Gods and Monsters mafia. Ratatoskr and Anubis wins!



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    "The violence is brief and effective. The last of God's angels is soon reduced to a lawn ornament. Which begs the question "what now"? Weeks of mistrust, secrecy and threat is not so easily forgotten. Especially when there is someone out there who favours this chaos and disruption."

    "Pollux?! There you are. Where have you been?"

    "Jean. Have you ever heard about Drilltooth? Or perhaps Ratatoskr?"

    "I... who?"

    "He is someone who enjoys conflict and chaos. He is a messenger of the world tree, but it would be more accurate to say that he is the one who keeps feuds going. He thrives because others fail."

    "Why are you telling me this?"

    "Because he is here. Ratatoskr is here, and he has won. The demagogue of chaos has used others for his own gain. He has nurtured the conflict between gods and monsters. He ignited this struggle, for the sole reason of watching the gods and monsters fight among themselves. For the sheer enjoyment of the chaos. That's why I had to leave earlier. To confirm why this conflict began, and to confirm what I'm doing here."

    "I am so very, very lost. Also, you make it sound like Ratatoskr works alone. But even without Ssaliss there are three others remaining. Couldn't they still overpower him?"

    "Ratatoskr has more experience instilling conflict between two groups than the entire political history of humanity. Continue to observe and tell me what you see."

    "... Erf. Why is Celina and Silvanus fighting?"

    "Reasons. Reasons rovided by the clever, twisted words of a red-furred little rodent with a black heart and a silver tongue. They'll fight to the death... not that it matters who wins. Because they'll not be able to defeat Ieptix. Or, if I should call him by his true name, Anubis."

    "Anubis... wait. So Anubis is the one responsible for making everyone else disappear?"

    "Yes. They all disappeared to fuel his ambition. To become the one supreme ruler of the world."

    "And he worked together with Ratatoskr? So... what happens now?"

    "I don't know about what happens to you specifically. You're probably gonna find yourself under new management, what with there being a new alpha dog in town. I hope you're a dog person. As for me... I was made to hunt demons. I'm going to track down Ratatoskr and bring him to justice."

    Chaos has won the day! Vivet as Ratatoskr wins. Ieptix as Anubis also wins!

    (Role list to follow)
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    Think that sums up the situation nicely.

    The ending there was sloppy, I know - but that made it waaaaay more fun and exciting! And let's face it, Ratatoskr winning via spite and YOLO makes way more sense than him winning via carefully thought-out, well made arguments.

    I'm going to wait for Kira to do the full role list before posting more. I definitely want to share the journey from my perspective, as well as all my messages and things.

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    Okay well. 

    Very well played, Vivet. Lynch her first in every game moving forward.
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    Honestly, I did kinda feel something was off with you this game, Vivet, but you being attacked last night kinda threw me off somewhat. How did you know that Yarith protected you, or did you just guess that part?
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    Well, here's the thing. I don't want to give away too much so Kira can get some satisfaction before the reveal, but Ieptix and I weren't really on a "team", per say. I only communicated to him via message - he had no means of communicating to me.

    I gained a one-time immunity to Ieptix by deciding to aide him, since I had a read on him, so that make it easy for me to safely proceed during the nights with investigation. Yavina's protection was totally happenstance and didn't matter to that end, but it was -very- convenient for making me look more persuasive.

    There were a lot of strokes of luck and ridiculous pitfalls in this game. It was crazy stuff.

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    Role list:

    Chaos team:

    Anubis: Serial Killer : Ieptix

    Ratatoskr: Trickster : Vivet

    Morgan le Fay: Mafia : Aerdureth
    Arachne: Mafia : Lavinya
    Dullahan: Mafia : Falmiis

    Medusa: Executioner : Marcella
    Idunn: Lynch Immune : Yavina
    Nemesis: Bomb : Krackenor
    Ereshkigal: Medium Tekora
    Archangel Michael: Vigilante : Dylara
    Archangel Gabriel: Oracle : Ssaliss
    Archangel Raphael: Doctor : Shaddus

    Neutral third party:

    The white fox of Inari: Vindicator : Luce
    Danzaburou-danuki: Vindicator : Silvanus

    Kerberos: Lyncher : Othero
    Buddha: Zen Survivor : Synkarin
    Chang'e: Outlaster : Ellowyn

    Roles. (Information in Italics is hidden from player perception)



    You're Anubis, Judge of the dead and apparently the only egyptian god that matters these days. Ra who? Osiris-what's-his-name? Who cares about any of them. You're the coolest, the strongest, and the best. The rest of the world just don't know it yet. Originally, your role as judge of souls saw you weighing the hearts of men against a feather. Those whose hearts were too heavy were devoured by Ammit. But no one remembers Ammit anymore, so you've taken their role for yourself, as the first step to establish yourself as a Lord and Master of beliefs.

    Role: You're a serial killer. You win when you've devoured everyone, or nothing can stop this from happening.

    Devour: Once per night, you may devour someone, removing them from the game.

    Soul eater: If you deliver the final vote on someone, you'll eat their soul, strengthening you so that during the following night-phase, you'll be immune to one night-kill. Multiple attempts on your life during the night will still see you killed though.

    Divine: Investigations will return you as a god.


    Vivet/Ratatoskr: You're Ratatoskr, the divine messenger of Norse mythology who scurried up and down the world tree. You originally... uh, well in all honestly, you've always been a bit of a sly little devil. You control the perception of others by carefully choosing your words, telling them only what you want them to hear, letting them know only what you want them to know. Taking delight in causing chaos for others is what you live for, especially if you can get away with it.

