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    Obviously, the admin need to turn it into a hunting/influencing area.
    Everiine said: The reason population is low isn't because there are too many orgs. It's because so many facets of the game are outright broken and protected by those who benefit from it being that way. An overabundance of gimmicks (including game-breaking ones), artifacts that destroy any concept of balance, blatant pay-to-win features, and an obsession with convenience that makes few things actually worthwhile all contribute to the game's sad decline.
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    Tune the gold down though, getting 300k in a clear was more than a touch overkill.

    The divine voice of Avechna, the Avenger reverberates powerfully, "Congratulations, Morkarion, you are the Bringer of Death indeed."

    You see Estarra the Eternal shout, "Morkarion is no more! Mourn the mortal! But welcome True Ascendant Karlach, of the Realm of Death!

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    Why does Eventru's kick you out when Elostian's doesn't?
    A whisper from the trees and a frosty presence tells you, secretly, "But you are strong, little 
    flower, and wise." The voice shifts and expands, becoming more real. "And everything you just said 
    in the ritual made me feel safer. You should, too."
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    That's actually a good question.
    Everiine said: The reason population is low isn't because there are too many orgs. It's because so many facets of the game are outright broken and protected by those who benefit from it being that way. An overabundance of gimmicks (including game-breaking ones), artifacts that destroy any concept of balance, blatant pay-to-win features, and an obsession with convenience that makes few things actually worthwhile all contribute to the game's sad decline.
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    I think that's entirely up to the Divine, personally I think it's a shame, because it was such a well designed and well written place.

    Anyway we're steering off topic. More profiles please!

    The divine voice of Avechna, the Avenger reverberates powerfully, "Congratulations, Morkarion, you are the Bringer of Death indeed."

    You see Estarra the Eternal shout, "Morkarion is no more! Mourn the mortal! But welcome True Ascendant Karlach, of the Realm of Death!

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    Get back on topic before I grief both of you back to Newton.
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    Kiradawea said:
    Eventru's gone @Aison

    Was a minor event where Eventru and Lyreth fused to become Valtreth.

    And you should totally make your own post here. For sure.
    @Kiradawea I know he's gone, it's the reason I stopped playing. :( and because of that I feel I have no reason to create one of these, as great as they look. I am enjoying reading everyone else's, though!
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    Character Name: Llewell Broadleaf


    Race: Elfen
    Gender: Male
    Guild: Spiritsingers
    City/Commune: Serenwilde
    Order: Maylea (Llewell doesn't have a clear understanding of what Maylea stands for. He's mostly in the order because She's interesting, and has a lot of history to read)


    Hair: Flaxen and straight, almost a bleached blonde and cut shoulder length
    Eyes: Sharp, wintery blue
    Height: A bit under two metres in height
    Build: Generally thin, but with good posture.
    Defining Features: He seems to try and keep his hands clean no matter what he does.
    Piercings: None
    Scars: None


    Strengths: Has a great respect for nature and older people. He's a designer, and will generally show that he likes you by designing you things (Qistral's ladybug starleaf throne comes to mind).

    Weaknesses: Distrustful of people outside Serenwilde, even people who he believes to be allies at the time. This leads him to lose a lot of business, as he rarely jumps to serve cityfolk as an artisan.

    Attitude: Generally quiet and polite.

    Morals: Might be described as Lawful Evil for the most part. Llewell is a bit dark, and doesn't see the harm in killing communemates if they aren't productive or are "leeching from the commune" in some way, like simply sitting around while Serenwilde is being raided. The Leaves in Serenwilde keep him from this..for now. To quote his motto, "Nature is harsh and unforgiving".

    Pet Peeves: Snugglers. Oh god, people who snuggle and romp and lick each other piss him off to no end. Also, people who whine that they can't advance or better themselves, and just sit around.

    Best way to piss me off: Not being useful or having a purpose.

    Best way to get on my good side: Better yourself, show respect to elders, perform rituals for public display.


    Color: Silver, white, blue. Llewell loves ice, and icy tones. 

    Tertiary: Ecology

    Tertiary Skill: ForestSmudge. Nothing like remotely hitting enemies with burning damage/stun from a few rooms away.

    Primary Skill: Wildarrane, Ecology

    Location: A frost-laden grove of maple. (his manse)

    God/Goddess: Maylea, but he would give anything to join Auseklis' order if Auseklis was active.

    Guild Master/House Head (all time): None.

    Artifact: a plush doll of Shashi

    Commodity: Snowballs.

    Animal: Snow mammoth

    Item owned: a frost-clasped mandolin of ancestral spirits. a whimsical throne of Czigany memories

    Village/forest/region: Icewynd

    NPC: a spirited snow phoenix with wings of black frost

    Memory: Llewell once created a tapestry for Maylea, and was asked by Her not to submit it, because She felt it was too personal. She may not have thought much about the incident, but it gave Llewell a lot of respect for Her, as well as himself for hitting so close to home. 

    Song: None. Llewell doesn't even like listening to other people's bardic songs, and only has one himself because it helps his ecology smudges.

