Pet Pics!



  • BreandrynBreandryn Member Posts: 1,521 Transcendent
    My sister and her dogs are staying with me right now and I've demanded some much-needed cuddle therapy!

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    A redirect because I am sick and not feeling up to putting them directly on forums, please enjoy another of Barry's adventures.
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    Sylandra said:
    This is the most precious kitten omg. ;_;
    Well he's in need of a forever home if anybody wants him!


    The original picture of Turnus is still viewable here, again by Feyrll.
  • ThyelleiaThyelleia Member Posts: 255 Fabled
    Mr Darcy died two weeks ago...and I just wanted to take one short look at the hamsters. But then the little one looked at me and I looked at her and we almost spent half an hour staring at each other.

    So I kinda impulse bought a hamster. And while I was at it, I bought some cute new stuff for her as well. Even though I already have lots of things from my previous hamsters.

    So I still have no present for my dad but a hamster....
  • FylerFyler Member Posts: 598 Mythical
    I had hamsters growing up, and I've been eyeballing getting a cute cage and hamster. I'm not sure about upkeep though, feels like that bedding would be a mess to change all the time.
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  • ThyelleiaThyelleia Member Posts: 255 Fabled
    In my experience, hamsters are pretty easy to care for. All you need is a big cage that allows a high litter level for burrowing, a wheel that's closed on the back and the running ground (so they don't get their feet stuck) and a sandbath. Normally, hamsters are very clean animals who usually use their sandbath as a toilet so you only have to sift through it every day or two to take out the clumps. Changing the whole bedding doesn't need to happen that often if the hamster is clean. They usually don't drink that much and if they do, they should pee in the sand to keep the rest of their cage and therefore potential storerooms clean. Then again, that doesn't hold true for every hamster. I once has one who loved peeing while running in the wheel, which was not very good for the wood (and the reason why Chili got a new one)...
  • PhoebusPhoebus tu fui, ego eris. CircumstancesMember Posts: 1,920 Transcendent
    My hamster when I was a kid always did the wheel pee was like, his preferred place to go. He was kind of an asshole. 
  • ThyelleiaThyelleia Member Posts: 255 Fabled
    Awww, he's so cute! One day, I would love to have a dog. I fell in love with Shiba Inus though they are said to be very headstrong so maybe not the best choice for a dog-owner-newbie like me. I guess that I'll adopt a dog from Romania or Hungary since they have so many mixes that are looking for a home.

    Unrelated picture: Ten on his favourite plant (can't get pictures of Rose since she loves to hide)

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