    Role: You're a trickster. In order to win, everyone else must lose. Well, you can permit one other person to win, though it'd be a hollow victory for you in that case. (Specifically Serial Killer win condition does not interfere with Ratatoskr's win condition)

    Perfect Liar: You know how to control information. No powers can discern anything you say as a lie, and all investigations always return the most favourable result.

    Sly Spy: At night, you may choose to either hide yourself away, making you untargettable by all night-actions, or investigate someone, learning their role, powers and win-condition. Thrice per day, you may send someone a private, anonymous message. Give me the message and I'll deliver it to them. (If serial killer is investigated, Ratatoskr gains one-shot SK kill protection)

    Demagogue of Chaos: Thrice during the game, you may intercept the death reveal following a lynch or kill. If a lynch, you have to choose to intercept the lynch before the actual lynch happens. An intercepted death reveal will hide the information from town, but you will still learn the contents of the role. Furthermore, if none have won by the time the game is reduced to three players (not including the serial killer), you automatically win as you cause the remaining two players to fight each other to the death. Finally, your role is always automatically hidden from the other players. (Should both mafia and serial killer be eliminated the night-phase will stop happening, but town will not win until you are also eliminated)


    Luce/The White Fox of Inari: Inari Ökami is the spirit of lots of nice stuff, like rice-wine and tea. But most importantly to you, she's the spirit of foxes, and you are a fox on a mission. To reclaim the island of Sado for all of fox-kin. In order to do that, you need to defeat that blasted tanuki Danzaburou. Only with him gone can the foxes return to the island. You're about evenly matched in strength, so you can't take him out directly. In all honesty though, he should be scared, because you're bringing the full brunt of all your vulpine magic to bear on his miserable self. It shouldn't be that hard to manipulate the others into bringing him down. Just be careful with your manipulations. If he isn't brought down by your hand, you won't get credit, and you'll lose face entirely.

    Role: Vindictive. You win if Danzaburou is lynched and you're part of the vote-train on him. If Danzaburou is killed in any other way, you become a survivor.

    Fox magic: You've got a handful of tricks up your sleeve which you can use to help you get Danzaburou eliminated. Up to three times in the game, you can do the following.

    Make two person swap locations during the nightphase, thus making night-actions that target the former target the latter instead, and vice versa.

    Force someone who has already voted to vote on someone else.

    Counter one of Danzaburou's transformations.

    Divine: You're not an actual god yourself, but due to your connection to the divine, investigations reveal you as a God.


    Silvanus/Danzaburou-danuki: You're a legend. The one responsible for ensuring that there are no foxes on the island of Sado. And yet now that wretched spirit has sent a fox to challenge you, to try to reclaim the island for foxkind. Hah, as if you're gonna let that happen. If this was just about eliminating him, you'd prepare some trick to turn this whole thing into a non-issue, but as is you're being observed, so anything but a direct takedown by you will leave your reputation ruined.

    Role: Vindictive. You win if The White Fox of Inari is lynched and you're part of the vote-train on him. If the Fox is killed in any other way, you become a survivor.

    Tanuki Transformations: You've brought with you three leaves, which you can use for your transformative magic. You can spend one leaf to activate any one of the following spells.

    Duplicate: One layer of kill protection. Lasts one night or day.

    Petrify: Vote and daytime roleblock

    Disguise: Divert all actions but nightkills to the person you disguise yourself as.

    Legendary monster: While you hold no active opposition to the divine and to gods as a whole, nor any animosity towards humans, you're still a monster as far as most are concerned. Investigations on you will return you as a monster.


    Aerdureth/Morgan Le Fay: You are the legendary Morgan Le Fay, known from Arthurian legends. A powerful fey of... ambigious morality and a lot of ambition. It's that ambition that seems to remain stuck in public opinion as your primary characteristic. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Ambition is the key to change and progress after all. The will to change and upheave the status quo. It's your greatest asset, and it's what makes you dangerous. Far more than your magical power and charm, though they're pretty dangerous too. Either way. Power, charm, ambition, doesn't matter how. You've got your little army, and with it, it's time to take down the gods.

    Role: You're the mafia leader. Your mafia allies are the Dullahan and Arachne. You win when all the Gods and their servants are dead.

    Study: If you are not performing the mafia kill that night, you can study someone. If they're a God, (or count as one for investigative purposes at least), you will learn what powers they wield. If they're not a God, you learn that they're not a god.

    Enchant: If you are not performing the mafia kill that night, nor studying someone, you can enchant someone, assuming control of their vote for the next day only. They will act normally until a trigger phrase, chosen at the time of their enchantment, after which you can message me their vote, and they'll be locked on that vote for the rest of the day.


    Lavinya/Arachne: The first Drider! Got it? No? You don't know Lolth? Oh, nevermind then. Regardless, you are a mortal woman, cursed into the guise of a monster due to being a better weaver than the goddess Athena. There may or may not also have been arrogance involved, which is a reminder not to be arrogant towards Goddesses but... either way. The punishment was way too severe for the crime. But now, now you have a chance to strike back against the Gods. To cast them down from Olympus and... oh, no one lives on Olympus anymore... well, doesn't matter. One god is as good as any.

    Role: You're a mafia Goon. Your mafia allies are Morgan Le Fay and the Dullahan. You win when all the Gods and their servants are dead.

    Loom of the spider: If you are not performing the mafia kill that night, you can send your spiders out to trap someone in webbing.