    Drink: Almost any white tea with flavor.


    Goals: Destroy all of the cities, covering them in trees with the help of Glomdoring. Llewell sees Glomdoring as an enemy, but not as much as he does the cities, and he'd rather team up with the Wyrd than the cityfolk if given a chance.

    Ambitions: to help Serenwilde turn to a  mindset where people carried their weight or are kicked out. 

    Nemesis: Gabriella, who is one of the higher ranking people in Maylea's order. He looked up to Gabriella for a long while and also had a bit of a crush on her,  but she started being condescending and rude to him (or so he feels), and was largely unapproachable. He feels he would have advanced in Maylea's order if she had been more approachable and better explained Maylea's tenets, which he still doesn't understand. He feels she is scatterbrained and uninteresting, and he scowls every time he thinks of her. 

    Rival: Lyethal, who annoys him to no end.

    Best Friend: Niina. Caerlyr to a lesser extent, who helped him found a family and then jumped ship and joined a city. What a pitiful wench.

    Idol: Everiine. Llewell looks up to Everiine as part of the "old guard", and sees him as a reminder of how Serenwilders should act. 

    Best personal achievement: Winning fifth place in Beauty one year with his throne.

    Worst personal achievement: None, yet.

    Proudest moment:  Also none yet.

    Most shameful moment: Also none yet. Geeze, I need to play Llewell more.

    If I could make one wish: Destroy all of the cities.

    Why you should hate him: Unless you're older than him or an elfen, he doesn't like you. He's a grouchy old man, despite his youth.

    Why you should love him: Because even if he doesn't like you, he'll help you out no matter what.

    Why you should fear him: You shouldn't.

    Why he is harmless: He's not especially confrontational, and would rather sit back and let things happen. In combat, he's more of a supportive person, spamming smudges from a distance (and he's quick about it too). 

    If he ruled the world, you'd best expect: Imagine a forest mixed with Hallifax. That forest would cover the first world, and he'd be sitting somewhere in it, finally at peace.

    Everiine said: The reason population is low isn't because there are too many orgs. It's because so many facets of the game are outright broken and protected by those who benefit from it being that way. An overabundance of gimmicks (including game-breaking ones), artifacts that destroy any concept of balance, blatant pay-to-win features, and an obsession with convenience that makes few things actually worthwhile all contribute to the game's sad decline.
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    Yay. Character development (To be fair, he's only been around 3-4 months so there's not a lot to put in).

    Edited again (Fourth time) because of recent events.

    Character Name: Haezon The Black (He Of The Blackest Night)


    Race: Trill

    Gender: Male

    Guild: Harbingers

    City/Commune: Glomdoring



    Hair: None, bald.

    Eyes: One orange, one blue.

    Height: Tall

    Build: Slender.

    Defining Features: Black skin, sunglasses.

    Piercings: None

    Scars: None


    Strengths: Faith in the Glomdoring, creativity, confident and stalwart.

    Weaknesses: A bit of a naive romantic unused to deception and politics.

    Attitude: Dedicated, Loyal, loves challenges, polite, loves having fun.

    Morals: Glomdoring through and through. Utmost loyalty, utmost respect, looking out for number 1 (Glomdoring). Go team.

    Pet Peeves: Thugs, personal arrogance, hypocrites/hypocrisy, disloyalty

    Best way to piss me off: Be disloyal and/or arrogant.

    Best way to get on my good side: Watch plays, talk about Glomdoring philosophy.


    Color: Black

    Tertiary: Hunting, Ecology

    Tertiary Skill: Acrobatics

    Primary Skill: Music.

    Location: The Marble Orchard (Manse)

    God/Goddess: Trillillial

    Guild Master (all time): Valonah

    Artifact (don't have to own): Scarecrow hat

    Commodity: Wood (Campfires)

    Animal: Bat

    Item owned: Sun glasses.

    Village/forest/region: Icewynd mountains.

    NPC: Adalgiso

    Memory: Becoming Minister of Culture.

    Song: Music for Funeral of Queen Mary (A Clockwork Orange) by Wendy Carlos, Paradise by Nightwish

    Drink: Water

    Likes: Puns, plays.

    Dislikes: Sweet things


    Goals: To become a renowned playwright, make great art and serve Viravain

    Amibitions: Gain respect, become a bastion of the Glomdoring.

    Nemesis: None.

    Rival: None

    Best Friend: None (Everyone who fell under these three have gone dormant or left)

    Idol: Valonah.

    Best personal achievement: Prestige winning play, twice.

    Worst personal achievement: Being an annoying prick during a domoth. He's gotten better.

    Proudest moment: Becoming Astraea's son.

    Most shameful moment: Private.

    If I could make one wish: To receive all of Mother Night's knowledge and understanding.



    Why you should hate him: Haezon prides a lot on loyalty and those who forsake it usually become dead to him, unrevocably. He instinctively distrusts mercenaries and carries a lot of inner conflict within himself.

    Why you should love him: Always wants to help people, enthusiastic about his duties and polite.

