Pet Pics!



  • Aruin said:
    A dog! Not my dog! But I dog's! Her name is Nimue~ And a grown up Jasnah and Hoid Monster!
    Love the names.

    Czixi, the Welkin murmurs, "Fight on, My Effervescent Sylph. I will be with you as you do."

    Aian Lerit'r, Lead Schematicist exclaims to you, "A *paperwork* emergency, Chairman!

  • Got to take my girl Nalla over to a friends for a dip in the pool today :D First time I have gotten her to willingly get off the steps and swim and she was so happy! she did a few laps around and found her way back to the stairs just fine. So happy she can enjoy this =^^=

    The soft, hollow voice of Nocht, the Silent resounds within your mind as His words echo through the aether, "Congratulations, Arimisia. Your mastery of vermin cannot be disputed."

  • So I used to have two cats, a snake, and a bearded dragon. The cats and dragon left with my ex a year ago (was agreed, they looked after the dragon better than I could, and the cats were super close to them). The snake, sadly, passed away from neurological complications. But I do have this absolute babe now.
  • My cat's been loving the bannisters and balustrades at my new place, particularly weaving in and out between them. Normally she is quite camera shy, but in this instance she didn't seem to care. So tada. Most especially for @Llani and @Coraline

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