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    That's not nearly as bad as I thought it to be.

    My imagination was running wild. @-)

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    Yeah get your mind out of the gutter. My choice in underwear is sensible and chaste.
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    Now we just have to keep him from illshifting his inner worm in public.
    Everiine said: The reason population is low isn't because there are too many orgs. It's because so many facets of the game are outright broken and protected by those who benefit from it being that way. An overabundance of gimmicks (including game-breaking ones), artifacts that destroy any concept of balance, blatant pay-to-win features, and an obsession with convenience that makes few things actually worthwhile all contribute to the game's sad decline.
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    Shuyin said:
    Glad of you to ask.

    You carefully study a tailoring pattern.
    Item: Boxers  Type: Underwear  Org: Public
    Commodities: cloth 2 yellowtint 2 coal 2
    Mortal Reviews: Allowed
    Layer: UNDERWEAR Bodyparts: waist
    IMPORTANT: The main noun MUST use one of these: BOXERS
    illithoid-print boxers
    Happy illithoid faces smile upward from a pair of boxers bunched on the ground.
    Soft black cotton comprises the bulk of these comfortable
    illithoid-print boxers. A clever hand has carefully sewn the grotesque
    image of a smiling illithoid upon the fabric, the visage reproduced in a
    regular pattern across both the front and back of the garment. A
    stretchy waistband allows the piece to be worn snugly against the hips,
    decorated by the phrase, "Home of the inner worm" stitched in bright
    yellow thread and repeated around the circumference of the band.
    ...I didn't make those, did I?
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    Given Name: Aeldra
    Family Name: Ladyn
    Race: Faeling
    Gender: Female
    Guild: Moondancers
    City/Commune: Serenwilde
    Order: Maylea


    Hair: long, midnight-black, often pony-tail
    Eyes: dark sapphire colored
    Height: 2'2"
    Build: Slender
    Defining Features: Her sapphire wings, her ivory coloured skin, often playful / childish appearance, depending on whom she meets.
    Piercings: -
    Scars: -


    Strengths: Active, cheery, suppportive of others and being able to relate to almost everybody. Too stubborn to give up on something. She grumbles, whines and complains, then picks herself up and tries again. Has episodes of extreme creativity.

    Weaknesses: She's afraid of many things, most often that who or what she is is not going to be good enough, or going to upset the people she loves. Can be pendantic and unforgiving on minor things, has been known to work herself to her bare bones for others without caring for herself. Tends to be undecided on certain topics and sometimes just wishes for everybody to be in harmony.

    Attitude: Open and friendly, often cheery and easily exciteable, yet sometimes also gloomy. Often appears childish on the surface, depending on whom meets her in which situation.

    Morals: Loyalty to family/friends/commune. There's good in all of us, it's our job to make it show. Curing the world of it's sicknesses is preferable to purging, though she'll not shun from the latter if needed.
    Pet Peeves: People acting out of spite, being judgemental of others, favoritism and hidden agendas.
    Best way to piss me off: Being judgemental of others. Aeldra believes everyone has their flaws and displaying judgemental behaviour or hidden agendas will get her angry.
    Best way to get on my good side: Be open and aware of your surroundings. Have an understanding of politeness.

    Color: Blue and Purple
    Tertiary: Healing
    Tertiary Skill: Farheal
    Primary Skill: nature flow
    Location: Maylea's Realm, Tree of Trees
    God/Goddess: Maylea
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): @Lleuke
    Artifact (don't have to own): Paradox Puzzle Pyramid
    Commodity: Sapphire
    Animal: Yvai, her battle sheep
    Item owned: firefly squid beepbeep
    Village/forest/region: Stewartsville
    NPC: Abeytu
    Memory: Apologizing to @Kali for sleeping on her doorstep and being recognized as her daughter from that.
    Song: -
    Drink: rose tea



    Goals: Become a useful member of her commune and running a shop to eventually pay for itself.
    Amibitions: Becoming a keeper of Lore, becoming a useful healer, raising a family, becoming an Avatar of her chosen deity one day, maybe become VA one day (that last one changes with her and my mood)
    Nemesis: none so far, a few who may aspire to be one day.
    Rival: None.
    Best Friend(s): @Eicia, @Bandeon, @Aerdureth. A few others too, throughout her short history so far.
    Idol: @Lleuke
    Best personal achievement: Finishing Celest's epic back then despite all the odds.
    Worst personal achievement: She's done many things wrong, though not sure if there's one I'd pick here.
    Proudest moment: Not really have anything here right now.
    Most shameful moment: Letting down someone important in her personal life.
    If I could make one wish: The seren to prosper into something beautiful and wild.


