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    Character Name: Lilyin


    Race: Faeling

    Gender: Female

    Guild: None!

    City/Commune: Celest

    Order: Weiwae


    Hair: Auburn, super long

    Eyes: Bright blue

    Height: faeling sized

    Build: thin

    Piercings: nope

    Scars: nope


    Strengths: Very kind, wants to help and generally means well

    Weaknesses: Devastatingly low self-esteem, a bit of a hermit and skittish

    Attitude: Silly

    Morals: Happiness without harm

    Best way to piss her off: Be a bully

    Best way to get on her good side: Thoughtful gifts, being kind


    Colour: Black

    Skill: Farscout (rip)

    Tertiary Skill: Tracking

    Primary Skill: Knighthood

    Location: The Lily Inn

    God/Goddess: Weiwae

    Guild Master/House Head (all time): n/a

    Artifact (don't have to own): Pig Nose

    Commodity: Wood (it makes doors)

    Animal: Kelp Dragon

    Item owned: a silver promise ring with golden swirls

    Village/forest/region: Delport

    Memory: Ambushing @Aeldra with gifts

    Drink: Literally any alcohol 

    Hobbies: Influencing, stressing over her manse


    Goals: Be happy and belong

    Ambitions: To be a leader eventually

    Nemesis: None

    Rival: None

    Best Friend: Aeldra 

    Idol: @Taevyn

    Proudest moment: Engagement

    Most shameful moment: Looking silly infront of an order mob

    If I could make one wish: Lily would have the world just get along


    Why you should hate her: Why would you?

    Why you should love her: She is friendly and just wants everyone to get along.

    Why you should fear her: Her only friends are super strong and will kill you dead

    Why she is harmless: She is a pacifist (for now...)

    If she ruled the world, you'd best expect: Flower gardens at every turn

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    Character Name: Bairloch

    Race: Tae'dae
    Gender: Male
    Guild: Revelry
    City/Commune: Gaudiguch
    Order: Yomoigu


    Fur: Shaggy, color of wet sand with Kafe colored patches at eyebrow and chin
    Eyes: Deep-set, a rich brown, and a bit beady
    Height: Average for a Tae'dae
    Build: Chubby, if we're being polite. Otherwise flabby.
    Defining Features: Portliness
    Piercings: None... yet.
    Scars: Many small ones though none worth mentioning


    Strengths: Ready to try something new...
    Weaknesses: ...mildly terrified of doing so.
    Attitude: Friendly and welcoming. Though not always paying attention.
    Morals: Love is the law.
    Pet Peeves: Being petted (it feels condescending)
    Best way to piss me off: See pet peeve
    Best way to get on my good side: Do you have any sweets?


    Color: The velvety purple/black of space between the stars.
    Tertiary: Astrology
    Tertiary Skill: Stargaze
    Primary Skill: Fleshwork, it is the basis for everything.
    Location: Between Drachou and the shrine to Yomoigu
    God/Goddess: Yomoigu, for his inquisitive mind
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): I have no idea
    Artifact (don't have to own): Handheld astrolabe
    Commodity: spices
    Animal: Bears (duh)
    Item owned: Whatever piece of cake I haven't eaten yet
    Village/forest/region: Skarch
    NPC: Beloch
    Memory: Standing atop the spire in Glom using the astrolabe for the first time.
    Song: I mostly hum.
    Drink: Bourbon


    Goals: My own manse with an observatory.
    Ambitions: Restore the damaged observatories.
    Nemesis: Hunger?
    Rival: I'd have to be better known for that.
    Best Friend: Don't really have any friends. Lots of friendly acquaintances though.
    Idol: Don't really have one.
    Best personal achievement: I killed a gravedigger!
    Worst personal achievement: Not realizing that the shifting sands was a Worm.
    Proudest moment: Did I mention I killed a gravedigger?
    Most shameful moment: When I thought I was a faeling bard for like 100 years...
    If I could make one wish: A manse with a room full of cake.

    Why you should hate him: Pretty lazy.
    Why you should love him: Mostly harmless.
    Why you should fear him: He will eat your cake.
    Why he is harmless: Not very good at combat and doesn't have all that much interest in getting better.
    If he ruled the world, you'd best expect: Free cake.
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