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    Wow, I'm going to have to edit my thing now. That information is outdated as heck. :')

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    Most shameful moment: Indulging in a crush on a Drocillan even though she knew it would kill Nelras if he ever found out

    Where is the MMA when you need it?  :o
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    "Oh yeah, you're a naughty mayor, aren't you? Misfile that Form MA631-D. Comptroller Shevat's got a nice gemstone disc for you, but yer gonna have to beg for it."
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    Sylandra said:
    Aw. <3 That was a nice notification to log into. I endorse @Merlose surpassing Syl in cultural glory.

    (Also yes I want the juicy Drocillan deets too.)
    Now we have two topics for the next tea - Dro and the courtship we didn't get to hear about yet. ;)

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    Xis said:

    Goals: Have the best bar in the Basin (and to beat out the tea houses as a social spot)

    Rival: None
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    Xis said:

    Animal: various birds, for various reasons
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    Thought this would be a fun exercise to do for my LD&D character

    Graul Dejency


    Race: Rat furrikin
    Gender: Male
    Guild: Vilomae Windplume's Coalition of Ordinary Mercenaries and Extremely Dependable Yeomen
    City/Commune: Hallifax, by default
    Order: None


    Fur: Chestnut brown, tuft of lighter tan between his ears
    Eyes: Amber
    Height: Under three feet
    Build: Surprisingly buff for a little guy, but usually concealed with clothing; hands and feet are spindly
    Defining Features: Loves to wear bold colors and contrasting patterns; known to change "class" (costume) on most missions for maximum dramatic effect
    Piercings: None
    Scars: Notches in both ears suggest a history of getting into trouble; crooked snout possibly from being broken a few times


    Strengths: Crafty, nimble, quick
    Weaknesses: Usually incompetent, can get mouthy when he feels slighted, generally inclined towards mischief
    Attitude: Snarky but cheerful, pokes fun at teammates in good humor
    Morals: Be sure to look out for number one. And Beeno.
    Pet Peeves: People who are effortlessly competent. 
    Best way to piss him off: Hurt or insult Beeno.
    Best way to get on his good side: Give him some applejuice, a shiny trinket, or something fun to do


    Color: Lilac
    Primary Skill: Surprise! He has no class skills
    Location: The rec room of their Jade Tower headquarters
    God/Goddess: None.
    Guild Master/House Head: Vilomae Windplume
    Artifact: Gnomish fountain pen that actually works
    Commodity: silk
    Animal: Warty the toad
    Item owned: A little framed portrait of baby Beeno he puts on the desk when he pretends to be the boss
    Village/forest/region: Estelbar
    NPC: TBD
    Memory: TBD
    Song: Vilomae's minorthird
    Drink: apple juice


    Goals: Make a useful contribution to a mission, perform at least one costume change per mission, keep Beeno safe
    Amibitions: Collect enough money to get out of this business and just carve out a peaceful life for himself
    Nemesis: Andrik Nightshade
    Rival: Teekia Leafsong
    Best Friend: Beeno Longpaw
    Idol: Vilomae Windplume
    Best personal achievement: Convinving Vilomae to give him and Beeno jobs
    Worst personal achievement: Eating all the carrots with Teekia on the way to Acknor
    Proudest moment: Utterly vaporizing a bear with his fountain pen
    Most shameful moment: Leaving Beeno to fend for himself in the bloodmines
    If he could make one wish: A nice estate with an apple orchard where he can settle down and enjoy nice things

    Why you should hate him: He's a bit of a mouthy pest
    Why you should love him: He really just wants to play dress-up and goof around
    Why you should fear him: You never know what trick he's got up his sleeve
    Why he is harmless: The tricks are almost never effective, and he only play-acts at having class skills and weapons
    If he ruled the world, you'd best expect: A more fashionable Basin
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    Wow... yes, mine is outrageously outdated. Time to update!

    Esei Shee-Slaugh


    Race: Elfen (technically a changeling but not mechanically yet)
    Gender: yes (they/them through this)
    Guild: The Auguries
    City/Commune: Glomdoring
    Order: Nocht

    (we'll just go with elfen, heh)
    Hair: Long, auburn, always braided in some fashion
    Eyes: Very dark violet
    Height: 6'
    Build: Lean, androgynous, elegant
    Defining Features: Freckles, sharp teeth
    Piercings: A lot but no jewelry in them
    Scars: Also a lot, most of them are not visible

    (this one is definitely difficult to do)
    Strengths: Very good at holding a secret or dozen, very good bully. 
    Weaknesses: Very poor in self-confidence, tends to wear their heart on their sleeve, has difficulties setting boundaries but is trying to get better. On a less serious note, licks and drinks things they shouldn't? Can hold a grudge.
    Attitude: Generally mysterious towards others, but tries to be warm and welcoming to allies and fellow commune members to various degrees
    Morals: Variable; if they had a D&D alignment, definitely Lawful Evil. Generally tries to follow commune rules and has a strict moral code that can't be easily put into words.
    Pet Peeves: People who disrespect boundaries; theirs or anyone else's. Those who deliberately break the rules in order to upset others.
    Best way to piss me off: Threaten anyone they care for.
    Best way to get on my good side: Cheesecake, or be an ally.


    Color: Violet
    Tertiary: Healing/Hexes/Astrology
    Tertiary Skill: Cure Insanity
    Primary Skill: Garb
    Location: All of Nocht's godrealm
    God/Goddess: Nocht, for obvious reasons. Viravain is a close second though.
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Eliron, for Shee-Slaugh; he's just so good.
    Artifact (don't have to own): Gender changing mirror
    Commodity: Gems
    Animal: Thornbeasts. They totally count, right?
    Item owned: Athame
    Village/forest/region: Glomdoring!
    NPC: Filib Shee-Slaugh <3
    Memory: [redacted] but it's about Voidbabies. 
    Song: Some elfen songs. Probably Io Teseí though! (which can be found here)
    Drink: Some kind of tea, probably.