    Why you should hate her: She can be pedantic and easily offended or just simply ignore you.
    Why you should love her: She cares a lot about even random people and always helps them where she can.
    Why you should fear her: She's persistent and does not forgive some things. Her often soft and sometimes childish outward often hides the depth and cunning below.
    Why she is harmless: She's not much of a combatant and cares too much to really be mad at people for long.
    If she ruled the world, you'd best expect: Chaos, to be honest. Aeldra's not a leader.
    Avatar / Picture done by Xeii. Wheeeeee 
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    Just because Aeldra did it lol

    Given name: Eicia
    Family name: Hartfire/Silmet
    Race: Human sorta thing. Something like that anyway lol
    Gender: Female last I checked!
    Guild: Tahtetso
    City/Commune: The Holy Principality of New Celest
    Order: @Weiwae all the way! xD


    Hair: Long, layered, dark brown with long bangs - essentially something I can't find in curio hair! Grr haha
    Eyes: Like mine, darn green with gold flecks. I like my eyes, don't hate! :P
    Height: About 5 feet 1 inch or 154.94 cm
    Build: Slender, toned, healthy from working off all the candy people like to give her. :D
    Defining Features: Her eyes and smile
    Piercings: Just her ears and just one in each.
    Scars: Absolutely none as of yet.
    Current Desc: 
    She is an ordinary human angelic demigoddess and is possessed of a youthfully demure manner. Almond 
    shaped deep green eyes flecked with gold peek out above a pert little nose and past a cascade of 
    full, dark tresses which fall long and straight. Her fair skin is smooth and vital over her short 
    and shapely form, toned through martial and acrobatic exercise. A pair of Celestial wings extend 
    from her back, the plumes and feathers lightweight and lit with a shimmering silver aura. There is a 
    sense of fluidity to her movement, a confidence which belies her otherwise modest demeanor. She is 
    wearing an onyx studded clear ring, maritime macrame-knot prayerbeads, a gold pocket watch with an 
    ivory amphora crest, practical prayer beads of the Golden Heart, evanescent fullplate of swirling 
    aethers, the Mantle of Starlight, 5 thin ruby bands, suede riding gloves, an iridescent white ring 
    of twining feathers, an open hand of abanoi pendant, a flowing black and white cloak bearing a star, 
    an herbal satchel, a diamond-studded veil of the night sky, a gorgeous backpack of stars and bells, 
    a white silk stole embroidered with a shallow bowl, 2 round escutcheon brooches, a platinum wire 
    tiara, an exquisite coat of cerulean trimmed twilight blue silk, an indigo linen coin pouch, a pair 
    of supple deerskin boots.
    Her sheer, sable hair is smooth and glossy, with long, even bangs. Her hair falls nearly to her 
    waist in a silky curtain, perfectly straight and even.


    Strengths: She's persistent. She's not opposed to doing things the hard way, even if it's inconvenient. She's got a ton of love and care for mostly everyone - and only wants to see success for them all, her city, her guild, and the Northern Alliance despite being unable to help in some areas. She accepts what she's bad at and tries hard to adjust and strengthen those things.

    Weaknesses: She's a politician. It is because she cares so much, that she's easily winded and put down when things don't necessarily work out in her favor. She can be impatient and trying and obstinate sometimes. Highly forgetful - which is my fault but probably the most prominent weakness she possesses because of it.

    Attitude: She's still very young. Friendly, bright, and caring are easily a few things to describe her. She's easily excitable when things are brought up that generate her interest and when there's a crisis, she's demanding to know what's going on and what needs to be done. She's energetic with a dry sense of humor.

    Morals: Honesty is her number one moral. With herself and others which is why she joined Weiwae's order. To find her Truth and guide others in doing the same, beyond the great fit for the Priory (Tahtetso)

    Pet Peeves: Obviously dishonesty. Blind loyalties, impudence.. People who can't logically justify what they are saying when they provoke an argument. Things being too easy.

