Gurashi Draws: An Autobiography



  • JolantheJolanthe Member Posts: 255 Gifted
    Think you really nailed the sooty look of the wings there, particularly with how they contrast with the clean lines otherwise.
  • DaraiusDaraius Shevat The juror's taco spotMember Posts: 4,400 Transcendent
    This excites me greatly.
  • GurashiGurashi Member Posts: 113 Gifted
    Daraius said:
    This excites me greatly.
    You next fam :3 
    Many greetings! I do commissions!

    You say, I want that on my headstone: "You can't blanknote the dead!"
  • ChorosChoros Member Posts: 68 Capable
    Gurashi said:
    I thought this might be fun to share... basically, my creative process for doing artwork, especially commissions. Not Lusternia related, just a step-by-step for a recent D&D piece I finished today :> 
    On the next exciting episode of DragonBall-Z?
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