    Goals: Attempt to explore more of their tah'vrai
    Ambitions: Boy, even they don't know.
    Nemesis: None so far.
    Rival: @Lief
    Best Friend: ...uh...
    Idol: Rancoura, Nocht
    Best personal achievement: Getting to cree-Dae Hiua'zal.
    Worst personal achievement: Drinking the Nochtquameld. >.>
    Proudest moment: Asking to be adopted into Shee-Slaugh
    Most shameful moment: Typos. All of them.
    If I could make one wish: Gender-changing mirror for each day rather than each month.

    Why you should hate them: A truly big bully, but in the best/worst way.
    Why you should love them: Apparently, a lot of people find them to be very kind and patient, willing to explain nearly anything they can to newbies and oldbies alike.
    Why you should fear them: Excellent manipulator. Probably other things too but I can't remember them.
    Why they are harmless: Doesn't poison your food.
    If they ruled the world, you'd best expect: N/A
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    Choros said:

    Part Two! Upgraded, changed answers are in Italics
    Character Name: Choros Shevat

    Race: Sileni, but Lucidian or Gnome if he weren't.
    Gender: Male
    Guild: Consortium, Quartz Syndicate.
    City/Commune: Hallifax
    Order: None, but Eyeballing Terentia heavily.


    Skin: Lightly tanned, with light golden hairs all over.
    Eyes: Soft, chocolate brown.
    Build: Tall and slender. Currently Tessenchi, if Kaizynne would help with some katas
    Defining Features: Melodic voice, horns, cute button nose. Did I mention the Sileni part?
    Piercings: None, gross. My body is a temple and entirely too perfect to pierce with sharp instruments of torture.
    Scars: See Piercings


    Strengths: Complete lack of morals. Choros refuses to entertain any sense of right and wrong. There is only what helps himself, and by extension his family and Hallifax, and what does not. He's willing to bend almost any rule or guideline to do what needs to be done. Choros is Neutral Evil, Lawful Neutral, but knows who butters his bread.

    Weaknesses: Choros overestimates his ability to get away with his shenanigans, and he's going to be caught some day. But not today. Choros has a dislike of people who break or change laws for their own profit, and not for the good of the whole. This leads to a lot of arguments.

    Attitude: Well dressed, openly polite and respectful, especially to authority figures who aren't hampering him. Think mobster.

    Morals: If you can't prove it, I didn't do it. You got a warrant? Am I free to go?

    Pet Peeves:  Being touchy-feely or openly flirty. If I'm interested, you'll know. If you don't know for sure, I'm not. Changeling as a Sileni to get perks.

    Best way to piss me off: Lack of manners, ratting me out to authorities. Bitches get stitches. Being too lazy to work to get what you want. Nothing worth having is easy to achieve. Break your promises or show that you aren't worth his trust.

    Best way to get on my good side: Feed me, show me how to make a profit. Make small talk and tell me things. Be a Sileni and be interested in roleplaying about it, including listening to Choros when he waxes eloquently about Sileni history.


    Color: None, but prefers black accented with gold or quartz buttons with gold veins.
    Tertiary: Psymet
    Tertiary Skill: Gliding!
    Primary Skill: Tessenchi
    Location: his Manse, Goldensil.
    God/Goddess: Still slightly interested in Czixi, but in Secret(TM), looking at Terentia
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Ayisdra, who is the closest thing to a mentor Choros has.
    Artifact (don't have to own): a plush doll of Guido Bondshredder, his Torus and Boots of Shanth. 
    Commodity: Rope. @Aramel knows why.  Quartz crystals with gold veins (gems/gold)
    Animal: his mount, Durama the Llama.
    Item owned: a crystal bottle emblazoned with the seal of House Shevat (filled with winter's rose and peach white tea)
    Village/forest/region: Hifarae Hills
    NPC: Raphie DiGagio.
    Memory: Escorting Daraius to a timequake. Speaking to Terentia about Justice, and earning Her favor with his answers.
    Song: <----his song as a Symphonist.
    Drink: Tea. Anything but black, preferring honey or fruit.  winter's rose and peach white tea


    Goals: take over the Consortium. Remarry, get more people in the Consortium
    Ambitions: See goals.
    Nemesis: Glomdoring. He  finds them entirely too much like Hallifax in many ways, and there can be only one. Nelras, who he has decided is a bad influence on his sister.
    Rival: @Alexandria, who is also his best friend and sister.
    Best Friend: See: Rival
    Idol: Ayisdra and Portius
    Best personal achievement: Beating @Steingrim and @Lisuarte to aethertrades Winning the Seal of Justice after losing his first round
    Worst personal achievement: None, yetWinning the Seal of Justice and having to beat both his daughter, and his mother twice, to do it. Choros heavily pondered letting Aramel win the Seal.
    Proudest moment: None yet.
    Most shameful moment: Getting pissed off over Ironhart and verbally berating people for not wanting to do timequakes
    If I could make one wish: The admin would make a bubblix for Lyria-whatsit.


    Why you should hate him: You shouldn't. He has a heart of gold.
    Why you should love him: Because if you're friendly with him, he'll shower you in riches. Maybe.
    Why you should fear him:  because he doesn't care what you think, and he'll gleefully pay for someone to slaughter you and bring your head to him time and time again if you piss him off.
    If he ruled the world, you'd best expect: Speakeasies and gambling casinos all over the place.

    Everiine said: The reason population is low isn't because there are too many orgs. It's because so many facets of the game are outright broken and protected by those who benefit from it being that way. An overabundance of gimmicks (including game-breaking ones), artifacts that destroy any concept of balance, blatant pay-to-win features, and an obsession with convenience that makes few things actually worthwhile all contribute to the game's sad decline.
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    Nepenthe said:

    Idol: Eritheyl

    Also I guess I'm going to have to update mine, now. Waaaay ancient!

