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    Character Name: Lilyin


    Race: Faeling

    Gender: Female

    Guild: None!

    City/Commune: Celest

    Order: Weiwae


    Hair: Auburn, super long

    Eyes: Bright blue

    Height: faeling sized

    Build: thin

    Piercings: nope

    Scars: nope


    Strengths: Very kind, wants to help and generally means well

    Weaknesses: Devastatingly low self-esteem, a bit of a hermit and skittish

    Attitude: Silly

    Morals: Happiness without harm

    Best way to piss her off: Be a bully

    Best way to get on her good side: Thoughtful gifts, being kind


    Colour: Black

    Skill: Farscout (rip)

    Tertiary Skill: Tracking

    Primary Skill: Knighthood

    Location: The Lily Inn

    God/Goddess: Weiwae

    Guild Master/House Head (all time): n/a

    Artifact (don't have to own): Pig Nose

    Commodity: Wood (it makes doors)

    Animal: Kelp Dragon

    Item owned: a silver promise ring with golden swirls

    Village/forest/region: Delport

    Memory: Ambushing @Aeldra with gifts

    Drink: Literally any alcohol 

    Hobbies: Influencing, stressing over her manse


    Goals: Be happy and belong

    Ambitions: To be a leader eventually

    Nemesis: None

    Rival: None

    Best Friend: Aeldra 

    Idol: @Taevyn

    Proudest moment: Engagement

    Most shameful moment: Looking silly infront of an order mob

    If I could make one wish: Lily would have the world just get along


    Why you should hate her: Why would you?

    Why you should love her: She is friendly and just wants everyone to get along.

    Why you should fear her: Her only friends are super strong and will kill you dead

    Why she is harmless: She is a pacifist (for now...)

    If she ruled the world, you'd best expect: Flower gardens at every turn

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    Character Name: Bairloch

    Race: Tae'dae
    Gender: Male
    Guild: Revelry
    City/Commune: Gaudiguch
    Order: Yomoigu


    Fur: Shaggy, color of wet sand with Kafe colored patches at eyebrow and chin
    Eyes: Deep-set, a rich brown, and a bit beady
    Height: Average for a Tae'dae
    Build: Chubby, if we're being polite. Otherwise flabby.
    Defining Features: Portliness
    Piercings: None... yet.
    Scars: Many small ones though none worth mentioning


    Strengths: Ready to try something new...
    Weaknesses: ...mildly terrified of doing so.
    Attitude: Friendly and welcoming. Though not always paying attention.
    Morals: Love is the law.
    Pet Peeves: Being petted (it feels condescending)
    Best way to piss me off: See pet peeve
    Best way to get on my good side: Do you have any sweets?


    Color: The velvety purple/black of space between the stars.
    Tertiary: Astrology
    Tertiary Skill: Stargaze
    Primary Skill: Fleshwork, it is the basis for everything.
    Location: Between Drachou and the shrine to Yomoigu
    God/Goddess: Yomoigu, for his inquisitive mind
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): I have no idea
    Artifact (don't have to own): Handheld astrolabe
    Commodity: spices
    Animal: Bears (duh)
    Item owned: Whatever piece of cake I haven't eaten yet
    Village/forest/region: Skarch
    NPC: Beloch
    Memory: Standing atop the spire in Glom using the astrolabe for the first time.
    Song: I mostly hum.
    Drink: Bourbon


    Goals: My own manse with an observatory.
    Ambitions: Restore the damaged observatories.
    Nemesis: Hunger?
    Rival: I'd have to be better known for that.
    Best Friend: Don't really have any friends. Lots of friendly acquaintances though.
    Idol: Don't really have one.
    Best personal achievement: I killed a gravedigger!
    Worst personal achievement: Not realizing that the shifting sands was a Worm.
    Proudest moment: Did I mention I killed a gravedigger?
    Most shameful moment: When I thought I was a faeling bard for like 100 years...
    If I could make one wish: A manse with a room full of cake.