    Best way to piss her off: Being unreasonable or just making assumptions without looking at the larger picture.

    Best way to get on her good side (and mine): A pragmatic attitude and displays of forgiveness. Honesty (obviously), even if it isn't what she wants to hear the truth right at that moment, it pulls respect. Having the ability to be objective.


    Colors: Green! So much green and blue and purple...
    Tertiary: Stuff!
    Tertiary Skill: More stuff!
    Primary Skill: Hitting things with a stick stuff!
    Location: Celestia.:grin:
    God/Goddess: Weiwae!!! 
    Guild Master/House Head: Eldanien
    Artifact (don't have to own): That's a tough one! Her favotite would have to be the gloves for harvesting moving faster and the circlet of lucidity :smile:
    Commodity: Platinum
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    I wanna play too :o

    Name: Issey
    Family Name: Ysav'rai 

    Race: Human (I swear)
    Gender: Female
    Guild: Harbingers
    City/Commune: Glomdoring
    Order: Manteekan

    Hair: Raven
    Eyes: Brown, though I don't have it in description
    Height: 1.5 meter
    Build: athletic 
    Defining Features: She's pale :(
    Piercings: Tongue
    Scars: None

    Strengths: Dedicated
    Weaknesses: Impulsive
    Attitude: It's bad
    Morals: Family first, Wyrd second. (Don't tell anyone)
    Pet Peeves: People who sound stupid, influencing at the nexus (at any time)
    Best way to piss me off: PK me
    Best way to get on my good side: Give me free stuff

    Color: Black
    Tertiary: Illusions
    Tertiary Skill: Invisibility
    Primary Skill: WyrdSong
    Location: Anywhere with influencable mobs
    God/Goddess: Manteekan
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Cyndarin :(
    Artifact (don't have to own): WonderCorn
    Commodity: Sapphire
    Animal: Owl
    Item owned:a multicoloured party lute (made by Synkarin)
    Village/forest/region: Viravain's realm
    NPC: Lechuza, the Demented
    Memory: PKing Cyndarin to the point she wanted to adopt me :D
    Drink: whiskey

    Goals: Be as scary as parents, Make Glomdoring Great Again, some form of Ascendant/Avatar
    Ambitions: Kill everyone
    Nemesis: Talan (love me pls)
    Rival: N/A
    Best Friend: @Veyils
    Idol: Synkarin
    Best personal achievement: Every. Single. Kill.
    Worst personal achievement: I lost demi
    Proudest moment: Adopting @Ashiya
    Most shameful moment: Well this one time I mouthed off to someone and got put back into place, harshly .-.
    Why you should hate her: She's probably wanting to see you fail
    Why you should love her: Because she's Issey
    Why you should fear her: Her wife will PK you
    Why she is harmless: So squishy :(
    If she ruled the world, you'd best expect: It's a secret

    do these if you haven't :D
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    You're not my best friend until you namechange to Salaneya, @Kalaneya! <3 We should plotweaveplot more together! :)
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    Character Name: Ashiya Ysav'rai


    Race: Elfen
    Gender: Female
    Guild: Shadowdancers
    City/Commune: Glomdoring
    Order: None (Yet)


    Hair: Strawberry Blonde side-swept ponytail
    Eyes: Peridot colored eyes too large for her head.
    Height: 5'1"
    Build: Slender and waifish.
    Defining Features: She has a gaunt and angular face that looks severe and focused unless you're one of the people she smiles special for.
    Piercings: None
    Scars: None


    Strengths: She is ambitious, driven, and is very hard to tempt. Exceedingly patient.
    Weaknesses: She is easily distracted by books or going on literary tangents, ie looking up more books in relation to a book she just read. Likes to take her time and be deliberate in all of her tasks.
    Attitude: She is a kind and warm person, very understanding of other people's issues, and finds interest in others. Very easy to get along with. Comes off as asexual.
    Morals: Glomdoring, Night, and the Wyrd above everything. She would sacrifice her own family (literally) for all three, and would cut her own throat if Night willed it be so.
    Pet Peeves: People running off while she is trying to talk to them, people stealing her tea cups (I'm looking at you, @Veyils @Salome @Rancoura @Shaddus @Edith !), people giving short one or two word responses while she's talking to them.
    Best way to piss me off: Question her devotion to Glomdoring or Mother Night.
    Best way to get on my good side: Have tea with her and be good for conversation.