    Falmiis/The Dullahan: The headless horseman. An unseelie fey that spells doom and death. No, you're not the Banshee. You don't warn about someone' s impending death. You cause it. As long as they don't have gold on them. You've been roped into this plot for prey far greater than mere mortals though. You're here to take down the gods themselves. And even they will tremble when you mark them for death.

    Role: You're a mafia Goon. Your mafia allies are Morgan Le Fay and Arachne. You win when all the Gods and their servants are dead.

    Doom of the Dullahan: Once during the game, if you were not chosen to kill the night before, you will have the power to kill someone during the day. If you do so, you will not be able to kill the following night.


    Celina/Medusa: A monster, cursed as such by the gods. Nowadays you're known for your ability to turn anyone who looks at your face into stone. Y'know, because you're so hideous. Somehow that gives you petrification powers. Now, however, you have a chance to do something about it. Oh sure, it would be tempting to join the insurrection and get revenge on the gods, but you've been promised that if you help put down the insurrection, your curse will be removed.

    Role: You're on the side of the Gods, and thus you win when the monster insurrection has been put down.

    Monster: You are a monster, and this is what investigations against you will reveal.

    Stone gaze: It wouldn't do to forget your ability to petrify with a look. A very useful tool for eliminating unwanted suitors. Not quite that strong now though. Game balance you see. Once during the game, you can execute someone, killing them if they're at half the votes required for a lynch.

    Deputy: You're the backup vigilante. If the vigilante dies, you take over as vig.


    Yavina/Idunn: You are the goddess of youth and fertility. Mostly youth. The stories that surround you make you out to be... really, really, really naive. Which for some reason means you get to guard the endless apples that provide eternal youth, longevity and healing. How many times were those apples stolen again? Still you're here, so you might as well make the best of things and try to help weed out those icky monsters.

    Role: You're a God. You win when all those icky monsters have been squashed.

    Idunn's apples: You've brought one of those apples with you here. It works excellent as a snack, what with being endless and all, and you can eat it constantly to heal yourself. Thus you can't be lynched. If a lynch is attempted on you, you will survive, but the day will end.

    Nurse: Idunn is a backup doctor


    Krackenor/Nemesis: You are the goddess of divine retribution. The one who brings death to those who would dare to defy the will of the gods. Your name is also the word used to indicate a much loathed person whom you struggle to overcome and make yourself superior to, sometimes by outright killing them. Funny how language changes and... hrm? Oh right, your role in all of this. As the goddess of divine retribution, you're here to put down the squabbling rebelling monsters.

    Role: You're a God. You win when divine retribution has been delivered unto the monsters.

    Retribution: Whenever you are killed or lynched, you will take down the one who killed you, or the one who placed the final vote on you.

    If Buddha is killed, Nemesis becomes a backup truth-detector.


    Tekora/Ereshkigal: You are a god of the dead, and one people probably haven't even heard of. Your domain is that of the underworld, and you rule over the dead. This here is your chance to earn the recognition worthy of the Great Queen of the Earth, master of the souls of the dead.

    Role: You are a God. You win when the monsters seeking an uprising have been put back in the Earth where they belong.

    Speak of the dead: As Queen of the Underworld, not even death can stop you, in any way. You can talk to the dead whenever you like. Furthermore, even if you're killed, you will still be able to deliver a message to the living each day.

    If Ereshkigal is alive, and the Buddha and Arachne is dead, and Chang'e has either won or died, Ereshkigal gains a one-shot resurrection.


    Ellowyn/Chang'e: You are Chang'e. A chinese goddess of the moon. Your husband shot down the suns when they were scorching the world and for this he was rewarded with the elixir of eternal life. Before he could drink it with you, his apprentice tried to steal the elixir for himself, and to stop that you drank the elixir before you fled to the moon. Now you reside there with your Jade Rabbit, desperately working on re-creating the medicine for your husband. You weren't even really planning on being here in the first place, but with all this death and chaos happening, this might be a great place to gather the ingredients that you need.

    Role: You are a God, but this war does not concern you. To win, you must acquire the following items. A spider's thread. An angel's feather. And an apple of youth. You win when holders of these three items die while you're still alive.

    Moon prison: You can hide yourself away in the moon to make yourself untargettable for a whole night. However, you can only do this once.

    Jade Rabbit: You can not speak, instead you must have your companion, the jade rabbit, speak for you. Due to this, the truthfulness of what you're saying can't be determined. Any attempts to discern the truthfulness of your words will return no result.

    If Chang'e wins, the Elixir of Immortality is made. Whomever drinks it gains night-kill immunity against scum and vigilante.


    Dylara/Michael: You are the archangel Michael. Protector of the jewish people, and soldier of god. You fought with Lucifer and cast him into the firey pits of hell. Or is that something that will happen? The bible has a really confusing time-line all things considered. Regardless, as a trusted servant of The One himself (no, not that one, the other... erf. You know what I mean.) it is obvious that you would have to be here at the front-lines yourself. You're not here alone. You were sent here with your fellow angels, although you lost sight of them in the process. Just as well, because you have your own... motivations here.

    Role: You win when the monster rebellion has been crushed, but you do not truly win until you stand as a testament and beacon for the Jewish people... alone. You must also eliminate Gabriel and Raphael to truly win. Before the rebellion ends.

    The Warrior: Once per night, you may assault someone with the intent to slay them. If you succeed and the target is a God, or a Divine Servant, you will be wracked by guilt, and unable to fight, thus losing your will to act as a vigilante. You may never kill another angel with this power.


