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    Ein said:
    Shaddus said:
    If you had to classify your character's D&D Alignment, what would it be and why?

    Hmm! This ended up being harder to decide than I thought, but maybe that's just because I don't fully understand the exact differences between certain alignments.

    This is horribly simplistic, but will at least give you a basic idea on where you lie on the alignment grid. Feel free to try it out!
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    I tried it, but it's been really hard to apply concepts such as family elders, organisation laws, family, friends, etc. to immortal characters. I personally had more success with the extended descriptions available here:
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    @Shaddus So I've been looking for a new Demagogue...
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    Maylea said:
    Shaddus said:
    If you had to classify your character's D&D Alignment, what would it be and why?
    I would consider Maylea as mostly neutral good, at times drifting into true neutral. As a Goddess who values observation, looking through different perspectives and heavy doses of introspection and self-realisation, she's not so hard and fast about rigid external principles as one might think. There have been times in her history where she's floated entirely in the realm of true neutral - not really participating in one way or another in the activities and purposes of the Elders and their Circles - merely observing, painting, letting time pass unfettered. In fact, for those who are privy to her histories, she never wanted to be in a Circle in the first place; but she was placed. But she has taken a more active role and stance in the world of late.
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    @AllGods: who are you super friends with in the havens that would horrify your order if they knew?

    @Carakhan : How are you finding your time as a god so far? Any big plans you can hint at? 
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    @AllGods, which tarot do you think represents your character best? RL deck and IG deck?
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    @Trahey - Fall for Lusternian tarot; Wheel of Fortune or High Priestess for major arcana; Queen of Swords for minor arcana (I'll let you decide which way up on that one).
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