    Color: Lavender
    Tertiary: Healing
    Tertiary Skill: radiate auric/radiate phlegmatic
    Primary Skill: Nightkiss (Fatal hickey!)
    Location: The spider webs in Glomdoring, she likes to sleep there.
    God/Goddess: Nocht, for bringing her beloved Mother Night to the world.
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): @Rancoura
    Artifact (don't have to own): Vials.
    Item owned: The ruby gemstone tulip that @Issey gave her that @Subotai gave him, it's always in her hair.
    Village/forest/region: The Night Bubble, she likes to sit by the flowing pool of blood and watch it trickle, and spend time telling jokes to the Daughters.
    NPC: Daughter of Night/Darkness/Shadow
    Memory: @Rancoura stroking her cheek when they first met and she became her protege.
    Song: "Compline", one of Night's hymns.
    Drink: Midnight Haze tea


    Goals: Becoming Princess of Shadows.
    Amibitions: She wants to bring Night's ideal of eternal night in the First World to fruition.
    Nemesis: Moon and Her followers.
    Rival: @Issey and @Crek for thinking of adopting all of her potential suitors. *Shakefist*
    Best Friend: Her jumping spiders! She has no other friends. :(
    Idol: @Rancoura and @Salome
    Best personal achievement: Solving the puzzle to help Mother Night descend to Her throne.
    Worst personal achievement: Still a virgin.
    Proudest moment: When @Narynth complimented her ability to solve puzzles in front of all of the other newbies.
    Most shameful moment: Basically any time she has improper thoughts about her mentor. She's rather smitten. Flee!
    If I could make one wish: To be an official Daughter of Mother Night! :D And for @Nocht to come back :(

    Why you should hate her: She will have no qualms about rolling over you and everything that you love in order to further Night's agenda.
    Why you should love her: She's a tender and warm person that would be much quicker to help you than to kill you horribly.
    Why you should fear her: It doesn't matter your relationship to her. If Night wishes it, she will cut your throat upon an altar, bathe in your blood, and eat your heart. She could love you, hate you, respect you, be her mentor, be her lover, be her parent. She'd sacrifice you and whisper soothing, warm words while she did so, for you're being given a great honor and should be thankful.
    Why she is harmless: She's not very aggressive, and has no real combat experience yet.
    If she ruled the world, you'd best expect: Eternal darkness shrouding the world, nightly shadowdance rituals, and exaltation to the Night.
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    I've only adopted you...
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    @Ashiya: I see your jumping spiders and raise you peacock spiders.

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    Character Name: Tamashi Nitraedes


    Race: Tae'dae
    Gender: Male
    Guild: Institute
    City/Commune: Hallifax
    Order: N/A


    Hair: Short trimmed white, EVERYWHERE
    Eyes: Ice blue
    Height: 7'9"
    Build: Heavy set
    Defining Features: The tophat
    Piercings: None
    Scars: None


    Strengths: Helpful, knowledgeable, sometimes witty
    Weaknesses: Maybe too caring
    Attitude: All life should be protected. Show respect and kindness to all people until they prove otherwise.
    Morals: Keep making progress, no matter the circumstances.
    Pet Peeves: People who assume they know what happened.
    Best way to piss her off: Betray his trust
    Best way to get on his good side: Just be nice


    Color: Sapphire blue
    Tertiary: Healing
    Tertiary Skill: Radiate health
    Primary Skill: Crystalspin beryl
    Location: Laboratory of Natural Sciences
    God/Goddess: Weiwae, despite mild differences
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): @Ileein
    Artifact: Xion bubblix
    Commodity: Gems
    Animal: Squirrels
    Item owned: Pendant designed by Mica to symbolize friendship
    Village/forest/region: Doesn't get out much -- N/A
    NPC: Ismbard
    Memory: Becoming a Fellow
    Song: N/A
    Drink: Oolong tea


    Goals: Becoming a sentient library
    Ambitions: Research and cure all natural afflictions
    Best Friends: @Mica
    Idol: None
    Best personal achievement: Curing skinrot
    Worst personal achievement: Not sure how to answer this
    Proudest moment: Becoming a Fellow
    Most shameful moment: Hasn't had one yet
    If he could make one wish: Alliances would cease to exist and all people live amongst each other peacefully

