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    It was mentioned in the Absence thread, but I'm finally moving! This has been a 2.5 year process, and the last year of it was particularly trying. But it's finally happening. We're going to be closer to our families, our son is going to see his cousins a lot more often instead of just a couple times a year, we'll be able to attend more things. We're very excited and hopeful that this means a lot of change for the better.
    Everiine is a man, and is very manly. This MAN before you is so manly you might as well just gender bend right now, cause he's the manliest man that you ever did see. His manly shape has spurned many women and girlyer men to boughs of fainting. He stands before you in a manly manerific typical man-like outfit which is covered in his manly motto: "I am a man!"

    Daraius said: You gotta risk it for the biscuit.

    Pony power all the way, yo. The more Brontaurs the better.
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    Someone just bought ice creams for the office.

    Happiness is easily bought
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    Got back from visiting my mother in Charleston over the end of last week/the weekend. We spent a long day at the beach, and went to a house party with folks in her massage therapy class (midlife career change on her part hah!). Made some non-profit connections at said party by pure chance that will really bear fruit I think.

    Also I got a new vitamix  second-hand for my birthday and got to try it out today, made some gazpacho, hummus, and frozen banana desert and I'm jazzed thus far! 
  • KistanKistan Member Posts: 393 Expert
    Work done, bring on Spiderman!
  • DysDys Member Posts: 661 Fabled
    My busy months at work are nearly over!

    Until we get new ministers but hopefully they'll go on their summer holidays straight away and leave me in peace.
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