    Why you should hate him: Pretty lazy.
    Why you should love him: Mostly harmless.
    Why you should fear him: He will eat your cake.
    Why he is harmless: Not very good at combat and doesn't have all that much interest in getting better.
    If he ruled the world, you'd best expect: Free cake.
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    Everiine said: The reason population is low isn't because there are too many orgs. It's because so many facets of the game are outright broken and protected by those who benefit from it being that way. An overabundance of gimmicks (including game-breaking ones), artifacts that destroy any concept of balance, blatant pay-to-win features, and an obsession with convenience that makes few things actually worthwhile all contribute to the game's sad decline.
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    Lycidas is fake for not having me as his best friend but okay here goes!
    Race: Viscanti (very elfen though but don't tell Vatul)
    Gender: Female
    Guild: None
    City/Commune: Magnagora
    Order: Drozilla


    Skin: teal
    Eyes: tealish blue
    Height: short
    Build: thin and frail
    Defining Features: maybe her skin, unless it's super common then literally nothing
    Piercings: none
    Scars: none


    Strengths: Dedicated, studious, curious

    Weaknesses: Daft, overly trusting

    Attitude: Extremely interested in making new friends and learning, especially if it helps her family, literally everything she does is motivated to help her loved ones

    Morals: It's only bad if it's not beneficial

    Pet Peeves: Kistan

    Best way to piss me off: Refusing to be helpful

    Best way to get on my good side: Be helpful, gimme knowledge


    Color: Lavender
    Tertiary: Tailoring
    Tertiary Skill:
    Tertiary Class Skill: 
    Tertiary Skill: 
    Primary Skill:
    Location: Parent's manse, Asylum
    God/Goddess: Drocilla
    Guild Master/House Head (all time):
    Artifact (don't have to own): a heating crystal
    Animal: Tolborolla bunnies

    Item owned: a heating crystal



    Memory: Being converted from Elfen to Viscanti with the unholy power of the Taint



    Goals: See n'Kylbar flourish

    Ambitions: Be better than @Lycidas at literally everything


    Rival: Lycidas

    Best Friend: @Nikkakorra

    Idols: @Adal @Kailanna @Vatul (pretty much in that order)

    Best personal achievement: 

    Worst personal achievement: 

    Proudest moment: Finding her parents after a long and tiring journey

    Most shameful moment: 

    If I could make one wish: All of the happiness for her family

    Why you should hate her: She is incredibly annoying

    Why you should love her: She is one of the kindest souls in the Basin.

    Why you should fear her: ???

    Why she is harmless: One time she cried in a gravedigger pit and made someone save her

    If she ruled the world, you'd best expect: to be inducted into the happy n'Kylbar family

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    Riuala said: 

    Pet Peeves: Kistan

    @Riuala Hey!!!!!!

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    Kistan said:
    Riuala said: 

    Pet Peeves: Kistan

    @Riuala Hey!!!!!!

    Stop making Granny Kailana cry!
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    I feel so terribly conflicted, being the idol of someone who wants to instil ritualistic week-long orgies. DECORUM, good grief *pearls*

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    Lavinya said:
    I feel so terribly conflicted, being the idol of someone who wants to instil ritualistic week-long orgies. DECORUM, good grief *pearls*
    Tis simply what would be done if she were at this moment given queen ruler of the universe status.
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    Riuala said:
    Kistan said:
    Riuala said: 

    Pet Peeves: Kistan

    @Riuala Hey!!!!!!

    Stop making Granny Kailana cry!
    They are tears of joy!
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    Neutral evil and a free spirit eh @Choros? Your dynamic with Trahey boy will be... interesting then  >:)
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    Oh noooo.  :|
    I used to make cakes.

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    Daraius said:
    Oh noooo.  :|
    Don't worry, I tend to eliminate witnesses. You'll never even know <3
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    I sense impending grey hairs incoming...
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    For a moment, I was all... rival, wtf. Then I thought about it. And I'm cool with it.

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    Decided to try this, even if some of the questions are hard due to how new she is. I struggle a bit with this character, I think because she's very different from others I play/have played.

    Character Name: Nyana


    Race: Illithoid
    Gender: Female
    Guild: Heralds
    City/Commune: Magnagora
    Order: None, offers at any nearby Magnagoran shrine


    Skin: Veiny, slightly purplish. I've been told she looks like Gollum.
    Build: Short stature, thin and wiry.
    Defining Features: Probably the featurelessness... except for the large eyes.
    Piercings: None
    Scars: None


    Strengths: Open-minded(to some degree), humility, willingness to rush into danger regardless of the odds.
    Weaknesses: Masochistic(if that's a weakness), may be slightly delusional about some of her beliefs.
    Attitude: Respectful of authority, polite(by her standards) to enemies. Calling Merian 'fish' is not an insult.
    Morals: Does it make someone/something stronger/smarter/more tainted? It's probably fine.
    Pet Peeves:  Arrogance, strong emotions.
    Best way to piss me off: It hasn't happened yet. Hoping someone will.
    Best way to get on my good side: Have interesting discussions