    Why you should hate him: Can be seen as too friendly, shows little emotion
    Why you should love him: Extremely helpful almost to a fault, and always willing to do whatever he can to help people.
    Why you should fear him: Still has a sample skinrot, not afraid to use it.
    Why he is harmless: Has no desire to fight
    If he ruled the world, you'd best expect: Free healthcare
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    Character Name: Luce Shevat

    Race: Furrikin
    Gender: Male
    Guild: Aeromancers
    City/Commune: Hallifax
    Order: Isune


    Hair: Shaggy white mane, short-cropped but running the entire length of his spine and down his tail.
    Eyes:  Robin's Egg Blue with Sapphire Blue limbal rings (I'm going to redo the description soonish, and the eyes and some other colours are going to be getting nudges.)
    Height: 2'10
    Build: He generally keeps covered up, but he's built slight and wiry, without much muscle tone. Exception is his tail, which is more like a dracnari's in shape, but covered with his fur (see below) and rather well developed.
    Defining Features: His fur is the colour of frosted jade, and is softer than it looks. In addition, his otherwise vulpiform body has larger and broader feet, claws. If he ever opens his mouth wide enough, his fangs are fewer in number, thicker, sharper, and slightly curved as compared to foxkin. He looks like a hybrid of at least three different species, but not like a chimaera of them.
    Piercings: None yet that he'll admit to.
    Scars: A couple, but they're hard to see with his fur, he generally keeps them hidden anyway, either because they're somewhere not easily displayed or just because they embarrass him.


    Strengths: Creative, generally clever, generally demure, recovers fairly easily
    Weaknesses: Somewhat unstable, it is quite easy to unbalance him emotionally as his sense of self-worth is tied to his impression of others' opinions of him and to his productivity levels. This can lead to an emotional spiral as his lowered self-esteem causes decreased productivity leading to lower self-esteem.
    Attitude: Demure, and submissive in the sense that he finds worth in empowering and providing for others rather than in acting directly.
    Morals: Foremost is loyalty to family and then the collective. This is directed to the ideals rather than the members, with a few exceptions. He's not above mostly harmless pranks, but these can and have backfired on him often enough to leave him cautious about his targets. He's not above breaking a rule in service to art or scientific experimentation either, but is also not arrogant enough to believe that excuses him from the consequences thereof. He also has peculiar notions about the Dreaming and what is and isn't appropriate therein.
    Pet Peeves: Disloyalty, abuse of authority, disrespecting authority, and disrespecting the Dreaming.
    Best way to piss him off: Insult his family, Hallifax, the Gods (including those of Gaudiguch), or the Dreaming.
    Best way to get on my good side: Talk shop. Food, plays, art, illusions, or science.


    Color: Beryl
    Tertiary: Dreamweaving
    Tertiary Skill: Induce
    Primary Skill: Music. He actually finds melds boring, but too useful to abandon, and has no real talent with music, but rather enjoys the idea of sound and imagination being imbued with power. Not that he'll admit to it.
    Location: He's usually at the Matrix, but his favourite spot is the study overlooking the interior of Hallifax in the Shevat tower.
    God/Goddess: @Isune, bar none.
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): @Daraius.
    Artifact (don't have to own): Wondercopia
    Commodity: Honeycomb, much to his own chagrin
    Animal: Jackalopes. He feels TERRIBLE that he has to keep killing them for his trap.
    Item owned: Snout
    Village/forest/region: The vault with the Sleeping Child
    NPC: Ladae Mistskimmer
    Memory: The first time he saw the reproduction of Lady Isune's origami aviary display. 
    Song: None specific, though he enjoys complex violin pieces.
    Drink: Peach white tea, though he's secretly fond of his Sparkleberry wine.