    Why you should fear him: He does not fear death. He cannot be broken. He can not be converted. He just is.

    Why he is harmless: Calm, polite and truthful.

    If he ruled the world, you'd best expect: An empire under Mother Night's reign.

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    This is a useful exercise for a thing I’m working on so here we are.

    Also here is an excellent example of character building from True Detective:

    Very much a love letter to Ligotti

    Character Name: Kaalak Mittani


    Race: Human, previously Elfen

    Gender: Male

    Guild: Matrix Research Institute

    City/Commune: Hallifax

    Order: Lady Isune

    Background Summary: Started in Magnagora as a Nihilist. Went to Celest and joined Celestines, serving as administrator for several years. Moved to Hallifax as a retiree.


    Hair: Long black hair pulled in a ponytail, now greying in an increasing number of streaks.

    Eyes: Brown

    Height: Six one.

    Build: Build of an endurance runner.

    Defining Features: Kaalak is 250 years old. He has noticeable laugh and frown lines (more of the former) adding character to his weathered face. Overall he appears to be in his late thirties. There is a slight point to his ears reflecting his Elfen origins.

    Piercings: none

    Scars: Several, all decades old now.


    Strengths/Weaknesses: Strengths and weaknesses are context dependent.

    Kaalak is highly analytical, perceptive, and occasionally creative. He has firm convictions. Or he’s an arrogant asshole. A little of column A, a little of column B. Somewhere in there, there is a sense of humor. He is a perfectionist.

    Attitude/ Morals: Since his arrival in the Basin, Kaalak has always considered himself a ‘Servant of the State.’ Kaalak views this ‘State’ in abstract almost amoral terms: specifically a society of mortal individuals is best viewed as a Machine, specifically some sort of dynamic engine. The overall politics of the Machine or the direction the Machine is going is … not his concern. Specifically Kaalak views all individuals with in this system as cogs of varying size proportional to their contribution to the society. Whether the cogs are tightly interacting in lock step, or given to wandering flitting between different functions, or if they spin doing seemingly nothing at all; Kaalak considers all of this to be simply the equilibrium of the Machine at a given time. Kaalak’s attention is only drawn to cogs that disrupt the function of other cogs; specifically individuals who harm other individuals and derive personal pleasure from their actions. Said individuals are detrimental to the Machine’s health and function as a whole as they detract from the Machine’s resources rather than contribute to it. Such individuals are Sadists.

    These aberrant cogs damage the Society-Machine by each sadistic action they take; and more broadly by their continued existence within the society even while they take no action. For the Society-Machine to continue to function these aberrant cogs must be removed permanently. In lieu of termination, the resources of the aberrant cogs must be limited or removed at every opportunity. The resources sanctioned to be removed include the aberrant cogs’ resource of time, political influence, or physical ability to harm another i.e. their weapons or hands.
    When an individual in the society is aware of an aberrant cog, has the resources to limit them and the mindset to do so then said individual is compelled to act for the benefit of the Society-Machine. This mandate may not necessarily be sanctioned by the political ruling body of the Society, but that is irrelevant. An individual aware of the destructive element is mandated to act purely based on their awareness of the sadist. There is no higher authority. In addition, there is to be no glory in acting as an executioner-regulatory mechanism for the Society-Machine. The individual purely serves the function of an adaptive immune response in the context of the Society-Machine. The individual’s will becomes temporarily co opted or directly parallel to the desire for self-preservation of the Society-Machine.

    In a poetic sense the individual temporarily becomes a literal servant of the society/state, rather than any discrete internal political body.

    Once no target is present, the individual is to return to basal society-contributing functions.

    If an individual takes action that is too disruptive to the Society-Machine, another cog in the Society-Machine will become aware of him and his actions and judge for his/herself whether those actions deserve terminal sanction. The success of one of the two aware components in conflict is a function of each component’s respective resources and stochastic events. Ultimately, a self-regulating equilibrium is established within the Society-Machine to remove sadists and also remove aware individuals who may take acts so extreme they themselves function as sadists. That on average, the strong survive, is ultimately beneficial to the Society-Machine’s long term robustness.


    Color: Black. Goes with everything.

    Tertiary Skill: Tarot

    Primary Skill: Harmonics

    Location: Libraries everywhere.

    Divine: Elostian, Isune.

    Artifact: a plush doll of Gorgulu, Devourer of Souls. If I had a Volucer doll, it would be my favorite.

    Commodity: Silk or Cloth

    Animal: I don’t recall Kaalak ever having a favorite animal. Could be wrong.
    Item owned: Whatever piece of clothing Lady Nihmriel has generously tailored for me.

    Village/forest/region: Arthar’rt Observatory, Presidio of the Damned

    NPC: Volucer, Master of Her Majesty’s Air Force, hands down. Uuken Exley, Butler of Erudio is a close second.

    Memory: Kaalak’s favorite memories are late night impromptu philosophical discussions with Lord Elostian with thinly veiled references to thermodynamics, evolution and quantum physics. Wherever you are sir, I salute you.

