Thanks for the RP (Version 1.0 Alpha)



  • MaerokMaerok Member Posts: 4 Inept
    Dys, for making my Seeker "test" feel more like a fun and natural conversation :smiley:
  • HegemoneHegemone Member Posts: 53 Adept
    Thanks for the rp, whoever possessed Taimi Kivinen! :D
  • ElironEliron Member Posts: 203 Virtuoso
    Thanks to @Saraya for taking an interest in Harbingers' lore/rp! I'm looking forward to having more convos about them.
  • XenthosXenthos Shadow Lord Member Posts: 6,585 Transcendent
    I've had some pretty good sessions with a whole bunch of Gloms and the admin in general during this end of world / solstice session.  You're all great.  <3
  • TorgadonTorgadon Member Posts: 16 Apprentice
    Love that Glomdoring role play. Looks like Torgaddon has to learn piety all over again. Much love Glomdoring! 
  • NelrasNelras Member Posts: 132 Gifted
    Thank you @Czixi for the RP. It really makes the city feel more alive, stumbling onto things like that unexpectedly when no one is around.
  • EnadonellaEnadonella Member Posts: 454 Expert
    Glomdoring, you have been outstanding lately. Definitely making some of us dust off the good ol' emote syntax on the regular! Really looking forward to the coming months and seeing how all of our characters develop. Keep being cool cats, it is lovely to hang out with you all. :)
    I stand by the Oneiroi's decision to pull the book from the public library. I will specifically withdraw the Oneiroi's reason why and replace it with my own words which I've stated to you several times: We reserve the right to pull writings in the public library in our sole and absolute discretion. Any reason given for pulling a public writing is out of courtesy only and not to be taken as a precedent or a rule.
  • AydeksaAydeksa Member Posts: 68 Capable
    Love you @Gaudiguch, even though it isn't super long scenes I LOVE interacting with the various shades of Gaudiguch!
  • EaEa Member Posts: 25 Apprentice
    Thank you, everyone, honestly. The role-play in its many different scenarios is amazing.
  • AydeksaAydeksa Member Posts: 68 Capable
    edited March 10
    Harassing @Eadei is also fun!

    ...thank you hallifax for playing into Aydeksa's power fantasy
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  • KethaeraKethaera Member Posts: 823 Transcendent
    @Czixi, for all the random stuff you do.
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