    Ssaliss/Gabriel: You are the archangel Gabriel. The wise and well known messenger, responsible for delivering the word of God to the mortals below. And in this matter, information is a vital commodity. You've been sent here with your fellow angels to quell the uprising that is at hand. And, on your own volition, you've decided that this is also an excellent opportunity to nurse some of your own... motivations.

    Role: You win when you've put down the rebelling monsters, although you do not truly win until your voice is the only one heard by the mortals, to guide them down the path of proper faith for Allah and his prophet. To truly win, you must also eliminate Raphael and Michael before the rebellion ends.

    The Messenger: You are the messenger, the one who shares what is known by The One (no relation to the Matrix) to those below. Once per night, you may choose two targets. The first target will learn if the second target is aligned with the gods or monsters.


    Shaddus/Raphael: You are the Archangel of Healing. Your name literally is a request for god to white-mage patchup your wounds. You're not as famous as the angels Gabriel or Michael, but you're still here to offer your support to them as best you can. After all, the only thing that truly matters is doing the duty that you are commanded to do. Now if only you hadn't lost sight of the other two on your way here.

    Role: You win when the monster rebellion is over, and the violence is at an end.

    The Healer: You are a healer, and so once a night you can protect someone from one attempt on their life. You will not be able to protect yourself.


    Kerberos: You are Kerberos. The monster that guards the gate to the underworld. And all in all, you don't care three slobbering licks for the current “war” that's going on. If you can even call it that. It's just a bunch of posturing monsters and gods who beat on their chest and try to pretend to be something that they aren't. Pah. At least you can get something good out of this though. It's been ages since you had a new chewtoy, and powerful souls are so gooooood. You just can't have enough.

    Role: You're a lyncher. You win if you place the last vote on three different lynch-trains. It has to be the last vote to count.


    Synkarin/Buddha: You are the Buddha, the mortal man who reached true enlightenment and ascended to a higher plane of existence. But this... war has drawn you back. It caught your attention for just a brief moment, and that's all it takes to undo all that meditation. All those “oooohms”. Ah well, there's nothing to do about it but to begin once more. Just hope that you can keep these brutes from interfering with your pursuit for enlightenment.

    Role: You win by achieving enlightenment. A complex power that requires distancing yourself from the world through the loss of your power, your vote, and your ability to speak. During night, you may choose to sacrifice your power, your vote, or your speech, losing them for the rest of the game. You may only make one sacrifice each night. On twilight the day after your third and final sacrifice you win as long as you are still alive.

    Cosmic truth: Once per day, you are able to discern if a particular statement (forum post) is true or false. The result will be revealed to you in private.



    Night actions 1:

    Aerdureth studies Ssaliss
    Lavinya blocks Ieptix
    Falmiis kills Shaddus
    Vivet investigates Tekora
    Ssaliss oracles Silvanus to Vivet
    Luce does nothing
    Shaddus protects Lavinya
    Synkarin sacrifices his vote
    Dylara vigs Luce
    Ieptix does nothing
    Silvanus duplicates himself

    Night actions 2:
    Aerdureth studies Ellowyn

    Lavinya blocks Krackenor
    Falmiis kills Ssaliss
    Vivet investigates Ieptix
    Ssaliss oracles Vivet to Ellowyn
    Yavina protects Ssaliss
    Ieptix eats Tekora
    Silvanus does nothing

    Night actions 3:

    Aerdureth does nothing
    Lavinya blocks Ssaliss
    Vivet investigates Aerdureth
    Ssaliss oracles Ellowyn to Celina
    Yavina does nothing
    Ieptix eats Lavinya
    Silvanus does nothing

    Night actions 4:

    Vivet investigates Ssaliss
    Ssaliss oracles Ellowyn to Dylara
    Yavina protects Krackenor
    Ieptix eats Ellowyn

    Night actions 5:
    Ieptix eats Vivet
    Yavina protects Vivet
    Vivet investigates Krackenor
    Ssaliss oracles Ieptix to Dylara

    Night actionss 6:
    Ieptix eats Yavina
    Yavina does nothing
    Vivet hides
    Ssaliss oracles Celina to Ieptix
    Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.
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    Well, it mattered in the sense that if you said that you were protected, and Yavina said you weren't, you'd be kinda revealed :D Then again, given the fuzzy nature of your supposed message, I suppose it'd be easy enough to discount it as being part of your hallucinations, now that I think about it.
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    Of course. It could have been a mysterious message sent to me in order to trick me! Who knows... well, besides myself.

    And oh wow, there is so much more stuff that could have come into play. It's really a shame Tekora died so early on, and that Elixir could have been an interesting addition to the mix - though it also would mean that I'd be gone was it was in play. Hmmm.

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    Yeah. There were a few things that didn't come into play. I tried to introduce some balance-preserving elements with the vig and doctor having proteges. But then Dylara killed a non-scum during night 1 and wasn't killed until the end of the game so there were no vig around. Which made Ieptix never getting the last vote a lot less relevant.  Othero lynching the bomb was also a real stroke of luck for Ratatoskr.

    All in all though, it was fun for me to watch. It was really exciting at times, and the confusion that came from Ratatoskr's silly messages (the snuffling pig messages were all Vivet's doing) made this a delight to look at.