    Character Name: Eritheyl Ryseni


    Race: Changeling, currently most often human
    Gender: Male/NB
    Guild: Revelry
    City/Commune: Gaudiguch
    Order: None presently


    Hair: White-blond braids over the shoulder
    Eyes: Amber
    Height: Average
    Build: Scarecrow
    Defining Features: Vitiligo and a bad sense of timing
    Piercings: Tongue, septum and ears, others not usually filled
    Scars: None


    Strengths: Designing and general aesthetic sense, feigning interest, lorekeeping. Tells decently good stories?Weaknesses: Crippling fears of stagnancy and disappointing his favourite people/gods (most often a self-fulfilling prophesy), extremely fickle and prone to change, really bad at expressing empathy/feelings in general
    Attitude: Either weirdly placid or weirdly excitable, not much of an inbetween
    Morals: People don't change, circumstances do. Good and evil are a reflection of people coloured, not shaped, by their circumstances.
    Pet Peeves: People with no worthwhile inclinations; end-goals aren't hugely important to him, but everyone should contribute to the world in their own way, big or small
    Best way to piss me off: Assume he doesn't know, or is incapable of, something
    Best way to get on my good side: Make a snarky comment, even (or especially) at his expense


    Color: none
    Tertiary: Currently Telekinesis
    Tertiary Skill: Pyre
    Primary Skill: Salamanders, cause they cute
    Location: The baths in his manse
    God/Goddess: Mysrai, Crumkane, Isune
    Guild Master/House Head: Xypher as Spiritsinger GM (too many years ago!)
    Artifact (don't have to own): Changeling cameo
    Commodity: Gold, silk
    Animal: Finch, gila
    Item owned: An othala rune tongue stud; the symbol of the Somnius Pack, embedded with dream motes.
    Village/forest/region: Dim Iklara, Far Iklara
    NPC: Salagi Tliwx, Gaudiguch's roulette dealer
    Memory: Xypher flying him and the greater majority of the Serenwilde through aetherspace for a really, really old Gnafia event
    Song: The Merry Minstrel's drinking song!
    Drink: none


    Goals: Raise Ryseni to a Great House
    Ambitions: Being noticed in a positive light by literally anyone, though he'd never admit that as anything close to a driving force
    Nemesis: Xaldrin, in a complicated, lovers-to-enemies way
    Rival: @Sotsepmet, in a nice, enemies-to-girlfriends way
    Best Friend: @Nepenthe
    Idols: Persayis, Xypher, Aiyana (sob 3x) 
    Best personal achievement: Getting a cult!
    Worst personal achievement: Losing a cult!
    Proudest moment: Not too many to pick from, but enough that there isn't an obvious choice. Avatardom comes to mind, but also marriage. Every marriage! Eri is very proud of being able to have found love time and time again from the most unexpected circumstances
    Most shameful moment: Leaving the Beloved for the third and final time. Not shameful in the sense that he's ashamed, but shameful in the sense that it's another stain on his character with too much left unsaid


    Why you should hate him: He's not hard to get along with by any means, but once rubbed the wrong way he's a persistent antagonist
    Why you should love him: Don't, his love is conditional
    Why you should fear him: No one does, he's more annoying than he is imposing
    Why he is harmless: Path of least resistance: complaining about a problem and getting over it is usually easier than solving the problem, and that's his preferred method of dealing
    If he ruled the world, you'd best expect: The timeline to cease existing shortly thereafter, nullified by this improbability
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    Character Name: Khnemu Lastnametocome

    Race: Lobo- wait, furrikin!
    Gender: yes, sometimes
    Guild: Revelry!
    City/Commune: Gaudiguch
    Order: I should probably be very polite to Shofet Mysrai


    Hair: close cropped and spiky
    Eyes: Indigo with violet streaks. Or was it the other way around?
    Height: Short.
    Build: Fit and lean, almost wiry
    Defining Features: Midnight black fur except in a "cape" that looks suspiciously like gold usekh, and a lambda-shaped pair of stripes that point at their navel from their thighs.
    Piercings: YOU CAN GET PIERCINGS?!
    Scars: You can get scars!?


    Strengths: More energy than a kafe-house, eager to learn and do, extremely flexible.
    Weaknesses: Very distractible, a little emotionally naive, and occasionally gets caught up in her own head or sabotages his own confidence when he stops and thinks too hard. Also easily confused.
    Attitude: Honest, excitable, and supportive, Khnemu would be everybody's cheerleader if he could, or everyone's shoulder to lean on when they need one. She's prone to throwing herself whole heart  at whatever she's doing, and even though she thinks she's good at hiding her emotions, they're always on her sleeve.  
    Morals: Freedom of choice is sacrosanct, freedom from consequences is not. Combined with their tendency to rush headlong into things, and how little it takes to distract them...
    Pet Peeves: Making decisions "in your best interests", belittling others, bullying, those little headaches you get when you think too hard about stuff from before the Portal, or big math.
    Best way to piss me off: "You can't do that because I said so.", Ignoring him or dismissing her out of hand.
    Best way to get on my good side: Fooood. Or pretty clothes. Or neat toys. Or weapons. Oh, and compliments. Or headpets. Or hugs. Oh, and...


    Color: Black, scarlet, and gold
    Tertiary: Psychometabolism and telepathy
    Tertiary Skill: Bodyfuel. It hurts, but power should hurt.
    Primary Skill: Does Nuncha head left/right count?
    Location: @Nepenthe's den, or the heated bath in the bathhouse. It feels nice soaking in hot water after a long day running around Creation.
    God/Goddess: Crumkane, though he's probably gonna join Mysrai's order since she feels closer to Them.
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): She's pretty much only met Lenara
    Artifact (don't have to own): There are a lot, but Radlii or his Fitness+Health prayer beads if Radlii doesn't count. Golden Frei is a close third.
    Commodity: Silk
    Animal: Golden Frei is awesome.
    Item owned: Frei when he's sticking around, otherwise it's their notepads
    Village/forest/region: She likes the Meliashmora, it's like a giant interactive puppet show that gives out free gold, credits, and golden birds.
    NPC: Bathhouse attendant sends her into twitterpated giggles. 
    Memory: Present Parties! It was fun watching everyone get excited about what they were getting!
    Song: Okay, so there's this one that's been stuck in my head since I left the Portal, but you need a couple kegs of beer, and it's best to have at least seven people, one person starts with "Oh, Celestian waters run crystalline sure, and they wash out your gut when you're feeling impure," and the crowd chimes in...
    Drink: a kind nepenthean cocktail for flavour, firemead for the burn, and amber beer for the flow.


