacombs
    Primary Skill: Necroscream/IronChord
    Location: the garden near the Cacophony Theatre
    God/Goddess: Drocilla/Morgfyre
    Guild Master: Aois-Dana @Zarialle (close second being Heresiarch @Esca)
    Artifact: Pig Nose
    Commodity: Ruby
    Animal: Eagle
    Item owned: Violin
    Region: Nosfydra
    NPC: Nifilhema
    Memory: First kill
    Song: Combat song (self written)
    Drink: Whitetea

    Goals: Kill lots of people.
    Amibitions: Annihilate all of the Celestians
    Rival: None
    Best Friend: @Yarou @Zarialle
    Best personal achievement: None yet
    Worst personal achievement: None yet
    Proudest moment: Becoming n'Lochli and Crescendo
    Most shameful moment: Entering an Archway into a group of Celestians.
    If I could make one wish: To spend the rest of my days slaying Celestians until they're all gone
    Why you should hate her: She can be really harsh
    Why you should love her: Loyal to the end
    Why you should fear her: She's determined
    Why she is harmless: She has honor
    If she ruled the world, you'd best expect: Chaos
    Flames erupt from the caldera below as a distorted voice echoes, "Their spirit must be broken if they wish to be reborn as true warriors."
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    >not Sylvanas' idol
  • XenthosXenthos Shadow Lord Member Posts: 6,718 Transcendent
    I was going to give you a "like" until I got to the Idols line.  Can't like that, sorry!
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    So I'm pretty sure said Sidd said 3k credits. What's your price? :P
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    Xenthos said:
    I was going to give you a "like" until I got to the Idols line.  Can't like that, sorry!

    I have no idea what you're talking about, I'm my own idol. Give me my like.
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    yarou n'lochli
    ❝.. Someone so childish for a leader .. ❞ - Kalnid.
    ❝Adorable.❞ - Grench.

    ❝You're a goat.❞ - Marcella.

    gender: female
    species: pygmy goat furrikin
    guild: cacophony
    city/commune: magnagora
    divine order: lady drocilla, the enchantress


    hair: teal-blue, often bound in pigtails or some such nonsense
    eyes: yellow-gold
    height: average height for a furrikin
    build: muscular and sturdy despite her short stature
    defining features: her cute little fluffy tail and horns and the fact that she's .. well, a goat
    scars/piercings/etc: none
    - - - - - - - - -
    strengths: she's surprisingly strong physically and has moderate stamina; she's considerably talented with words and melodies; she's been called a 'diplomat' on occasion for her peacemaking tendencies.
    weaknesses: water, candy, sugar, pastel colors, warm blankets. she hates being underground and will do a lot of things to avoid unnecessary conflict, depending on her mood. she's afraid of absolute darkness, spiders and being alone.
    attitude: alternates between timid, easygoing, and hyperactive. often gets in trouble for the latter.
    morals: uh .. they're warped. many people call her naive, but the truth is, she sees largely in black and white -- bad people, good people, you know. who's who tends to change according to convenience, however, which makes yarou rather manipulative and at times even .. well, disturbing.
    pet peeves: she doesn't enjoy being patronized. at all. 
    best way to piss her off? insult or attack a member of her family or one of her novices.
    best way to get on her good side? um .. give her candy or compliments or gold. it's not really that hard, LOL.

    her favorite ..