    Goals: Marriage, both for his own personal wellbeing and the betterment of the Collective.
    Amibitions: He'd like to get competent enough to survive in a fight, and wouldn't mind helping shape Hallifax into a cultural and financial hub.
    Nemesis: @Rolsand, who he sees as a traitor. Rolsand's leaving hurt him, IC.
    Rival: No real rivals, Luce hasn't hit a large enough stage to acquire one yet.
    Best Friend: @Yarith or @Tamashi are probably the closest he has to one, though there are others he's fond of or trusts outside immediate family.
    Idol: Daraius.
    Best personal achievement:  Stage prestige win
    Worst personal achievement: Actual decades with nothing submitted through cartels.
    Proudest moment: Stepping into the Portal of Fate.
    Most shameful moment: One of his pranks backfired and went too far at the same time, and a friend tried to intervene on his behalf. 
    If I could make one wish: Delete phruit entirely. Delete the concept of phruit. Delete the idea of phruit. Gone.

    Why you should hate him: I dunno, you're a heartless bastard?
    Why you should love him: Honey. Bourbon. Steak.
    Why you should fear him: He's in ur dreems, makin u kik gards.
    Why he is harmless: He's just a Dreamweaver.
    If he ruled the world, you'd best expect: Well fed and well adjusted children who are well protected.
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    Goodness, two idol credits. I feel like I need to step up my game to deserve that. :blush:
    I make cakes.

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    I could stand to hear about these pigeon pot pies.
    Everiine said: The reason population is low isn't because there are too many orgs. It's because so many facets of the game are outright broken and protected by those who benefit from it being that way. An overabundance of gimmicks (including game-breaking ones), artifacts that destroy any concept of balance, blatant pay-to-win features, and an obsession with convenience that makes few things actually worthwhile all contribute to the game's sad decline.
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    Xenthos said:
    Rule #1: SYLANDRA!!!
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    Rival: FALMIIS.

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    -shakefist- Totally my rival as well as my friend. 
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    Shaddus said:
    I could stand to hear about these pigeon pot pies.
    IC, they are a tasty and nutritious treat, the most useful form a city pigeon can take! You should have one. Or two. Or six.

    OOC, they were one of my first designs and the trademaster changed a bunch of things about them without asking me, including slapping tons of typos into it, because I guess they completely rewrote it instead of just copying and pasting? Said typos made it past the review stage somehow. They got fixed, but the general wording is still wrong and not what I wanted at all, and it makes me very sad/annoyed. Kinda the reason I don't like submitting designs unless I'm the trademaster/the trademaster is someone I know and trust.

    Ymuli said:
    -shakefist- Totally my rival as well as my friend. 
    Rivals are best when they're friends!
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    Character Name: Delsea Strongleaf


    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Guild: Spiritsingers
    City: Serenwilde
    Order: Maylea


    Hair: Long, wavy honey-blonde hair with flowers twined in the tresses
    Eyes: Silver
    Height: Pretty short. 5 feet and some small change?
    Build: Dancer type - slender and petite
    Defining Features: umm freckles and slightly crooked teeth?
    Piercings: Ears. Some others that are never used.
    Scars: None. 


    Strengths: Friendly and optimistic. Happy to talk with anyone, tries hard to see other perspectives and understand people.
    Weaknesses: Can be ditzy. Bit too frivolous and flighty at times. Mayyybe a hint of a stalker.
    Attitude: Generally positive and open. She does have a pretty strong mischeivous streak, and can be quite fierce when pressed.
    Morals: Understanding why people do the things they do is more important than what they actually do. People with strong convictions are admirable, even if they put their faith in shady things.
    Pet Peeves: Sleeze bags. People being too serious, being overly familiar because she is friendly and touchy-feely without permission.
    Best way to piss her off: Randomly lick her or hug her without barely being an acquaintance. Hit on her for walking past.
    Best way to get on her good side: Give her flowers! Joke with her, be thoughtful, tell terrible jokes.


    Color: White? idk
    Tertiary: Glamours
    Tertiary Skill: Changeself
    Primary Skill: uhhh playing her song
    Location: Maylea's temple
    God/Goddess: Maylea 
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Rika 
    Artifact (don't have to own): snowglobe
    Commodity: silver
    Animal: snowy eagle named Salju that she killed with neglect. Oops.
    Item owned: Frosted silver pin
    Village/forest/region: Maylea's realm
    NPC: Kavindra, Bandrui
    Memory: Maylea giving her a flower for luck during a great hunt.
    Song: Her own, naturally.
    Drink: Haven't explored this. No idea.