    Goals: Open a bar/Tavern
    Amibitions: Get filthy rich peddling booze from a popular hang out tavern.
    Nemesis: Bob Jr.
    Rival: Well there's...uh... Wait, what, not really...I guess I don't have any?
    Best Friend: Millien, Tsakali, or Brawrur maybe? Nepenthe and Afrit and Elysian don't count. For reasons.
    Idol: Nepenthe
    Best personal achievement: 5th place in Beauty, or beating Nepenthe to finishing my chores! 
    Worst personal achievement: I got so tongue-tied in front of Lord Crumkane that I made Him give me a funny look like adults sometimes gave me growing up that said "What are you talking about and do you need a healer"
    Proudest moment: Beauuuuty
    Most shameful moment: Making an idiot out of himself at the Gala
    If I could make one wish: More famcuddles. Or possibly cute guy cuddles. But not both at the same time, that would be weird.

    Why you should hate him: Always super busy and sometimes really hard to understand, and usually doing your quests.   
    Why you should fear her: She has nearly boundless energy, a stubborn streak as wide as the Skarch, and very little fear of dying repeatedly. If she gets it in her mind that you need to die, she will not. Give. Up until she's holding your corpse in her hands.
    Why he is harmless: He likes making people happy, why would he want you dead?
    If they ruled the world, you'd best expect: Roaming raucous parties and free booze and food.
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    Luce said:
    Character Name: Luce Shevat

    Race: Furrikin
    Gender: Male
    Guild: Aeromancers
    City/Commune: Hallifax
    Order: Isune


    Hair: Shaggy white mane, short-cropped but running the entire length of his spine and down his tail.
    Eyes:  Robin's Egg Blue with Sapphire Blue limbal rings
    Height: 2'10 in his natural shape, but he's closer to 3'4" in his sky-painted or dawncast forms, and his Lightwoven form varies wildly.
    Build: He generally keeps covered up, but he's built slight and wiry, without much muscle tone. Exception is his tail, which is more like a dracnari's in shape, but covered with his fur (see below) and rather well developed.
    Defining Features: His fur is the colour of frosted jade, and is softer than it looks. In addition, his otherwise vulpiform body has larger and broader feet, claws. If he ever opens his mouth wide enough, his fangs are fewer in number, thicker, sharper, and slightly curved as compared to foxkin. He looks like a hybrid of at least three different species, but not like a chimaera of them. If he's expressing a typecast and feels aligned with certain aspects of his faith, the typecast alters his form to match.
    Piercings: One in each ear that he'll admit to, each holds a rune.
    Scars: A couple, but they're hard to see with his fur, he generally keeps them hidden anyway, either because they're somewhere not easily displayed or just because they embarrass him.


    Strengths: Creative, generally clever, generally demure, recovers fairly easily
    Weaknesses: Somewhat unstable, it is quite easy to unbalance him emotionally as his sense of self-worth is tied to his impression of others' opinions of him and to his productivity levels. This can lead to an emotional spiral as his lowered self-esteem causes decreased productivity leading to lower self-esteem.
    Attitude: Demure, and submissive in the sense that he finds worth in empowering and providing for others rather than in acting directly.
    Morals: Foremost is loyalty to family and then the collective. This is directed to the ideals rather than the members, with a few exceptions. He's not above mostly harmless pranks, but these can and have backfired on him often enough to leave him cautious about his targets. He's not above breaking a rule in service to art or scientific experimentation either, but is also not arrogant enough to believe that excuses him from the consequences thereof. He also has peculiar notions about the Dreaming and what is and isn't appropriate therein, and his opinions regarding outright slavery and torture have hardened somewhat over the years.
    Pet Peeves: Disloyalty, abuse of authority, disrespecting authority, and disrespecting the Dreaming.
    Best way to piss him off: Insult his family, Hallifax, the Gods (including those of Gaudiguch), or the Dreaming, or encouraging or participating in the torture or enslavement of sentient creatures.
    Best way to get on my good side: Talk shop. Food, plays, art, illusions, or science.


    Color: Beryl, though he's grown a soft spot for lavender and blue.
    Tertiary: Dreamweaving
    Tertiary Skill: Induce
    Primary Skill: Music. He actually finds melds boring, but too useful to abandon, and has no real talent with music, but rather enjoys the idea of sound and imagination being imbued with power. Not that he'll admit to it.
    Location: He's usually at the Matrix, but his favourite spot is the study overlooking the interior of Hallifax in the Shevat tower.
    God/Goddess: @Isune, bar none.
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): still @Daraius.
    Artifact (don't have to own): Wonderbrazier
    Commodity: Honeycomb, much to his own chagrin
    Animal: Jackalopes. He feels TERRIBLE that he has to keep killing them for his trap.
    Item owned: An Isunite triptych pendant given to him by his protege.
    Village/forest/region: The vault with the Sleeping Child
    NPC: Rheiss
    Memory: Meeting Loophole
    Song: None specific, though he enjoys complex violin pieces.
    Drink: Peach white tea, though he's secretly fond of his Sparkleberry wine and a kind nepenthean cocktail. (Seriously, try this thing.)


    Goals: Marriage, both for his own personal wellbeing and the betterment of the Collective.
    Amibitions: He'd like to get competent enough to survive in a fight, and wouldn't mind helping shape Hallifax into a cultural and financial hub.
    Nemesis: BENEDORI.
    Rival: No real rivals, Luce just doesn't invest enough energy into rivalries to acquire them.
    Best Friend: @Nepenthe though his protege, @Tikki is growing on him.
    Idol: Daraius? Yep, still great-granddog.
    Best personal achievement:  Second Trade, or becoming the Jade Emperor for a time.
    Worst personal achievement: Dropping off the face of the Basin with a lot of work he left undone.
    Proudest moment: Becoming Chairman.
    Most shameful moment: Explaining the responsibilities to a new Gridlord. 
    If I could make one wish: [REDACTED]

    Why you should hate him: He's a prominent figure in Hallifax, but one who isn't quite as Hallifaxian as other Hallifaxian prominent figures
    Why you should love him: He's freaking charming as heck.
    Why you should fear him: He's in ur dreems, rollin u into the dethtrap.
    Why he is harmless: He doesn't much like actual fighting.
    If he ruled the world, you'd best expect: Well fed and well adjusted children who are well protected.
    Went ahead and updated this with just-pre-Zagreus info. We'll see what comes in the next few days 6)_6)

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    This is so old it deserves an update.