    Song: No real ‘favorites’ but for no reason at all Kaalak sometimes burst out in show tunes or Sinatra songs. There is no rhyme or reason for this. Sometimes members of Lady Isune’s order are unfortunately subjected to this when I think the aether is empty.

    Drink: Yes.


    Goals: As a member of Hallifax Kaalak is finally enjoying a creative outlet as a member of Lady Isune’s Order. Unfortunately for him (and possibly the Order) for Kaalak, creation involves an above average amount of frustration and effort. Kaalak feels personally very fortunate that Lady Isune and his fellow Order mates put up with the grizzled old cantankerous human who fusses and rants about this design or that project from the alcoves of his aethermanse. His goals are to finish his list of projects and make a specific bird happy.

    Ambitions: Finish projects before you start others, damn it.

    Nemesis: None. All have fallen on the swords of their own hubris. Some enjoyed a little push.

    Rival: Akyaevin/Esano and Celina. Kaalak enjoys annoying Akyaevin ad Celina when the opportunity presents itself. Akyaevin has on occasion tried to target him during revolts and on other occasion when Kaalak becomes too much of a jackass, but so far Kaalak has managed to dance away from earthquakes and chasms like the Tarot’s own Fool. Celina has learned the only winning move it not to play and thus Kaalak is rather annoyed that she is not around. VERY. ANNOYED.

    Idol: Way way back when Kaalak was very young I believe Neerth was his Idol.

    Best personal achievement: Quiet work.

    Worst personal achievement: No regrets.

    Proudest moment: One of the more recent ones was learning that Kaalak could successfully keep up in a rap battle. First time I ever tried to wax lyrical. Who knew?

    Certainly another one was getting the Celestines to build a bust of Neerth, a former Celestine Administrator (iirc) and all around excellent roleplayer, in the novice area of Celest. Having the opportunity to see Neerth return and see his well-deserved monument was a very fine moment indeed.

    If I could make one wish: Wishes are ineffective. Make plans instead.


    Why you should hate/love/fear/ him: These are dumb questions, seriously.

    If he ruled the world, you'd best expect: Kaalak isn’t interested in ruling the world or in ruling in general. He believes society generated by the accretion of events and random interpersonal interactions is much more interesting than any plan he could personally envision, because it generates a greater diversity than his imagination can encompass. That is about the extent of Kaalak’s ‘humility’: realizing the universe is significantly larger (and more interesting) than his personal sense of self. You cannot beat the Chaos of life into Order…but you can manage events to generate systems that support your own ideals and improve one’s own personal condition. In accordance with is worldview, Kaalak prefers to work behind the scenes and apply pressure where/when his intelligence indicates tipping points are likely to occur.

    Celina says "Well I was only mocking out of obligation."
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    Kaalak you just made me it crystal clear why the cog imagery, metaphors and allusions are detrimental to the core identity of Magnagora.
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    Bit of a necro, but I just couldn't resist!

    Character Name: Siam Star-eyes


    Race: Shadowsinger Faeling Demigod

    Gender: Male

    Guild: Harbingers

    City/Commune: Glomdoring

    Order: Viravain


    Hair: Black

    Eyes: Heterochromatic emerald and sapphire star-eyes

    Height: Tall

    Build: Athletic

    Defining Features: Heterochromatic emerald and sapphire star-eyes and a body of shadows

    Piercings: None

    Scars: A wound that never healed which spells out @Narynth's name - this was from a long, long, long time ago; Narynth did it for fun



    He is approachable, very friendly and believes in the best and the potential in everyone, even if they don't see it yet. He is very loyal and is willing to contribute in whatever ways he can. Very often, he encourages those who sees a lot of potential in to step up, most noticeable when he was the Prince of Shadows and the Librarian of Glomdoring. He makes it a point to talk to you personally and he can be quite shameless when he wants results.

    He is unfazed by defeat and is always ready to give pep talks should things don't turn favorably.  This is most noticeable during the Glomffpeak Raids Era, or whenever the latest library contest didn't churn up a lot of entries.

    He is strongly against the very idea of giving up, of being apathetic. It is a weakness he nips in the bud should he sense it.


    Over the years, he has woven for himself a reputation for being seemingly talkative, flippant(hello Wyrden Potato, ha) and comical. He attempts to add levity to situations where it can be otherwise inappropriate. This often leads to people underestimating him, which leads to them being surprised when he gets serious and gets things done. Very few people have seen past this.

    Attitude: Friendly, distant, comical, empathetic

    Morals: He is amoral.



    Best way to get on my good side: Design things, write books, be cordial, and put up with him when he tries to be funny.


    Color: Black

    Tertiary: Influence

    Tertiary Skill: Empowerment and Charity

    Primary Skill: Crow Caw

    Location: the Wyrden Archives

    God/Goddess: Maylea - Shikari - Nocht - Viravain

                               Shikari deserves a mention because of Himself, Iriki, and Ingwe. Yes, I still have your baby painting, Ingwe.