    Goals: Do something meaningful.
    Ambitions: Progress in the order. Breed.
    Nemesis: No one really
    Rival: Can't say she has one of those, either. She's pretty (publically) tolerant.
    Best Friend: Ummm. I'm sensing a trend here. Someone be my friend?
    Idol: Aramel. From many stories she's heard.
    Best personal achievement: Being GA of Spiritsingers
    Worst personal achievement: Getting replaced after going on holidays for a week :disappointed:
    If I could make one wish: Everywhere she walked there would be flowers; everyone would love flowers, she would turn into a flower. 

    Why you should hate her: She's possibly mocking you behind your back
    Why you should love her: She's pretty adorable and happy. She will give you flowers!
    Why you should fear her: You are allergic to flowers.
    Why she is harmless: She will throw flowers at you.
    If she ruled the world, you'd best expect: A lot of whimsy and flowers.
  • TorgaddonTorgaddon Member Posts: 17 Apprentice
    Character Name: Torgaddon Hartfire

    Gender: Male
    Guild: Serenguard
    City/Commune: Serenwilde
    Order: Lady Lisaera


    Hair: Red
    Eyes: Soft blue
    Height: Average
    Build: Lithe 
    Defining Features: Red fur, the color of a bleeding sunset, offset by tranquil blue eyes 
    Piercings: None
    Scars: None 


    Strengths: Highly idealistic
    Weaknesses:  He must control his surroundings. He sometimes only relies on himself, and he is a slave to appearances, ceremony.   
    Attitude: Outwardly presents an analytical (rational) attitude towards a situation (or tries to), but inwardly he feels deeply, and when conditions are right, he expresses his deep emotions.
    Morals: He deals with Morality like a butcher deals with meat. He has no problem cleaving off people from his life forever. 
    Pet Peeves: Tyrants and nepotism 
    Best way to piss him off: Not being truly authentic, going through the motions, apathy
    Best way to get on my good side: Respect


    Color: Red
    Tertiary: Stag
    Tertiary Skill: Stagform
    Primary Skill: Swinging a sword 
    Location: Serenguard Lodge
    God/Goddess: Lady Lisaera 
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Demartel 
    Artifact (don't have to own):   a Hammer of Clangorum's Mastery 
    Commodity: Steel
    Animal: Eagle
    Item owned: a loboshigaru tribal pack
    Village/forest/region: My Manse 
    NPC: Miakoda, Adasser
    Memory: Nodding once, a mother's kindness in Her ancient voice, Lisaera, the Hallowed Crone says to you, "And I will watch you well, little one. I admire your courage.”
    Drink: Moonwater


    Goals: Write more poetry, Demigod, learn to like Aetherships, learn to rely on others, create tribal ceremonies, open a shop, and get married to Ailda. 
    Ambitions: Be the greatest poet Serenwilde has ever seen.
    Nemesis: Flying, aetherships, anything that does not keep him grounded, he has to be able to fully rely on his primary senses at all times, hates confining spaces. 
    Rival: All who oppose Serenwilde
    Best Friend: Barrin, Demartel, Calor, and Everiine - rather quick to make friends with common interests 
    Idol: Ailda 
    Best personal achievement: Guildmaster of Serenguard. Winning over Ailda's heart. 
    Worst personal achievement: Dying
    If I could make one wish: I would wish for the House of Hartfire to be a great house in Serenwilde.  

    Why you should hate him: Because he is too idealistic to whatever cause he sets upon.  
    Why you should love him: Love, by definition, has no definition; that is the paradox of love. Why should you 'like' him: Because he guards things, hence Serenguard. 
    Why you should fear him: Fear is the mind killer (Frank Herbert). If you are not using your mind, then by all means, go ahead and fear me. 
    Why he is harmless: Not a schemer, would not plot revenge, and would not bother with it.   
    If he ruled the world, you'd best expect: He would not know about it. Probably busy doing other things to notice. 

    Nodding once, a mother's kindness in Her ancient voice, Lisaera, the Hallowed Crone says to you, "And I will watch you well, little one. I admire your courage.”

    Silver crystals form in the ethereal haze of the storm glass amulet, twisting and writhing like trapped smoke, until distinct words that only you can read solidify in the cup of the chalice, "Your strength is potent and you are wise, Torgaddon, but remember to use your might to shield the weaker ones of the Serenwilde. They will need people like you to keep them safe. I watch with pride, My child."
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