    colors? pastel colors.
    skills? beastmastery, necroscream.
    location? the vigil she made for marcella.
    god/goddess? @manteekan and @drocilla. she's terrified of manteekan but likes him because he was nice/kind to her during that event thing i can't remember the name of.
    leaders? ughhh ... she loves aia, of course. she wishes she'd got to meet her, as well as some of the other all-time greats who no longer play, like solange, sakr, and others i can't remember.
    artifact? the whip of the pious, duh!
    commodity? she hates them all because they're so damn expensive and she's always running out.
    animal? the cute puppies and kitties in the blasted lands.
    item owned? the journal marcella made her, the various jewelry she acquired from her past beaus, and the viola tremula slipped her.
    village/forest/region? tolborolla!
    NPC? the goats in the hills and that one other place off the highway.
    memory? when she and marcella met. when drocilla inducted her into her order.
    song? lorra's song about the whores LMAO.
    drink? poteens.
    -  - - - - - - - -
    goals: to not be a disappointment to herself. to finally earn @zarialle's approval.
    nemesis: anything cuter than she is, like those little dinosaurs on that thing. bottledowns? no ... cankermore? idk.
    rival: see above. she's cycled through a few rivals like paxhos and akrea, both of whom have either retired and/or gone dormant.
    best friend: used to be marcella, but now it's pretty much .. no one. which is really sad. yarou kind of just flops onto drocilla's shrine and prays random whiny shit. she's close with @sylvanas too, but lately as her younger sister's surpassed her in rank and level, yarou's drifted away from her and started to feel like she's lagging behind.
    idol: she secretly has a crush on @vladimere. he's like her senpai. you know, the one that never notices her.
    best personal achievement: becoming guild administrator of the cacophony.
    worst personal achievement: leaving magnagora.
    proudest moment: finally getting marcella to say something nice about her.
    most shameful moment: that one time she saw manteekan enter the realms and peed on herself.
    if she could make one wish: for marcella to come back from wherever it is she went.
    - - - - - - - -
    why you should hate her: because she's 100000xx cuter than you are sliced bread
    why you should love her: see above.
    why you should fear her: see above.
    why she is harmless: lmfao because i'm her player and i'm pretty much lazy asff
    if she ruled the world, you'd best expect: candy for breakfast and tyranny, goat-style.

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    Character Name: Ranah Perinaresh


    Race: Dracnari
    Gender: Female
    Guild: Minstrels
    City/Commune: Gaudiguch
    Order: None


    Hair: None, though she has a nice set of horns.
    Eyes: Pale gold
    Height: Average
    Build: Athletic. She's an acrobat, so moderately muscular, small curves, kind of wiry.
    Defining Features: 
    Complexion: Scaled in shades of grey. 


    Strengths: Passionate, always sees possibility regardless of what she faces, genuine and well-meaning. 
    Weaknesses: Her mouth tends to move faster than her head (or the other way around), so blunders her speech despite intentions. 
    Attitude: Cheerful, stubborn, she likes what she likes and struggles with balancing other peoples' stances while pursuing her visions, especially when those stances hinder her. She genuinely wants to help, even if she does stick her foot in her mouth.
    Morals: Don't dick over your allies, honour creation.
    Pet Peeves: People who fight against change, especially when it doesn't negatively impact them or inconvenience them.
    Best way to piss me off: Dismiss her, take experience/knowledge for granted.
    Best way to get on my good side: Consider alternative viewpoints, be proactive.


    Color: Dark blue-green, like the last light over the desert.
    Tertiary: Tarot
    Tertiary Skill: Teacher
    Primary Skill: Minstrelry -> Composition
    Location: The basking stones in her manse.
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Subotai thus far. 
    Artifact (don't have to own): Her lute (shield).
    Commodity: Garnet
    Animal: Her wyvern, Nakeel.
    Item owned: 
    Village/forest/region: Skaarch desert.
    NPC: The Voice of Gullagumbah


    Goals: Become a Demigod, become a prolific songwriter
    Amibitions: Write a song that restores the Voice and/or leaves an irrevocable mark on creation.
    Nemesis: None
    Rival: None
    Best Friend: Salith
    Idol: Talan
    Best personal achievement: Being elected GA. 
    Worst personal achievement: Sticking her foot in it with influential people in the city.
    Proudest moment: 
    Most shameful moment: 

    Why you should hate her: She has trouble letting things go and will hound until she's satisfied.
    Why you should love her: Once her loyalty's given, she's ride or die, and really does just want the best.
    Why you should fear her: 
    Why she is harmless: 
    If he ruled the world, you'd best expect: 

    Subnote: Ranah is still fairly young and finding herself, so some of these things are undeveloped due to her inexperience. 
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    Given Name: Yarith Family Name: Shee-Slaugh / Shevat


    Race: Furrikin! Gender: Male Guild: ??? (Matrix Research Institute) City/Commune: ??? (Hallifax) Order: None yet ==[THE LOOK]==

    Fur: fluffy, white and cream Eyes: all kinds of purple! Height: 3’ (4’ if you include the ears) Build: Lithe Defining Features: Likes to wear all kinds of cuddly things! Anything bunnycentric or adorable like a squid hat :3. Piercings: None yet! Scars: None!