    I still have no idea why Ieptix decided to try to eat Vivet though, but hey. Worked out nicely.
    Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.
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    So... wait... Who sent all those messages to Dylara?
  • SsalissSsaliss Member Posts: 3,575 Transcendent
    Oh, now I get it. That was Vivet copying my message. How devious.
  • KiradaweaKiradawea Member Posts: 1,750 Transcendent
    Yeah. Vivet's role was there to cause as much chaos as possible. And I feel that in many ways, she has succeeded.
    Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.
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    Without a doubt. I'm assuming the "messages from the scum" were from her too?
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    Squirrel's Story

    So, the hilarity of this game all started with my first message - the one I sent to Shaddus. I'd like to point out I work best when I feel like I'm part of a cause, so this role was not fitted well to me at all, win-condition wise. I was more than eager to play up being townish. But the whole point of the role is to lie and be outrageous, right? And I didn't think I had good chances of winning at this time. I decided I'd just have some fun. So I made up this totally ridiculous, unbelievable fake-role, which could only be remotely believable since I was sharing it with someone, in secret, on the very first day, and had him decide who to investigate. Tekora, really? I didn't think Tekora was scum at all on day 1, and found this really silly, but went along with it anyways.

    And I sure was glad I did, because I never would have guessed Tekora's role powers! I thought if Shaddus died, it'd be no big deal since the ridiculous fake role I fed him would die away as well. Not the case! I was now locked into it for the rest of the game. If I deviated from it, I'd be called out. I'd trolled myself! I trolled myself sooooo hard.

    Getting Ssaliss' message on day 1 instantly gave me the idea of making up my own angel messages, to try to make it look like they were all phoney nonesense. This partially backfired in that -every single one- of my fake messages also ended up being 100% true. Falmiis was a monster? Yep. Yavina was a god? True! It just became another odd glitch in the system, another thing I didn't know what to do with after a while. Which is why I let them die off with Krackenor, in an attempt to try to shake them from myself. This is also why the pig messages went away with Lavinya. Didn't seem all that compelling.

    The fake mafia-scrambled messages were just a flight of fancy, really. No particular thought put into them. I just thought they'd be fun, and make the mafia very confused/paranoid! And I sent the first one to Ieptix because I'd figure he'd have the most fun trying to decode it out of everyone present. I always picked names based off of letters shared in common and how long they were, etc. Never for any other reasons.

    And then I found Ieptix. I just couldn't really resist teaming up with someone, so that's just what I did. I told him the true results of each investigation I made as we went along, unless I was announcing it to the whole game anyways, and was generally mysterious and cryptic with him. This might be why he tried to eat my face later. I have no idea if Kira gave him extra details or not, but if he only had my messages to go by on whether or not to trust me, I can't really blame him for trying! Ahahaha.

    I always saw the roles of the people I janitor'd, so I was not ignorant in that regard. And when I investigated Aerdureth, I also knew she was the last mafia member alive. We got insanely lucky in dealing with the mafia, really. My fake letter + Dylara's reveal of it got Falmiis killed, Ieptix ate the Drider on the night following, and then I found the godmother! I actually really struggled on what to do with that info initially, because it felt like eliminating Aerdureth right away might be a major hindrance to the rate at which town could die out. But it also meant no one would be targetting me or my suave jackal pal, so hey - I made the decision we'd go ahead and play the long game (perhaps another reason for Ieptix to try to kill me).

    There were a number of situations that made me uncomfortable. I didn't really need to try to eliminate Synkarin, but things were slow that day, and even if he couldn't catch me lying, he might be able to out the scum team sooner than I'd like (and then we all killed them promptly anyways, oops?). This is why I backed off of Krackenor so much when he gained the power.

    Othero was a major threat to me once his day came up. I really didn't know how to deal with him, and once I voted on myself I was just piecing together ways I could troll town into thinking I might have won along with him via self-janitoring. I actually would have loved for Krackenor to get lynched that day, with Othero pinning the last vote. The fact that it happened, when I did -absolutely nothing- to help get us there, was just jaw-droppingly unreal to me. I cackled so much.

    And then there was weaving together my fake claim for Ieptix. I'd gone over the options a few times, and was a bit afraid of how it might turn out. There are a number of death/underworld kinds of roles in the game, so it's hard to spin one that fits the flavour without overlapping with the rest. I thought my fake messages were a good pick, but then hours later... I remembered Ieptix was roleblocked on day one! If anyone would have caught onto that, the whole lie would have fallen apart. I flailed and facepalmed and fretted over this for forever, and this was one of my motivations for claiming to go back to review over old posts and finding nothing. Since Vivet's doing it for you all, you obviously don't need to do it yourselves, right? Of course not, hahaha. Yeah.

    I kept worrying people would take a closer look at my claim to have one-message-a-day. If anyone decided I might be spreading more than one, I could have well been in trouble. I also made sure I always had one extra available at any time once I outted Aerdureth, just in case people wanted to know who, if anyone, I was sending messages to still. If you all tried to pin specifics for how I used my proclaimed single message on each day, I might have faltered earlier as well.

    And the biggest problem was my lack of aggression. The longer the game drew on, the more I didn't want all that time to go up in smoke, and the closer I got to winning, the more I wanted to win no matter what! So it got increasingly harder to figure out how I could even try to claim my end-objectives as we went. Which just made pouncing on Shaddus' post all the more satisfying when I did - and all the more surprising when it actually worked out. When I'd already won/lost like fifty times in my head already, and was sure I'd seriously bollix it up somehow.

    So, yeah. Sorry if it got boring there at the end. I got really damn nervous at times. But the adrenaline was worth it.

    Side note: Kiradawea and I built up 140 messages between each other in the course of this game. If nothing else, I definitely fulfill the role of a gossip deity, I think!

    Next up - all the messages I sent to different people, for your pleasure and entertainment.