    Aeldra said:
    Given Name: Aeldra
    Family Name: Ladyn
    Race: Faeling
    Gender: Female
    Guild: Sanctifiers
    City/Commune: Celest
    Order: Lantra


    Hair: long, auburn ringlets
    Eyes: emerald with sapphire spots
    Height: 2'2"
    Build: Slender
    Defining Features: Her sapphire wings, her ivory colored skin, sometimes wacky  appearance. Usually perched upon something or someone.
    Piercings: -
    Scars: -


    Strengths: Active, cheery, supportive of others and being able to relate to most people around her. Too stubborn to give up on something, she complains but picks herself up and tries again. Tries to always see the good in her allies and friends, always a goal to make everybody succeed alongside her. Seeks to heal those around her.

    Weaknesses: Can be pedantic and unforgiving on minor things, has been known to work herself to her bare bones for others without caring for herself. Sometimes naive in believing in the good in those around her. Feels alone and adrift at times, though that is  changing for her. Still burdened by the past, especially the loss of moondance tower in Serenwilde. Can have manic outbursts of painting random stuff and handing it to random people if life gets too much for her.

    Attitude: Open and friendly, often cheery and easily excitable, though her experience has made her more reserved. Can be very quiet and withdrawn, having lost much of her childish appearance from before.

    Morals: There's good in all of us, it's our job to make it show. Curing the world of it's sicknesses is preferable to purging, though she'll not shun from the latter if needed.
    Pet Peeves: People acting out of spite, being judgemental of others, favoritism and hidden agendas. People going out of their way to be mean to others. People not knowing the basics of history, e. g. not knowing who Kethuru is.
    Best way to piss me off: Being judgemental of others. Aeldra believes everyone has their flaws and displaying judgemental behaviour or manipulating will get her angry.
    Best way to get on my good side: Be open and aware of your surroundings. Have an understanding of politeness. Know your history.

    Color: Blue and Purple
    Tertiary: Dreamweaving
    Tertiary Skill: -
    Primary Skill: -
    Location: Too many, can't pick
    God/Goddess: Also hard to pick
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): @Lleuke
    Artifact (don't have to own): Paradox Puzzle Pyramid
    Commodity: Moonstone
    Animal: Yvai, her battle sheep
    Item owned: firefly squid beepbeep
    Village/forest/region: Stewartsville
    NPC: Abeytu
    Memory: Apologizing to @Kali for sleeping on her doorstep and being recognized as her daughter from that.
    Song: -
    Drink: rose tea



    Goals: Serving her goddess, helping all the people around the basin she can, becoming a better combatant
    Amibitions: Becoming a keeper of Lore, raising a family, becoming an Avatar of her chosen deity
    Nemesis: none so far, a few who may aspire to be one day.
    Rival: None.
    Best Friend(s): @Nelras
    Idol: -
    Best personal achievement: -
    Worst personal achievement: She's done many things wrong, though not sure if there's one I'd pick here.
    Proudest moment: Not really have anything here right now.
    Most shameful moment: Not stopping her father from cutting his thread.
    If I could make one wish: Restore the moondance tower and bring Ridien back to life. (She misses both dearly).


    Why you should hate her: She can be pedantic or easily distracted.
    Why you should love her: She cares a lot about people around her, she's helpful and tries her best to cheer you up.
    Why you should fear her: She's persistent and does not easily forget or forgive betrayal.
    Why she is harmless: Still doesn't know which end of her weapon goes where most d ays and she cares too much to really be mad at people for long.
    If she ruled the world, you'd best expect: Flowers everywhere. People being made to enjoy cake. Otherwise, likely still just chaos.

    Avatar / Picture done by Xeii. Wheeeeee 
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    Name: Kalas Orti
    Race: Trill
    Gender: Male
    Guild: Skylark Consortium 
    City: Hallifax
    Order: None

    Hair: White and long in a feathery braid.
    Eyes: Blue, cold and calculating, based slightly on Ixion since he's #1 Dad
    Height: Normal for Trill?
    Build: Lithe but athletic, what you would expect from an acrobatic monk
    Defining Features: Resting mean face
    Piercings: None
    Scars: None

    Strengths: Patience, intelligence and curiosity. Willingness to try new things.
    Weaknesses: Can get a bit aloof about certain things. Cannot be tied down to other things.
    Attitude: Stoicism and professionalism all around. 
    Morals: Flexible as long as it benefits The Greater Good of the Collective (a.k.a. will get dirty for Hallifax)
    Pet Peeves: Lack of seriousness and propriety 
    Best way to piss him off: Public displays of affection
    Best way to get on his good side: 
    Stroke his ego.

    Color: Indigo
    Tertiary: Acrobatics
    Tertiary Skill: Tripleflash
    Primary Skill: Tessenchi
    Location: Overlooking Hallifax in Shallach. I would always look at Hallifax before it opened
    God: Shikari was always the most badass
    Guild Master: Legendary Arimisia 
    Artifact: None?
    Commodity: Never had one
    Animal: Arix, more like party animal amiright
    Item Owned: Old pair of runed scimitars. Now long lost.
    Area: Continuum. 
    NPC: Kunthin.
    Memory: Dying in Aetherspace on the first aethership ever made. It was hilarious. 