    Strengths: Yarith is generally easy to get along with. He doesn’t hold grudges. Weaknesses: Yarith is extremely mercurial and often changes both opinion and thought several times within the same moment. He isn’t very good at conveying emotions or his own views on things. He puts too much thought into mundane things and will often spend far too long brooding over the nuances in life. Attitude: Often Yarith is extremely friendly and eager to do next to anything with anyone. Extremely excitable but easily lost in discussions which he is not well versed in. Morals: Yarith doesn’t believe in allegiances and finds himself at odds with the idea of being loyal to a cause. He prefers to instead value friendship and love, regarding them as the highest of callings and often he will compare himself to the ideals of Raziela and Shakiniel, regardless of his home at the time. He believes that ‘good’ is what will make people the happiest and feel most valued and appreciated. He will always act by his inner definition of good, no matter how difficult it may be to do so. Pet Peeves: - Best way to piss me off: Disregarding emotions, values or ideals of another. Best way to get on my good side: Be a Tae’dae, dracnari, taurian or loboshigaru.


    Color: Violet and saffron Tertiary: Healing/Tarot (no preference between the two but active tarot more often than not) Tertiary Skill: Empress. Primary Skill: Aeonics Paradox (who even likes things in harmonics?) Location: Mahalla’s shrine. God/Goddess: Mahalla (even tho she donezo) [Mysrai is an extremely close second though and one day he’ll be in their order. One day.] Guild Master/House Head (all time): - Artifact (don't have to own): 20CRYSTAL WONDERPIPE! Commodity: Beryl. Animal: Bunnies. Item owned:  Either his bunny eared shield or his weddingband. Village/forest/region: The Glacial Sea. NPC: Lady-Captain Vonuleish Memory: His last most moments with Tacita. :( Song: FIGHTING EVIL BY MOONLIGHT, WINNING LOVE BY DAYLIGHT, NEVER RUNNING FROM A REAL NIGHT, SHE IS THE ONE NAMED MOTHER MOON. Drink: Oolong teas ==[MINDSET]==

    Goals: To learn more about the history of the basin and start designing. To become a much better combatant. Amibitions: To become a MUCH better combatant. Nemesis: What is a nemesis? Rival: - Best Friend: While happy to meet and make many friends, Yarith often finds himself fleeting between company to company and he would be hard pressed to call any one person a better friend than another, outside of his husband. He does have a few particular close friends like Thayan, Aeldra, Ymuli, Gero, Miralona, Taevyn and Avurekhos. Idol: Raziela. Best personal achievement: Having his squid hat approved and claiming his first domoth! Worst personal achievement: - Proudest moment: - Most shameful moment: Calling Crumkane ‘Lord Larder’ in the middle of a festivity being held in the palace of New Celest. He had and has never seen anyone puff up that much. If I could make one wish: Happiness for him and every person he encounters.

    ==[ SUMMARY]== Why you should hate him: Yarith is hard to follow and often forgetful as he jumps from topic and task. He is sometimes extremely frustrating to talk to even though he just means well. Why you should love him: He just wants to be friends with you! If you make a good impression on him he’ll go out of  his way to track you down and give you gifts. Everything from flowers to cookies. If you are (un)lucky enough to have him allied he can be quite prone to empressing you out of questing/influencing/hunting just to give you a gift or catch up. Why you should fear him: Don’t. He’s harmless unless emotions, his own or those of someone he cares about, are on the line. Why he is harmless: He's just a puffbal with big ears. If he ruled the world, you'd best expect: The mandatory use of plush and cuddly things in all aspects of life.

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    (I'm the mom of Hallifax btw, so if you are in Hallifax please call me mom.)

    == Professional Girl Gamer == 
    Yes I play games
    Yes I'm a girl
    get over it
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    Guys have favorite pieces of underwear too okay. Would you like to see it.
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    No. No, I would not.  [-(

    Tonight amidst the mountaintops
    And endless starless night
    Singing how the wind was lost
    Before an earthly flight

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