Absence Thread



  • TraheyTrahey Member Posts: 38 Capable
    Just throwing it out there that I won't be on for long until after the 13th.
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  • MakaiMakai Member Posts: 409 Adept
    Your RP and art will be missed. See you soon!
  • TridemonTridemon Member Posts: 688 Fabled
    edited July 8
    Modem has lost the ability to connect to the internet. It is now a paperweight until the new one arrives, Wednesday at the earliest. I may be able to pop in on my phone but I won't be available for anything substantial.

    Edit: The modem has chugged back to life after I glared at it while holding a hammer.
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  • TraheyTrahey Member Posts: 38 Capable
    There are no bad RP sessions with @Daraius!
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  • CoralineCoraline Member Posts: 343 Master
    RL has suddenly  become hectic, so I won't be around as much as I used to be or as regularly.
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  • VatulVatul Member Posts: 218 Expert
    I’ve been busy with life since end of June. Work has been exhausting on top of my vacation and travel recovery, with guests included this week! It’s been fun but 😴. If you need me messages or discord are best. 
    The cool night-time breeze shivers in the arid caress of the streets of the capital city, brushing the earthen taste of dust across your lips.
    A blessed silence falls upon the city for the moment, most activity confined to the towers and the
    theatre due to the snowy weather.
    Pinprick points of light twinkle in the deep black overhead, their brightness full of a cold,
    hungering malice.
    Resplendent shimmers reflect brightly off the ground, reflecting serpentine spirals of viridian gold
    in every direction.
  • NyanaNyana Member Posts: 77 Apprentice
    I'm gonna be gone for a week or so. If there's actually a reason to log in, I can be found on discord.
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