    Color: Black and green
    Tertiary: Hexes, may switch to astrology
    Tertiary Skill: Well... whammy, I guess
    Primary Skill: Pooka
    Location: Spectre island
    God/Goddess: Fain. Because of Avurekhos more than anything else.
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Ilthilior
    Artifact (don't have to own): I don't know about favorites, but various runes I would get. Or cloaking gem.
    Commodity: Gems. They're shiny.
    Animal: Snakes
    Item owned: A necromantic Ouroboros armband
    Village/forest/region: Angkrag
    NPC: Maybe a controversial choice, but I'm going with Rowena. For reasons. For the moment.
    Memory: Magnagora raiding Glomdoring that one time and Avurekhos just patting her on the head and leaving.
    Song: Not sure.
    Drink: A nice, boring glass of water.

    Goals: Get Faethorn properly tainted.
    Ambitions: None currently.
    Nemesis: Glomdoring. They're just wrong, even if she doesn't really hate them.
    Rival: Kyalrhin or Ishra. 
    Best Friend: None presently.
    Idol: Avurekhos
    Best personal achievement: Nothing that significant yet.
    Worst personal achievement: Same as above.
    Proudest moment: Hmm... so far, I'd say when Vatul gave her a lichseed. For... reasons.
    Most shameful moment: Nothing significant.

    Why you should hate her: She's an amoral zealot. Or you're from Glomdoring.
    Why you should love her: In person, she's pretty laid-back and works hard.
    Why you should fear her: Your disapproval is boring and she is immune to sympathy.
    If she ruled the world, you'd best expect: Tainted fae for everyone.
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    I'd love to do this, but my character is like an open book - you talk to her in game for 1 minute and you'll know everything you need to know. 

    I love hearing about everyone else's cool and interesting characters though!
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    Character Name: Synl Stormcrow

    Race: Elfen
    Gender: Male
    Guild: Shadowdancers/Ebonguard
    City/Commune: Glomdoring
    Order: Shikari


    Hair: White. White-white.
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: Tall
    Build: Skinny, almost hollow.
    Defining Features: Sweet ass runes stained with unicorn blood by Thul.


    Strengths: Approaching things a little sideways; observe first, act later.
    Weaknesses: Maybe act slightly sooner.
    Attitude: Distant and kind to people with enough sense to live in a commune.
    Morals: Nature, both wyrd and the subpar variety, are to be preserved.
    Pet Peeves: Politics in general.
    Best way to piss me off: Arrogance, belief in 'science'
    Best way to get on my good side: Grow a Ravenwood from each city nexus. Imagine a massive tree gripping the Megalith with its roots, splitting it in twain!


    Color: White
    Tertiary: Shamanism
    Tertiary Skill: LIGHTNING!
    Primary Skill: Flow
    Location: Standing atop Night's Needle
    God/Goddess: Shikari
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Shayle
    Artifact (don't have to own): Pathfinding boots
    Animal: That one snake from Magnagora that breaks shields
    Item owned: Pathfinding boots
    Village/forest/region: River west of Glomdoring
    NPC: Glumki Thorneye
    Memory: Exeryte, Ashteru, chasing Krellan around Faethorn.


    Goals: Marry Xiran.
    Amibitions: Grow the Stormcrow family as a unifying tribe of the two forests
    Rival: Don't remember the name, was a character that would work with Synl to find Shikari. Veyda or something?
    Idol: Shikari
    Best personal achievement: Finding the Nekotai, and being amongst the first to do the Scorpion prophecy/tie it into Nekotai.
    Worst personal achievement: None, absolute allstar.
    If I could make one wish: All the city-Stormcrow see the error of their ways and return to hippietimes.

    Why you should hate him: He doesn't really contribute. A true blogger.
    Why you should fear him: don't?
    Why he is harmless: playing is hard
    If he ruled the world, you'd best expect: an endless forest, Glumki making out with Selene.

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    Nelras said:
    Apparently I haven't posted one of these yet. While it is tempting to answer a thread with the title "Character breakdown" by saying that yes, my character has had plenty of those, here is my breakdown for Nelras. I copied the template from Nyana's post above.

    I had been wondering when you were going to make one of these. Also, so many secrets  ;)
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    Trahey said:

    Idol: @Daraius


    This seems premature. Unless...

    Best way to get on his good side: Be nice to his animal companions. 

    This must really count for a lot.   :D
    I used to make cakes.

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