    Guild Master (all time): Xiel(Viynain), Astraea, Rancoura, Talan

    Artifact (don't have to own): an army of tiny pixies(beep-beep dolls)

    Commodity: crushed precious stones and precious metal and vellum(books, yes, boooooks)

    Animal: butterflies. LOTS AND LOTS of them.

    Item owned: an Envirofinity Vacuum

    Village/forest/region: the Wyrden Archives, the Black Interlude(was the Wyrden Potato), Ethereal Glomdoring

    NPC: Ingwe and Iriki

    Memory: Becoming Prince of Shadows and the Librarian

    Song: Boom-ba-doom-boom-boom-ba-doom-boom-Shadowbeat (Super Bass)

    Drink: Bromides


    Goals: To become an Avatar

    Amibitions: To become a TA. Also, to become a Siamladriel

    Nemesis: None.

    Rival: @Aramel, @Crek, @Calesta

    Best Friend:  @Aramel, @Crek, @Calesta

    Idol: Talan

    Best personal achievement: attaining Demigod(license to Star-eyes), helping Glomdoring get the Largest Library(thank you Shamelessness)

    Worst personal achievement: Becoming a reclusive Dirgesinger, so much so that Tacita had to replace me.

    Proudest moment: Library wins. Each and every one of them.

    Most shameful moment: Swearing at @Raeri once a loooooong time ago. He has never forgiven himself for that.

    If I could make one wish: get his personal Wyrdling



    Why you should hate him: He will outlast you. A lot of people who have been quite unpleasant(even downright rude) to him are now gone.

    Why you should love him: He will give peptalks even after all of you died 999999999 times, lost something, etc.

    Why you should fear him: He will outlast you. A lot of people who have been quite unpleasant(even downright rude) to him are now gone. Oh, and beware the Siam that wears the SD-attitude hat.

    Why he is harmless: He is kind.

    If he ruled the world, you'd best expect: a moonless Wyrden sky with lots and lots of auroras and veritable armies of Siam-pixies and Siam-butterflies

    Viravain, Lady of the Thorns shouts, "And You would seize Me? Fool! I am the Glomdoring! I am the Wyrd, and beneath the cloak of Night, the shadows of the Silent stir!"


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    Coming back to the game after so long, I suppose I should do this, if for no other reason than an excercise.

    Character Name: Kolibri

    Race: Trill
    Gender: Female
    Guild: Nekotai
    City/Commune: Glomdoring
    Order: Shikari


    Hair: Short, black feathers that cup her head.
    Eyes: icy blue
    Height: short
    Build: emaciated
    Defining Features: Covered in tattoos
    Piercings: None
    Scars: None


    Strengths: Unemotional unless she trusts you. Very logical and level-headed. Willing to do whatever it takes to complete her goals.
    Weaknesses: Very distrusting, and believes violence/murder is nearly always the answer.
    Attitude: Quiet and distant to outsiders. Behind closed doors, angry and passionate.
    Morals: What are morals? Nothing matters but Glomdoring? that's a moral, right?
    Pet Peeves: People who make promises then don't keep them (QUORRE), delinquency, laziness
    Best way to piss me off: Ask for her help then do nothing to progress toward the goal.
    Best way to get on my good side: Help her get better at combat.


    Color: Black
    Tertiary: Acrobatics
    Tertiary Skill: springup
    Primary Skill: Deepcover. hehehe
    Location: Wandering Glomdoring
    God/Goddess: Shikari
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Tau. Her Mother-in-Law.
    Artifact (don't have to own): Whip of the Pious
    Commodity: steel
    Animal: cats. She enjoys watching them hunt birds, then hunting them.
    Item owned: Her cloak
    Village/forest/region: Glomdoring
    NPC: Rowena Nightshade
    Memory: Marrying Quorre
    Song: She sometimes hums a trill lullaby when she is polishing/poisoning her blades.
    Drink: Inebriation dulls the mind.


    Goals: Become a Demigod. Divorce Quorre. Find a better, stronger partner.
    Amibitions: Long term: Ascension.
    Nemesis: None currently.
    Rival: None Currently.
    Best Friend: Hah. Friends.
    Idol: Lerad
    Best personal achievement: Reaching 80.
    Worst personal achievement: Sleeping for so long.
    Proudest moment: Being accepted into Shikari's order.
    Most shameful moment: Losing control in an argument with Quorre and stabbing him.
    If I could make one wish: More power.

    Why you should hate her: She is very loyal to Glomdoring and it's leadership. She wont question orders.
    Why you should love her: She is very loyal to her friends and family as well.
    Why you should fear her: She feels nothing while killing.
    Why she is harmless: She's not as powerful as she wants to be yet.
    If she ruled the world, you'd best expect: Murder.
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    I just edited my one, not a lot of difference but changed his ambitions and some of his looks (It's on this page, just scroll up).