  • VivetVivet , of Cows and Crystals Member Posts: 2,223 Transcendent
    Ratatoskr's Treasure Trove of Crap

    For my first private, anonymous message, please send this to Shaddus:

    "Hi. I think I'm going to be in serious need of some help, but I might be of some help to you in turn.

    Here's the situation - I am an investigator, and also a commuter. During the night, I can either investigate someone, or hide myself away to evade all night actions. Sounds pretty great, huh? But of course, there is a catch. I am allowed to power-claim, but I cannot claim anything else pertaining to my role without getting modkilled: name, alignment, win-conditions are all no-nos. In addition to that, I am supposed to start to weaken in some way past the fifth day, whatever that means. It has been left purposefully vague.

    This makes it so I really will want to stay in the background and avoid claiming for as long as possible. It will be awkward, especially if I have to do so when I have no investigative information to reveal. Since I won't know what happens if things go on for too long past the fifth day, this makes me want to investigate early on much more than hide, too.

    This is my one other saving grace - I can send a single message on each day phase to anyone I wish, in private. So while I may wish to avoid drawing too much attention to myself during the Day, I can still have something of a voice!

    You publicly asked Kira about some sort of smiting power. Everyone seems to have politely ignored it, but it sure caught my attention. While I'm not really sure what it is, I can only assume it is a strong power - smiting things isn't really inconsequential.

    So, here is what we'll do! I will share my information with you, and in the event I am forced to claim, you can hopefully back me up and confirm I've done what I've said. This information should also help you judge who is smite-worthy and who isn't.

    If you want me to investigate someone tonight, feel free to either:

    1. Offhandedly suggest it, ie, "I wish there was an investigator to checkout Kira tonight"
    2. FoS them. If you do this, make sure it is the last FoS.

    Optionally, if you want to test the accuracy of my investigative power, post "I just hope there aren't any naive cops in this game", and I will investigate you tonight and feed you the results on the next day. If you do none of the above, I'll probably end up investigating you anyways.

    Here's to hoping for the best!"


    So please send this to Ieptix:

    A sound like static buzzes in your ear, and the muffled murmurs of garbled voices from the previous night rings within them.

    "..l ..ree for now, taki.. out ...... ...ld be best. W.. ca.. neglect Marc... .. .o. long, th...., and I'm de.....init.. go...g to .... for S....... as the ..xt tar....."


    And now for my message to Tekora:

    "Uh. Hi.

    Here's the situation - I am an investigator, and also a commuter. During the night, I can either investigate someone, or hide myself away to evade all night actions. Sounds pretty great, huh? But of course, there is a catch. I am allowed to power-claim, but I cannot claim anything else pertaining to my role without getting modkilled: name, alignment, win-conditions are all no-nos. In addition to that, I am supposed to start to weaken in some way past the fifth day. It has been left purposefully vague.

    My one other saving grace is that I can send a single message on each day phase to anyone I wish, in private. So while I may wish to avoid drawing too much attention to myself during the Day, I can still have something of a voice.

    So, I decided I had to start reaching out immediately. Yesterday, I messaged Shaddus about what I can do since he mentioned having some sort of Smite power (which he apparently did not?). Because that sounded divine enough, and I could hopefully keep him from smiting someone who is town if I communicated information to him. I also permitted him to guide my investigation power like so -

    If you want me to investigate someone tonight, feel free to either:

    1. Offhandedly suggest it, ie, "I wish there was an investigator to checkout Kira tonight"
    2. FoS them. If you do this, make sure it is the last FoS.

    Since he FOS'd at you, I investigated you. When I first saw Shaddus was dead, I felt like I was in a bad spot. But, your role does give me more hope.

    So here is where we test the accuracy of my investigation power.

    You, Tekora, are Ereshkigal! You are a God and Queen of the Dead. You win when the monsters are quelled, and have no other special win conditions. You can talk to the dead, and speak to the living via a message-per-day should you die in turn.

    So, that should help establish how useful my power is, if that is all true. And due to your power, you can always speak with Shaddus to confirm what's been said and match up what has been shared!

    I will try to work with you to investigate who you'd like to have investigated. Just use the same methods I suggested to Shaddus, or anything else you feel makes it readily obvious who you'd want to see investigated. Else, if I don't get a strong sense of who, I will probably investigate either Ieptix or Silvanus tonight. It will very likely be Silvanus, because when the day began, I received a message from an angel saying that Silvanus is a monster. Given the circumstances, I find this suspect, and would rather confirm via my own investigation than trust this when we have Shaddus' body missing feathers.


    send this Message to Marcella:

    Without warning, a loud snorting and snuffling inhales against your skin, roaming over your body invisibly. Your eyes dart around, but cannot determine the source, nor does anyone else seem to be aware of the sounds. With an oink of satisfaction, the snuffling stops as abruptly as it began.


    let us send this message to Ieptix:

    Greetings, mighty Anubis!

    Please do not eat me. I am a tiny little thing that is hardly more than an appetiser, and I get indigestion often enough that I fear I might afflict it as well. It's not like I'm scary at all, either! All I can do is investigate thoroughly enough to see someone's true nature and powers, or hide away and avoid all night actions during the night. The only other thing I can do is send a single message during the day.

    So far I have only investigated Tekora and yours truly. I tried to get some sort of teamwork going with Tekora, but that ended up short-lived. So, uh, hopefully we won't have that issue. I'm pretty sure I am the only one capable of discerning your snacking tendencies, and any other investigator will see you as a God (town), so if I keep my mouth shut about that one point you should be good and fine!