    Goals Currently: Make a name for myself in Hallifax
    Amibitions: Being renowned in Hallifax 
    Nemesis: None 
    Rival: None
    Best Friend: None right now. Orventa is pretty cool though
    Idol: Zagreus.
    Best Personal Achievement: Prestige winner on my first book
    Worst Personal Achievement: Getting kicked out of Celest a few weeks after being personally Knighted by Terentia
    Proudest Moment: Being Knighted by Terentia
    Most Shameful Moment: Same as Worst Personal Achievement 
    One Wish: Hallimonks exist, so.... none right now
    Hate Him For: Why would you hate him? Maybe if you are a filthy Celestian. Although need to reconsider positions due to current political climate 
    Love Him For: His wit.
    Fear Him For: Nothing. For now
    Harmlessness: Very harmless right now
    If he Ruled Lusternia: Orti would not like to rule Lusternia. He really avoids any kind of notoriety that might put him in the spotlight. He would not mind whispering to the ear of the ones ruling though

    Edit: I actually wish there was a "Favorite City Leader" in which case I would've said Daganev. 

    It also comes to my mind that I never personally "liked" Glomdoring even though it has stuff that I would love. All that edgy predatory stuff I like from Shikari is very represented in people like Xenthos. Perhaps one of my favorite concepts for a character would be a Crow Ebonguard. There's something cool about a crow-cloaked sword fighter that always appealed to me.

    There's some sort of "energy" that the literal place makes me feel uneasy. I could see myself wandering Serenwilde, but Glomdoring feels spooky and inhospitable I really don't know where I would be. It feels like people don't really "walk" through Glomdoring. And there's something about Serenwilde and having that little town in the treetops that makes it lived in? I don't know. Nothing against Glomdoring as a player run organization tho. Celina, Xenthos and many others have always been a sort of cool crew I wish I could have gotten to be part of. 
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    This is a neato thread. Let me just darkchant lichdom and make it embrace undeath

    Race: Changeling! But I usually stay as Sileni, Taurian, or Tae'dae
    Gender: Male
    Guild: Horizon Walkers
    City/Commune: Hallifax
    Order: Terentia


    (going to do this as my sileni)
    Hair: long black hair, pulled tightly into a ponytail
    Eyes: Emerald
    Height: 5'7"
    Build: Broad shoulders but otherwise thin
    Defining Features: Often bears the mark of Terentia on his cheek
    Piercings: -
    Scars: Various scars


    Strengths: Very supportive of his friends. He is willing to go above and beyond for those he holds dear, taking as long as he needs to ensure their success. He's generally very kind

    Weaknesses: While he used to be rather sympathetic to the illithoid and various associations to Magnagora, even pushing for them to be accepted by the city when he was in Celest. Now influenced by his order, family, and past, he is rather bigoted though he often reaches out to the tainted if it will further his interests.

    Attitude: He's rather reserved. Often he won't reach out to socialize unless they're a fellow citizen, as he has serious self-doubt and doesn't want to waste the time of busy people. Generally he's optimistic, looking to bring those he can to a state of prosperity.

    Morals: All should turn from the taint and distance from the Soulless. If you can't fight, you must support. All have their place in Creation, and all should strive to work together to create a better world.

    Pet Peeves: People dismissing his order as one of purely combatants, though he will patiently take the time to explain his views on Terentia the first time the mistake is made.

    Best way to piss me off: Being under the influence of the taint really, he loathes when the citizens of Magnagora reach out to him unless he contacts them first. Lazy people also drive him insane.

    Best way to get on my good side: Indulge him by letting him preach to you, his favourite pastime is to teach his understanding of Terentia's principles. If you ask him about poetry he will also adore you as he spends a majority of his time writing.

    Color: Grey
    Location: His aethermanse
    God/Goddess: Terentia! Though he is morbidly curious about Raezon and Morgfyre
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): @Yiniush
    Artifact (don't have to own): His gnome pen!
    Commodity: Pearl
    Animal: His llama that he got from Evette when he got caught owning a crow
    Item owned: His notepad
    Village/forest/region: Rockholm
    NPC: Captain Paavik
    Memory: When he was young
    Song: The Journey Home (one of his poems)
    Drink: Poteen (he has a problem)



    Goals: Reaching the inner circle of his order, finding the lost histories of the Sileni
    Amibitions: Raising studios children,
    Nemesis: Nemesis, the worst bird
    Rival: N/A 
    Best Friend(s): @Emlyn
    Idol: @Parhelion @Romaan 

    Best personal achievement: Designing medals and having them handed out in an order ceremony
    Worst personal achievement: I don't think he's done one...yet
    Proudest moment: Emlyn accepting his engagement
    Most shameful moment: Being scolded by his father for associating with the tainted
    If I could make one wish: The end of strife within the Basin


    Why you should hate him: They're rather rude and spiteful if you're from Magnagora (and Glom to a lesser extent)
    Why you should love him: He'll entertain you for days with poetry and jokes
    Why you should fear him: He holds grudges for a very long time
    Why he is harmless: He's a tessenchi but doesn't even own a pair of fans, the worst he could do is throw his book of designs at you
    If he ruled the world, you'd best expect: Drinking games and poetry readings

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    Xiran Stormcrow

    Race: Faeling
    Gender: Female
    Commune: Serenwilde

    Hair: Silver
    Eyes: Brown
    Titan Height: Houston, the brick joke has landed. MOTTO
    Height: I think my old notes had her at 20.5" or 22.5" not including wings. She is actually a bit big for shoulder-sitting on an elfen, but they have lovely hair for braiding. Her default hover-height puts her eye level above furrikin but below elfen.
    Build: Athletic, old. She has upper-body strength from tree-climbing, but she's never been graceful.

    Defining Features: Geometer-inspired moth wings. (Formerly this one, now more translucent) Also a nod to Laysus's moth wings.
    Piercings/Scars/Tattoos: --

    Strengths: Cheerful. Supportive. Willing to learn. Recovers relatively quickly even if something's not resolved.
    Weaknesses: Sometimes over-extends to try and smooth things over. Likes conversing with intelligent people but can't keep up because her mind's not as plastic. Takes long while to process things.
    Attitude: Fae-tending zealot valuing forestal community.
    - Light mischief can give insight into others. The creative process reveals things about yourself, whether or not you are ready for them.
    - Honesty can be a weapon as much as a means of healing. Avoid wielding it like the former, but always be aware it may be turned against you.
    - It is better to stand trial for what you believe than for a falsehood.
    Morals: Find wonder in the natural world, and you will find connection and purpose. Separating public and private conduct is healthy.
    Pet Peeves: Disrespecting Fae. Cosmic things in Serenwilde. Purposely spreading plagues.
    Best way to piss her off: Threaten to harm Fae or Seren younglings.
    Best way to get on her good side: Be a forestal. Offer sweets. Stay still so she can examine all your worn items.