    A character who actually accomplishes a goal I have set for him? I love you Haezon.
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    Character Name: Iytha

    Race: Faeling
    Gender: Female
    Guild: Cantors
    City/Commune: Celest
    Order: Alphabetical


    Hair: Straight, blueish-black, a little shiny.
    Eyes: Pink and bulbous.
    Height: 23 inches.
    Build: Currently tubby, but fluxuates like Oprah.
    Defining Features: Four giant bat wings! With thumbs!
    Piercings: Around 30, but only fills half of those.
    Scars: None


    Strengths: Observant, intellectual and patient. A decent writer.
    Weaknesses: A bad fighter. Very lazy. A bit tightly strung.
    Attitude: We're all in this together, so stop fighting.
    Morals: Anti-Soulless, ambivalent toward religion, but approves of the rule of law.
    Pet Peeves: Treating laws as guidelines, being messy or inefficient, xenophobia.
    Best way to piss me off: Being rude right up until you want something.
    Best way to get on my good side: Presents of books!


    Color: Jade.
    Tertiary: Glamours.
    Tertiary Skill: For combat: Mazemazemazemaze. For everything else: Conceal!
    Primary Skill: Starhymn.
    Location: The waterfall in the Tidal Flats.
    God/Goddess: Avechna.
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Nariah.
    Artifact (don't have to own): Changling Cameo!
    Commodity: Leather.
    Animal: Snakes.
    Item owned: Her cwrth.
    Village/forest/region: Delport/Serenwilde/Estengare River
    NPC: Jolly Bundy.
    Memory: Interveiwing Terentia for the Gossip.
    Song: The Carol of the War-Weary Solider
    Drink: Honey.


    Goals: Finally finish her current writing project.
    Amibitions: Awaken a water elemental.
    Nemesis: Fain.
    Rival: Telperion.
    Best Friend: Doman!
    Idol: Kelly!
    Best personal achievement: Publishing the Gaudiguch Gossip.
    Worst personal achievement: Doing all the rituals in the Libellus.
    Proudest moment: Successfully predicting the Wayfaire a year in advance.
    Most shameful moment: Getting kicked out of Gaudiguch.
    If I could make one wish: Please blow up all the Soullesses.


    Why you should hate her: Chances are good that she has written something terrible about your organization at some point in the past.
    Why you should love her: She would probably ress you if she found your corpse laying on the side of the road, even if you were an enemy.
    Why you should fear her: Her sharp and biting wit, obviously.
    Why she is harmless: She weighs like 20lbs and would fall over in a stiff breeze.
  • DaraiusDaraius Shevat The juror's taco spotMember Posts: 4,539 Transcendent
    edited July 2014
    Ileein said:

    Why she is harmless: He is unlikely to ever be in a position to consign entire populations to anything. In the meantime, he's more a theoretician than a field researcher, and he's quite happy to experiment on pigeons
    I make cakes.

    Estarra the Eternal says, "Give Shevat the floor please."
  • IleeinIleein Member Posts: 630 Mythical
    Jadice, the Frost Queen says to you, "Constant vigilance."
  • KalnidKalnid Member Posts: 552 Fabled

    Ileein said:
    Scars: When he's injured, he oozes a colorless fluid which does double duty as blood and a sort of sealant. When it hardens, it's indistinguishable from his original flesh, so no scars.
    Doesn't blood, uh, normally work as a sealant?
  • IleeinIleein Member Posts: 630 Mythical
    Yep, but usually it's a bit more temporary!
    Jadice, the Frost Queen says to you, "Constant vigilance."
  • MarcellaMarcella Transcendent Member Posts: 1,231 Transcendent
    Character Name: Marcella

    Race: Orclach
    Gender: Female
    Guild: ur'Guard
    City/Commune: Magnagora
    Order: Yomoigu


    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Glowing blue orbs
    Height: lots
    Build: buff and mostly-flat-chested
    Defining Features: Being an Orclach is practically a defining feature.
    Piercings: None
    Scars: All kinds on her limbs, none on her actual vital areas.


    Strengths: A mediocre fighter. "Never go at anything halfway, do you?" Super-extreme devotion to her interpretation of history and how things should be.
    Weaknesses: A terrible leader, stubborn as hell, extremely spiteful
    Attitude: Only the ignorant disagree with me about anything, and only the foolish refuse to be educated. Therefore, anyone who isn't on my side or doesn't listen to me is foolish, ignorant, or both.
    Morals: Anti-Soulless, pro ur'Guard.
    Pet Peeves: Her brother, people spelling ur'Guard as Ur'Guard
    Best way to piss me off: Impugn my honor
    Best way to get on my good side: Show respect for me as a knight, if nothing else


    Color: Gold
    Tertiary: Necromancy
    Tertiary Skill: Contagion
    Primary Skill: Knockdown
    Location: The Hall of the Sacrificed God, Silent Cathedral
    God/Goddess: Urlach(Avechna.) Yomoigu kinda?
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Papa Thalkros
    Artifact (don't have to own): Bone Helm of Urlach
    Commodity: Gold
    Animal: Clockwork snakes
    Item owned: Painting of 'a verdant chamber', Catacombs of Urlach
    Village/forest/region: Shallach
    NPC: Undead Commander (Cankermore)
    Memory: Being knighted as ur'Marshal
    Song: S I L V A N U S WHAT'S THAT SPELL [lavinyas song is grea tbut I can't remember the lyrics]
    Drink: None