    Unless I get paranoid and twitchy enough to want to hide, I will probably investigate either Ellowyn or Yavina tonight. I might lean towards peering at anyone you pressure too, but if not it will be one of those two.

    Remember, floss between meals!



    Send this Message to Dylara:

    An angel appears before you, hands you a message and then flies off. Reading the message tells you that Falmiis is a monster.


    And of course, send this Message to Othero:

    Without warning, a loud snorting and snuffling inhales against your skin, roaming over your body invisibly. Your eyes dart around, but cannot determine the source, nor does anyone else seem to be aware of the sounds. With an oink of satisfaction, the snuffling stops as abruptly as it began.


    Also, can I pretty please make a request for a message to be sent out at the very start of the next day? Assuming he is still alive, please send this Message to Othero:

    A sound like static buzzes in your ear, and the muffled murmurs of garbled voices from the previous night rings within them.

    "I ..n't ..lie.. .ou ..d t..., ..at .as s..h a ..ste ..r us. ..t no ...ter. W...l f..ge on ah... to our g..l. ...ina has eno..h p...sure on h.. rig.. ..w, so w.y don.. we .. aft... ..lo..n or ...et? Any..e ..t a.. b....r ....s?"

    Send this Message to Ieptix:

    Hello Anubis! 

    I'm going to have to go public today, so all the information I could feed to you will be out there instead. But, I will whisper to you that I think Dylara might be the vig. I can't confirm that, though. Still, if you think the vig is a risk and don't think anyone might try to track/watch either of you, I'd say go after her. All up to you.



    And send this Message to Dylara:

    An angel appears before you, hands you a message and then flies off. Reading the message tells you that Ieptix is a god.


    Message to Krackenor ASAP:

    An angel appears before you, hands you a message and then flies off. Reading the message tells you that Yavina is a god.


    Okay, I've had some time to think. Please send this Message to Ieptix:

    Dear Nubby,

    At this point, I have relative certainty that Idunn is the protector type that Ssaliss speculated on. I will also tell you that Ssaliss is Gabriel! He picks two targets each night - one is investigated, and the other receives the results of that investigation. He wins when not only the monster rebellion is quelled, but also when both Raphael and Michael are eliminated, leaving him the sole voice of the One. I thought you might like to know it case it isn't revealed today!

    If I reveal Ssaliss, the question of why I haven't revealed you yet may come up. I'm really not sure what to say if I do - I won't want to say you're the reason people just disappear - so I'd rather you do a claim of some sort before we get us in that situation. Else, you might just have to roll with whatever I spin for you. Just a head's up!

    I'll try and stall to give you a better chance before that possibility arrives.



    Let's go ahead and have this be a Message to Ieptix:

    Dearest Nubby,

    Not sure if you wasted your time last night and attempted to eat me (teehee), but we seem to be short of our golden window now. If it were down to six, we'd only need to lynch, then have you eat someone else in order to win. Four is our ultimate goal!

    Do not pay too much attention to my antics - and don't worry about an alibi, since I have one rough-drafted for you now. I'm just trying to distract them from you~

    I have no clear idea of how to advance forward, but as a note, Celina has no other powers besides stonegaze. She really is powerless now. Keep that in mind when plotting.

    I know it might seem odd that I'm helping you, but really, I just want to see the game draw on for as long as we can bleed fun from it. And you do want to win, don't you? Sure you do. And do you know who else can kill right now? Pretty sure it is just you, my friend!

    If the town turns against me, then that's my own problem, but during the night you really should focus on the people that would kill you in a heartbeat if they knew your true intentions. I probably won't investigate anymore anyways, since I think everyone's just about who they say they are.

    Sorry to break the illusion for you, but it's probably in your best interest to know at this juncture. Good luck~



    Let's play our part as fake-town and give them a little bit of a chance. We'll send this Message to Yavina:

    Hello, Idunn.

    It looks like things are getting rough in our current situation. I don't know exactly how your power works, but I'm kind of hoping you can just feed yourself. If you can, I'd recommend you do that this coming night.

    I feel like investigating now won't do a lot of good, and might not reveal anything useful even if I do try. And we have a lot of people covered by the investigations who are yet alive. So, I will try to hide tonight instead.

    Don't feed me anything, I guess is the big take away. If you can't feed yourself, then pick whoever else seems susceptible to you.

    Here's hoping whispering this in quiet will help make us less predictable.



    Message to Ieptix:

    Heya, Nubby-cakes.

    We're pretty close now, but it still feels so far. If we're careful and watch for when we're both awake, and where and when other people vote, we might manage this nicely. But we want to avoid screwing it up.

    You should try to talk without being prompted. You're a god, after all! It's going to look awkward if you're more hesitant to contribute than Celina or Silvanus.

    Also, don't be afraid to contradict me or get in my face if you feel so inclined. I'm not going to count it against you at this stage of the game. Whatever it takes to line us up.


  • SynkarinSynkarin Nothing to see here Member Posts: 3,216 Transcendent
    fun to watch - Vivet has joined the ranks of 'too-good' so never believe what they say again.

    Everiine said:
    "'Cause the fighting don't stop till I walk in."
    -Synkarin's Lament.
  • VivetVivet , of Cows and Crystals Member Posts: 2,223 Transcendent
    No way, mans. I got by solely on luck and YOLO. No skill involved whatsoever!


    Also, I got to do a puppet show in this game without eliciting suspicion. How often does that happen?