    Colour: -
    Tertiary: Arts Masterpiece; Healing
    Primary Skill: Influencing
    Location: A forest dancing with snow and light
    God/Goddess: Lisaera, Maylea, Hoaracle
    Guild Master/House Head: There's too many? Can you tell that Xiran's not good at favourites. I will add @Anita, @Iola, and @Arien, since I mention others in various places.
    Artifact: unowned artifact, permanent moonflower
    Commodity: faeleaf
    Animal: wolf, Serenwilde's ethereal creatures
    Item owned: An emerald rose given by Synl, although it has other origins. 'A memory book of Spirits' designed by Zia. Armband described by Nejii.

    Village/forest/region: Faethorn
    NPC: Queen Maeve, Ridien, kudzu dryads
    - Being an unskilled person in Etherwilde raid defenses, swooping around grabbing bodies for resurgem.
    - Tormenting Nejii by sprinkling salt down the neck of his robes while he was stuck at the bookbinding press. Oneiroi freed him. (He was Stuck.) He thanked Them and swiftly gust-punted Xiran.
    - Being taught by Galaphyrae.
    - Synl.
    - Iola saving Xiran from Laysus.
    - Being a phantom presence on Ethereal and [---] in spite.
    - Aramel reciting [---] and making Xiran need a handkerchief.
    - Cute Seekers growing up and being amazing.
    Song: Zia singing.
    Drink: moonwater

    Goals: Learning latest Fae-related history and lore. Supporting friends. Learn about what it means to be Stormcrow yet Seren.
    Ambitions: Revere the Fae. Supporting Serenwilde culture.
    Idol: @Galaphyrae
    Best personal achievement:
    - High Wisdom of the Moondancers.
    - Repeat submissions for longest active engagement in the Basin, apparently.Marrying Synl.
    Worst personal achievement:
    - Giving in to anger in a Rage Coven and moonbursting Shaddus, getting the deathline.
    Proudest moment:
    Teaching Seekers.
    Most shameful moment:
    - Getting enemied by the Glomdoring.
    - Not being able to do more for Riluna.
    - Getting her words twisted by Nienla.
    - OOC: Every time I burned out while Xiran's in a leadership role and let people down.

    If she could make one wish: Forestal takeover.

    Why you should hate her: She's biased. Slow to act. May be oddly deferential.
    Why you should love her: She's trying her best to pay forward other people's kindness.
    Why you should fear her: She is death-means-naught Stubborn.
    Why she is harmless: She probably torments her friends more than her enemies.
    If she ruled the world, you'd best expect: More rituals! More events. More things hidden at tree elevation in quests while forests to take over the Basin. Kelpies taking over Celest and hyfae establishing themselves in Magnagora. Finding out how Ethereal reflections of Jojobo and Ackleberry link to Faethorn. *drag cherry blossom privacy screen out for Glumki and Selene, good gracious*

    Aww. Nienla. <3 They were my nemesis after Iytha.

    Nienla said:
    Saw this thread while lurking and as someone who has been both a roleplayer and a combatant here and elsewhere ...

    Edit: Hell, now that I think about it, I wasn't even afraid of martial retaliation from Serenwilde so much as I was afraid of the verbal scolding that Xiran would give me for raiding Serenwilde. Xiran was terrifying when angry.
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    It's been almost a year since I've done mine, and, as tradition, I may as well update it! For fun, and for analyses.



    Race: yes (changeling)
    Gender: yes (genderfluid)
    Guild: The Auguries of the Dark Heart
    City/Commune: Glomdoring
    Order: Nocht


    Fur/Hair/Feathers: Usually reddish or black tones
    Eyes: Usually black/very dark, with the exception of aslaran, which is gold.
    Height: Ranges. Shortest form is 3', tallest is 7'6".
    Build: Usually described as willowy and dancer-y.
    Defining Features: Eyes (especially as trill, viscanti, faeling, elfen, wyrdenwood, and sileni), facial structure, hands.
    Piercings: Most of their body is pierced, but they only put anything in their ears.
    Scars: Some. You require at least friendship level 4 to unlock this knowledge.
    Tattoos: Plenty, though their favored one is currently a black rose-infested ribcage.


    Strengths: Can keep a secret. Generally quite deadpan/straight-faced. Is able to calm themselves down fairly easy from strong emotions. Patient.
    Weaknesses: Shuts down when emotionally overwhelmed OR blow their top. Really a coin flip.
    Attitude: Patience in all things. Moderation is the best policy.
    Morals: Per real life standards, probably gray-ish morals. They'd do things I would consider abhorrent, and also things I would approve of. Follows the Wyrd in all things.
    Pet peeves: Loud noises. Liars.
    Best way to piss them off: Mostly? Lie to them. Judging them (and others) too quickly.
    Best way to get on their good side: Tea time.


    Color: Purple.
    Tertiary Skill: Healing or Dreamweaving
    Primary Skill: Night or Crow
    Location: annex of Wyrden Scriptures (it's so GOOD)
    God/Goddess: Nocht, obviously, but Viravain gets an honorable mention!
    Guild Master/House Head: Eliron, Aleyah, Rancoura.
    Artifact: a shadowy Font of the Silence. (portable nochtquameld)
    Commodity: Rawtea or one of the other teas.
    Animal: Crows... probably.
    Item owned: Shee-Slaugh circlet.
    Area: Glomdoring, or Nocht's godrealm.
    NPC: Filib Shee-Slaugh, of course.
    Memory: [REDACTED].
    Drink: Tea.