    Goals: I've run out of everything I've ever wanted to do. Get higher in Yomoigu's Order maybe? But affinity costs..hnng.
    Amibitions: I've run out of goals.
    Nemesis: Elanorwen
    Rival: Morkarion
    Best Friend: Delphas
    Idol: Ixion
    Best personal achievement: Knighted as ur'Marshal
    Worst personal achievement: Accidentally the entire friendly group in a fight
    Proudest moment: Knighted as an ur'Marshal
    Most shameful moment: Seeing Xynthin be the one to cleanse Krangar of the Time Dame's influence and not a Magnagoran thing, losing to Krangar, Knight of Destruction in a 1v1
    If I could make one wish: Uhhh....Yomoigu join Mag?


    Why you should hate her: She's a ruthless knight zealot who believes in her own righteousness. That's dangerous.
    Why you should love her: She has a distaste for lying and will always have a trustworthy word.
    Why you should fear her: Her axe.
    Why she is harmless: Very easily politically outmaneuvered and manipulated, if anyone bothered to try
  • IdrazilIdrazil Member Posts: 84 Capable
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    Character Name: Idrazil Ga'ruul


    Race: Aslaran
    Gender: Male
    Guild: Serenguard
    City/Commune: Serenwilde
    Order: None


    Hair: Long, thick mane tangled naturally together into a mass of shaded white dreadlocks woven with golden eagle feathers and beads of moonstone and blackened bone.
    Eyes: Large jade eyes surrounded by partly fused  patches of white and black hairs, which gradually meld together into a mask pattern
    Height: Short, hardly a meter and sixty five
    Build: Broad and sturdily built.
    Defining Features: Oversized  perky black ears and  bushy black-tipped tail
    Piercings: None
    Scars: A multitude of jagged scars that intertwines with the various tattoos covering his short but stocky frame.


    Strengths: Helpful and restrained, likeable. A more or less decent fighter and loyal defender of the commune. Avoids drama.
    Weaknesses: Lack of confidence in himself, too often reliant on others to lead. Tendency for tongue in cheek kinky comments. Inclined towards outbursts of anger and and bad language.
    Attitude: Commune goals and objectives first.

    Morals: Spirits guide your path and imbue wisdom in your dreams. The inner struggle is as and even more important  than the vanity of mortal conflicts. Follow the path of nature and the mystic teachings of the ancestors as only they remembered the golden age of the past.

    Pet Peeves: The lack of understanding and passiveness of non combatants. Wield your shield damn it! Munsia and Marcella.

    Best way to piss me off: Betray me or my commune. Munsia and Marcella. Arrogance.

    Best way to get on my good side: Talk to me. Teach me something new in combat. Show me a ritual to pay respects to the spirits. Kill Munsia and Marcella.


    Color: green, brown, black, white, grey

    Tertiary: Moon

    Tertiary Skill: Dark...every little bit helps in the darkness...

    Primary Skill: Spiritbond wolf... I thank thee Brother for your gift

    Location: on the spiritual paths

    God/Goddess: Still a Shikari follower in heart

    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Ga'ruul

    Artifact:  a ghostly vial of ancestral spirits

    Commodity: Steel and bone

    Animal: bear, sabretooth...wolverine

    Item owned: a fossilized root bardiche jingling with bone chimes

    Village/forest/region: Serenwilde, Icewynd, Mount Dio

    NPC: A grungy black rage worg with leathery black wings

    Memory:  You wildly jab a fossilised root bardiche jingling with bone chimes at Caerlyr. You sense victory as  you push the tip of your bardiche through her weakened chest cavity, easily parting muscles and ribs in a spray of gore. Exerting your strength, you lift her flailing body off the ground and let it slide down the shaft of your weapon, bringing her face to yours as her last spattered breath sprays  blood over you. Caerlyr slides off the weapon and collapses to the ground in a heap of blood and guts, her chest now only a gaping hole.

    Song: The whining of my enemies

    Drink: Almost any white tea with flavor.


    Goals: Lift the Ga'ruul tribe to a Lesser House status. Be a better fighter. Be a vernal ascendant.

    Ambitions: to invigorate the cultural life in Serenwilde and train more fighters there.

    Nemesis: For quite long Caerlyr. Briefly, Chade. Right now no one in particular.

    Rival: None, just chilling out, fighting, winning popular support.

    Best Friend: Athree, Isluna, Niina... more to come

    Idol: Karlach to a certain extend.

    Best personal achievement: Planar drifter in exploration. Being acknowledged on both sides of the fence as a decent character and fighter. Liked by some people. 

    Worst personal achievement: 19 Enadonella kills.

    Proudest moment:  Belibi

    Most shameful moment: Teleporting to Glomdoring nexus by chance just in time to kill the baby by reflex and claim the bloody ritual  that my son Belibi spent days to prepare for himself. Killing my son in a revolt.