  • CyndarinAscendsCyndarinAscends Member Posts: 1,461 Transcendent
    I mean, being able to send ANY anonymous message to anyone is a really powerful. If played right, you can basically run the whole game. 
  • VivetVivet , of Cows and Crystals Member Posts: 2,223 Transcendent
    Yeah, that's where all the fun was. I had to try to predict who would live and who would die, try to send out messages accordingly if I wanted them to look like they were from Kiradawea in particular.

    She had a lot of concerns about power-balance in this game, so I think she would appreciate some input! And I'm sure I'm somewhat biased, though even I will admit a lot of my issues throughout the game where self-inflicted. Letting no one win, except possibly Ieptix, did make things rather tricky at points.

    It was also really draining at times. There were a lot of cool roles and maneuvering to make everyone lose didn't always feel all that great.

  • SsalissSsaliss Member Posts: 3,575 Transcendent
    To be fair, town was also incredibly passive this game. I think that definitely played into their hands.

    That said, yeah, it was an incredible play. You also got really lucky with Aerdureth, I think, since that alleviated a lot of suspicion from me, at least. I did suspect you for a while earlier, since we essentially only had your word that Ieptix was innocent and your own word that you were, but since you kicked Aerdureth off, I kinda let that slide.
  • SynkarinSynkarin Nothing to see here Member Posts: 3,216 Transcendent
    The town was probably passive because I literally spilled everything and still got lynched.

    So they had a right to be nervous

    Everiine said:
    "'Cause the fighting don't stop till I walk in."
    -Synkarin's Lament.
  • VivetVivet , of Cows and Crystals Member Posts: 2,223 Transcendent
    Then pile on all the confusion I created, and the fact that my own scum partner might not have trusted me all that much.

    I'm actually really curious to hear from @Ieptix in particular, since he never had the freedom to respond back to me directly the entire game!

  • CyndarinAscendsCyndarinAscends Member Posts: 1,461 Transcendent
    The tough part was that Vivet seemed to know SO MUCH and was able to really dictate the pace of the game. I think one of the reasons the town was so passive was the volume of information Vivet was pumping into the nights, she really did a fantastic job of sowing chaos. I think the town drug its feet because the town couldn't make heads or tails of anything. 

    I would say that (virtually) unlimited anonymous messaging is probably too powerful to make any game fair. I think Vivet showed just what it can do in the hands of a good player. 
  • VivetVivet , of Cows and Crystals Member Posts: 2,223 Transcendent
    Hmm, so fewer messages would have been better? The lie-detection immunity wasn't too much? (It's interesting that it never even came into play).
  • SsalissSsaliss Member Posts: 3,575 Transcendent
    Hmm. To be fair, at the end of the game, the messages didn't even matter that much. All the angelic messages had been doublechecked by me (and if the one about Falmiis had come out wrong, I'd have claimed much sooner and stopped those). The scum-related messages didn't come into play much at all. The pigs were largely ignored. Frankly, the biggest thing the messages did was probably to one-way coordinate with Ieptix (which, in itself, is a very useful power).

    The large amount of third-party people was really confusing though. I know that I sometimes fell into the mindset of "well, if we kill them now, they won't leave when they win". For instance, even though I completely believed Synkarin (and even said so on several occasions), I still voted for him because it'd be better to lynch a confirmed third-party than to lynch a possible town.
  • CyndarinAscendsCyndarinAscends Member Posts: 1,461 Transcendent
    I mean, the lie power is weird. I've never seen it before so I'm not sure where on the scale of balance it lies. I think the volume and freedom of the message ability is what made things crazy. You could literally generate anything, and the method of delivery made it all but impossible to assume it was anything but legit. You literally had the power to incriminate anyone, and you did! 

    I was googling pig gods to figure out wtf the pig thing was.
  • IeptixIeptix Member, Moderator, Gods Posts: 819 Divine
    I have words to say that I'll post later. For now, bahaha serial killer win and in your face Celina, you will never hear the end of it on envoys. Ahahaha.
  • SylandraSylandra Join Queue for Mafia Games The Last Mafia GameMember Posts: 4,731 Transcendent
    Vivet was acting so un-Vivet, outside looking in. I definitely thought she had a particularly fun role, scum or third party; either way, she seemed to know so much stuff! I was also super amused at the Krackenor janitoring. And that Othero blew up on the bomb character. Again.

    (I'm up for running the next game still. I'm on a brief weekend trip but can put up a poll soon for mafia options if there are no objections.)
    Daraius said:
    "Oh yeah, you're a naughty mayor, aren't you? Misfile that Form MA631-D. Comptroller Shevat's got a nice gemstone disc for you, but yer gonna have to beg for it."
  • VivetVivet , of Cows and Crystals Member Posts: 2,223 Transcendent
    A shift of town powers could make things interesting too. I was really expecting a tracker/watcher at some point, but I guess that'd be hard to determine a "most favourable result" in my case.

    The role is basically an SK that can't nightkill, though, so information control is how you try to get things done instead. Having so much freedom makes it really hard to decide how you use it, and who gets Ratatoskr in this set up can drastically change how the game unfolds and plays out, imo.

    Maybe it'd be more interesting if it was just two messages, and if you mark someone for being janitor'd, you drop to one for the day (or you can't janitor if you've used two messages)?

  • CyndarinAscendsCyndarinAscends Member Posts: 1,461 Transcendent
    Ieptix said:
    I have words to say that I'll post later. For now, bahaha serial killer win and in your face Celina, you will never hear the end of it on envoys. Ahahaha.
    *resign as envoy*
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