    Goals: Serve their Lord, the Lady, and the Wyrd. By whatever means necessary.
    Ambitions: None, not really.
    Nemesis: None, yet.
    Rival: @Lief or @Elexia
    Best Friends: None...?
    Idol: Nocht. Viravain. Xenthos. Rancoura.
    Proudest moment: Most likely, getting appointed as the first cree-Dae Hiua'zal in the Auguries.
    Most shameful moment: Ohhh drinking the nochtquameld.
    If they could make one wish: Well, you see, that's [REDACTED].

    Why you should hate them: Can probably finagle most people they know into divulging secrets.
    Why you should love them: Tea time.
    Why you should fear them: They don't fear you and probably never will.
    Why they are harmless: Well. If you're wyrdenkin? Plenty reasons.
    If they ruled the world, you'd best expect: Why in all of Creation would they want to rule the world for?

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    I've been thinking about remaking this for a couple weeks but kept putting it off... I figure it hasn't been touched in two years. The original.
    Observe, Gurashi, the character (2021):

                    THE ESSENTIALS
    Race: Kindly Changeling Demi-Divine (forever Kephera on the insides!)
    Gender: Non-Binary 
    Guild: Archons (of Dawning Hope) 
    City/Commune: New Celest 
    Order: Beloved of the Thousandfold, Mysrai

                        THE LOOK
    Hair/Feather/Fur Colors: Orange. Bright sunny orange in almost all shapes (save Viscanti) 
    Eyes: Slate Gray/Blue Variations
    Height: 1'7'' Nimble Faeling minimum / 5'7'' Human average / 11'5'' Igasho maximum
    Build: Lean and athletic in most, lithe/willowy in a few. Handsomely friend-shaped!
    Defining Features: Freckles! A shock of white hair that's grown in along their left temple.
    Piercings: --
    Scars: A single crescent-shaped one upon their right cheek 

    Strengths: Unending positivity and bolstering their friends and allies.
    Weaknesses: Self-doubt, regret, fear of failure or being forgotten or hated. 
    Attitude: "Am doing best - is all can do."
    Morals: Be kind to everyone until they are unkind to you! 
    Best way to piss them off: Needless cruelty or disrespect. 
    Best way to get on their good side: Play with them! Be goodly to their friends!

    Colour: Blue-violet and saffron. 
    Skill: Starhymn
    Tertiary Skill: Illusions (big brain psionic energy!) 
    Primary Skill: Cooking! Followed by bookbinding!
    Location: Balmy gardens of palm and orange.
    God/Goddess: Elder Mysrai 
    Guild Master/House Head: Xenthos
    Artifact: A silvery cap
    Commodity: Sugar!!
    Animal: Three-way tie between Bizirik the leothin, Ham the mastiff, and Ilistala the leopard. 
    Item owned: Their red-orange poppy. 
    Village/forest/region: Toronada Tidal Flats (Jolly Drifts when it is Solstice time!)
    NPC: Aschwar (and Sebitti), both Mysrai's priest(s). 
    Song: "I'll Wait" by the Strumbellas 
    Memory: Ice skating at Jolly Drifts with their friends.
    Drink: Golden poppy tea.
    Hobbies: Collecting neat rocks; playing music and singing; designing friend-shaped foods; swimming; spending time with friends.

    Goals: Do right by everyone and make everyone happy.
    Ambitions: To be remembered as a 'safe' and kindly person. 
    Nemesis: -- 
    Rival: --
    Best Friend: Tridemon
    Idol: Saint Hamos (Shulamit, Tonatiuh, Xenthos for player idols) 
    Proudest moment: The day they were given their own Living Poppy. 
    Most shameful moment: Being ousted/enemied to the Glomdoring. 
    If I could make one wish: "Forgive me." 

    Why they should hate them: They are painfully stupid, and optimistic to a fault.
    Why they should love them: They don't know you, but they love you. 
    Why they should fear them: There will be herofetes. 
    Why they are harmless: They'll keep secrets and respect people's space.
    If they ruled the world, you'd best expect: To get fat cause they gon cook and you gon eat.
    Many greetings! I do commissions!

    ‘It’s important to be kind. You can’t know all the times that you’ve hurt people in tiny, significant ways.
    It’s easy to be cruel without meaning to be. There’s nothing you can do about that. But you can choose to be kind. Be kind.’

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    Race: Faeling
    Gender: Female
    Guild: Archons 
    City/Commune: New Celest
    Order: Previous Shikari knight


    Hair: curly ebony locks
    Eyes: amethyst with gold flecks
    Height: tiny at 3 feet!
    Build: small but fierce!
    Defining Features: down shading plumage (a faeling with feathers!)
    Piercings: n/a
    Scars: a broken heart


    Strengths: always willing to jump into a fight/help those in need
    Weaknesses: regret, not as vocal about feelings/concerns
    Attitude: must bring glory and fulfillment 
    Morals: Uh.. Freja mostly follows her own code. 
    Best way to piss her off: lack of action
    Best way to get on her good side: heads, lots and lots of heads


    Colour: purple and blue
    Skill: Opencavity
    Tertiary Skill: Retriever
    Primary Skill: Forging
    Location: Beach off the harbour
    God/Goddess: Shikari
    Guild Master/House Head: Gabe/Evette
    Artifact: boots of the wanderer
    Commodity: wood and gold
    Animal: frogs/toads
    Item owned: toad bracelet
    Village/forest/region: Morn'hai
    NPC: Ingwe
    Song: natural sounds of the forest/ocean
    Memory: Stalking Enero in Balach Swamp
    Drink: tea
    Hobbies: Questing, exploring, watching.


    Goals: Find a happy balance between org/family/life. 
    Ambitions: To complete every quest possible.
    Nemesis: Qoivhae
    Rival: Skarde
    Best Friend: Sulwh/Caleb/Dutch
    Idol: Steingrim
    Proudest moment: Becoming the Herald of Sacrifice. 
    Most shameful moment: Feeling like a failure with Glomdoring.


    Why you should hate her: She's that cat that watches and judges you, even though she's dying to speak but fear wins. 
    Why you should love her: She would happily die for you.
    Why you should fear her: The head obsession. 
    Why you are harmless: She won't harm you unless that is the last option. 
    If she ruled the world, you'd best expect: Heads, everywhere. 
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