    If I could make one wish: Humiliate Munsia. Or Marcella.

    Why you should hate him: He jumped you and  killed you on prime. Hopefully.

    Why you should love him: He spent quite some time hunting with you and  teaching you new stuff.

    Why you should fear him: He cares not dieing trying to get to you and bash your brains.

    Why he is harmless: He does not hold grudges for long.

    If he ruled the world, you'd best expect: A calm and peaceful commune of mutual help, cooperation, feasts, rituals and long, exciting hunts.

  • SiamSiam Whispered Voice Member Posts: 2,628 Transcendent
    But I thought we were BFF's @Aramel? :( :( :(
    Viravain, Lady of the Thorns shouts, "And You would seize Me? Fool! I am the Glomdoring! I am the Wyrd, and beneath the cloak of Night, the shadows of the Silent stir!"


  • AramelAramel Member Posts: 293 Mythical
    Our friendship consisted mostly of me turning you into a toad to amuse novices, if I recall correctly. :P
    (clan): Falmiis says, "Aramelise, verb, 1. adorn with many flowers."
  • SiamSiam Whispered Voice Member Posts: 2,628 Transcendent
    Aramel said:
    Our friendship consisted mostly of me turning you into a toad to amuse novices, if I recall correctly. :P
    What. I am absolutely hurt. HURT! What about the meteors? And bookbinding? The library? Havulma, Adeleide, and Romero?! AND TEASING NEJII?! Huh, @Aramel?!  X_X
    Viravain, Lady of the Thorns shouts, "And You would seize Me? Fool! I am the Glomdoring! I am the Wyrd, and beneath the cloak of Night, the shadows of the Silent stir!"


  • AlaryAlary Member Posts: 450 Expert
    Character Name: Alary Ysav'rai

    Race: Changeling
    Gender: Changeling
    Guild: Pyromancers
    City/Commune: Gaudiguch
    Order: Mysrai


    Hair: In what forms have hair, it's red. Ranging from crimson to copper.
    Eyes: Typically large, shades varying.
    Height: Generally shorter for the race s/he is.
    Build: With the exception of two forms(which are chubby) s/he's generally slim and slender.
    Defining Features: S/he's generally bizarre and strange in whatever form s/he takes.
    Piercings: All of them.
    Scars: None.


    Strengths: Passion, stubbornness, willingness to learn, refuses to give up, compassionate, loyal(to a fault)
    Weaknesses: Stubbornness, fear of failing, fear of being useless, fear of everyone hating her/him, fear of losing everything s/he's worked for. 
    Attitude: Passionate and fueled by anger and fear.
    Morals: Really none. S/he will do anything if the right people/Divine tell her/him to.
    Pet Peeves: People who have no passion or Will to work towards things.
    Best way to piss me off: Hurt those under her/him care or insult Mysrai.
    Best way to get on my good side: Chat with her/him, banter, flyte(if you flyte with him/her you're instantly amazing and yeah)


    Color: Red
    Tertiary: Runes
    Tertiary Skill: Deathprophesy
    Primary Skill: Pyromancy Mirage
    Location: The Temple of Mysrai
    God/Goddess: Mysrai.
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Crek as Archmage
    Artifact (don't have to own): Changeling cameo/Gilded mirror
    Commodity: Leather
    Animal: Phoenix
    Item owned: Her/his poppy from Mysrai.
    Village/forest/region: Skarch desert. Or the Glomdoring forest.
    NPC: Sebitti Silkenhand and Kassai Silkenhand
    Memory: Basking with Sebitti in the city and chatting with her.
    Song: Subotai's drinking songs(s/he'll never tell him that though)
    Drink: Whiskey of paradigms.


    Goals: To please Mysrai and do her/his duty.
    Amibitions: True Ascendant
    Nemesis: @Avurekhos
    Rival: Munsia
    Best Friend: Persayis/Aiyana/Crek/Nott
    Idol: Viynain
    Best personal achievement: Avatar of Mysrai. 
    Worst personal achievement: Being personally removed from the Order by Mysrai.
    Proudest moment: Taking Archmage/Getting Avatar/Being given a title by Mysrai.
    Most shameful moment: Being booted from the Order.
    If I could make one wish: To bring back Sebitti in her full glory.

    Why you should hate her: S/he'll do what Mysrai orders her/him to, and if that means s/he's burning your entire org down? So be it.
    Why you should love her: S/he's loyal to a fault and if you're deemed worth, s/he'll be by your side no matter what.
    Why you should fear her: No matter how many times s/he dies/loses/fails s/he will never give up until told to by someone s/he holds in authority.
    Why he is harmless: S/he's easily distracted.
    If he ruled the world, you'd best expect: Passion. Passion everywhere.

    Mysrai, the Beckoner Beyond the Maze intones, "Continue to manifest the paradigm of working, My Alary."
    The Divine voice of Camus the Cinderfly echoes in your head, "Thank you, once-body. I am happy that I fell into that eye."
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